Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 130

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TL: Hedonist

There were still a few students that were still rather shy. However, when such tasty food was presented to them, they too began to eat heartily so as to avoid the others from eating their portion. He Mo already ate her third bow of shark fin soup. She turned her head and glanced at Guo Huai and thought, <i>What kind of person is he? Can he really cure the thing on my face?

After having a pleasant lunch, a few then tidied up and cleaned the table and kitchen. Guo Huai changed his clothes and came before the party.

"Boss, to be honest, today I had the best meal in my life. Boss, if you have any instructions, just let me know. If it\'s something within my capabilities, I\'ll do my best to help you.

"As you ladies and gentlemen are my personnels, I ought to provide you all with the best foods. In the afternoon I will bring you all to purchase some Chinese herbal medicines. Everyone please get ready," Guo Huai said with a smile. A short moment later, three brand new seven-seats off-road vehicles and a van showed up in front of the doorway.

"Uncle Zhou, you will drive the van. In the future, you will be in-charge of providing us meals. Don\'t worry about your illness. I will get hold of the medical pills within ten days and fix it for you," Guo Huai said smilingly. "For the other three vehicles, there should be some of you that can drive right? Form yourself into three groups, and get yourself a driver in each group. Those who want to drive may take turns to be the driver. Remember, students from both Western and Chinese medical schools must mix with each other.

"Today we will go in and purchase some regular Chinese herbal medicines. When we reach the place, every team will be free to move about and buy whatever you want. I will foot the bills. Alright let\'s go!" After he finished his announcement, Guo Huai grabbed Jade with him and drove his own off-road vehicle heading to the largest Chinese herbal medicine market in Wucheng City, Xiafeng Chinese Herbal Medicine Wholesale Market.

"Brother Huai, those medicinal ingredients in Laojun Gourd is sufficient for us to use for a long time. Why do we still go and buy more? The medicinal ingredients in the human world are much inferior in terms of quality, and some are even fakes. One might even die from consuming those fakes," Jade said gently.

"That was exactly why we need to visit the market. If this problem of Chinese herbal medicine market were solved, it would be a meritorious deed!" Guo Huai continued with a smile, "Moreover, the patients that visits our Clinic on No Treatment can\'t all have serious illnesses. Common cold, fever, and headache will all be treated without exceptions. I want to revitalize Chinese medicine!"

"Alright. Then I shall follow Brother Huai along and share some of your burdens." The vehicles had all arrived at the Xiafeng Chinese Herbal Medicine Wholesale Market. Heavy fragrance of Chinese herbal medicine could clearly be sensed even from the parking lot.

"Guo Huai, do we really just buy whatever we want? The situation at the market is really complicated and so are the staffs. Even President Liu got unlucky when he came here to purchase medicinal ingredients, so not to mention us students who have yet to graduate," Leng Shuang asked gently.

When the others heard Leng Shuang\'s viewpoint, they nodded in agreement. There are a lot of similarities between Chinese medicine and Western medicine when it comes to medicine purchases. For example, the issue of fake medicines are present in both Chinese and Western medicines. Therefore, all the students from Western medicine school also agreed with Leng Shuang\'s statement.

"Boldly see, boldly ask, and boldly buy. I don\'t care if you bought real or fakes, I will foot all your bills," Guo Huai said loudly to the youths foolishing standing in the car park.

The eighteen students were divided into three groups of six. Jade went along with Guo Huai, and they garishly entered the Chinese herbal medicine wholesale market.

"Brother Huai, there are more fakes than there are genuines. How are they going to choose?" Jade and Guo Huai didn\'t even need to enter the shop. They could tell which medicine is real and which is not just by taking a sniff of the herbal scent in the air. However, that wasn\'t the case for the three groups. The group He Mo joined did performed somewhat better. Even though they do make mistakes sometimes, they got it right when choosing those rather precious medicinal ingredients.

