Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 137

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TL: Hedonist

"Master, your grandpa and grandma are here," a butler of Guo Huai\'s family said softly to Guo Huai after running into the clinic. Without delay Guo Huai stepped forward to welcome them. A few of the ladies followed along.

"Grandpa, Grandma, you came here too early! I have yet to light the firecrackers," Guo Huai said smilingly. "You girls, take Grandpa and Grandma inside to take a seat." As he spoke, Murong Weiwei and a few other supported Grandma with the hand and entered the building together.

"Brother Shanhe, the few person that entered just now was sect master of Eight-stage Collapse - Xiao Yuntian, sect master Wang Tianluo of Sevenstar Mantis Fist, and sect master Xie Yukui of Sevenhurt Fist. All three of them are late-stage Innate experts. The two behind them are also last-stage Innate experts. It\'s not going to be easy if we want to get this Guo Huai into trouble," Xiahou Wu reported to Xiahou Shanhe after looking through his binoculars from a building diagonally opposite to Clinic of No Treatment.

"I\'m very certain, Little Tian\'s death must had something to do with this Guo Huai. I didn\'t expect that this fella actually has friendly relations with the sect masters of the three big sects. But since it was their clinic\'s opening, let\'s go visit them as patients. I don\'t think anyone will object to that. Even if we can\'t kill him today, I will not let his Clinic of No Treatment to open for business without a hitch," Xiahou Shanhe said softly.

A coil of red firecrackers with ten thousand stubs was lit precisely at 8:08 AM at the front door of Clinic of No Treatment. The crackle and rattle noise drew many\'s attention. At that time, most of the clinics at Xinglin Street was going to open for business. It was then those other doctors from other clinics in Xinglin Street recalled that this Clinic of No Treatment, which they visited during its renovation, will start operating that day.

"Old Man Bai, Clinic of No Treatment have opened for business. Shall we go take a look there later?" a doctor from a clinic asked Bai Musheng, who was poking his head out.

"Sure, of course we should go. Lets see who\'s the owner of the Clinic of No Treatment. I think that young man we met that day is called Guo Huai. He\'s a student from Wucheng Subhigh, and the MVP of Wucheng Knowledge Championship. I wouldn\'t believe that he\'s the owner. How old is he? He can\'t know much about Chinese Medicine," Bai Musheng replied softly.

"Hu Bubai gave me a call yesterday. He told me he will be there. It served him right that he got chased out of Xinglin Street. But still he wouldn\'t believe that that young fellow could achieve anything significant," the doctor said smilingly.

"I don\'t care who, but the situation of Chinese Medicine now doesn\'t allow any appearance of charlatans. I\'d rather that no clinic will open for business, than to have a quack appear on Xinglin Street. This is the last pure land of Chinese Medicine," Bai Musheng said softly.

"Old Man Bai, look! Vehicle belonging to Chinese Medicine Association. It seems to be the president and the others." The doctor saw a black luxury car. The license plate of the car gave it off. It was undoubtedly vehicle belonging to the Chinese Medicine Association.

"Let\'s go there. Should be President Lin and the others that arrived," Bai Musheng said smilingly. With Lin Changtian at the scene, if the owner of the clinic has no skills, forget about the opening. The person might as well start packing immediately for permanent closure. Bai Musheng and the doctor walked to the front of the car and observed that Lin Changtian got off the car, followed by Ghost Medic Zhang Tianzheng and Martial Medic Wu Shushan. A pickup truck then stopped behind the car and five baskets of flowers were unloaded. Not only that the three\'s names were on the baskets, among them were names of Pill Medic Qin Long and Flame Medic Sun Sheng. This made their jaws dropped to the ground.

"President Lin, I\'m Little Bai. Why did your Honorable came here in person? Could it be that you are acquainted with the owner of this clinic?" Bai Musheng stepped forward and asked.

"Of course, of course I know him. Today with the opening of Clinic of No Treatment, a strong member is added to our field of Chinese Medicine. I hope Chinese Medicine will be great again!" Lin Changtian said smilingly. "Little Bai, Little Liu, please give Little Huai a hand if there\'s any troubles with Clinic of No Treatment. After all, you are the pillars of Xinglin Street."

