Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 122

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TL: Lynic

TLC: Hedonist

"Guo Huai, thank you for helping us win the medical battle today," Liu Yaoshi said with a smile. "Were you serious when you said you were going to open a clinic? I know that you need to really have skills to operate a clinic at Xinglin Street. Otherwise the other doctors there will chase you away before the authority does."

"The open ceremony will take place on Saturday. You\'ll know at that time," Guo Huai said smilingly. "Shishi, you may seriously consider coming to my clinic. The stuff that you learn in a university is limited. The stuff that President Liu can pass on to you is limited as well. If you want to be a true doctor, you can only come to my place."

"When I went to fetch the medicine for the patient earlier, Grandpa said that if your clinic really opens at Xinglin Street, I\'m allowed to go to your place," Liu Yaoshi said. Her voice got softer as she spoke.

"Girl, that guy Guo Huai is not bad. Your Grandpa Qin really admires him as well. It seems like this fellow really knows what he\'s doing. If he asks you to go to his clinic, you need to accept the request immediately. The place where you can learn most in Chinese medicine should be there. Actually, since you two are around the same age, it\'d be best if you can make him my grandson-in-law." This was exactly how Liu Chengang told Liu Yaoshi.

"You\'ll recruit people together with Jade and me tomorrow. We\'ll return to the clinic after that," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Leng Shuang, I\'m not going to say too much to you. I intend to take you as my disciple. If you\'re willing to accept the request, I\'ll teach you everything you know. If you don\'t, I still hope that you can come to my clinic."

"C-can I do the same with Shishi? I\'ll help out at your clinic first. You want to be my master, I…" Leng Shuang didn\'t know how to finish her sentence.

"You may follow me to the clinic first. You\'ll decide on whether you want to be my disciple afterwards," Guo Huai replied with a smile. "Let\'s eat first."

Within thirty minutes, Zhou Tianyang served various kinds of dishes. He then very casually took a chair and joined the table.

"Uncle Zhou, bring a few wine cups here. I\'ll let you try some wonderful wine," Guo Huai said. Zhou Tianyang got shocked for a while as he didn\'t see Guo Huai bring any wine earlier, and Yaoshi didn\'t usually drink during meals. He was also very aware of his own body, he couldn\'t consume too much alcohol.

"Alright! I\'ll make an exception and drink with you guys today," Zhou Tianyang said and took out a few porcelain bowls from the kitchen. "I don\'t have any wine cup. Let\'s use these."

Guo Huai nodded with a smile and filled up a bowl of wine for everyone. He then pinched some deer meat with chopsticks and put it into his mouth before downing the bowl of wine in one go.

"Uncle Zhou, this deer meat tastes rather good. Your ingredients are really legit as well. The mushrooms used in this dish are all wild. They\'re perfect when cooked with this deer meat," Guo Huai said joyfully.

"Hahah! I like that you know a lot about food. I\'ll have a taste of your wine," Zhou Tianyang said as he lifted the bowl before drinking everything at once.

"The few of you may try as well. The taste is rather decent," Guo Huai said to Liu Yaoshi and Leng Shuang. The two girls then took a small sip from their bowls.

"Little Brother, w-where did you buy this wine from? No, I don\'t think anyone sells this wine.I wonder how much you have left. Can you give me more?" Zhou TIanyang asked as he rubbed his hands.

"Uncle Zhou, let\'s have one bowl more." Guo Huai didn\'t say much and filled Zhou Tianyang\'s bowl with his wine.

"Brother Guo Huai, can you give me more as well?" Liu Yaoshi asked as she blushed.

"I\'ll have more as well," Leng Shuang said.

"I\'ll make sure to satisfy your wine cravings today. Drink as much as you want, haha!" Guo Huai said and laughed. "Uncle Zhou, I\'ll use your kitchen for a while. I\'ll add one more dish." Guo Huai then walked to the kitchen. Zhou Tianyang carried his bowl and followed him to the kitchen.

"Little Friend, what\'s this ingredient? I don\'t recognize it," Zhou Tianyang said as he looked at the decently sized meat in Guo Huai\'s palm.

"It\'s a bear palm. But it\'s slightly bigger than what you guys have seen before," Guo Huai replied. "I saw that you exerted internal energy on the meat earlier. I want to try it as well." Guo Huai put the baer palm on a chopping board and held his hands into fists before punching the meat repeatedly.

"Such incredible internal energy. Little Friend, just how strong are you?" Zhou Tianyang asked softly. "This isn\'t any ordinary bear palm, right? This is the palm of a bear king! But why do you have such a bear palm?"

Guo Huai smiled in silence. It was rather accurate to call it a bear king. This was the palm of an ancient devil bear. Back then, the owner of this gourd must\'ve valued his meals as well.

"I think honey should go well with this bear palm. I wonder how it\'ll taste like after they\'re steamed together," Guo Huai said. A nine-layered honeycomb then appeared in his hands. It looked a lot smaller than an ordinary nine-layered honeycomb. Following an exertion of internal energy, the honeycomb got beaten into powder and directly landed on the bear palm.

"Uncle Zhou, open the steamer," Guo Huai said smilingly. Zhou Tianyang quickly put his wine bowl down before opening the steamer. He was also prepared to add some firewood beneath. The taste of the food would taste noticeably different when cooked using firewood and gas.

"Let\'s use this firewood!" Guo Huai threw a rather big golden purple sandalwood underneath the steamer. An incredibly strong aura then rushed under the steamer, immediately starting a fire.

God, what is this kid trying to cook? Ignoring the bear palm and honeycomb earlier, I think even his piece of wood is worth more than my entire store, Zhou Tianyang thought. He couldn\'t speak anymore.

"It smells so good. What is Guo Huai trying to make?" Liu Yaoshi took a few deep breaths from the air. The fragrance which diffused in the entire restaurant then entered her nose, leaving some hot air in her dantian.

The restaurant was already really narrow. But the fragrance that came out from the kitchen made the people nearby to come over. Some people even entered the restaurant as they followed the smell.

"Wu Gang, get your ass over here!" In Moon Palace, Fairy Chang\'er shouted really loudly. Wu Gang then instantly appeared.

"Elder Sister, I wonder who offended you again. Tell me, I\'ll go cut him in half," Wu Gang said as he carried his giant axe.

"Since you\'re free today, go to the devil\'s domain later. Catch a devil bear for me. I want the type that has large claws. Also, get me some nine-layered honeycomb when you\'re on the way. I want one with lots of honey," Chang\'er said with a smile.

"Elder Sister, the devils haven\'t messed with us recently. It isn\'t a good idea for me to go like that, right?" Wu Gang asked softly.

"It isn\'t? It isn\'t your ass! I didn\'t ask you to mess with the devil dragon, what are you so afraid of? If you can\'t do it, I\'ll ask Yang Jian. The fellow seems rather free nowadays," Chang\'er said with a smile. "But if there\'s any good stuff in the future, don\'t complain that I don\'t give them to you."

"I\'ll go immediately! I\'ll catch the devil bear king for you." Wu Gang disappeared in Moon Palace.