Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 12

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"The Ice Beauty from year ten got kissed by force, I need backup to save the beauty."

"The transfer student from year ten, You Youyou, also known as the most beautiful girl from Ninth High School, got kissed by force. Requesting backup."

"The sixth-ranked beauty, Su Ye almost forced into a kiss, requesting a rescue team of at least fifty people."

At this moment, the online forum of Wucheng Subhigh was fired up. There was even picture evidence of the domineering Guo Huai mightily hugging two beautiful girls and looking at Su Ye.

"I know this kid, he just transferred here a few days ago. I bet he\'s gonna get expelled soon, hahah," a guy said joyfully.

"The prefects are here, this kid is done for!" another guy shouted as four people in suits were walking towards the crowd.

"Xi Fei, your crush just got kissed, haha!" a guy daringly said to the leading prefect, laughing.

"You guys are making too much noise in the canteen, affecting the businesses from operating properly. If anyone still wants to stay here, I\'ll record the names of everyone present and deduct three points," Xi Fei said with a gloomy expression.

Once Xi Fei finished his sentence, quite a number of the crowd immediately left. However, more students decided to take a seat in the canteen to witness such a wonderful and rare scene.

"Out of jealousy and anger, Xi Fei tries to deal with the pervert."

"Breaking news! Xi Fei is dealing with the pervert," someone posted in the school forum. A picture of Xi Fei\'s gloomy face was attached with the post which made a lot of people excited.

"Which class are you from? What\'s your name?" Xi Fei stared deadly at Guo Huai and asked loudly.

Kid, you\'re directly courting death by touching my girl. I can easily get you expelled just by reporting you as sexual harassment. Guo Huai looked at Xi Fei\'s thoughts clearly.

"Who the heck are you? Didn\'t your parents teach you common courtesy? When you\'re asking someone a question, please add \'may I ask\'. Otherwise, I wouldn\'t know who you\'re talking to," Guo Huai stared back at Xi Fei and asked.

"I\'m Zhang Ming, we\'re from the prefectorial board. You\'re involved in violation of several school rules. May I ask for your cooperation?" just before Xi Fei got raged, a good-looking guy beside him said.

"The handsome pervert\'s life is at stake," the forum was fired up once again.

"Come on, give me a smile. Little Ye, this is the trouble you caused me," Zhang Ming said to Su Ye. Guo Huai stared at Zhang Ming while he said that.

"My friend, what\'s your name? Which class are you from? Who\'s your class lecturer?" Zhang Ming asked Guo Huai.

"One month ago, the hills behind the school. Three weeks ago, the school library. Two weeks ago, a small private room at the school canteen. One week ago, the grove in front of the classrooms. All of which took place after ten o\'clock at night, my friend Zhang Ming, do you want me to continue?" Guo Huai stared at Zhang Ming and asked.

"You… What are you talking about? I don\'t understand," Zhang Ming said anxiously.

"Then I\'ll continue. Xu Jing is the one last month, Jiajia is the one three weeks ago, Zhou Yunyun is the one two weeks ago, Zhao Min is the one last week. If you succeed this time, our Little Ye should be the one this week, am I right? You\'ve had too many nighttime activities in the school hotel, are you ready to change up the battlefield now?" Guo Huai said loudly. "You scum!"

Slap! A girl suddenly ran in front of Zhang Ming and gave him a violent slap, leaving a red mark on Zhang Ming\'s face. "I don\'t know if this person is a pervert or not, however he said something right, you\'re a scum! I, Zhao Min, admit that I was really blinded from the truth!" the girl said before turning around and left.

Slap! Slap! Another two girls came up and slapped the left and right sides of Zhang Ming\'s face.

"Zhang Ming, I initially thought that you liked two girls at once. It seems like I have underestimated you. The businesses of Zhang family in Wucheng County are all over," an average-looking girl said before walking through the crowd.

"Xu Jing, it\'s not true, please let me explain!" Zhang Ming said loudly before following the girl out.

"You\'re Xi Fei, right? Tell me everything you want at once, please don\'t delay the awesome me having my meal," Guo Huai looked at the panicked Xi Fei and said loudly.

