Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 128

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"Vehicle ahead, please pull over immediately for inspection." Jia Yuan wasn\'t driving fast. Soon after the call hung up, three police vehicles followed behind him.

"Dumbass, Big Chao is a fucking dumbass," Jia Yuan couldn\'t help but to curse. He then moved his car to the side of the road before stopping it.

"Open! Open the door! Weren\'t you quite cocky just now huh? Open the door now, I\'ve made contact Brother Yuan\'s company. Soon enough Brother Yuan will come and finish you." Sun Jianchao\'s Ferrari stopped right in front of Jia Yuan\'s car. After getting off his vehicle, he pulled Jia Yuan off the car.

"Brother Chao, dafuq? How dare you call on the traffic police to block my car!" Jia Yuan shouted.

Slap! Sun Jianchao slapped on Jia Yuan\'s head. "Brother Chao? Who\'s your Brother Chao? Stop pretending, I\'ve never met you. This is Brother Yuan\'s vehicle. The Wucheng Vile Tetrad, never heard of them before did ya? You really got the guts to steal Brother Yuan\'s car."

"Sun Jianchao you fucking dumbass, I\'m Jia Yuan. Open big your dog eyes and look carefully!" Jia Yuan

shouted loudly, extended his hand, and slapped on Sun Jianchao\'s head.

"Not only did you impersonate Brother yuan, you even assaulted me! Just you wait, just you wait!" Sun Jianchao yelled.

"Sun Jianchao, nicknamed Big Chao, height 1 meter and 71 cm, married, sugar daddy of one college student and one second-tier celebrity. The college student stays at Yuan International\'s Xin Yuan Community, unit 18. The celebrity stays at Starfield Villa. Fucker, do you believe I\'m Jia Yuan now?" Jia Yuan shouted at Sun Jianchao.

"Shit, you, you come inside the car with me," Sun Jianchao said as he shoved Jia Yuan into the car. "Who are you? How do you know so much about me?"

"Big Chao, why are you so nervous? I, your elder brother, will remember your slap on my head today. I recalled that your wife seems to be a Taekwando Black Belt. Who knows how many bones on your ribcage will be broken with one kick from her?" Jia Yuan said to Sun Jianchao with a smile.

"Impossible. My Brother Yuan weighs more than 150 kilograms. I had meal and drank with him just a few days ago. There\'s no way that he could turn into this in just a few days," Sun Jianchao said in a low voice. He was still rather skeptical.

"We didn\'t just eat and drink, we even went to Wucheng Paradise. You then looked for two college students. And after midnight you were yelled home by a phone call from your wife. Did I get it right?" Jia Yuan said with a smile as he looked at the stunned Sun Jianchao.

"Yuan, Brother Yuan, it\'s really you!" This time Sun Jianchao was convinced because on that night, only the two of them were in that room, and no one other than Jia Yuan would know about it. "Brother Yuan, I\'m sorry. But this is partly your fault as well! How come you suddenly changed so much eh?"

Slap! Jia Yuan suddenly slapped on Sun Jianchao\'s head. "You brat. How dare you smack me, Jia Yuan, on the head huh?" Sun Jianchao lowered his head and let out a mischievous laughter. He really did cockily gave Jia Yuan a slap just then.

"Brother Yuan, let\'s go, come over to my place. With your appearance now, I reckon you won\'t be able to go through even the front door of Yuan International. At that time people with half-closed eyes might give you another slap, then you\'ll really suffer," Sun Jianchao laughingly said. With one leading the way and the other following, the two drove to a not-so-small electronics retailer company located in Wucheng Electronic Town.

"Brother Huai, morning," Jade, Liu YaoShi, and Leng Shuang made an appearance in the dining hall of the guesthouse, with Jade greeting Guo Huai. By then, he had almost completely filled his stomach. "Did you go to look for Lingling again at Wucheng Subhigh yesterday?"

