Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 115

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TL: Lynic

TLC: Hedonist

"Girl, do you understand now?" Liu Chengang asked. "Doctors must be strict at all times. We mustn\'t leave anything out, otherwise the consequence could be severe."

"I understand. I\'ve lost the first round," Liu Yaoshi said softly as she looked at everyone.

"Senior Sister surrendered," Cao Qiankun said with a smile before going back to the western medical school\'s side.

"Kid, not bad! You didn\'t embarrass your father Cao Shengyun. Hahah!" Huang Hanlin said and laughed.

When Liu Yaoshi surrendered, the entire Chinese medical school quieted down. Since the pride of the school —Liu Yaoshi, lost to a new student from the western medical school, that basically meant that the western medical school already got the Holy Medical Building in their hands.

However, Guo Huai was looking at another girl, Leng Shuang.

This girl looked rather normal. To any ordinary person, she wouldn\'t appear to be particularly excellent in any way, but it was difficult to find a weakness on her body. When Liu Yaoshi surrendered, except Guo Huai, no one noticed that the ice-cold girl was actually exerting a fighting aura.

"Since young, we have always believed in China\'s 5000-year-old culture. We believed in Chinese medicine. Why did we lose?" a third-year male student said helplessly as he shook his head. "Is my decision to go against my father\'s will to study western medicine wrong?"

"Since Sister Yaoshi lost, our Chinese medical school will surely be defeated," a second-year student sighed softly. "Some of my stuffs are still in the Holy Medical Tower. I\'ll go pack them now."

"This student here, since you chose Chinese medicine and believed in it for so long, why don\'t you wait for a while more? Our second representative Leng Shuang still has a chance to win," Guo Huai said as he stopped the student from leaving.

"Since you\'re new here, you may not know that Sister Shishi is number one in the Chinese medical school, even she surrendered. Although Sister Leng Shuang also has a profound knowledge in Chinese medicine, she will be going against Chen Jiadi, the mini divine doctor from the western medical school. At best, Sister Shishi could only get a draw going against him. So Sister Leng Shuang is no match against him," the student said softly.

[TL note: Shishi is a more intimate way of calling Yaoshi.]

"Yeah! Also, even if she can win the second round, can you win the third one? There are lots of experts from their side this time. We\'re really going to lose," the third-year student said as he looked at Guo Huai.

"Leng Shuang will win, I will also win. If you guys like Chinese medicine and believe in this thousand-year-old culture, please don\'t leave now. Give Chinese medicine a chance, give us a chance, and also give yourself a chance," Guo Huai said as he squinted.

The two students then looked at each other. This person standing in front of them who was a few years younger reminded them the exact reason why they chosed Chinese medicine in the first place. No matter the outcome, they had to finish watching the medical battle. They nodded and started to calm the other students down.

"Thank you, I\'ll try my best," Leng Shuang said softly when she passed by Guo Huai. The corner of her lips then showed the slightest smile, making the entire Chinese medicine students to drop their jaws. They didn\'t expect Leng Shuang to look this stunning when she smiled.

"Senior Sister, good luck! Chen Jiadi is nothing but a paper tiger," a first-year student from the Chinese medical school shouted, making the other students laugh. The tense situation earlier was finally gone.

"Yes, continue laughing. I want to see if you can laugh later when I defeat your Senior Sister," Chen Jiadi said as he squinted his eyes.

"You\'ll compete on using medication for the second round. There will be four patients later. After diagnosing them, write down the medicine prescription. Lastly, tell us the reason for choosing that particular medicine. Victory will be judged based on the logic behind choosing the medicines," Liu Yaoshi announced.

The four patients walked towards Leng Shuang and Chen Jiadi. The two then started their own method of diagnosis.

Although the students from the Chinese medical school were laughing earlier, they weren\'t at all relaxed when the second round of the competition started. This was because they knew that if she lose, the resources in Holy Medical Tower would no longer be available to them anymore, and would all go to the western medical school.

"Notify the instructors from each class to tidy up Holy Medical Tower. Our classrooms won\'t be as packed and tense anymore in the near future," Huang Hanlin said joyfully. He was very confident of his own disciple.

"Madam Liu, I\'m done." After around an hour, Chen Jiadi passed to Liu Qingzheng the formula of the treatment.

"Why isn\'t Sister Leng done yet?" After another thirty minutes, Leng Shuang was still checking on the last patient. She was hesitating on writing down the medicine prescription.

Liu Chengang walked towards the patient. After a minute, he walked back to where he came from as he furrowed his brows.

"Madam Xue, I wrote three down. Regarding the fourth patient, I\'ll tell you about that later," Leng Shuang said as she passed her formula to Liu Qingzheng.

"Two fellow presidents, let\'s look at their answers together. We\'ll let them explain their answers afterwards," Liu Qingzheng said with a smile.

"My first patient here has severe insomnia which will bring him other diseases. I prescribe medicines according to the situation. In the early stages, he will be consuming medicines that can help with sleep. In the late stages, he\'ll be treated using our most advanced and newly developed medical device. He will recover in around a week," Chen Jiadi said. He then explained the other medication required along with the consumption time. Liu Qingzhen was nodding all the way. If she were to treat insomnia as well, she\'d use about the same method.

"The patient has severe insomnia. I prescribed some Chinese medicines to pair with moxibustion. Drinking a cup of hot milk at night for around a month will lead to reduced symptoms. The patient will fully recover in around three months," Leng Shuang said softly.

"Three months? We can get it done within one!" a student from the western medical school shouted. "Just surrender already!"

"I understand what Chen Jiadi was saying. Ignoring the one-week period, consuming the western medicines for merely three days will yield different degrees of influences to the patient\'s organs. If the side effect is light, the appetite would be affected. If it\'s severe, however, other diseases may arise. Do you guys accept my point here?" Leng Shuang asked softly.

Nobody dared to say the word \'no\', as everything Leng Shuang said was hard facts.

"This set of Chinese medicines that I prescribed prioritizes setting a solid foundation. After three months, his insomnia would be recovered and at the same time, his migraine would turn out better. In the medicine prescription, I added…" Leng Shuang explained her method once again. Liu Chengang smiled. The lady in front of him had brought him a rather huge surprise.

"After diagnosing the second patient, I found out that he caught a cold as a result of virus infection. Consuming medicines through the mouth wouldn\'t be effective. He needs to undergo infusion therapy," Chen Jiadi said. After losing his array in the first round, he got into a rather bad mood. But he managed to calm himself down as he explained the treatment for the second patient.

"I can\'t accurately say which type of cold he caught, I can only prescribe the first set of medicines to tackle the fever. If there\'s no sign of recovery within three days, it would be a viral infection. In that case, he\'ll recover after persisting for a few days. I\'ve also prescribed a second set of medicines for recovery purposes."