"Two young friends, come inside and have a look. These Chinese herbal medicines just arrived from Dove Island. Top quality, fair price," shouted a middle aged man dressed in a fair white chang pao. Guo Huai and Jade were walking near a rather big storefront when they heard the shout.

<i>They really do have something that I want,</i> Guo Huai thought in his heart after he inhaled deeply. He went straight towards the shop.

"May I know what kind of medicinal ingredients this young friend would like to buy? You may also pass me a list of medicinal ingredients you want to buy. I, Pang Guojun, can\'t say much about this shop of mine, but I can assure that when it comes to the variety of medicinal ingredients, in this Xiafeng Marketplace, my shop is absolutely this" the fatty said with his thumbs up.

"You shouldn\'t be concerned about whether I have enough money to buy, but you should be concerned if you have enough inventory for me. Jade, let\'s have a look inside Mr. Pang\'s shop," Guo Huai said and walked into the shop as he held her hand.

Inside was a big courtyard with all kinds of Chinese herbal medicine exhibited. Guo Huai revealed a faint smile on the corner of his lips. He didn\'t expect that the medicinal ingredients displayed were genuine. However, when looking deeper into those in the burlap bag, those within were way inferior that those displayed on the top.

"Young man, look around as you wish. Just tell me if you need something." Pang Guojun said with a smile.

"I will buy every medicinal ingredients here," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Mr. Pang, please pack for me everything that you exhibit here."

"Young man, let me get my man to retrieve the fresher ones. I have fresher ones packed already. These have been exhibited for some time, and they might be lose some of their potency. I can\'t let you suffer losses," Pang Guojun said and yelled for a youth, who then carried quite a lot of packages to him.

"It\'s good fortune to suffer losses. It\'s alright, Mr. Pang. I just want those that were displayed," Guo Huai said as he filled and packed the bag himself.

"Young man, I think it\'s better if I fill you the fresh ones, these medicinal ingredients……" Pang Guojun thought for half-a-day, but still couldn\'t provide another reason.

"Mr. Pang, let\'s sit down inside and have a talk," Guo Huai said with a smile as he squinted his eyes at Pang Guojun.

"Alright, alright. Let\'s go sit inside." Pang Guojun then signalled the youth outside with his eyes.

"Mr. Pang, the moisture content of the medicinal ingredients in those bags is rather high eh?" Guo Huai got straight to the point and continued, "I started a clinic. I\'m alright if things were slightly hefty, and I\'m fond of good stuffs."

"Ahem, Ahem. I did not expect Young Man to have such clear understanding for medicinal ingredients. Old Man Pang have gotten really clumsy today" Pang Guojun continued, "Herbal medicine markets throughout China are all the same. If Young Friend wants to buy something good, it\'s not gonna be cheap."

"Tell your fella out there to stop his work. No matter how he mix the herbal ingredients out there, I could still correctly pick out each and every good ones from the bad," Guo Huai said with a smile. "I heard that Mr. Pang recently received a treasured object. Do you mind letting me have a look?"

Pang Guojun was shocked. "Young Friend, throughout the whole market, those who are aware of this can be counted with just one hand. May I know how did you learn about this information?" he asked softly.

"Mr. Pang is a businessman, so am I. Please let me have a look at the good stuff. Price is not a problem," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"If this Young Friend want to buy Chinese herbal medicine outside, I will provide you those of the highest quality. About the thing you mentioned, I\'m really sorry but I\'ve gifted it to someone." Pang Guojun said with a smile, "Little Tian, if this Young Friend here need any medicinal ingredients, make sure that you pack them well for him. Pack \'em well." Guo Huai naturally could read the hidden meaning behind his saying \'pack them well\' twice.

"Alright then. Since Mr. Pang doesn\'t want to do business with me, I shall go look elsewhere then." As he spoke, a black card appeared in Guo Huai\'s hand. It was a globally limited edition of black card issued by Citibank which Jia Yuan got for him. There wasn\'t much money in it. It contained just one billion yuan.