Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 113

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TL: Lynic

TLC: Hedonist

"I have renovated the clinic already. President Qin, Qin Long from the Chinese medicine association and I are friends. My clinic is confirmed to open on Xinglin Street. You may give President Qin a call," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"You know Old Man Qin? Then this process will go much smoother! Wait for a while, I\'ll go make a phone call," Liu Chengang said before calling Qin Long. After talking for a few sentences, Liu Chengang suddenly looked at Guo Huai like a how a pervert would look at a beauty. He was looking at Guo Huai, not Jade.

"Little Friend, I thought that I can only see you next Saturday. I didn\'t expect you meet you today! This is our fate, our definite fate!" Liu Chengang said loudly as he held Guo Huai\'s hands.

"President Liu, calm down. Although I have a positive feeling for you, I\'m not at all interested in men, especially old ones. Hahah!" Guo Huai said and laughed. "Since Old Man Qin told you what you needed to know, can you help me with the recruitment now?"

"Yes! Yes, I\'ll do it now. It\'s a coincidence that you came today. The most capable people from the Chinese medicine school are all in the hall. Let\'s go there now," Liu Chengang said with a smile.

Actually, Guo Huai didn\'t know that there was an ongoing medical battle between Chinese medicine and western medicine.

"Sister Yaoshi, in today\'s medical between your Chinese medicine and our western medicine, if you win we\'ll never step into the Holy Medical Tower again. It\'ll belong to you guys, the Chinese medicine school,"

Liu Yaoshi, a third-year student in the Chinese medicine school, also the president of the student council, was Liu Chengang\'s granddaughter, also called the most beautiful girl in the Chinese medicine school. So many titles were pressing on Liu Yaoshi at the same time. In Wucheng University, the Chinese medicine and western medicine schools had been going against each other for many years, there were different kinds of clashes happening each year. The headmaster of Wucheng University didn\'t stop them as he believed that improvements could only be made if there were competitions.

This time, the conflict arose because of the western medicine school. Holy Medical Tower was a place where the Chinese and western medicine schools had shared for a long time. Taking expansion as the reason, the western medicine school wanted the Chinese medicine school students to move out entirely from Holy Medical Tower.

"Chen Jiadi, we\'ll accept your medical battle. But aren\'t you a little too greedy for wanting the Holy Medical Tower?" Liu Yaoshi asked with a smile. "Since you are the one who challenged us to a medical battle, we\'ll determine the way we compete."

"We\'ll compete for three rounds. Whoever wins two will be the winner. You can set the rules for two rounds, and we\'ll determine the one left. This has always been the rule of a medical battle," Chen Jiadi said, smiling.

Liu Yaoshi lightly bit her lips. Starting last year, the Chinese medicine school only managed to take in 73 new students while the western medicine school took in more than 1300. The difference was very significant. No one managed to truly understand Chinese medicine. The seniors who were truly capable had graduated and left the school. Liu Yaoshi even heard that some of her seniors changed to study western medicine, making her feel like Chinese medicine had already fallen.

"Sister Yaoshi, you can actually become an excellent doctor based on your talent if you choose to study western medicine from now on. You serve the same purpose to heal the injured and diseased. Why aren\'t you picking the better option?" Chen Jiadi asked with a smile.

"Yes, while the purpose is the same, western medicine only heals the symptoms but not the root of the disease. It even harms the root of the body, this is an act of going against heaven\'s will. It\'s best if you stay with Chinese medicine." The person who just spoke wasn\'t anyone else, but was Guo Huai who just entered the hall of Holy Medical Tower.

Before Chen Jiadi opened his mouth, a youngster beside him said loudly, "Where is this kid from? We\'re having a medical battle between the Chinese medicine and western medicine schools. Anyone irrelevant please leave the hall."

"Who said that he\'s irrelevant? He\'s a new student from the Chinese medicine school, Guo Huai. He will be representing the Chinese medicine school for this medical battle. If he loses, our students will not step into the Holy Medical Tower anymore. If he wins, you guys from the western medicine school should know very clearly what you should do," Liu Chengang said loudly.

"Old Man Liu, I thought you weren\'t going to come today," an old man said as he walked out from the crowd of the western medicine school. He was the president of the western medicine school, also the respectable head of Santa Maria Medical College in America. He was known for his excellence in neuropathy, Huang Hanlin.

"If I still don\'t show myself when people come to make noise in front of my house, today you\'ll be taking over Holy Medical Tower, will my office belong to you guys tomorrow as well?" Liu Chengang asked with a smile. If it wasn\'t for Guo Huai\'s presence, he had long given up the medical battle this time. It was impossible for Liu Yaoshi to take down the entire western medicine school herself. He was fine with giving away the Holy Medical Tower as there were really way too less students from the Chinese medicine school.

However, the plot had a turning point now. Who was Guo Huai? Guo Huai was someone who managed to totally convince the few stubborn old folks from the Chinese medicine association. If Huang Hanlin came to the battle himself, it was possible that Guo Huai could defeat him, let alone a few students from the western medicine school.

"Since Old Man Liu you\'re here already, the matter today will be solved more easily. I don\'t care what this youngster is here for, but I don\'t have an objection with this young man representing the Chinese medicine school this time. We\'ll compete for three rounds, whoever takes down two will win the battle. According to the rules, the side who loses will never step in the Holy Medical Tower ever again," Huang Hanlin said loudly.

Yes, Huang Hanlin was having absolute confidence. He had full faith in his own disciple Chen Jiadi who although had lacking experience, his knowledge and skills were much better than Huang Hanlin when compared at around the same age. Other than that, he just received a new student today Cao Qiankun who was born in a medical clan and had relations with both Chinese and western medicines. His father was even Huang Hanlin\'s former schoolmate. He definitely excelled in the western medical world, since he wanted his own son to pick western medicine, he definitely wanted his son to inherit his skills.

"President Liu, can you come over for a while?" Liu Yaoshi asked her own grandpa. "What is this young guy doing here? We\'re having a medical battle today. Why did you ask a youngster like him here? We have enough to deal with already, you can\'t add any more trouble to us."

"Kid, how confident are you in this medical battle?" Liu Chengang asked with a smile. "If you\'re going against Chen Jiadi, I bet you have around 50% chance of defeating him. What about the remaining two rounds? You\'ve always felt that your grandpa was ignorant. In the entire Chinese medicine school, you\'re the most excellent student. Although there are a few more rather talented young people, they all have just started interacting with Chinese medicine. If we solely depend on the few of you, we\'ll be losing this medical battle for sure."

"Guo Huai, I know who he is! He\'s the MVP from Knowledge Championship. I heard that he dropped out of school. Yeah, it\'s him!" When Liu Chengang and Liu Yaoshi were talking, someone recognized Guo Huai.

"Grandpa, if we can\'t do it, can this kid you brought here do it?\' Liu Yaoshi asked softly as she looked at Guo Huai who was a few years younger than her. She didn\'t believe just how much better the younger guy would be.