Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 121

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TL: Lynic

TLC: Hedonist

Been really busy lately. Sigh.

"I want to eat already. I\'ll give you three chances. You can attack me however you want. If you can make me move my feet, I\'ll surrender," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Alright, if you win, I will accept your one request," He Mo said before bouncing herself off the ground towards Guo Huai. Her speed was really fast and her kick contained enormous strength, making Jade to be shocked.

At the moment where He Mo\'s leg almost hit Guo Huai\'s waist, Guo Huai\'s body suddenly bent down, evading He Mo\'s kick with an incredible fold. After failing the first strike, He Mo turned around and landed yet another kick without hesitation which Guo Huai managed to dodge once again.

"One chance left," Guo Huai said softly. This girl wasn\'t ordinary. He could feel from the power her kick exerted that He Mo had reached Innate middle-stage. If Li Yao were to go against this girl, he could only wait to get demolished.

"Ghost Sect 13 Needles!" Suddenly, 13 needles appeared in He Mo\'s hands before rushing towards Guo Huai\'s legs.

"Wow! I didn\'t know Ghost Sect 13 Needles could be used this way." The corner of Guo Huai\'s lips showed a smile. As he bent his knees, his hands rapidly swung in the air, leaving traces of shadow behind. He then slowly stood up, with all 13 needles in his hands.

"You lost. You can have your needles back," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"What do you want me to do? State your request," He Mo said softly. She didn\'t look as pleased and energetic as before.

"Remove your mask, let me see your face. Hahah!" Guo Huai said and laughed.

"I suggest you change your request. You\'ll regret your decision," He Mo said as she bit her lips. Guo Huai could clearly feel that the girl in front of him had secrets that nobody should know about. Ghost Medic Sect? Ghost Medic Sect started declining in the later stages of Tang Dynasty. Guo Huai used to know their people. He didn\'t expect to meet another disciple from Ghost Medic Sect in the human world after thousands of years.

"Nope, I don\'t want to change. If you agree, then show me. If you don\'t, you may leave now. We want to eat now," Guo Huai said softly. He didn\'t want to force her.

"Come with me, I\'ll show it to you alone," He Mo said softly before walking towards the back of the hall.

"Brother Guo Huai, don\'t go! During the military training this year, the commander wanted He Mo to take her mask off. An argument arose as she refused to do so. The commander got kicked in the nuts and became sterile since then. You mustn\'t go!" someone in the crowd shouted.

"Thank you for your reminder. But I think I won\'t be as unlucky as the commander," Guo Huai said as he followed He Mo away.

"Nice to meet you, I\'m Liu Yaoshi. You\'re Jade, right? You look really pretty," Liu Yaoshi said as she looked at Jade who seemed very calm.

"Sister Shishi, you look really beautiful as well. Is there a good restaurant in Wucheng University? You must bring me there later! I got really hungry after the entire afternoon," Jade said with a smile. How many women is Telepath Starlord planning to take down? Once Jade Emperor knows about it, will he be granted divine lightning and disappear into ashes?

Guo Huai followed He Mo to an empty study room. He Mo entered the room first before Guo Huai. Guo Huai then locked the door tight before looking at He Mo silently.

"You\'ll regret this," He Mo said as she removed her mask. Beautiful, He Mo had half an incredibly beautiful face, so beautiful that she could rival Murong Weiwei. However, the other half of her face would scare people away.

"You saw it now, you must be satisfied." He Mo put on her mask again and was prepared to leave.

"Ghost Medic Sect started in Qin Dynasty and got really successful in Han Dynasty, but it got really unfortunate in Tang Dynasty. No one in Ghost Medic Sect could live more than 84 years. The more one taps into the healing techniques of Ghost Medic Sect, the shorter the person would live as a result of karma backlash. They all become half ghost and half human at last," Guo Huai said softly.

He Mo stopped walking. She asked softly, "Who are you?"

"If I say I can treat your face, would you believe me?" Guo Huai asked. "I can solve the karma backlash problem in your Ghost Medic Sect."

"It\'s impossible. It has been hundreds of years already. The people from Ghost Medic Sect are getting lesser each day. More than half of the new recruits would deform. Master has taught of countless ways and still hasn\'t solved the problem yet. How can you deal with it?" He Mo asked softly.

"You may believe me if you want. A doctor never forces treatments. It\'s not like I get any benefits from helping Ghost Medic Sect. Ghost Sect 13 Needles isn\'t even a secret." Guo Huai opened the door and was going to leave.

"I believe you. If you can help Ghost Medic Sect, I will make you my owner forever!" He Mo said loudly.

"I\'ll come to the Chinese medicine school tomorrow. Find me there," Guo Huai said and left the classroom.

Jade leaned towards Guo Huai and said softly, "Brother Huai, the girl He Mo has a really nice body. Her hair looks really good as well. Did you get horny again?"

"Ahem, ahem. Your husband isn\'t the type of person," Guo Huai said with the look of a gentleman.

"Humph! I know more about you than you do," Jade said angrily. "Sister Shishi, where are we going to eat? Have you decided yet?"

"You just need to follow me. I\'ll make sure to get you all good food," Liu Yaoshi said with a smile. The four of them reached a small restaurant that had mediocre renovation.

"Uncle Zhou, I brought a few friends here to eat. Please make us a few of your best dishes," Liu Yaoshi said to a middle-aged man who looked stronger and bigger than Xue Dazhu.

"Little Shi, you\'re finally here! Dahu delivered a few Siberian deers today. I\'ll cook some for you guys," the big guy said. "This student looks really familiar. Little Shi, is he your boyfriend? I told Dahu that a girl like you would prefer a cultured one, but he didn\'t believe me. Hahah!"

"Uncle Zhou, quickly make us some food. This handsome boy\'s girlfriend is the girl beside him. Don\'t talk nonsense," Liu Yaoshi said as she blushed.

"It\'s okay. If you like him, you can have this stupid animal. It\'s not like I can control him anyway," Jade said with a smile.

The chef Zhou Tianyang then laughed. "Wait for a while, I\'ll serve the dishes immediately." Guo Huai looked at Zhou Tianyang and followed him to the kitchen.

"The dishes made by a late-stage Innate expert are indeed extraordinary. Since the deer is directly bashed into meat lumps using internal energy, how can it not taste good?" Guo Huai said smilingly behind Zhou Tianyang.

Zhou Tianyang got shocked for a while. He then smiled and said, "Little Guy, what are you talking about? Do you want to learn how to cook? I can teach you. If you want to pick up girls, having high culinary skills can be convenient."

"Tiger Roar Fist. It seems like the ancestors are really impressive. Entering Daoism using fists requires an incredibly strong body to act as a shield. But I think Uncle Zhou\'s body isn\'t enough, is it? The backlash of Tiger Roar Fist is rather bad," Guo Huai said.

"Who are you?" Zhou Tianyang asked and stopped what he was doing before turning around. "I knew that you were a cultivator the moment you walked into the restaurant, not to mention you managed to reach the Innate stage at such a young age. What do you want from me?"

"Would you believe me if I said we met by fate? Hahah!" Guo Huai said and laughed. "Uncle Zhou, you may continue making us food. We\'re all really hungry. We\'ll chat later after eating." He then walked out of the kitchen.