Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 118

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"You\'re excellent. So excellent that I\'m tempted to take you as my disciple," Guo Huai said with a smile. "I\'m not kidding. After Old Man Fan comes back, I\'ll tell you how I got the tumor removed. If you want to continue learning Chinese medicine, I can teach you everything I know."

"You want to teach me? Then win against those troublesome people first," Leng Shuang said with a smile. Everyone had a domain where they would be proud of. Since Guo Huai knew how to do it, Leng Shuang did as well.

"Little Brother, Little Brother! I feel so relaxed throughout my entire body. Did you managed to deal with my tumor?" Old Man Fan asked as he rushed back. Everyone got astonished when they saw how energetic Old Man Fan was. His expression turned from half-dead and pale to fresh-red, like he just received a makeup. The aura he exerted was completely different than a while ago.

"It seems like the effect this time is not bad," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Old Man Fan, your constitution is excellent. You recovered very quickly because you\'re used to working rough jobs."

When Old Man Fan and Guo Huai were chatting, Liu Yaoshi came back and delivered the freshly cooked medicine. She said, "Guo Huai, the medicine is here. Do I serve it to the patient?"

"Drink it while it\'s hot. I\'ll prescribe you another set of medicines later. Go to a clinic and show them the paper. You may go to Xinglin Street and find a doctor named Bai Musheng to help you with that. He\'s a rather nice person," Guo Huai said with a smile.

When Liu Qingzheng saw that these people were chatting happily, she walked over and asked smilingly, "Guo Huai, has your treatment ended yet?"

"The early stage of the treatment has ended. He still needs more adjustments during the late stage to get a solid foundation. Madam Liu, do you need anything?" Guo Huai asked politely. He had nothing against Liu Qingzheng.

"Can we check Old Man Fan again to determine the effects of the treatment? Since we have to determine the winner later," Liu Qingzheng said with a smile.

"Yeah, go ahead. Do all the tests you want," Guo Huai replied. "Old Man Fan, let Madam Liu check your body. It\'s free. Hahah!"

Liu Qingzheng looked at Old Man Fan before looking at Guo Huai. She found Guo Huai more and more interesting. If he really could completely remove a tumor just by inserting a few needles, it would be a medical miracle.

"Madam Liu, come and look! The patient\'s tumor has completely disappeared. It\'s done very cleanly," a nurse said loudly. Liu Qingzheng then rushed over.

"Use every index detection method on Old Man Fan!" Liu Qingzhen said. She couldn\'t calm herself down. "No, Old Man Fan has to follow us to the hospital. Min, bring him to the hospital for inspection. I\'ll be there a bit later."

Liu Qingzheng now looked at Guo Huai in a completely different way. This youngster can\'t be a human! I\'m afraid only an immortal can take care of a tumor that way, she thought.

"President Liu, you\'re finally back," Liu Qingzheng said with a smile. Scent of medicines emanated from Liu Chengang\'s body. The medicine that Liu Yaoshi delivered over could had been cooked by Liu Chengang himself.

"How did it go? Where\'s the patient?" Liu Chengang asked nervously. He looked around and couldn\'t find the patient.

"Grandpa, he was taken to the hospital," Liu Yaoshi said loudly.

"H-how is it possible! Old Man Qin wouldn\'t lie to me. Even if Little Huai didn\'t manage to treat him, there shouldn\'t be more issues!" Liu Chengang said anxiously. "Is he okay? I\'m going to visit him at the hospital."

"President Liu, you\'re overthinking," Liu Qingzheng said with a smile. "The patient\'s tumor has completely disappeared. I let my nurse deliver him to the hospital for further inspections. This new student of yours from the Chinese medical school is really impressive. I wonder where he came from. I hope that he can come to Wucheng Hospital for a chat."

"Ahem, ahem. That scared the heck out of me," Liu Chengang said. "Wait. What did you say? Liu, did you just say that the patient\'s tumor had completely disappeared? T-this is impossible! Chinese medical treatments have always been slower. How did the tumor get removed so suddenly? Are you sure your machine is working properly?"

"President Liu, do you not trust me or do you not trust Chinese medicine? Even Madam Liu said that the tumor has disappeared. Why aren\'t you accepting the truth? You may inform your instructors and students. Find a use for Holy Medical Tower," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Little Friend, how did you do that? Let\'s chat in my office. T-this is unbelievable! Old Man Qin only told me that you\'re extremely skilled. Initially, I even thought that you have some relationship with him. I didn\'t expect you to be this impressive!" Liu Chengang said loudly.

"We\'ll talk later after their operation ends," Guo Huai said with a smile.

After yet another hour, the patient from western medical school got pushed out of the operating room. It was obvious that his anesthetic was still in effect. He Mo\'s forehead was a little sweaty. It was her limit as she was the one who was controlling the knife in such a major operation. However, it could be seen that Huang Hanlin was extremely confident in his own disciple.

"President Huang, how did it go?" Liu Qingzheng asked with a smile.

"Little He, you may sit down and have a rest. I\'ll do the announcement," Huang Hanlin said happily as he saw his patient got carried into an ambulance. "The operation this time went really successfully. The tumor has been removed completely, leaving nothing behind. The patient is being sent to Wucheng Hospital for inspection. We\'ll now wait for the official report. This operation was done by He Mo alone. Let\'s give her a round of applause."

Huang Hanlin thought that the students from western medical school would cheer for them. But he started to think that something was wrong through this silence.

"Where\'s the patient for Chinese medical school? Why haven\'t I seen the patient yet?" Huang Hanlin asked the people around.

"Their patient got sent to Wucheng Hospital," Chen Jiadi said softly. The moment he heard from the nurse that the tumor in Old Man Fan\'s body completely disappeared, he felt a major shock in his heart.

"Liu Chengang, it was you that found this kiddo. What you did is no different with murder! We\'re all in the medical world. How can you let a kid give treatment to the tumored patient? What were you thinking? Where\'s your medical ethics?" Huang Hanlin asked loudly. Since he heard that the patient got sent to the hospital, he concluded that the operation was a failure.

"Continue, continue talking," Liu Chengang said with a smile.

"Y-you\'re still smiling at a situation like this. That\'s why Chinese medicine declined. The fact that the Chinese medical school is next to our western medical school is a complete insult to the medical world in Wucheng University! Jiadi, inform every instructor and student from western medical school to throw out everything related to Chinese medicine!" Huang Hanlin said loudly.

"President, President, the tumor of their patient were completely cured by them! The patient only got sent to Wucheng Hospital for inspection," Chen Jiadi said quickly as he stopped Huang Hanlin from talking.

"Jiadi, w-what did you just say? H-how is this possible?" Chen Jiadi spoke very softly but Huang Hanlin listened to it very clearly. The patient from Chinese medical school got treated. How is this possible? he thought.