Bai Musheng and the other doctor were stunned. <i>It seems that the owner of Clinic of No Treatment indeed have some skills. Little Huai? Is it possible that the young fella named Guo Huai was the owner of Clinic of No Treatment? Or there\'s other doctor in Clinic of No Treatment?</i> Carrying their doubts, Bai Musheng and Liu Yunfei followed after Lin Changtian and entered Clinic of No Treatment.

"Guo Huai my little friend, we weren\'t late, aren\'t we?" Lin Changtian said to Guo Huai with a smile. "Qin Long and Sun Sheng went to visit their patients at home, I reckon they will be here soon. Here, for Clinic of No Treatment\'s opening. A mere trifle. Please accept it," Lin Changtian handed over a red envelope.

Guo Huai wasn\'t polite either, and immediately took it. He welcomed Lin Tianchang and a few other inside.

"Young friend, may I know who is the owner of the Clinic of No Treatment? It the opening today, so perhaps it\'s time for us to meet," Bai Musheng said smilingly.

"Owner Bai, don\'t be so anxious about this. There will certainly be people coming in to see the doctor today. You will find out by that time. Haha," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"People from Western Medicine Association is here." Liu Yunfei saw two cars arrogantly stopped in front of Clinic of No Treatment. From the license plates, one could tell that the people in these cars are from the Western Medicine Association. Perhaps they are not well-intentioned.

"Carried bad intentions? Well, I wanna take a look who dares looking for trouble on the opening ceremony of my Fourth Brother\'s clinic," Jia Yuan shouted. "Fourth Brother, you keep the few company. I will go outside and take a look."

"Second Brother, today is Clinic of No Treatment\'s opening. Every visitor is our guest. You don\'t have to worry. If you want to help, go inside and do the bookkeepings. Let me handle the rest." Guo Huai said as he handed over Jia Yuan the red package gifted by Lin Changtian, and went outside by himself.

"Where\'s the owner of Clinic of No Treatment? Western Medicine Association is here to pay a visit." A group of eight walked in.

"Please come inside. If you\'d like to meet the owner, please wait in there. There are plenty of people who want to meet the owner, but not any Tom, Dick or Harry can meet him as they wished. That\'s just not the way," Guo Huai said smilingly at the eight people.

"Youngster, you may be good at talking, but let me tell you the truth. Although this clinic practices Chinese medicine, but if it were to open for business, it must show us some real skills. If those from Chinese medicine isn\'t concerned, we from Western medicine should be," an old man who was leading the pack said loudly.

"Dong Kun, with the few of us here, you need not to worry about matters of Chinese medicine," Lin Changtian said with creased brows after walking out from the building.

"Old man Lin, Chinese medicine have declined, but clinic isn\'t the more the better. If this Clinic of No Treatment doesn\'t show some real skills, you might to give a damn, but we Western Medical Association wouldn\'t mind to interfere on behalf of the field of medicine," Dong Kun said loudly.

"Do we have real skills or not? Today out Clinic of No Treatment will treat ten people. If you have anymore words please put them off until then. By the way, ten days after Clinic of No Treatment\'s opening, I will take employees of the Clinic of No Treatment to pay the Western Medical Association a visit. I hope that your association will be prepared," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Haha, nice one Guo Huai my friend. Please bring me along when you\'re going to visit the Western medical school." Qin Long and Sun Sheng came in. Qin Long said smilingly, "A mere trifle, please accept it. Hmm, as the vice president of the Western Medical Association, didn\'t you know about giving etiquette presents for Clinic of No Treatment\'s opening?"

That sentence from Qin Long made that group of people blushed. It wasn\'t the first time the went to a Chinese medical clinic\'s opening, but they have never met with a host like Guo Huai. Etiquette presents? No one ever mentioned this to them.

"Old man Qin, please come inside. The opening of Chinese medicine clinics are different from Western medicine clinics. Since they wouldn\'t understand, we shouldn\'t be bothered about this. No big deal," Guo Huai said smilingly.

When Guo Huai finished his sentence, a few faces of the Western medicine association got even redder. Not only that they failed on giving them troubles, they weren\'t even taken seriously.