Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 133

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TL: Hedonist

It\'s eight in the morning, all the student\'s wore tidely and assembled in the Clinic of No Treatment. This gave Guo Huai a shock.

"Owner, yesterday you told us that we will be visiting Xiafeng Chinese herbal medicine wholesale market again today. We are all prepared and ready," Chen Jiadi said loudly.

Guo Huai nodded his head lightly as he felt the these students were not bad at all. Quite interesting.

"Alright you guys wait for a moment. He Mo, come inside with me," Guo Huai said to He Mo with a smile. The onlooking students had weird expressions on their faces but Guo Huai didn\'t care to explain anything to them and went straight into the room.

"Why would Mr. Owner ask Sister He Mo to go inside alone with him? Is he going to do something improper with her?" Su Tu, a student from Western medical school, said lightly.

"How could it be? Haven\'t you seen Sister Jade before? Mr. Owner already have such a beautiful women beside him. Why would he take advantage of He Mo? What are you thinking?" Lu Feng, a student from Chinese medical school, replied in a low voice.

"Hey, who knows? This boss of yours is a big perverted wolf. Girls need to be extra careful when around him. Otherwise, you might get eaten whole and not even your bones would be left," Jade said smilingly. Nobody knew when or how she appeared behind the few people gossiping. "Sister Shishi, Sister Shuangshuang, and my fellow sisters, please be very careful. Just think about this, there are so many students in the two schools, and there should a lot who are better than you girls at studies. But why would he choose you girls instead of the others?"

"Sister Jade, are you serious? Don\'t tell me that the reason you are with Boss is his tyrannical abuse?" Chinese medical school student Xiao Qian asked softly the universally loved Jade.

"Not really. Naughty boy has great medical expertise, and by coincidence I need him to refine medicine for me. And as time passes, I can\'t do anything but be with him," Jade replied in a pitiful voice.

"If that was really the case, then let\'s leave this Clinic of No Treatment," Xiao Qian said angrily.

"Mr. Owner can\'t be that kind of person. He told us to be a good doctor. He cannot be that kind of person you all said," Li Yu said loudly.

"Ahh, it hurts!" Just as the few were arguing, He Mo\'s yelling could be heard coming from inside the room.

"Hold on, it won\'t hurt any longer in a moment. Trust me," Guo Huai\'s voice sounded next.

"Ah! It\'s bleeding there!" He Mo shouted loudly again.

"Li Yu, are you still going to defend him now? This is not good. I must go inside and save Sister He Mo," Su Tu said as he prepared to break into the room.

"Su Tu, you must not enter. What for do you break inside? If Boss is really treating He Mo\'s illness, you must not interrupt him." Lin Luo who had been silent all this while suddenly stepped forward and blocked Su Tu.

"Eh? That\'s true. I cannot go in now. I might saw what I shouldn\'t see. That will tarnish Sister He Mo\'s purity," Su Tu mumbled as he clenched his fist.

Jade however was smirking at the party. "Oh no. Another girl fell into his claws, and gotten poisoned by this scoundrel. She will never break free from him for the rest of her life," Jade said and sighed.

"Oh master, it\'s very comfortable. What is this thing? Give it to me. Please. Give me again." He Mo\'s voice again sounded from the room. Some of the girls blushed and a few guys clenched their fists. Jade however was smirking.

Inside the room, Guo Huai removed He Mo\'s mask. The tissue on the right-half of her face were mostly dead. Guo Huai pricked a few silver needles on the back of her head. He then used the miniaturized airplane to flyingly remove those necrotized flesh. That was quickly followed by gently applying the Skin Whitening Pill powder which he had prepared earlier onto the right-half of her face. That cool and refreshing sensation made He Mo couldn\'t help but shouted in comfort.

"Eat this. You will feel even more comfortable." Guo Huai handed He Mo another Skin Whitening Pill. He was very generous towards this apprentice of his. Just in time after He Mo consumed the Skin Whitening Pill, the Chinese medicine which Guo Huai was cooking was ready.

"Swallow it all, don\'t spit it out. If you want to recover completely, you must swallow all of it without leaving even one droplet," Guo Huai instructed loudly. He used quite a lot of precious medicinal ingredients to make it, and wouldn\'t want to see He Mo waste any of it because it was bitter.

"Beast! What a beast!" Xiao Qian yelled. "This kind of person wanted us to follow him, and I actually believed him! How shameless is he! Now I remembered. Someone in our dorm previously dug up information about his past. He\'s one of the Wucheng Vile Tetrad, men of five vices, Guo Dahuai."

"I\'ll wait for you outside. Rest for a few minutes and wash your face before coming out." At this moment, Guo Huai exited from the room. Sweat had thoroughly soaked his upper garment. After gently closing the door, Guo Huai was surprised to find his group of students angrily staring at himself.

"What\'s the matter with you people? You were still good just then? I\'ll go change my cloths. My busy work just now made my clothes all soaking wet," Guo Huai said and was ready to leave.

"Mr. Owner, you are such a good owner. How\'s He Mo? What did you do to He Mo?" Xiao Qian asked loudly. This time, even Li Yu dared not to block Xiao Qian.

"She in the room, but she need to take a while before she can come out," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Jade, go grab a few of your clothes for He Mo. I reckon she can\'t wear her shirt anymore. What are you all staring blankly for? Grab your stuffs, after ten something minutes He Mo will come out and we will head out." Jade obediently ran into the room.

"You can\'t leave. Su Tu, call the cops," Xiao Qian said loudly.

Su Tu and the others cooperatively prepared to press the dials and call for the police. Guo Huai used his mind-reading skills on Xiao Qian and Su Tu, and suddenly caught up with what was going on. <i>God damn it! I was saving people alright!</i>

"Don\'t call the cops. Problems in the Clinic of No Treatment will be solved in the Clinic of No Treatment." Guo Huai smilingly continued, "Xiao Qian, I know what\'s on your mind right now. Perhaps you should wait until He Mo comes out from the room before you make the decision. Often times, what you hear is completely different from the reality."

"Yah. You must not call the cops. If the police came, He Mo\'s life will be ruined!" Li Yu said loudly.

"Li Yu, what are you talking about? What of my life will be ruined?" Just as the people were stuck in indecision, the door to the room opened again. He Mo walked out from the room in full sports outfit. However, this time, she wasn\'t wearing mask and cap.

"You, you are He Mo?..." Xiao Qian said stammeringly. Ever since joining Wucheng University as a first-year student, he knew of a girl in Western medical school who always had her mask on. Her body was fiery hot, but he\'d never knew how she looked like. Today, he finally saw it, and it was stunningly beautiful. A pure-looking sports girl, with appearance not the least beneath that of Liu Yaoshi, appeared in front of everyone.

"Master, I really have recovered. Thank you, thank you," He Mo said emotionally after she walked beside Guo Huai and bowed to him.

"Later tonight I\'ll prescribe another medicine for you. You need to obtain the medicinal herbs in the prescriptions and consume them. Only then, can this sinister poison left by Ghost Sect 13 Needles could be completely removed. Then you will truly to have recovered.

"Mr. Owner, you were treating He Mo\'s illness just then?" Su Tu asked softly.

"If not? What else could I be doing?" Guo Huai said smilingly. "I\'ve said this since the beginning. If you want to be a good doctor, you must observe everything carefully. If you did not saw it with your own eyes, it might be false. Even if you did saw it with your own eyes, it might still be false. Stop dumbly standing there, we\'ll head to Xiafeng Chinese herbal medicine wholesale market. Get ready."