"Wifey Jade, in all honesty, I accompanied my second brother yesterday and was tormented the whole night. Darling, it is not what goes into the mouth that defiles a person, but what comes out of the mouth that does." Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Humph, it\'d be too stupid of me to trust your words," Jade spoke before going to get something to eat. Although foods in the human world doesn\'t tastes that good, but as Guo Huai often said, eating is also a kind of cultivation. I shall put up with the taste and eat a bit.

The students from Wucheng University whom Guo Huai recruited arrived at the guesthouse\'s dining hall one after another. They seemed to have rested well as they were all in a pretty good state.

"My old pal Guo Huai, I\'m not going to stay here tomorrow. I asked the front desk just now, and they told me that it costs 880 per night. I will go back and stay at the campus starting tomorrow. I just have to wake up a little earlier and take public transport to come here in the morning," Li Yu said to him in a low voice after approaching him.

"The estate belongs to the same business. You don\'t have to spend a penny to stay here. From today onwards, you guys have no extra time to waste. I will arrange densely packed courses for everyone, every day. Here in the Clinic of No Treatment, we do not accept a mediocre person, and even more so of a quack," Guo Huai replied loudly. The few students who just entered the dining hall all looked at Guo Huai and gave him conscientious nods. They grew even more respectful towards Guo Huai.

"Now that everyone had filled their stomachs, let\'s go to the clinic. Today I will introduce you all to where you guys will soon work at." Guo Huai said with a smile. A line of twenty-something people, without any vehicles, walked towards the Clinic of No Treatment.

"We\'ve arrived. The Clinic of No Treatment," Guo Huai said after he led the crowd to the entrance of the clinic. Everyone there, except for Jade, were all stunned by the big signboard right before their eyes. \'不医馆\', Clinic of No Treatment, those three words caused those with slight knowledge of calligraphy to somehow felt hints of pressure. The humongous signboard left all the students with the same impression, What material is it made of? How could it be suspended over there?

"Come inside. Explore around as you wish," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Elder Brother Jiadi, come and look! You are knowledgeable about woods, look at the texture of timber that this table is made of! This table is so damn awesome." Cao QianKun said excitedly to Chen Jiadi. Chen Jiadi did not even turn his head to look at him as he was astonished at the stool he sat on. Given the lumber and the carvings on it, this stuff an art piece, definitely an art piece. How could this be put out here for one to sit? After giving some thoughts, Chen Jiadi stood up from the stool.

"Master, where did you get these furnitures? Will you please tell me? Soon it\'ll be my grandpa\'s birthday and I\'d like to present him a birthday gift," the usually quiet He Mo gently asked. It\'s already near impossible to find just one leg of a stool made of purple sandalwood, let alone finding a complete set of furnitures made of it. Many even had to take chances to dug up their ancestral tomb just for a few purple sandalwood beads.

"Since you now call me your master, I shall take care of your grandpa\'s birthday present. I guarantee that you will be pleased when the time comes," Guo Huai said with a smile. He Mo nodded gently, as though she was paying respect to the young master in front of him. Not bad at all.

"I don\'t want to say much for today, but, as I have chosen each and everyone of you, I hope that all of you will stay at the Clinic of No Treatment. Remember the Six No Treatments: no treatment for the unfilial, no treatment for the dishonest, no treatment for the disrespectful, no treatment for the unethical, no treatment for the violent, and no treatment for whoever we don\'t feel like helping," Guo Huai said loudly.

"Domineering, truly domineering. Especially that last phrase, no treatment for whoever we don\'t feel like helping." Cao QianKun shouted, "Student Guo Huai, how should we address you in the future? Should we call you Boss? Or do we refer you as Owner?"

"Haha, call me Owner. You know what, just call me as whatever you like, We are all about the same age. As long as you guys do not violate the rules I made, I won\'t get mad," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Boss, if you really want to make me stay at the Clinic of No Treatment, I think you would need to show that you are the real deal. Although these stuffs before my eyes are indeed dazzling, only medical expertise could really convince me." Chen Jiadi said loudly.

"Just you wait. I will make you wholeheartedly convinced on the opening day."