Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 135

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TL: Hedonist

"What? You said that Guo Huai opened a clinic at Xinglin street? Opening this saturday? Haha, good. Very good. I think there\'s a few girls who have drug overdosed in Wucheng Paradise. Send them there. Guo Tian\'s kid is going to open a business, of course I got to send some presents." A lady in the top floor of Wucheng Paradise said loudly after finishing the red wine in her cup in one shot. Black Dragon left the room like he was escaping.

"Brother Shanhe, this fella is living quite joyously. I\'ve asked around. He\'s going to open a business on Saturday. That Nangong Limgmo you mentioned, I can\'t find her," Xiahou Wu said quietly to Xiahou Shanhe in a hotel in Wucheng City.

"Well then, let\'s wait for another two days. By then, I shall go and meet this Guo Huai. I want to see for myself, how capable is this chap who killed Little Tian," Xiahou Shanhe said in a ferocious tone.

"Clinic of No Treatment, on Saturday, let\'s see if this clinic of yours can still stay opened in Xinglin street." Although Hu Bubai had left Xinglin street, he was still in Wucheng City. Thanks to his rather good medical expertise, he managed to obtain a position in a small hospital, but his hate towards Guo Huai grew even deeper.

"Guo Huai, Murong Weiwei, just you wait. On this Saturday, let\'s see how this fellow that didn\'t even graduated from high school could operate a clinic!" Kong Yifu said as he smashed the cup in his hand.

Naturally, Guo Huai didn\'t know that there were in fact so many people that were concerned about him opening a clinic. He was currently having a feast with all of his students at the Clinic of No Treatment as celebration.

"Owner, honestly, at the time when you represented the Chinese medical school and beat the Western medical school, I wasn\'t convinced of you as you are too young. I wouldn\'t believe that you\'re a doctor trained in Chinese medicine. But after going through the last two days with you, I really was convinced. I don\'t know what else you will lead us to do, but in short, I will always stand by your side," Lin Luo said loudly.

"I didn\'t feel this way before but now I believe that Chinese medicine is wide-ranging and profound. I feel very excited for the days ahead of learning Chinese medicine instead of Western medicine. I hope that master will not be conservative and teach everything you know to us," Shen Qiankun said smilingly.

"I\'m very satisfied with you guys\' performance today. I hope that all of you will continue on this path with me, and I hope that everyone here will make a contribution to Chinese medicine, and be a true doctor, a doctor with the heart of parents, a doctor who would make everyone extend their thumbs," Guo Huai said with a smile. "On this Saturday, the opening day, there will be many that will come to our Clinic of No Treatment. There will be friends, and there will be people who will come here solely to cause troubles. But I believe that we can handle all of them with our real strength."

After Guo Huai finished his speech, the eighteen students gave a thunderous applause.

Time passed really quickly and it was Friday night. Guo Huai double checked the things he needed for Clinic of No Treatment\'s opening tomorrow. His gaze landed on the full moon up in the sky, and thought that must not waste anymore moonlight, sat cross-legged, and waits for the breakfast in Saturday.

"Fourth brother, fourth brother, I\'ve came here ahead of the opening. If there anything that you need, just let me know. I\'ve completed my negotiations to have the parking lots across the street. Is there anything that\'s left to do?" Jia Yuan reached the Clinic of No Treatment six O\'clock at dawn. He had took quite some effort to make others to accept the new him, but he\'s still shock his grandmother at home, and so didn\'t dare to go home for the time being.

"The clinic is going to open exactly at eight. What else is there to do? Stand here in the front door, and keep an eye on my furnitures, make sure no one steals them," Guo Huai said smilingly.

"Dafuq, how could you give me such a task, I\'m not doing it. Since there\'s nothing to do here, I\'ll go in and take a rest. By the way please prescribe me a medicine, I\'ve been losing sleep lately," Jia Yuan said as he walked into the clinic and sat in there.

