Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 114

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"Trust Grandpa. If you want to win the medical battle this time, you have to let him join us. If you want to win all three rounds, let him go solo," Lin Chengang said with a smile.

"No way! I have to participate. I don\'t want to pass my fate to someone I don\'t even know. If he has a medical certificate, I\'ll let him join for one round at most. I hope he can win," Liu Yaoshi said. She didn\'t have an option but to let Guo Huai participate. In the entire Chinese medical school, the only two students who had a medical certificate were her and Leng Shuang. Therefore they were the only ones who were qualified to participate the medical battle.

"Alright, let him join for one round then. If you and Shuang can win one round, Holy Medical Tower will belong to us the Chinese medical school! Hahah!" Liu Chengang said happily.

Liu Yaoshi then looked at Guo Huai once again. She really can\'t see anything special about Guo Huai, except that the girl beside him was ridiculously beautiful. She really couldn\'t understand why her grandpa was so confident towards the young man.

"Old Man Liu, you may go home if you want to chat with your granddaughter. If you don\'t dare to accept the medical battle, just surrender. Please don\'t waste each other\'s time," Huang Hanlin said loudly.

"Yaoshi, Leng Shuang, and Guo Huai will represent the Chinese medical school. You may send your candidates now. Old Man Huang, since you\'re rushing so much to give me Holy Medical Tower, let\'s begin," Liu Chengang said with a smile.

"Do you think that you can win us by finding some random kiddo outside? Old Man Liu, there\'s no need for you to stay here and watch the competition anymore. Go back to your office and notify your students to pack away their stuff in the Holy Medical Tower," Huang Hanlin said, making everyone from the western medical school laugh.

"Old Man, I advise you to prepare some medicines in case of a heart attack. Also, to the students who are laughing behind, remember to pinch his philtrum when your president faints later. You know where the philtrum is, right? It\'s here," Guo Huai said as he pointed his middle finger smilingly.

"I hope your medical knowledge is as profound as your mouth," Huang Hanlin said as he squinted at Guo Huai. "Let\'s start. Decide what you want to compete. Quickly get it done!"

"We\'ll compete on the four diagnostic methods: looking, listening, asking and feeling the pulse. Since we\'re doing a medical battle, we\'ll use our ancestor\'s simplest way to win you all. I have already contacted Wucheng Hospital. They\'ll send over a few patients afterwards. The first round will be determining the disease of a patient. The second round will be giving treatments. The third round will be set by you guys. I bet we\'ll take the western medicine down in merely two rounds," Liu Yaoshi said loudly.

"Kiddo Liu, I hope that you guys can give us some challenge. Otherwise, we\'ll all shave our heads bald. Hahah!" Huang Hanlin said smilingly.

A first-year student ran to Liu Yaoshi and said, "Senior Sister, Madam Liu have arrived with the patients from Wucheng Hospital."

"After today, Holy Medical Tower will belong to us, the Western medical school," Chen Jiadi said before taking a deep breath. "Present Huang, I reckon Yaoshi will fight in the first round. Should I take the field or do you want Qiankun to do it?"

"Let Qiankun do it. Even if he lost the first round, you should have no problem taking down Leng Shuang in the second round. We\'ll let Little He go in the third round. At that time, remember to record the expression of Old Man Liu. It will be spectacular! Hahah!" Huang Hanlin said and laughed.

"President is indeed wise," Chen Jiadi said with a smile.

The first round was actually really simple. Wucheng Hospital had sent four patients over whose diseases had all been diagnosed by the hospital. The students from Chinese and western medical schools would determine their body conditions once more and their answers would be compared with the conditions diagnosed by the hospital to determine a winner.

"Qiankun, just calm yourself when you determine their diseases. Don\'t get pressured. The pressure isn\'t on our side. Whether or not you win doesn\'t matter," Huang Hanlin said to his own disciple.

"Don\'t worry, President. I know who my opponent is, but I won\'t necessarily lose," Cao Qiankun said with a smile.

Liu Yaoshi measured the pulses of the four patients and observed their symptoms before asking them a few questions. Lastly, she wrote her answers down on a piece of paper.

Cao Qiankun used a stethoscope and gave a few basic checks to the few patients. Very quickly, he wrote his answers down as well before looking at Liu Yaoshi smilingly. He looked as though victory is within his grasp.

After around an hour, the two people finished writing their answers at basically the same time. They then handed their answer sheets to Madam Liu from Wucheng Hospital.

"President Liu, President Huang, our students from Wucheng University are indeed commendable. Their abilities would be considered as excellent even if they were put in the hospital," Liu Qingzheng said with a smile.

"Little Liu, please announce the answers for the winner and the loser," Huang Hanlin said with a smile. Liu Qingzheng used to be his student. In less than 3 years of working at the Wucheng Hospital, she were promoted to be the Head of Neurosurgery Department in a subsidiary hospital.

"The answers from Junior Sister and Junior Brother are all correct. The conditions of these four patients are all well described," Liu Qingzheng said with a smile.

"Little Liu, do you mean that the first round is a draw?" Liu Chengang asked with a smile. He had a rather good impression for Liu Qingzheng as she didn\'t have any conflict with the Chinese medical school back when she was still a student at the western medical school of Wucheng University.

"President Liu, I don\'t want to announce the winner yet. You two may come to look at their answers together," Liu Qingzheng said with a smile.

"This one is from Sister Yaoshi while this one is from Brother Qiankun from western medical school," Liu Qingzheng said as she placed the two papers on a table at the same time.

When the two presidents looked at the answers, Huang Hanlin started looking more and more pleased while the smile on Liu Chengang\'s face was gone.

"Ask the third patient to come here," Liu Chengang said as he shook his head. After that, a man in his forties stood in front of him. When Liu Chengang laid his fingers on the middle-aged man\'s wrist, his face looked even more ugly.

"Old Man Liu, why don\'t we consider the first round as a draw? Since their answers are both similar to the one provided by Wucheng Hospital," Huang Hanlin said with a smile.

"We lost, there\'s no need to make it a draw. The western medical school won the first round," Liu Chengang said loudly.

"It\'s impossible! I didn\'t make any mistakes in my diagnosis!" Liu Yaoshi said loudly, astonished.

"Girl, go and measure the third patient\'s pulse again. Carefully feel the pulse, then look at his eyes," Liu Chengang said with a smile. "You did a really good job. But you need to do better to defeat those advanced devices they have."

"Brother Huai, why did the beauty lose? Both of their answers are exactly the same," Jade said softly.

"The third patient should have acute gastroenteritis, but there are yellow spots on his eyeballs. His gastroenteritis should be caused by drinking, but the alcohol damaged his liver as well, causing yellow spots to appear on his eyeballs. The beauty didn\'t write anything regarding liver but the fellow from western medical school did," Guo Huai said with a smile.