Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 136

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TL: Hedonist

Guo Huai looked at this Third Brother of his, the brave and chivalrous government official, Wang Sheng. He had been mixing along with Big Brother Li Yao\'s armed forces ever since young. His body was in good shape and his shameless kung fu was no inferior to that of Jia Yuan. If he doesn\'t satisfy the needs of this Elder Brother, it might be hard for him to proceed with the opening of the Clinic of No Treatment on that day.

"Third Brother, it\'s actually pretty good to live your life as a normal person. Why must you be just like Big Brother and Second Brother?" Guo Huai said smilingly.

"Man, I\'m a man, of course the stronger I become, the better!" Wang Sheng replied smilingly. "Fourth Brother, just think about it. If I couldn\'t reach the Innate stage, I won\'t be able to control Second Brother in the future. At that time, if he overstepped the bounds of what is proper, it\'s gonna be a difficult situation."

"Third Brother, my punches just now was too easy on you, was it?" Jia Yuan asked while squinting his eyes.

"Big Brother, Second Brother, Third Brother, I can make you all grow stronger and stronger. However you must always remember my words. Since you have chosen the path of cultivation, you are no longer an ordinary person. And after reaching a certain stage in your cultivation, you will be subjected to the Heaven\'s law, and appropriate retributions based on Heaven\'s law. You must put your strength to good use," Guo Huai said gently. "I hope that you all will follow somebody\'s example in your cultivations."


"A living immortal in the days of Ming Dynasty, Zhang Sanfeng," Guo Huai said with a smile. How strong was Zhang Sanfeng? He single-handedly fought against several hundred cultivators overseas. He forcefully suppress his own strength to avoid being affected by the heavenly law. Even the immortals from above dared not to offend this master from the world of mortals with the ability to slaughter an immortal.

"Fourth Brother, I get what you mean so don\'t worry. If one doesn\'t offend me, I will not offend the person. If one offended me, I\'ll show consideration for the person. If one repeatedly offends me, I\'ll slaughter their whole family. Just like what sister-in-law said," Jia Yuan said smilingly.

"Big Brother and Second Brother, there\'s something I need to bother you two for," Guo Huai said smilingly. "Third Brother, you take this medicinal pill. There\'s a washroom in the second floor. Take all your clothes off and consume it in there. It\'s gonna hurt. It will be up to yourself on how well you could absorb the medicine."

"What do you need us to do?" Li Yao asked smilingly.

"Go to Wucheng subhigh and fetch my fiances, your sister-in-laws. I actually almost forgotten about this," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Big Brother, Second Brother, sorry for troubling you two to take a trip. It just so happens that your vehicles could fit all of them."

Li Yao and Jia Yuan were not wordy, and immediately sped towards Wucheng subhigh with their cars.

"Ahhhhhhh!!" Rounds and rounds of yellings could be heard coming from the Clinic of No Treatment\'s washroom in the second floor. Guo Huai faintly smirked. Third Brother really held on there just so that he could beat down Second Brother.

"Naughty boy, you\'re quite early today. Who\'s up there in the second floor?" Jade arrived at the Clinic of No Treatment when it was yet seven O\'clock. Liu Yaoshi and Leng Shuang followed behind her.

"No need to bother about that. My friend was using the toilet. Perhaps he\'s having a bit of constipation. Haha," Guo Huai said smilingly. "In a moment, you girls go inside and change your clothes. I forgot pass those to you all on yesterday," Guo Huai said as he pointed at a row of baggages near the doorway with all eighteen students\' names on them.

"Go, change your clothings." Jade pulled the two into the two rooms further inside Clinic of No Treatment. Those rooms were originally prepared by Guo Huai for themselves to stay.

"Scoundrel, Big Scoundrel. You actually bought undergarments for them, and even got the sizes correct. Truly a big perverted wolf," Jade loudly cursed when she saw Liu Yaoshi took out a bra from the baggage.

Guo Huai indeed bought the undergarments. At first, he prepared one set each for everyone. But later he felt that something\'s amiss, and so he put those for Liu Yaoshi, Leng Shuang, and He Mo\'s into the shopping basket. Who knew that Jade would had found out about it.

