Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 127

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TL: Hedonist


During the unknown amount of time that passed, Guo Huai sat cross-legged on the artificial mountain and entered a meditative state. Strands of moonlight landed on his body and directly entered his body. Guo Huai seemed to very much enjoy the process.

"Fourth Brother, Fourth Brother, my fourth lord, where are you? Come out now!" the wet Jia Yuan shouted as he walked out from the room without a single piece of cloth covering his body. That\'s right, not even a loincloth was present.

"Second Brother, I didn\'t expect you to have such a habit, but you should put away your \'asset\'," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Fourth Brother, you still have the mood to joke around. Cloth, gimme a cloth," Jia Yuan shouted as he covered his genital with one hand.

"Haha, quickly put your clothes on. Really didn\'t expect that my second brother would look this handsome after slimming down," as he spoke with a smile, Guo Huai flung a robe which he had prepared earlier to Jia Yuan.

After around ten minutes, Jia Yuan again walked out from the house. Guo Huai had come down from the artificial mountain. He looked at his second brother right in front of him, smirked slightly, before yet another pill appeared on his hand. He then gave the pill to Jia Yuan.

"Hold on, don\'t eat it yet. I\'ll make some hot water for you," Guo Huai said with a smile. He took a teapot from the house and filled it with water. It didn\'t take long for the teapot placed on his palm to whistle, signalling that the water had boiled.

"Put the medicine in your mouth, and then immediately pour this water into your mouth. Don\'t worry about getting scalded," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Scalded? Fourth Brother, I have full confidence in you. Not just getting scalded, even if you ask me to eat shit right now, I\'ll do as you say."

"Do you feel a whiff of hot air in your stomach? Slowly push the hot air to your mouth. Don\'t hurry, do it slowly," Guo Huai said with a smile.

Jia Yuan was a smart person. Otherwise, he wouldn\'t have been able to grow his business to such an impressive scale. In accordance with Guo Huai\'s instructions, he began to slowly try to move the puff of hot air towards his mouth.

"Ah!" Jia Yuan gave out a thunderous roar, and a whiff of hot air came out of his mouth. He lifted one of his legs before fiercely dropping it, instantly causing one of the marble brick tiles on the floor to shatter into dust.

"Fourth Brother, I, did I just stomp the marble into pieces?" Jia Yuan mumbled. He could feel that his body was currently filled with energy. Never had he ever felt such a comfortable sensation.

"Haha. Second Brother, that\'s good, very good. In the future, you need to be more calm and collected. You are now considered to be an early-stage Innate expert, haha," Guo Huai said with a smile. He continued speaking, "Get somebody to fix the brick tile tomorrow, otherwise I\'m going to fix you, regardless if you\'re at early-stage Innate or late-stage Innate."

"What did you say? I\'m also an Innate expert now? Then am I at the same level with Brother Yao, and can deal some blows with Brother Yao eh?"

"Based on solely your inner strengths, you two are almost on the same par. However if you two were to really fight, Brother Yao will still win within ten strikes," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Ten strikes? Then I\'m going to look for Brother Yao to try it out. It never crossed my mind that I could actually take ten strikes from Brother Yao, haha," Jia Yuan said and laughed heartily. He looked very much like a masochist.

"I will give you some general knowledge about arteries and veins. Listen carefully, I\'ll explain it straightforwardly," Guo Huai looked at Jia Yuan as he slowly explained to him. "What I taught you just now was a set of mental cultivation method. Tonight the moon will be bright and there won\'t be many stars. Do not go to sleep and do what I just taught you instead. Try and manipulate the inner strength you produce to travel across the thirty-six cycles of Qi in your arteries and veins as I described earlier. Count this as reinforcing the vital essence and strengthening the primordial Qi."

Jia Yuan really started to do the same as Guo Huai and sat on the ground. The moonlight landed on his body, which to his surprise, made him feel incomparably comfortable. His admiration towards Guo Huai rose involuntarily. This sworn brother of his was truly remarkable.

At five o\'clock early in the morning, Guo Huai opened his eyes. Jia Yuan also slowly stood up. Jia Yuan who previously weighed more than 160 kilograms was now only 75 kilograms. Jia Yuan couldn\'t help but to give another look at his sworn brother. Never had he expected that the slimming pill refined with dregs of a decoction to give such impressive results.

"Fourth Brother, this older brother has another question for you. Will my figure rebound? What kind of diet should I stick to? I don\'t want to get fat again," Jia Yuan earnestly said.

"Train for two hours every day following the map of arteries and veins map I previously described. There\'s no need to pay attention to your diet," Guo Huai said with a smile. "But you must remember this—you\'re no longer an ordinary person, but a cultivator. You mustn\'t use your strength to harm anyone. Should you dare to misuse your power, without waiting for someone else to take action, I won\'t hesitate to finish you with my own hands."

Jia Yuan saw that Guo Huai wasn\'t playing a joke, and so he nodded his head in a serious manner. The two walked out of the clinic together and headed towards the guesthouse.

"Wei Bin, the breakfast lacks quite some dishes. Inform the kitchen that tomorrow\'s breakfast must have twenty-four dishes. Especially wheat flour-based foods like steamed roll, steamed twisted bread roll, noodles, dumplings, large flat bread, steamed stuffed bun, none of those can be missing. I came so early in the morning but there\'s no twisted bread roll, so don\'t tell me that you ran out of it," Jia Yuan said to the lobby manager after he entered the dining room in the guesthouse.

"Fourth Lord, who\'s this friend of yours? How does he know who I am?" Wei Bin asked Guo Huai with a smile after he gave a look at Jia Yuan.

"Who wouldn\'t know the lobby manager of Yuan International Hotel eh? No need to entertain him, he\'s a distant relative of my second brother. A plain, simple breakfast will do for us," Guo Huai jested.

"Ohh, a relative of Master Yuan. Please wait for a moment, I will instruct the kitchen to make some steamed twisted bread roll for you." After Wei Bin finished his sentence, he ran towards the back kitchen. He thought in his heart, this relative of Master Yuan is quite interesting, he loves steamed twisted bread roll too. What\'s so delicious about this bread huh?

"Ahem, ahem. Fourth Brother, this brat didn\'t recognize who I am?" Jia Yuan asked and laughed as he looked at the scurrying Wei Bin.

"I\'ve told you that you must be mentally prepared. Not just Wei Bin, I believe that if you were to return to the house of Yuan now, they might not even let you through the front door," Guo Huai said with a smile. "After you eat, go back to your company. I\'ll be busy with leading my employees and businesses about my medical center. Come over on Saturday. Contact Big Brother and Third Brother, it\'s been a while since we last gathered."

Jia Yuan didn\'t dare to eat much. He swallowed two bowls of porridges, one steamed bun, and some small side dishes. Without waiting for Wei Bin\'s twisted bread roll, he left the guesthouse as soon as he finished eating, and headed towards the headquarters of Yuan International.

"Brother Yuan, did you lose your car? Just now I saw a dumbass driving your car, and he even waved at me." Jia Yuan\'s phone rang not far after he drove off with his car. It was a friend that was rather good with business that called him and talked in a load voice.

"No I didn\'t lose it, where did you see that?" Jia Yuan replied loudly.

"Xuan Wu Street just now." A loud voice then could be heard from the phone. "Dafuq, why are you holding Jia Yuan\'s phone? Brat, I don\'t care who you are, hand the phone over to Yuan International immediately. Otherwise you\'ll have to deal with the consequences."

"Brother Chao, I\'m Jia Yuan. The one you saw just now is me. I\'ve lose weight, you didn\'t recognize me, did ya?" Jia Yuan replied as he smiled.