Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 123

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3/4 chapter of the week. really really busy lately.....

"Zhou, what good food are you making today?" an old man asked loudly outside Zhou Tianyang\'s restaurant.

"I\'m not operating today. Don\'t stay here anymore. Go back to where you all came from," Zhou Tianyang shouted towards the entrance.

"Zhou, do you possibly want to eat it yourself? I want to take a look at what good stuff you\'re going to eat today," an old man said as he entered the restaurant. This old man was none other than Xiao Yuntian of Eight-stage Collapse.

Zhou Tianyang didn\'t bother to check out who the visitor was, he shouted, "I said that I\'m not operating today. Why did you still come in?"

Xiao Yuntian noticed that Guo Huai was in the kitchen. "Guo Huai, so you\'re Zhou\'s visitor today. No wonder this fellow is acting so abnormally today," Xiao Yuntian said with a smile.

"Oh, when did you come to visit Wucheng County?" Guo Huai asked as he looked at Xiao Yuntian. "Look for a place and get yourself seated. Your mouth will be blessed today. Hahah!"

"Oh, you guys know each other? I\'ll let Old Man Xiao stay then," Zhou Tianyang said with a smile. "Old Man Xiao, eat it while it\'s hot. I just served this deer meat not long ago. It\'s absolutely delicious, eat as much as you want."

"Zhou, had I ever mistreated you when you were at Cuiyun Mountain?" Xiao Yuntian asked as he squinted.

"I won\'t ever forget what you\'ve done for me," Zhou Tianyang said as his face reddened. He could roughly guess what Xiao Yuntian would say next.

"Zhou, there\'s definitely something nice in the steamer. Since you\'re trying to make me eat this deer meat, how the heck am I supposed to eat that after I\'m full? You weren\'t so petty back then. Sigh, you\'re such a disappointment," Xiao Yuntian said loudly, making the girls laugh.

"Uncle Xiao, I only wanted you to fill your stomach a little. Why do you think of me that way?" Zhou Tianyang asked, embarrassed. "I-I\'ll take a look in the kitchen. I wonder how the dish is doing." He quickly ran into the kitchen.

After around fifteen minutes, Zhou Tianyang removed the dishes from the table while Guo Huai served a dish with the diameter of around half a meter on the table.

"Brother Huai, open it. It smells really good," Jade said with a smile. She could briefly guess what Guo Huai made.

"Honey bear palm, a specialty of the Guo family. Let\'s try it together," Guo Huai said before taking out his mini flying sword. As it flew around the bear palm for a few rounds quickly, the bear palm got cut to basically similar-sized blocks.

"You\'re such a selfish person. Since you\'re letting me eat something this delicious, how am I going to enjoy other foods in the future?" As Liu Yaoshi ate, tears dropped from her eyes.

"I\'ve tried bear palms before., but I never had one this delicious. The honey used isn\'t an ordinary ingredient. Just what ingredients did you use? It tastes too good," Leng Shuang said softly.

As Xiao Yuntian saw the reactions of the two girls, he lifted his chopsticks and grabbed a piece of meat as well before slowly putting it into his mouth. Suddenly, the chopsticks fell on the ground as Xiao Yuntian shut his eyes. He felt utmost satisfaction. Unexpectedly, he felt that his internal energy was trying to forcefully rush out.

"Little Friend, I\'m going to close down my restaurant. In the future, I won\'t feel that anything I cook tastes good anymore. Why should I still try? I need to find a new job already," Zhou Tianyang said helplessly as he chewed the meat.

"Brother Huai, I want to eat something like this every day from now on. You have to make dishes like this every day. You can\'t mistreat me anymore when it comes to food," Jade said. She repeatedly threw in blocks of meats into her mouth, unlike what a girl would do.

Guo Huai smiled as he looked at the people who were enjoying his food. He then tried one himself. Hmm, it indeed tastes rather decent. It\'s slightly better than the foods served in heaven\'s Feast of Peaches, he thought.

"Uncle Zhou, if your hidden disease isn\'t cured in time, you wouldn\'t maintain at Innate late-stage," Guo Huai said. "Closing your restaurant down is actually a good choice. You can help me out at my clinic and cook for everyone. I\'ll also find time to cure your disease, it\'s a win-win situation."

"If I were to work for you, I don\'t want any wage, but you have to satisfy my wine craving," Zhou Tianyang said as he squinted. "Also, you\'ll take out other good ingredients, right? Hahah!"

"That\'s for sure. You may seriously think about the offer. If you decide to come to my clinic, I\'ll pick you up tomorrow afternoon. If you want to continue operating your restaurant, I won\'t force you to leave. But you need to queue up to get your disease cured," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"What the heck am I going to think about? After finishing the meal, I\'ll start packing my stuff. Actually, there isn\'t much that I need to pack. I\'ll directly leave with you tomorrow afternoon," Zhou Tianyang said excitedly. Guo Huai nodded in satisfaction. He was really pleased that he managed to recruit a late-stage Innate expert just like that.

"Huai, the few of us old folks have basically recovered from our injuries. We\'ll visit your clinic during the open ceremony. There\'s a senior in our circle who got injured rather badly when he got hunted by his enemies back then. I\'ll need you to take a look at him. I\'m booking a slot beforehand," Xiao Yuntian said with a smile.

"I\'ll definitely give Senior Xiao a discount during the open ceremony. You just need to get 10 million ready. If you don\'t have enough money, you may get me some decent Chinese medicine ingredients," Guo Huai said with a smile. Zhou Tianyang immediately widened his eyes. What the heck? One treatment for 10 million, and it\'s already discounted? I don\'t think any hospital charges this high of a price, he thought.

"Alright, we\'ll go with your offer. I\'ll tell the few of them to get some money ready if they want treatment. Hahah!" Xiao Yuntain said and laughed.

A really satisfying dinner ended. The decently sized bear palm got fully devoured. Xiao Yuntian licked his plate and soon fell asleep as he drank too much wine. Zhou Tianyang who seemed like a gentleman unexpectedly took out his phone to record the scene. He wanted to use the video recording to threaten Xiao Yuntian for revenge.

"We\'ll leave now. Sister Shishi, Leng Shuang, there should be people from the western medicine school who want to register. You two may help me out with that. The same goes to the Chinese medicine school. I\'ll pick the people I want tomorrow," Guo Huai said smilingly before drifting away with Jade.

"Just who is this guy? How is he this skilled in healing? He\'s even a few years younger than us," Liu Yaoshi said softly as she looked at Guo Huai\'s car which was leaving.

"I don\'t know. Having interacted with Chinese medicine since young, I wouldn\'t expect myself to meet a young fellow like him that asked me to become his disciple. I even almost accepted his request. Ahem, ahem. I really look forward to what can happen," Leng Shuang said and shook her head.

"If they let you guys follow them, you must seize the opportunity. Guo Huai isn\'t any ordinary person. I\'m very aware of my hidden disease. I\'ve visited more than half well-known doctors from China and no one dared to treat me. But when Guo Huai offered to treat me, I fully believed that he could help me," Zhou Tianyang said softly. The two girls then nodded lightly.