Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 134

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TL: Hedonist

During their journey to the market, a few faces were blushing deep red. Those students indeed were thinking too much. Their master really was treating He Mo\'s illness. They have heard much gossips in school that there was a scar on He Mo\'s face, and therefore she always had a mask on. Now that she doesn\'t wear her mask anymore, that would only indicate one possibility, Guo Huai had cured He Mo of her illness.

"Master\'s medical ability has exceeded beyond our ability to comprehend. Xiao Xiao, you must treasure your time here at the Clinic of No Treatment. In the future, you name will be placed in textbooks of the history of Chinese medicine," He Mo said smilingly. Ever since her childhood, He Mo had never been so cheerful. Which girl doesn\'t wish to appear beautiful? That was the first time even since ten years old He Mo took off her mask and talked like a normal human being.

"At first we even thought that something happened to you.." Jia Xiaoxiao said in a blushed face. The other in the car also lowered their heads. Those people indeed had misunderstood Guo Huai.

"Today I\'m not going to ask too much from you all. Everyone will get be allocated a budget of a hundred thousand yuan. I believe by now, everyone should have some idea of the price of the medicinal ingredients. Go ahead and buy. I hope that what I taught you all yesterday will make a difference," Guo Huai said with a smile. "And of course, if you found something good, just come to me if you don\'t have enough cash. Haha."

"Boss, those students came here again," a few youths strolling around in the parking lot rushed into the market, and delivered the \'good news\' to their respective bosses.

"Haha. I thought that it\'ll be some days before they\'d come here. Didn\'t expect that they returned so soon!" a few merchants said laughingly. Cash cows, what a bunch of cash cows!

"Hey boss, the pigmentation of this Female ginseng you\'re selling isn\'t quite right. Do you have others? Otherwise I\'ll go to some other shops," Su Tu said smilingly. He was at the shop which cheated him the last time.

"Little Brother, these stuffs is the same like the last time. Try and smell the scent. The colours is definitely genuine," the boss replied smilingly with a thick face.

"Boss, this is the water steeped with your Female ginseng. If you dare to drink this, I will buy all the Female ginseng in this bag," Su Tu said loudly, attracting a crowd that surrounded the merchant.

"This student, please come inside for a talk." The merchant gave another good look at Su Tu. Eh? I did recognize him correctly. It\'s the same student that came here last time. How could there be such huge changes in a night? The merchant dared not to drink the water steeped with his Female ginseng. Although it wouldn\'t kill, it\'d still be unpleasant to the stomach after drinking it. Therefore in the end, the merchant informed a few of his fellow merchants about his encounter, and packed a big bag of top-notch Female ginseng for Su Tu. He didn\'t even dared to charge Su Tu a penny more that it should cost.

"Fellow villager! Do you have more of those wild ginseng? I want some more," Chen Jiadi said smilingly. He again visited the shop of this person from the "same hometown".

"Bro, come in! That ginseng was quite good wasn\'t it? I still have quite some of them. Here, you pick them yourself," the \'fellow villager\' pulled opened a few big boxes filled with ginseng.

"Elder sister, these ginseng are all cultivated ginseng. Do you have something better?" Chen Jiadi asked smilingly.

"Oh. You want wild ginseng? Alright, hold on, I\'ll grab them for ya." As she spoke, the woman moved a big box from a shop shelf. Inside the box were her collections of ginseng for some years. There were a hundred something ginseng in there but only around ten were actually wild ginseng, the other were all fakes. She wasn\'t afraid that this student before her eyes would pick them out because she had some idea of his abilities. She just gotta count the money afterwards.

"Elder sister, these ginseng are also selling for ten thousand each?" Chen Jiadi asked while he held up a ginseng similar to the one he bought last time.

"Big brother, I really wasn\'t swinding you for ten thousand a piece. We are both from the same hometown, so I will give it to you for ten thousand each. Pick them yourself," the woman said in a honest tone.

Chen Jiadi revealed a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, and began to inspect each and every ginseng in the box. After around half an hour, when the female merchant came back to check on Chen Jiadi, her face turned ashen. Other than the two pieces which he chose in the beginning, the others were all genuine wild ginseng older than six years. Ten thousand? Perhaps a hundred thousand wasn\'t enough to buy just one genuine wild ginseng.

"Fellow villager, I\'ll take these ten ginseng. The money is here. I will visit you again when I have time!" Chen Jiadi said smilingly as he placed the cash on the table. He took the ginseng and was leaving the shop.

"Big brother! Stop! You can\'t leave! I\'m not going to sell these ginseng anymore!" the women yelled loudly in a sobbing voice.

"Not selling? I have the sound recording here. I\'m not robbing you, and I\'ve even pay you the money. How can you just suddenly say that you\'re not selling?" Chen Jiadi continued loudly, "Yesterday I bought a cultivated ginseng for ten thousand yuan, but I didn\'t say a thing even though it\'s only worth a hundred yuan. And today, all of a sudden, you want to tell me that you\'re not selling me these? That won\'t do, does it?"

Guo Huai heard the quarrel between Chen Jiadi and the woman, and so he smilingly walked to them. He knew that Chen Jiadi was there to seek vengeance, and he succeeded.

"Big brother, what I did yesterday was wrong, I apologize. I can give you one wild ginseng as compensation, but please, you can\'t take all these!" the woman yelled as she pulled Chen Jiadi.

"Jiadi, one should spare others whenever that\'s possible. She promised to give you one wild ginseng, so just let it pass. Go on and look at other stuffs," Guo Huai said smilingly to Chen Jiadi. He nodded his head lightly, and the woman gratefully bowed to Guo Huai.

"Owner, who didn\'t you let me teach the woman a lesson?" Chen Jiadi asked in a low voice after leaving the shop with Guo Huai.

"Those ginseng in her shop are still rather ok. At least they are cultivated ginseng, instead of those ginseng with its essence completely extracted. There\'s greed in everyone\'s heart, but this person isn\'t that bad. Try not to burn bridges whenever you could, as perhaps you might have dealings with her someday in the future. Who knows if you really will come here to buy ginseng later on? But I\'m sure that she wouldn\'t try to swindle you again," Guo Huai said smilingly. Chen Jiadi nodded his head in agreement to his reasoning.

After around an hour of shopping, the eighteen student all returned with a few bags of Chinese medicines. This time, they did a pretty good job. Other than a few who bought some medicinal herbs with average potency, most of them bought quality stuffs. Guo Huai nodded his head in great satisfaction in their performance. Those merchants which the students visited, all had ashen expressions. They thought they\'d make a small fortune but it turned out that were ruthlessly slaughtered by these students.

"Mr. Owner, today is such a satisfying day! Perhaps you didn\'t saw it, but the merchant who sold me medicinal ingredients yesterday, he looked like me like how a wolf would look at a sheep, like I\'ve already blindly shoved my money into his pockets. But in the end, his face turned so dark! And so with other merchants from other shops. All they could do were to helplessly look at me as I fill my pockets with those higher quality medicinal ingredients from their shop. Haha!" Lu Feng, a Chinese medical school student, said with a smile. The others too uniformly nodded their heads. It seems like this time, they\'ve all vented our their anger.