Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 116

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TL: Lynic

TLC: Hedonist

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"You\'re letting the patient stay away from injections and foods. Is asking patients to persist for a few days how Chinese medicine gives treatment?" Chen Jiadi asked with contempt.

"Persisting for a few days is still better than receiving an injection. To all of you studying western medicine, can you ask President Huang if he received an injection himself before?" Leng Shuang asked with a smile.

"Chen, hospitals usually treat a viral flu by infusing Chinese and western medical techniques. You lost the second round as well," Liu Qingzheng said smilingly to prevent an argument from arising.

"I\'ll start with the third patient, otherwise you guys would say that I\'m taking advantage of you," Leng Shuang said softly. "The third patient should have gastroenteritis…" Leng Shuang started explaining her treatment method.

"My method is to let the patient…" Chen Jiadi explained his method. The two of them were really knowledgeable in the world of medicine. They were waiting for Liu Qingzheng\'s final decision.

"Regarding gastroenteritis, it\'s nothing new to the western medicine world as well. They have left out most substances that could do harm to the human body. Regarding Leng Shuang\'s method, I have heard of it in President Liu\'s classes when he was lecturing. The feasibility is very high, but the process of simmering the medicines can be somewhat troublesome. The victory of this mini round will belong to Chen Jiadi," Liu Qingzheng said with a smile.

Leng Shuang didn\'t say anything but nodded a few times. She indeed preferred Chen Jiadi\'s treatment over hers. Since Liu Qingzheng made it so clear, there was no need for her to object.

"Regarding the fourth patient, Leng Shuang doesn\'t have any treatment method. We\'ll let Chen Jiadi talk about it first, alright?" Liu Qingzheng asked with a smile.

"Wait! Can I first look at his answer?" Leng Shuang asked quickly.

Liu Qingzheng first looked at Leng Shuang, then at Chen Jiadi before nodding. Chen Jiadi delivered his treatment method to Leng Shuang.

"Madam Liu, I hope to let the patient leave first, before Chen announces his answer. Since this is a medical battle we\'re having, we mustn\'t disturb their treatments. It\'s best to let them leave," Leng Shuang said softly.

"Jade, this girl Leng Shuang is very commendable. I like her," Guo Huai said with a smile. Having witnessed what Leng Shuang just did, he got really pleased. After coming down from heaven, the things that can make him happy aren\'t a lot.

"Since the patients are gone, I\'ll start explaining," Chen Jiadi said with a smile.

"Madam Liu, I\'ll surrender this round. He doesn\'t need to explain anymore," Leng Shuang said and stopped Chen Jiadi from speaking.

Clap! Clap! Clap! When Guo Huai heard what she said, he started clapping. "You have achieved the saying of \'doctor with the heart of a parent\'. Your attainments in the medical world will exceed everyone present here," Guo Huai said loudly.

"Young Man, I beg your pardon?" Huang Hanlin asked doubtfully.

"President Huang, do you know that," Guo Huai said loudly as he stepped forward, "the second round could be considered as a draw? Let me explain why," he said loudly as he noticed that the patients and their families had left.

"Do you really think that Leng Shuang failed to diagnose the patient? Let me tell you, I can tell what the patient\'s problem is without even getting near his body. He has late-stage lung cancer, not to mention cancer cells have spread to his entire body," Guo Huai said loudly. "The reason the patient could still be this peaceful to allow everyone diagnose him is because he didn\'t know what problem he had. If Chen Jiadi announced his sickness on-the-spot earlier, I can guarantee that the patient would lose the will to continue living."

"Do you really think that the bullshit medicines can treat the patient\'s sickness? The only motive you all have is to have them make some useless expenses. Since that is the case, isn\'t it best to leave the time he has to him?" Guo Huai asked loudly. "Leng Shuang, even though you surrendered the last mini round, you have earned the utmost respect from me, Guo Huai. I\'m proud of you, and I believe the entire Chinese medical school will be proud of you as well."

As soon as Guo Huai finished speaking, it was evident that there were tears hiding in Leng Shuang\'s eyes. The entire Chinese medical school gave her an applause of encouragement. Although the second round was a draw, her performance had totally persuaded her coursemates, even some people from the western medical school lowered their heads. The outcome of the battle wasn\'t important to them anymore.

"Doctors are people as well. We all have families to feed. If we treat people like you guys, what are we still studying medicine for? If we can\'t even feed ourselves, how are we supposed to save others?" Huang Hanlin asked and looked at his students. No matter what the outcome of the medical battle would be, he knew that from that moment onwards, the Chinese medical school\'s reputation will overwhelm that of western medical school for a long time.

"This new student here, Old Man Liu said that you\'ll represent them to go against us for the final round. We\'ll be setting the rules this time. Are you ready?" Huang Hanlin asked loudly.

"I\'m always ready. I know what you, President Huang, want to compete for. I also know that there\'s a genius hiding in your western medical school, let this genius go against me" Guo Huai said loudly. "I\'d also want to propose a personal gamble. May I know if President Huang dares to accept?"

"A personal gamble? I never gamble in my life, but I\'ll make an exception for you today. Tell me, what do you want to gamble for?" Huang Hanlin asked loudly. He had to maintain his domineering appearance, so he would accept whatever request Guo Huai had.

"For the final round, I\'ll let you and the genius go against me at the same time. If you guys can win me, my Clinic of No Treatment at Xinglin Street which is having an open ceremony very soon will close down now. If you guys lose, I want to pick ten students from the western medical school to help me for a month, and teach them about Chinese medicine. After a month, you must not interfere with what these students choose to study," Guo Huai said loudly.

"Oh, so you\'re related to Clinic of No Treatment as well. I wanted to visit your place personally next Saturday. I guess I don\'t have to anymore. I accept your request, please be prepared to close down your Clinic of No Treatment," Huang Hanlin said loudly. A few days ago, he received a call from the Western Medicine Association. They were planning to sabotage the Clinic of No Treatment\'s opening. He didn\'t expect to meet someone from the clinic earlier than planned.

"Sorry for wasting everybody\'s time. If you guys can win me, I\'ll close down my clinic immediately. Now, tell me what you want to compete on," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Today, there are two patients from Wucheng Hospital with tumors waiting at the school entrance. For the final round, I want to show you our surgical miracles, here at the world of western medicine," Huang Hanlin said loudly. "Little He, you\'ll be controlling the knife later and I\'ll be your assistant. I bet you\'re more than enough to win this student."

"Who\'s the \'Little He\' President Huang was referring to?" someone from the western medical school asked.

"She\'s a new student in the first-year, He Mo. She\'s the girl who attacked her commander during military training," someone replied.

"A new student from the first year is going to operate? He Mo mustn\'t be anyone ordinary," Liu Chengang said softly after hearing the conversation.