"He-hey! Fourth brother! I came here real early didn\'t I? I haven\'t seen Second Brother lately. If he\'s not coming to your opening ceremony today, don\'t let him drink any more of your wine!" Wang Sheng yelled from outside the entrance.

"Third Brother, you really are wicked. Could you drink with ease without me and Brother Yao?" Jia Yuan got up and asked after he heard Wang Sheng\'s voice.

"Who\'s your Third Brother? Who the fuck are you? You came here for trouble issit? Get the fuck outta here! Otherwise when my Big Brother and Second Brother is here, you\'ll die a grueling death!" Wang Sheng yelled as he didn\'t recognize Jia Yuan who had lost weight.

"Third Brother, I\'m Jia Yuan. Didn\'t recognize me did ya? I knew couldn\'t recognize me. Fourth Brother gave me some medicine to lose weight. Hehe. How do I look? This elder brother of yours looks quite handsome now isn\'t he? Jia Yuan doesn\'t get angry as such cases happened regularly for the past two days.

"Talk to my hand! Get lost!" Wang Sheng said slowly,"You might as well say that you are Li Yao!"

"Third Brother, I\'m really Jia Yuan," Jia Yuan said loudly.

"If you are Jia Yuan, you\'d had punch me when I told you to get lost. Don\'t tell me that your temper also changed after losing weight! Who are you trying to lie!" Wang Sheng said loudly. At that moment, Li Yao walked into the clinic.

"Second Brother, Third Brother didn\'t recognize you did he? Haha. When are you going home again? I\'ll go with you and explain it for you. Haha. You scared the old lady so much that she had to be hospitalized, Jia Yuan you really are quite something!" Li Yao said smilingly as he looked at the thin Jia Yuan and the startled Wang Sheng.

"You, you really are Second Brother! Let me see, how could you have changed so much!" Wang Sheng said in amazement. "Hehe, Second Brother, now that you\'ve turned into this size, perhaps we should \'reenact\' the time when you bullied me? " As he spoke, Wang Sheng threw a punch.

"Second Brother, be gentle," Li Yao said with a smile and didn\'t stop him.

In five minutes, Wang Sheng were knocked down seven times. Other than his head, there were not a single spot on his body that wasn\'t aching. Wang Sheng took off his shirt, revealing black and blue bruises that would make one ache just by looking at them.

"Third Brother, you can\'t beat him even if you are naked. Yesterday Second Brother came for me and I almost took a hit," Li Yao said with a smile.

"Nope. I\'m not fighting anymore! It hurts even with the cloths on! The hell, Second Brother can deal blows with you now? When did Second Brother became so strong?" Wang Sheng said shockingly as he looked at Li Yao, thinking that this elder brother of his really wasn\'t joking.

"About this, you gotta ask our Fourth Brother. I don\'t know what did Fourth Brother let him eat, but not only that he lost weight, he even got inner strength equivalent to twenty years of my training. Fucking hell, getting to Innate stage is like getting cabbages for him," Li Yao replied loudly.

Guo Huai however was carrying a smiling face as he looked at the buffoonery Third Brother. He\'d came here early in the morning as to root for Guo Huai, but almost immediately after reaching the clinic he\'d get beaten up. This kind of pattern is rarely seen, even in the Heavenly Palace.

"Third Brother, although your build looks rather good, but please put on your cloths. It\'s not gonna look good when the employees are here," Guo Huai said smilingly.

"Fourth Brother, say, how do I usually treat you?" Wang Sheng said with a little anger in his voice and walked to Guo Huai. "Although I didn\'t came to visit you at Clinic of No Treatment during the last two days, you shouldn\'t be so prejudiced! Now that you\'ve made Second Brother so strong, how am I going to live my days afterwards? I don\'t care, whatever you did to Second Brother, do it to me!" Wang Sheng said as he hugged Guo Huai\'s thigh.