Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 120

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"Liu, are you sure the equipments at your side are working fine? This doesn\'t seem real to me. Without a surgery, it\'s impossible to completely remove a tumor," Huang Hanlin said loudly.

"If this is a draw again, who\'s going to be the winner? Since the Chinese medical school lost the first round and got a draw during the second round, does it mean that the western medical school will win if this is a draw as well?" The crowd started discussing once again.

"President Huang, the equipments in our hospital are all imported from America. We have given the patients two inspections, the second of which is done by President Zhang Chengjun himself. There won\'t be any problems," Liu Qingzheng said with a smile. Zhang Chengjun was the president of Wucheng Hospital, the president of the medical school in Yanjing University, the chairman of Chinese Medical Research Centre, and one of the directors of the International Medical Research Centre. His name was really terrorizing. One could doubt the accuracy of the machines, but definitely not Zhang Chengjun.

"Since it\'s President Zhang who did the inspection, there will be no problems," Huang Hanlin said with a smile. "Liu, since the results are out now, you may announce the winner of this medical battle."

"President Huang, please wait for a while. I haven\'t finished announcing the results of the Chinese medical school," Liu Qingzheng said with a smile.

"The hospital recommends the patient to proceed to the procedures in leaving the hospital. After a week, the patient is advised to return for inspection," Liu Qingzheng said loudly. "Guo Huai, our president wants to invite you to the hospital for a chat. I wonder if you\'re free later."

"Why would I want to go there if I\'m not sick? If he\'s sick, ask him to visit my clinic next Saturday. Be sure to make an appointment beforehand. Otherwise, I don\'t know when I\'ll be free," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Madam Liu, it seems like I won the third round, didn\'t I?"

"The victory of the third and final round belongs to the Chinese medical school," Liu Qingzheng said as he looked at Huang Hanlin.

"T-this is impossible! Your hospital must\'ve made a deal with this kid! It\'s impossible!" Huang Hanlin said before fainting away.

"What are the few of you waiting for? Pinch his philtrum! Hahah!" Guo Huai said and laughed. As he waved his hand, a trace of cold air entered Huang Hanlin\'s brain, waking him up immediately.

"President Huang, if you have any doubts, feel free to visit me in the hospital. I\'ll be leaving now. Regarding the winner of the medical battle, I don\'t want to be involved," Liu Qingzheng said as she smiled before leaving Wucheng University.

"Old Man Huang, our Chinese medical school accidentally won this time. I\'m usually not very petty. I\'ll give you a week\'s time to move your stuff away from the Holy Medical Tower. Get it done quickly. Hahah!" Liu Chengang said with a smile, and Huang Hanlin fainted once again after hearing that.

"The medical battle finally ended. Victory belongs to the Chinese medical school." The forum got fired up very quickly. The pictures of Huang Hanlin fainting were attached to the thread. After the medical battle ended, not only did the western medical school lose its rights to use Holy Medical Tower, a lot of their students considered switching to the Chinese medical school. It was all thanks to the one banished immortal—Guo Huai.

"I\'ll be back tomorrow. As promised, I\'ll pick ten students from the western medical school to help out in my clinic for a month\'s period. I won\'t force anyone. If any of you wants to take part, you may sign up at the Chinese medical school. I\'ll pick the people I want tomorrow from the name list," Guo Huai said loudly. At this moment, everyone started to take a good look at Guo Huai. Although he was younger than all the students present, his needle insertion technique was godly, and it completely defeated President Huang.

"Guo Huai, how many people does your clinic need? Will you be prioritizing the students in the Chinese medical school?" someone from the Chinese medical school asked loudly.

"I\'ll also pick ten people from the Chinese medical school, with an unlimited time period. I\'ll tell you everyone how you\'ll be treated as an employee at Clinic of No Treatment tomorrow. Also, I hope that everyone from both schools can do the same as what Leng Shuang did today. You will only truly be considered a doctor if you have the heart of a parent. Clinic of No Treatment will expand to many places. At that time, I\'ll pick more students here who truly love Chinese medicine to work for me," Guo Huai said loudly.

The entire hall was then filled with the sound of hands clapping. Guo Huai suddenly felt an unknown aura entering his body. He felt that his divine power became a lot purer.

Could this be the legendary power of karma? Guo Huai thought. He had never experienced this feeling before when he cultivated back then. He didn\'t know what the energy that increased his divine power was.

"Does anyone have the replay of the medical battle? I\'ll pay a high price to buy the recording. I want to know what happened from beginning to end," a student said loudly.

"Someone uploaded it to the online forum. You can download it yourself but it\'s really expensive, at a thousand forum coins," a youngster replied.

"Okay. I\'ll go back now. The winner of today is the Chinese medical school," the student said before disappearing into the crowd.

"Jade, let\'s go. The sky is getting dark. We\'ll come again tomorrow to recruit," Guo Huai said happily.

"You can\'t leave!"

"You can\'t leave!"

"You can\'t leave!"

Three voices resounded at the same time, shocking Guo Huai for a while. Liu Yaoshi shouted at him while she blushed, Leng Shuang seemed like she had something to say, while He Mo blocked them from leaving.

"Since the medical battle has ended, I\'ll return tomorrow. Leng Shuang, I can take you as my disciple if you really want to devote to Chinese medicine. Beauty Shishi, you\'re welcome to work at my clinic if you want to. We can talk about the conditions. He Mo, may I know why you\'re blocking my way?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

"Shishi, why did you stop him? You talk first," Leng Shuang said softly.

"Thank you for today. Since it\'s dinnertime now, I\'ll treat you and your girlfriend to have a meal here. We\'ll talk while we eat," Liu Yaoshi said softly. Her face unexpectedly reddened as she said.

"Brother Huai, a pretty girl just offered to treat you a meal. I bet you don\'t usually reject a request like this, right?" Jade asked. This is all Naughty Boy\'s plan. Humph! You\'re not taking her as your disciple because it\'ll be more convenient to take her down, she thought.

"Ahem, ahem. Jade really knows me well. Then we\'ll have dinner at Wucheng University before heading home," Guo Huai said. "Leng Shuang, what about you? Do you need anything?"

"I\'ll tell you later at dinner," Leng Shuang said as she blushed. Take me as your disciple? How do you expect me to make a request like you? You\'re only this young, she thought.

"Then, may I know why He Mo stopped me for? Do you want to talk when we eat as well?" Guo Huai asked as he squinted at the girl in front of him who had been wearing a mask all the time."

"He Mo from Ghost Medic Sect, please enlighten me," He Mo said as she posed a fighting stance.

"I\'m fine with a medical battle. But I\'ll pass when it comes to physical battle," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"I can feel that you\'re a cultivator. Although I don\'t know which sect you\'re from and since you\'re both a cultivator and a doctor, I hope that you accept my challenge," He Mo said loudly, making those students who had left the hall to return.