"Why am I afraid of him? I haven\'t messed with any girl before," Xi Fei said relaxedly. "My friend, whatever your name is, you have molested two female students in the school compound. According to the school rules, you should be deducted all twelve points at once. Since you\'re a new student, you will be immediately expelled."

"Xi Fei, please get the situation right, I am his girlfriend. He didn\'t molest me, so what if we kissed on the lips? Oh ya, according to the school rules, making out in the school compound will result in deduction of twelve points as well right? You may deduct mine, I have more than a hundred points anyway!" Tang Xi said while staring at Xi Fei.

"Breaking news! The ice beauty announced the pervert to be her boyfriend," what Tang Xi said just now was recorded and posted on the forum, causing a huge commotion in the school.

"Wow, what a Tang Xi," Xi Fei said. He got so mad that he laughed. "You Youyou, did Tang Xi\'s boyfriend do anything inappropriate to you? If it is so, we can stand up for you."

"Him? He\'s my boyfriend too. If you insist on deducting points, just take mine. I don\'t have a many as Tang Xi but I have around twenty marks," You Youyou said before holding Guo Huai\'s hand tightly.

"Plot twist! Both victims announced the pervert to be their boyfriend. Hugging one girl in each arm, such a legend," someone posted in the forum. A picture of Tang Xi and You Youyou both leaning on Guo Huai\'s body was attached.

"We must stop that Guo Huai. It is wrong to have two girls at once," someone commented on the post. A group on the forum called Slaughtering Wolves had rapidly increasing members.

"Su Ye, you\'re not his girlfriend as well, right?" Xi Fei clenched his teeth and asked Su Ye.

"Me? Xi Fei, are you blind or something? What does this thing have to do with me? He didn\'t kiss me!" Su Ye looked at Xi Fei and shouted.

Everyone witnessing the incident could not stop laughing. The prefectorial board just got wrecked by a new student.

"Boss, are you done watching? Is the nourishing soup I ordered earlier ready to be served? Put a few more pig kidneys into the soup while cooking. Otherwise if my body can\'t keep up with my night life, I\'ll smash your store into pieces," Guo Huai said before bringing the two beauties back into the private room.

"Naughty boy, wait for me," Su Ye said before going into the room as well.

"The prefectorial board vs Guo Huai, 0-1," a post emerged in the forum again.

"The new student Guo Huai is so impressive. I\'ll follow Brother Huai in the future! Please recruit me, Brother Huai!" someone posted.

"The future is indeed bright to follow Brother Huai, please accept me!" someone posted.

"I\'m a class representative, Brother Huai. You should recruit me first, I\'ll be of good use!" someone posted.

"Brother Huai, are you really studying at Wucheng Subhigh?" Tang Xi looked at Guo Huai who just finished drinking his third bowl of nourishing soup and asked.

"Yeah, of course. There are so many beautiful girls here, what else can I be doing if I don\'t study here?" Guo Huai looked at the three girls and said. "How does the point system work here? Madam Xue only gave me a book of the school rules regarding point deduction. Are there ways to get points?"

"If I were Madam Xue, I would\'ve only given you the point deduction booklet as well," Su Ye said, pouting. "Since school started, I only got around eighty points."

"My first wife here is most impressive to have more than a hundred points. How domineering, haha!" Guo Huai hugged Tang Xi as he said.

"Brother Huai, we\'re in the school compound. After I graduate, I\'ll marry you for sure. However when we\'re in school, we have to behave nicely," Tang Xi said as she blushed. "It\'s quite difficult to get points here, you must be more careful in the future. Since you offended the prefectorial board, they\'ll try their best to mess with you."

"Don\'t look at me, I got first place in an exam once and got ten points. That\'s why I have twenty two now," You Youyou said softly. "However, a few days later there\'ll be a charity auction in school. If you have anything great to donate to school, you\'d have an opportunity to get up to thirty points. This isn\'t determined by how expensive it is, only by donating the \'best\' product will get you thirty points."