Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 124

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4/4 chapter of the week.


Guo Huai didn\'t know that he was being massively discussed in the online forum of Wucheng University after the medical battle. Everyone was talking about how this new student managed to conquer the battle. Not only that, a huge picture appeared on the forum of Wucheng Subhigh, titled: Pride of Wucheng Subhigh, Holy Medic in Chinese Medicine—Guo Huai from Wucheng County.

"Xi, can you see this? Naughty Boy went to pick up girls at a university. He doesn\'t want us anymore," Su Ye said with a smile.

"Brother Huai is so cool! Look, he made President Huang so mad that he fainted," Tang Xi said joyfully. "Why does time pass so slowly? Please let it be Saturday already. I want to see Brother Huai."

"Naughty Boy, I don\'t even dare to return to my dorm already but you still have the mood to have fun outside. Quickly come and save me." Nangong Lingmo had stayed in Ren Xuance\'s restaurant for an entire day as she didn\'t dare to go back to her room. If she met Xiahou Shanhe again, she wouldn\'t be as lucky to escape once again.

"Naughty Boy is really worrying, isn\'t he? Why did he even go to Wucheng University?" Lin Shuang murmured as she touched the jade necklace given by Sun Lingling. "I\'ll visit you on Saturday at your clinic. I think my body isn\'t feeling too well recently."

"This girl Liu Yaoshi is really beautiful. Naughty Boy must\'ve fallen for her as well. Pervert!" Sun Lingling said softly as her face reddened.

"His medical skill is exceptional. He must be a cultivator or a superhuman. Tian\'s death is definitely related to this guy," Xiahou Shanhe said. The four people sent by Xiahou clan were rested at a luxury hotel in Wucheng County. They were studying the replay of Guo Huai\'s actions during the medical battle.

"Brother Shanhe, since it\'s confirmed that he must be related, we\'ll go and find him now. We\'ll capture him and ask questions," Xiahou Feng said softly.

"It\'s not time yet. His clinic will have an opening ceremony on Saturday. We\'ll meet him on that day," Xiahou Shanhe said angrily.

Guo Huai returned to the old house of Guo family and exercised with Jade repeatedly. The next morning, he made a table full of dishes to fully satisfy Jade. After they finished eating, they got changed before heading to Wucheng University.

"Shishi, what do you expect of Guo Huai\'s clinic? How big is it? He wants to pick ten people each from the Chinese and western schools. How much do you think he can pay us for the wage?" a girl asked Liu Yaoshi.

"Li Mu, you better think twice before joining. You saw him earlier, he\'s younger than all of us. I think his clinic won\'t be too big and the working benefits wouldn\'t be great. If you want a high-paying job, I suggest you look elsewhere," Liu Yaoshi said as she furrowed her brows.

Li Mu was Liu Yaoshi\'s roommate. Ever since she returned to her dorm, she had been asking questions about Guo Huai. Having interacted with Li Mu for three years, Liu Yaoshi understood very clearly about her personality. Initially, Liu Yaoshi didn\'t plan to let Guo Huai pick Li Mu, but since she said she wanted to go to the clinic, she signed herself up anyway.

"Oh, really? I\'ll pass then, don\'t register for me. I\'ll leave such an opportunity to other students," Li Mu said before leaving the hall of Holy Medical Tower.

"Sister Shishi, I\'m a second-year student. May I know if I can sign up for this?" an elegant-looking guy asked softly. "I want to learn from the new student Guo Huai."

"Why did you pick Chinese medicine?" Liu Yaoshi asked.

"That\'s because the mountain behind my house is planted with different kinds of Chinese medicine. No one in the village really understands how to utilize these things. After so many years, the resource of the mountain was left untouched. I want to study Chinese medicine to bring my family wealth," the young guy replied.

"You may write your name here. I think Guo Huai may be able to help you," Liu Yaoshi said with a smile.

Li Yu, it was a girl\'s name. The name was clearly written on the paper. Liu Yaoshi looked at this young guy once again. Having went to university, Li Yu would still get shy when talking to girls. Liu Yaoshi couldn\'t help but snigger.

There were lots of students from the western medicine school, lots of them registered themselves as well. The most unbelievable thing to Liu Yaoshi was that Chen Jiadi, Cao Qiankun and He Mo, the three who represented the western medicine school for the medical battle, requested to write their names down before the registration counter even opened.

"If I want to defeat Chinese medicine, I have to first understand it. If you guys aren\'t afraid of getting beaten, let me write my name down. I want to see just how capable the guy Guo Huai is," Chen Jiadi said loudly as he wrote his name on the paper.

"Our Cao family has been in the medical world for generations. My great grandfather studies Chinese medicine, my grandfather and my father both changed to western medicine. Originally, I liked to mess with medicinal herbs and ingredients, but I was forced to pick western medicine after losing to my father in a medical battle. I think following Guo Huai is an opportunity to me, it gives me an opportunity to defeat my father," Cao Qiankun said softly.

"I\'ve always been studying Chinese medicine. I\'m Guo Huai\'s disciple." He Mo didn\'t say much and directly wrote her name in the paper.

There were around 50 high-performing students from the western medicine school who signed up, including the person with the forum name \'I Hate Chinese Medicine\'. His name was Lin Luoshan. Twenty years later, he would be one of the most well-known doctors.

At around ten o\'clock, Guo Huai and Jade appeared in the Chinese medicine school once again. The craze caused by yesterday\'s medical battle wasn\'t over yet. The students from the Chinese medicine school who knew Guo Huai all nodded to him with the utmost respect. It was him that made them regain confidence towards Chinese medicine.

"You\'re finally here." Liu Yaoshi had been occupied with this task since yesterday night. She woke up at six o\'clock to start the registration counter. When she saw Guo Huai walking in in a carefree manner with Jade following behind, she felt a slight ache in her heart.

"What is it? Do you miss me already after only half a day? Hahah!" Guo Huai said and laughed. "You can see me very often in the future. How many students signed themselves up? Are they all here?"

"There is a total of 785 students from the Chinese medicine school, 533 of them are present in the school, 290 of which registered," Liu Yaoshi said as she passed a detailed name list to Guo Huai. There was a rating for each person. Liu Yaoshi worked all night to come up with it.

"A total of 88 students from the western medicine school singed up, including the people in the medical battle yesterday: Chen Jiadi, Cao Qiankun, and He Mo," Leng Mo said as she passed a name list to Guo Huai as well. Not only was there a rating behind each person, there was also a short comment for them.

"You guys have done well," Guo Huai said as he looked at the name lists, satisfied. "Since they\'re all here, I\'ll say a few simple sentences," he said as he walked up the stage. Suddenly, everyone under the stage silenced.

"I\'m really happy to meet everyone here once again. I\'m also glad that a lot of you registered, although I don\'t know how many of you signed up because you truly like Chinese medicine or you have other objectives," Guo Huai said with a smile. "I will pick twenty people from these name lists, ten from each school, to come to my clinic. I\'m really sorry that clinic isn\'t big enough, I can only recruit twenty people for now."

"Guo Huai, if we go to your clinic, how will the wage and working benefits be? Can you explain them to us?" a third-year student asked loudly.

"To everyone present, there\'ll be a trial period for a week. In this week, you guys will choose Clinic of No Treatment, and Clinic of No Treatment will choose you as well. If you don\'t qualify, we\'ll pay you 3000 yuan, and you\'ll leave yourselves," Guo Huai said with a smile.