Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 119

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TL: Lynic

TLC: Hedonist

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"President Liu, President Huang, we\'ll determine who\'s the winner once the official report comes back. Is that okay?" Liu Qingzheng asked with a smile. Actually, she already had a winner in mind. Guo Huai easily used a few needles to deal with a tumor. Was there still any room left to debate on who the winner would be?

"No problem, we can rest for a while," Liu Chengang said with a smile. After listening to Liu Yaoshi and Leng Shuang\'s explanations of Guo Huai\'s treatment process, he knew that he would definitely win the final round.

"Yes, we have to wait for the reports from the hospital. I don\'t believe he can so easily get rid of the tumor. It\'s impossible," Huang Hanlin said loudly. What made him so doubtful was not only the treatment process, but the person who gave treatment was an underage teenager. Even Liu Chengang himself couldn\'t do that.

After around an hour, the hall in Holy Medical Tower was fully packed with students from different faculties. The Chinese and western medical schools were known to have conflicts in Wucheng University. Initially, people would take interest and come to have fun but over time, lesser and lesser people came to watch. Those who would come were people who wanted to look at beautiful girls. But now, there were even students live-streaming the scene on the internet.

"The Battle for Holy Medical Tower. The winner will be revealed soon," a new thread was posted on the forum of Wucheng University.

"I\'m a student of the western medical school. My dream is to become a doctor who helps the dying and heals the injured, earning money is not my main goal. I want to be a well-respected doctor. After getting into the western medical school, I spend most of my days studying the knowledge of western medicine. However, in Holy Medical Tower, I know a group of people who aexperiments with tree barks and weeds which they called medicines. Holy Medical Tower has always filled with a weird smell because of them, and they call it medicine fragrance."

"Today is just another ordinary day for most people, and the same used to be the case for me. However, there is yet another medical battle between the two medical schools that everyone got used to. Beauty Shishi from Chinese medical school may be able to win out of luck just like previous times, but she lost today. The medical battle is very intense today. If we win, Holy Medical Tower won\'t have the smelly \'medicine fragrance\' anymore!"

"Actually when Beauty Shishi lost the first round, a lot of us students have been thinking of a way to utilize Holy Medical Tower fully, including me. But during the second round, the girl called Leng Shuang from the Chinese medical school taught us a good lesson. We started to reflect on what we\'ve been learning these two years at the western medical school. Why haven\'t we learned the most basic medical ethics?"

"I will always remember the kid from the Chinese medical school that came out for the final round. That may be due to what he said when the second round ended. I know that this guy who is a few years younger than me will be a great doctor. I stood behind the crowd and didn\'t manage to clearly see what he did to the patient. Maybe that is how Chinese medicine gets surgeries done. Maybe it\'s really as he said, using random herbs doesn\'t require an operating room. He completed the treatment really quickly. I could only hear the students from Chinese medical school cheering for them. I still don\'t know what they were cheering about. What I know is Sister He Mo will succeed in her operation and we will take over the Holy Medical Tower. However, the reactions of the Chinese medical school students did make me feel like we\'ve lost."

"I wonder how many people will get insomnia today. I bet even I won\'t be able to fall asleep. Perhaps I should ask Leng Shuang from Chinese medical school to prescribe a set of medicines for me. I want to try the Chinese medicines that I absolutely disdained for many years."

There was an influx of people in the hall of Holy Medical Tower as a result of the medical battle. The threads on the forum all had a picture attached, showing the beautiful Liu Yaoshi, the ice-cold Leng Shuang, the arrogant and rebellious Guo Huai, and the students from the Chinese medical school who seemed extremely happy. A lot of people wanted to know who would win the day\'s medical battle.

"Damn! They raised the stakes so high for the medical battle this time! Did the Chinese medical school went crazy?" Passerby A replied.

"Original Poster has a talent in writing. It\'s a waste if you don\'t write your own novel. I\'ll give you a contact number now. Call my second grandma\'s fourth uncle\'s eldest cousin\'s wife\'s second uncle\'s fourth younger cousin\'s husband\'s schoolmate, Nine Finger Uncle. At that time, spend your time and properly learn from him. You can definitely become a god!" Passerby B replied.

"The information is out! The identity of the third participant on the side of Chinese medical school had been verified. He\'s the dropout from Wucheng Subhigh, Guo Huai, the MVP of Knowledge Championship. He\'s my third nephew\'s younger cousin\'s classmate\'s boyfriend. It\'s said that he\'s a fast shooter, but his little junior is well developed," Passerby C replied.

For around half an hour, the online forum went crazy. The student on duty earned a whole lot of forum coins.

"Liu, please give your hospital a call. The results should be out by now," Huang Hanlin said with a smile.

Liu Qinzheng nodded before making a phone call. The results for the patient of western medical school were ready while Old Man Fan was still doing the final test.

"President Huang, do I announce the results of our western medical school first?" Liu Qingzheng asked softly.

"Yeah, you may do the announcement. I believe in Little He, and I believe in western medicine," Huang Hanlin said. He then took a look at the crowd in the hall before passing Liu Qingzheng a mic.

"The patient Li Daqiang has his abdomen tumor 100% removed. Every indication is normal," Liu Qingzheng said loudly. "The doctor advises the patient to stay in the hospital for a week for inspections. After that, he can rest at home for a month before returning to the hospital for another check-up."

"Great!" Huang Hanlin said loudly. It was only normal that the result turned out this good as he himself was involved in the operation.

"Guo Huai, are you sure you can remove the tumor 100% as well? If you can\'t, we\'ll lose," Liu Yaoshi said softly. She was really concerned as even the slightest residual would lead to the development of another tumor.

"Wow, the new student from the western medical school is really impressive!"

At this moment, a new thread was posted on the forum. "The western medical school had a perfect endgame. They\'ll win the medical battle for sure."

"The winner hasn\'t been determined yet. Posting a thread like this at this time only proves that you\'re an idiot."

"Students, please keep quiet. The results of the Chinese medical school\'s patient is now ready," Liu Qingzheng said loudly.

"The patient Fan Dazheng had his abdomen tumor completely removed. Every indication is normal!"