Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 13

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"Boss, get me four clean cups. It\'d be best if they\'re wooden. Otherwise crystal glass ones are also acceptable," Guo Huai shouted from the door.

"Kid, do you mind if I sit here?" an old man said. He was not the boss of the food store, he was an old guy with completely white hair, with a wooden box in his hands.

They say that old people are wise, I guess it\'s true, Guo Huai thought and nodded lightly.

"My surname is Ren, full name is Ren Xuance, the people who know me usually call me Sixth Ren," the old man said as he opened the wooden box. "Little friend, may I know what to call you?"

"Oh you\'re Sixth Grandpa Ren?" You Youyou got shocked and asked softly.

"A fortune teller in Wucheng County? My name is Guo Huai. Since you\'re a godlike fortune teller, do you know why I need these cups for?" Guo Huai asked.

"Hahah, I normally wouldn\'t reject some good wine. You\'re a very special person, I\'m just here to make friends," Ren Xuance laughed and said.

"Magical, so magical. I\'ll make a new friend as well then, hahah. Sixth Grandpa, please have a seat," Guo Huai said before using his telepathy ability. He immediately noticed the old man in front of him had a weird protective energy. He could not even penetrate half of the energy and was forced to give up.

"I crafted these wine cups using purple sandalwood on the day I turned forty. I had a weak feeling that I would use these in my eighties. Who would expect that I was going to use them today? Hahah," Ren Xuance placed five cups at the center of the table while saying. "Little friend, please fill them up. My mouth is rather picky when it comes to wine."

"It\'s more relaxing to drink wine with people who truly understand it. Drinking with Sixth Grandpa would certainly be more enjoyable than drinking with my three brothers," Guo Huai said before filling all five cups to around half full.

"Brother Huai, we\'re in the school compound and we\'re not allowed to drink alcohol," Tang Xi said softly.

"Little Taffy, Sixth Grandpa\'s purple sandalwood wine cups are in perfect match with my wine. It would be a huge loss if this opportunity is lost. Sixth Grandpa, we\'ll drink first, cheers!" Guo Huai said before downing a cup at once.

"If you like these cups, I don\'t mind giving them to you," Ren Xuance said before drinking a cup. "Th-this wine… I\'m afraid this wine can only be found in heaven," he said with his eyes wide open. "My friend, you\'re so evil. You can have my set of wooden wine cups, I won\'t be able bear with the poor taste of any other wine anymore…" Ren Xuance said before leaving the small room.

"Please wait, Sixth Grandpa. Three days later, this wine will be auctioned for the charity sale. I was wondering if you\'re willing to help me spread the word," Guo Huai smiled and said.

"Hahah, you\'re willing to donate this wine? I guess I\'m really too old to know what the younger generation is thinking… We\'ll meet three days later," Ren Xuance laughed before saying. He did not return to his own restaurant, but went straight out of the dining building.

"Xi, don\'t drink this wine. Didn\'t you see Sixth Grandpa earlier? He seemed to have gone mad after drinking this stuff. Furthermore, we\'ve learned that drinking alcohol will only bring misfortune," Su Ye said softly after blocking Tang Xi from drinking the wine.

"Ye, what are you talking about?" Tang Xi asked.

\'Give me, bad guy... I want more..." You Youyou said. She initially only took a sip from her cup, but immediately downed the remaining in one go, before looking at Guo Huai with high expectations.

"An intense emotion arose in the private room. The pervert forcefully pushed her down," the already silent forum had once again entered climax.

"Damn it, Qian Duoduo. If your post is false, I\'ll chop you into pieces!" a youngest in room 1817 said as he shut his laptop down before sprinting towards the canteen.

"Little Taffy, if you don\'t want to drink it, just give it to Youyou. As you can see, she didn\'t have enough," Guo Huai looked at Tang Xi and said, smiling.

"No way, I\'ll drink," Tang Xi said before downing the entire cup at once.

"Brother Huai, I want more! Quick, I want more!" in only a few seconds, Tang Xi had the same reaction with You Youyou.

"Xi, are you guys okay? Isn\'t it just a cup of wine?" Su Ye asked before downing the wine as well.

"Bad guy, I beg you... I won\'t oppose you in the future. Please give me one more cup..." Su Ye said as she looked at Guo Huai with a desperate expression.

"The beauty killer, in the future, Brother Huai will be my brother," on the forum, a guy called Qian Duoduo posted, with an attached recording of Su Ye\'s voice.

"Oh God, just who is this pervert? How did he do it? I really hope I know him," the female dorms had a larger commotion than the male\'s. This handsome, domineering guy who was hugging two beauties at the same time just got very famous in the forum of Wucheng Subsidiary High School.

"You guys can\'t drink anymore, this will be the last cup. Otherwise you wouldn\'t be able to attend afternoon classes later. These are hangover pills. Take these and go back to your classes," Guo Huai said before passing the three girls a pill each.

Sigh, it\'s so troublesome when women get crazy. I wonder how Jade is doing now. No matter how I mess with girls here, these kids are still inferior to Jade, Guo Huai thought while thinking. Jade said that Chang\'er is a hundred times prettier than her. After all the years in heaven, I still have no idea how Chang\'er looks like. Sigh, I\'m such a failure...

Zap! Not far away, a lightning struck, followed by vigorous thunders.

"I\'m sorry! I know I\'m wrong! I won\'t think something like that anymore!" Guo Huai shouted before rushing back into his dorm.

"Your attitude is still the same. I\'ll strike the lightning directly on your head next time if I find out something like this once again. I\'ll see if you can be this lucky to survive. Hahahah!" the lady in Moon Palace said, smiling, before bursting into laughter.

In the most ancient castle of the United States, a lady with long hair was facing away from an old person.

"Miss, every financial and non-financial asset of Luosheng family has been transferred under your name. Do you really want to go to China?" the old person looked at the lady and said softly.

"Great, this castle belongs to you now. Forget that I ever existed," the girl said before disappearing in front of the old person.

"Boss, the eastern lady who exchanged for all the assets of Luosheng family has left America for Wucheng County in China. Should I continue the stalk?" in the castle, a man dressed in black told an old person softly.

"No, don\'t ever piss that lady off. If she ever needs your help, give her all you have. Inform all the affiliated families to restrain from inquiring about her," the old person said anxiously.

"Telepath Starlord, you\'re enjoying your life, aren\'t you? Hahah," the lady said with a smile as she boarded a plane heading to Wucheng County.

"Achoo! Only a few minutes have passed. Are the three girls missing me already? Hahah. I can\'t help that I\'m this attractive, hahah!" Guo Huai said and laughed before walking into the dormitory building.

"Brother Huai, you\'re back. I thought you weren\'t coming back today," the moment Guo Huai stepped into the building, Li Long said with a smile.

"Brother Long, is everything fine?" Guo Huai looked at Li Long and asked.

"Everything\'s fine for me. However, it seems like a few people are looking for you. They\'re all waiting outside your dorm for whatever reason. You should be careful," Li Long said before going back to his office.

Well, I\'ll go with the flow then. I have broken through the nine tribulations and reached ascension alive, and I have been banished into the mortal world alive due to a sin in heaven. If these little dolls can manage to kill me, just imagine how embarrassing it would be, as Guo Huai was thinking, the lift stopped at the eighteenth floor.