Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 126

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"Then, Brother, I hope that you can also be an excellent doctor at Clinic of No Treatment," the roommate said with a disdainful smile.

"Sister Shishi, Leng Shuang, you two may pack your stuff as well. We\'ll meet at the entrance later. I\'ll go to the clinic first and arrange a place for you all to stay." Guo Huai suddenly thought that the clinic wasn\'t enough for so many people to stay in at once. Although the clinic had three floors, the rooms on the top floor couldn\'t contain this many people. He had to make more arrangements quickly.

"Fourth Brother, do you need my help again? Let\'s not talk about anything first, give me 5 kilograms of wine. If you agree, then we\'ll talk. Otherwise, you can end the call now," Jia Yuan said loudly on phone.

"You\'re really my great second brother. I haven\'t even opened my mouth and you listed so many conditions already," Guo Huai said with a smile. "I remember the hotel at the junction of Xinglin Street and Xuanwu Street belongs to you. Reserve twenty rooms for me, I\'ll bring some people there at five o\'clock."

"Twenty rooms? Fourth Brother, why do you need so many rooms for? If you have too many girlfriends, I\'ll leave you the presidential suite. Sleeping together under a giant blanket is most domineering. Hahah!" Jia Yuan said and laughed.

"Piss off, I\'m not as perverted as you. I recruited some employees for Clinic of No Treatment. I need to let them stay at your place for a few days," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Also, I need your help for another matter. The clinic beside Clinic of No Treatment got closed down. Help me find out who the owner is, and take the place down for me. I\'ll make it my employee dorm so that I don\'t need to trouble your hotel anymore."

"Fourth Brother, look for the Chinese medicine association for everything regarding Xinglin Street. The shops there are all own by them. Since Third Brother said that you have good relations with the association, you may go directly to them. I can\'t get it done for you," Jia Yuan said with a smile. "You can use my hotel for however long you want. I don\'t even know how long your clinic can survive for. Hahah!"

"Damn! You\'re cursing me before the clinic even starts operating," Guo Huai scolded. "Recently, my sect masters gave me a few medicinal pills that can help weight loss. I heard that they don\'t bring any side effects and can even strengthen the body. Sigh, I wanted to give a few of them to my lovely second brother. I think I should cancel the thought. I\'ll go test them out on some old pigs."

"Fourth Brother, do you dare to do it?! If you don\'t give it to me, we won\'t be brothers anymore!" Jia Yuan said loudly. He knew that Guo Huai had a pill that saved Li Yao\'s life. The stuff given by hidden sects couldn\'t even be bought using money.

"Second Brother, actually I really can\'t give it to you. If you really can slim down, will you still be called Fatty Jia Yuan?" Guo Huai asked jokingly. "Wait for me at your hotel later. We\'ll talk when we see each other." Guo Huai then ended the call.

"Slim down? Can the mighty Jia Yuan really slim down?" Jia Yuan said as he looked into the mirror. He smiled as he slapped his giant belly. "If I really can slim down, I think I can be pretty handsome too. Hahah!"

At five in the afternoon, Guo Huai drove over, with two buses following behind. They were Jia Yuan\'s employee buses. Since they were underutilized at this moment anyway, they got sent to work for Guo Huai.

"Yuan International, it\'s the employee bus of Yuan International! If our boss knows the people in Yuan International, or if Yuan International is the backstage supporter of our clinic, it\'s really impressive!" Lu Feng from the western medicine school said loudly.

"Lu Feng, didn\'t you find out more about our young boss? Wucheng Vile Tetrad, the man of five vices, is our boss Guo Huai," Chen Jiadi said with a smile. "But our boss has had some drastic changes recently. Yuan International belongs to Fatty Jia Yuan from Wucheng Vile Tetrad, which means he\'s our boss\'s second brother. What\'s so surprising if he borrowed a few buses?"

"Little Friend, I\'m not late, right?" Just as the buses were about to depart, Zhou Tianyang arrived. He was very straightforward. Except for some cooking equipment, he brought nothing else. After talking a few sentences with Guo Huai, he boarded the bus as well.

The twenty or so people were split up into two groups and boarded each bus. After the luggage was thrown in the bus, they mightily left Wucheng University.

"Fourth Brother, do you miss me? Tell me, tell me you do," Jia Yuan said as he hugged Guo Huai. "Why do you meet all the beauties in the world? Don\'t tell me the beauty behind Sister-In-Law is also your wife."

"Shishi, come over. I\'ll introduce him to you. This is my second brother Jia Yuan, call him Second Brother," Guo Huai said smilingly. Liu Yaoshi walked towards Jia Yuan and happily called \'Second Brother\'.

"I really don\'t know why you all like Fourth Brother. Haven\'t you heard? He\'s the man of five vices: eating, drinking, prostituting, gambling and smoking. Sigh, and a gentleman like me is seen as non-existent. God is indeed unfair," Jia Yuan said as he shook his head. "I already informed the manager here. You guys may live here as you like. Tell the manager whatever you need."

"Thank you, Second Brother. I\'m still considering the matter for you. I\'ll find you tomorrow. Get yourself mentally prepared, you wouldn\'t look good if you get too skinny," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Don\'t wait until tomorrow. Do it today. Do it now! Right now! Give it to me, you really don\'t understand how much I suffer from being fat. I need to bow to my little junior to look at him. You wouldn\'t understand such a pain," Jia Yuan said as he pulled Guo Huai. The few girls got very speechless as they looked at the fatty. They then quickly entered the hotel.

"Alright, follow me to the clinic then. But you better make sure your company is handled properly. Otherwise, you\'d be in trouble if no one recognizes you," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"You don\'t need to worry about that. It\'s best if they don\'t recognize me. The magnificent me will withdraw every fund available and start fresh. Hahah!" Jia Yuan said and laughed. "Quickly, I want to slim down. I want to slim down!"

After driving for less than three minutes, Guo Huai and Jia Yuan reached Clinic of No Treatment.

"Woah! How domineering! Your signboard is so impressive! Who wrote the words for you? Also, who made the signboard for you? I\'ll change the signboard of my company as well," Jia Yuan said excitedly as he looked at the signboard.

"Second Brother, let\'s go inside. We\'ll get serious matters solved first. It\'s just a stupid signboard. Why are you making a big fuss out of it? How embarrassing," Guo Huai said smilingly. Actually, Guo Huai was unwilling to share the remaining piece of cold ironwood in his gourd with Jia Yuan. Naturally, Jia Yuan didn\'t know that Guo Huai was having this thought.

"Fourth Brother, Brother Yao said that your sect has a lot of good stuff, especially when it comes to medicinal pills. You better not take some laxatives to fool me. You must treat your big brother and second brother equally," Jia Yuan said as he rubbed his hands. "I have contributed a lot for your clinic."

"Alright, my great second brother, swallow this pill. The toilet is there. After eating it, drink more water from the tap to see a quicker effect. No matter what happens later, don\'t get nervous. Your great brother is here," Guo Huai said before passing Jia Yuan a black pill. Jia Yuan didn\'t hesitate to put it into his mouth.

"Quickly rush to the toilet. Otherwise, I don\'t care if you feel good or not, I want you to clean my clinic up. I\'m better than Jade at lighting people up with fire," Guo Huai said loudly.

Jia Yuan rushed to the toilet like his life was threatened. After that, the toilet sounded like a war was going on within. Guo Huai didn\'t care much and took out his wine gourd. Sitting at the fake mountain in his courtyard, he started downing mouth after mouth of wonderful wine. The life in human world was indeed not bad.