Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 117

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Note: The translator(s) is a man of science, and based on the current scientific understanding, Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) or "alternative medicine" doesn\'t work. If it does, it will be called medicine. Science doesn\'t care if it\'s western or eastern. The only thing it cares about is hard facts, and the facts say that it doesn\'t work. 500 years of scientific progress brought us modern medicine, which boosted our average life-expectancy from 35y/o to upwards of 80y/o, meanwhile, what have that traditional medicine achieved during the past 5000 years?

Being the focus of everyone, a tall lady wearing a baseball cap and a mask approached the crowd.

"She\'s the new first-year student, He Mo!" a first-year student from the western medical school said. "She has a lot of different caps. But I\'ve never seen her remove her mask before. I wonder what she looks like."

"Nice body!" Guo Huai said smilingly as he looked at He Mo.

"If you can win me, I\'ll become your disciple to study Chinese medicine. I guess this is what you want, right?" He Mo asked calmly.

"Oh, I didn\'t waste my time coming to Wucheng University today. At least I got a pretty disciple," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Talk about it after you win," He Mo said softly. "President, are we going to operate on the patient right here? The environment here doesn\'t seem appropriate."

"There\'s an operating room at Holy Medical Tower. Let\'s go there," Huang Hanlin said with a smile. He couldn\'t afford to lose this round. If he did, Holy Medical Tower was a trivial matter, but losing such an excellent student like He Mo would be a major loss.

"Huai, do you want an operating room as well?" Liu Chengang asked Guo Huai who looked very patient and calm.

"They\'re using western medicine, surely they\'ll need impressive equipments. We\'re merely a traditional culture. We don\'t need any operating room. We\'ll do it here," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Madam Liu, there should be equipments on your vehicle. Scan the patient\'s brain and take an image. After I remove the tumor, take another one. Otherwise, President Huang wouldn\'t accept defeat."

Liu Qingzheng nodded and asked someone to do it. She didn\'t know why but she had a very good impression towards this youngster in front of her. Perhaps something that Guo Huai said earlier made her feel touched.

"Doctor Liu, are you seriously letting this youngster treat me?" The preparations were ready, but the patient couldn\'t accept getting treated by someone this young. I only came here because the hospital said I could receive a free treatment today. But now that you\'re letting a kid do it, how am I going to be at ease? he thought.

"Judging by your age, I think it\'s most appropriate that I call you Uncle. Your tumor isn\'t in good condition, I wonder if you know about it," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Which means your tumor is malignant. If it\'s not removed in time, it\'ll turn into cancer."

"I know that. The hospital told me about that. They said that I have to get it removed as soon as possible, not to mention it must be removed completely. Otherwise, it\'ll grow back," the man in his forties said softly.

"Then you must also be aware that removing a tumor involves high risks. There have been many cases where incompletely removed tumors returns after treatment," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Little Brother, please be straightforward with me. To be honest, from the beginning, I planned on not getting any treatment for it. My family just can\'t afford the surgery. There are old and young people in my family. If I were to spend money on surgery, my family would be bankrupted," the middle-aged man said softly.

"I understand your concerns. Look, if I could remove your tumor, you can continue working, support your family, and everyone\'s happy. I can offer you a job as well, that is if you want to work for me," Guo Huai said smilingly. "But, if your imagination became true, and I failed to remove the tumor, I\'ll pay you a million yuan as compensation. One million should be enough for you to get another surgery. And if you still want to work after that, you can look for me. What say you?"

"Little Brother, if that\'s the case, you may do anything you want to me. Even if you cut me up alive, I, Old Man Fan, wouldn\'t make a noise," the man said. If he had a million yuan, his wife wouldn\'t have to work so hard to pay for his children\'s education and his mom\'s sickness. But it was impossible for him to get a million yuan even if he sold his body out. Old Man Fan even hoped that this youngster in front of him would make a mistake. This way, one million yuan would be in his hands.

"It\'s very easy to take care of your tumor. You don\'t need to get nervous," Guo Huai said with a smile. "My fellow students, please don\'t get nervous either. You just have to watch by the side. I will do some explanations as I undergo the process of removing his tumor."

The students from Chinese and western medical schools got completely astonished as they heard that a guy younger than every one of them wanted to remove the tumor on-the-spot. They then walked nearer to the Guo Huai.

Guo Huai took out a pen and wrote on two pieces of papers. He passed one to Liu Chengang, saying, "President Liu, get the medicines as prescribed here. Simmer them with three bowls of water until one is left. Ask someone to deliver it here later."

He then passed the other paper to Liu Yaoshi. "Beauty Shishi, get the medicines as prescribed here," Guo Huai said. Liu Yaoshi lightly nodded and walked to the Chinese medicine room.

"Beauty Leng Shuang, if you truly understand what I\'m trying to do, come here and give me a hand," Guo Huai said with a smile, making Jade completely speechless. When did you ever needed help while giving treatments? You obviously only want to have more physical contact with girls, she thought.

Guo Huai removed the upper clothing of Old Man Fan. Some silver needles of different lengths then appeared in his hands out of nowhere.

"The spreading of the tumor cells is mainly caused due to the support given by nutrients. Look at where and how I insert the needles, and then think about it," Guo Huai said before inserting seven needles on Old Man Fan\'s body. When Leng Shuang looked at where the needles were placed, she first got confused, but then turned joyful afterwards.

"This is the first step. Now that the source of nutrients going towards the tumor have been cut off, we\'ll begin the surgery now. The tumor will slowly disappear, but the speed is really slow and the process is agonizing," Guo Huai said. As he was explaining, Liu Yaoshi came back with the medicines.

"We\'ll feed the tumors some medicines to make them more spread out. Then we\'ll slowly take care of them," Guo Huai said with a smile before receiving the medicinal powder that Liu Yaoshi delivered over. He inserted yet another needle into Old Man Fan\'s body before mixing the medicinal powder with water and pouring it following the silver needle.

"Old Man Fan, you must be feeling some discomfort in your stomach. It\'ll get better later, don\'t worry," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Beauty Shishi, you don\'t need to worry as well. Although some of the medicines I asked you to prepare earlier are poisons, I\'m using poison to attack poison as treatment."

As Guo Huai looked at the medicinal liquid slowly flowing into Old Man Fan\'s body, the corner of his lips showed a smile. The methods that the ancestors passed down won\'t lose to western medicine which has only a few hundred years of history, he thought.

"Old Man Fan, you may wear your clothes now. Go out from this door and turn left, you\'ll see a toilet there. Go and solve your personal problems," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Beauty Shishi, the medicines should be ready soon. Go and bring it over here."

Liu Yaoshi nodded before leaving.

"Guo Huai, to be honest, even till now, I still don\'t believe that you could remove the patient\'s tumor because you\'re just way too young. I\'m only a few years older than you and I\'ve interacted with Chinese medicines since young. I know that I\'m not particularly talented, but I don\'t think that you\'d be better than I\'m," Leng Shuang said as she looked at Guo Huai who couldn\'t stop smiling.