Liu Yaoshi and Leng Shuang faces were red through and through. They were stuck in indecision or putting them on or not. But afterwards Jade smilingly said, "Since that Big Scoundrel bought them, just put them on. In any case this wolf is still not bad, so I won\'t feel jealous. Haha."

Clinic of No Treatment\'s work clothes were pretty well made. They were all pure cotton. White for girls, and black for boys. They carried an hinted appeal of the Tang Dynasty. The three words of \'不医馆\', Clinic of No Treatment, were written by Guo Huai himself. Those words made the owner of the clothing shop deeply shocked when he went there to make the order.

By the time the three girls came out from the rooms, the other students had all arrived at the Clinic of No Treatment. Each of them took their respective baggage and hurriedly changed their clothes.

After then minutes, all eighteen people were ready and had the uniforms on. The nine boys and nine girls stood in two rows. Guo Huai smiled in satisfaction. It was the exact results he wanted. Their dressings were a hundred percent matched with the overall arrangement of the Clinic of No Treatment.

"Owner, you might want to change your clothing as well. This sportswear of yours doesn\'t seem to pair up well with ours," Li Yu said smilingly. Guo Huai took a look at himself, he had forgotten to order a custom-made uniform for himself. But luckily, there\'s some rather good clothes in the Laojun Gourd. After thinking to himself for a short while, Guo Huai walked into a room.

"Fourth Brother, come out to meet your fiances, we got them here. You are such a crook, won\'t even spare childs!" Jia Yuan yelled loudly towards the room. Because Nangong Lingmo was on his car, he got totally speechless with this Fourth Brother of his.

"Second Brother, do you feel quite cocky now that you\'re in Innate stage? Why don\'t we deal a few blows right now?" Guo Huai walked out from the room in a Taoist robe. That\'s right, it indeed was a Taoist robe. However the colours were rather bright, and it\'s hard to make out what material it\'s made of. But when Guo Huai wore it, he actually looked outstanding.

"Fourth Brother, where did you got this robe? How much issit? I absolutely need one!" Jia Yuan said smilingly as he stepped forward. He did not noticed that the eighteen students and Guo Huai\'s girls who just entered Clinic of No Treatment were all stupefied.

"Brother Huai, you look really handsome in this clothing!" Tang Xi said with a smile as she stepped forward and helped him fixed the cuff.

"It\'s only been a few days, and you\'ve already baited so many girls!" a few female students in Clinic of No Treatment muttered softly.

The ladies all had different expressions. Guo Huai smiled towards the party as he thought that the ladies dressed very appropriately to the occasion. Tang Xi and Murong Weiwei were in long skirts. Su Ye and You Youyou were in sportswear. Sun Lingling and Lin Shuang wore professional dresses. Nangong Lingmo had a carried a backpack. It seems that she won\'t be going home empty-handed.

"Put the baskets of flowers at the sides. Just wait outside,"Yuntian of the Eight-stage Collapse、Sevenstar Mantis Fist, king of fighters - Tian Luo, Sevenhurt Fist - Xie Yukui brought a few others of similar age and walked into the Clinic of No Treatment. They placed three huge baskets of flowers beside the entrance.

"Young Friend, we three old fella didn\'t come late ay?" Xiao Yuntian smilingly said. "Young Friend said that Clinic of No Treatment only treats ten people on the opening day. Let\'s get our numbers."

Guo Huai nodded smilingly. He looked at the two elders following behind the three. Their temples were protruded. Although there were a few meters apart from him, he could still sense the aura coming from the body of the two elders. They definitely were Late-stage Innate masters.

"Elder Xiao, Elder Wang, Elder Xie, please come inside and have a seat. Today will be a busy day. Please forgive me if you found anything not up to your satisfaction," Guo Huai said smilingly. "Xiao Qian, lead the three elders inside to their seats."

"Guai Guai, the Owner is really capable. That person should be Wang Tianluo, Grandpa Wang, the master of the Sevenstar Mantis Fist clan, he actually personally came to our clinic\'s opening. It seems that he has good relations with the Owner." Cao Qiankun had visited Sevenstar Mantis Fist\'s martial school with his grandpa, and so he recognized Wang Tianluo.