Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 112

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TL: Lynic

TLC: Hedonist

"Kid, what are you talking about? I was the one who prescribed the medicine. The old man had a deficiency for both his spleen and stomach. Relying solely on medicines wouldn\'t serve the purpose, so I added some extra nourishing materials. This is perfectly normal!" Hu Bubai said loudly.

"Selling ten sets of nourishing and stomach-healing medicines for 3 thousand bucks, not to mention you\'re mixing good and bad medicines to sell. Who do you think you can trick with these methods?" Guo Huai asked loudly. "If you want to talk about \'Xinglin\' and Chinese medicine with our Clinic of No Treatment, sorry you\'re not qualified!"

"Hu Black Face, is this youngster telling the truth?" Bai Musheng asked loudly.

"Brother Bai, please don\'t listen to this kid. He\'s only telling nonsense. The medicines at my Clinic Bai are all real and legit. You mustn\'t listen to this kid!" Hu Bubai said loudly.

"Telling nonsense? Then we\'ll go pay Clinic Bai a visit now. I want to see what a double-grid medicine cabinet looks like," Guo Huai said as he squinted. At this moment, Hu Bubai\'s face got completely black. A double-grid medicine cabinet had been the disgrace of Chinese medicine for the past hundreds of years. Because of it, the public had slowly lost confidence in Chinese medicine.

A double-grid medicine cabinet is really simple. In one cabinet, there would be two grids, one with good-quality medicines and the other with bad one. Back then when a double-grid medicine cabinet was first exposed, the Chinese medicine took a devastating decline.

"Hu Bubai, do you really need us to pay your clinic a visit?" Bai Musheng asked loudly. "You gathered us here and said that the owner of Clinic of No Treatment didn\'t understand Chinese medicine and would defame Xinglin Street. I\'m still not sure what the situation at Clinic of No Treatment is, but I think I know who has been defaming our Xinglin Street."

"Brother Bai, please give me a chance! I beg you, give me one more chance! I bought a batch of Chinese medicine recently, but I had been defrauded with fakes. If I don\'t sell those out, I don\'t think I can even pay the rents for my clinic," Hu Bubai cried out.

"Old Man Hu, I\'ll give you a week\'s time. Pack up and get your ass out of Xinglin Street. If you dare to step into the world of Chinese medicine once again, we at the association will let you know what regret is," Bai Musheng said loudly.

"Fine! Old Man Bai, I know that you\'ve always been honest and upright. I can leave Xinglin Street, but I want to see who the owner of Clinic of No Treatment is, to see how much he knows about Chinese medicine!" Hu Bubai said loudly.

"Little Friend, may I know if the owner of the clinic is here or not today? If he is, please ask him out to meet us," Bai Musheng said politely.

"The opening ceremony of Clinic of No Treatment will take place on next Saturday. If you guys want to talk to the owner or challenge him, please come again on Saturday. We\'ll need to leave now. We don\'t have too much time to accompany the few of you. Let me guarantee to the few of you here, that Clinic of No Treatment will make Chinese medicine great again!" Guo Huai said loudly before pulling Jade into his car and drove away.

"This kid is too impatient. Even if we don\'t look for his trouble during the opening ceremony, people from western medicine will. Sigh, I hope he can deal with those people then," Bai Musheng said as he shook his head.

"Clinic of No Treatment, I\'ll come next Saturday as well. I want to see how capable is the person who forced me to dead end!" Hu Bubai said before going back to his clinic. It\'s game over for this Clinic Bai which he owns.

"Brother Huai, it seems like the opening ceremony will be rather interesting. Heheh," Jade said smilingly.

"I hope more people come and find us for some trouble. The more the better. This way, the first kindle our Clinic of No Treatment shall burn even more vigorous! Let\'s go to the medical school of Wucheng University and recruit some pretty ladies!" Guo Huai said as he drove.

"Ouch! Jade, please let go! I\'m sorry, I\'m sorry! We\'ll go to recruit some employees, just employees!" Guo Huai said loudly. Jade\'s little hand pinched a small portion of his waist and twisted a few rounds.

"Humph! I didn\'t mind that you went out for other girls. Saying that you want to recruit pretty girls in front of me is ridiculous. If a rabbit keeps quiet, do you think I\'m a sick cat?" Jade said as she pouted.

[TL note: This is a reference to another term: If a tiger keeps quiet, do you think I\'m a sick cat?]

"Hi, nice to meet you. May I know the way to the medical school?" When Guo Huai and Jade walked into Wucheng University after getting their car parked, they got really confused as to where to go. How big was Wucheng University? Excluding the aircraft school, there were more than 30 divisions. It was normal for a 4-year student in this school to not visit every corner of the school compound.

"Are you talking about the Chinese medicine school, western medicine school or the veterinary medicine school?" the male student asked Guo Huai who was a few years younger than him. However, his gaze was stuck on Jade\'s body.

"Hey, staring daringly at my girlfriend in front of me is rude. Tell us if you know the directions, otherwise the I\'ll just ask someone else," Guo Huai said loudly.

"Ahem, ahem. Head to the north to the Chinese medicine school, the western medicine school is next to Chinese medicine school. The veterinary medicine school is rather far, you have to follow thi-" the guy said as he blushed.

"Thank you, we\'re not heading to the veterinary medicine school," Guo Huai said before pulling Jade to the Chinese medicine school.

"Damnnnn! The girl is so damn pretty. She\'s even prettier than Liu Yaoshi from the Chinese medicine school," the guy murmured as he stared at Jade who was walking away.

After around ten minutes, Guo Huai and Jade arrived at a giant door. The words \'Chinese Medicine School\' were written on it.

"Brother Huai, how do you plan to recruit people?" Jade asked as she entered the door with Guo Huai. The security guards didn\'t stop them from entering. Jade continued, "It\'s not easy to find pretty girls at a school this big."

"You can do anything with money. Just watch," Guo Huai said before proceeding to the main building of the school.

Guo Huai knocked at the president\'s office and entered the room with Jade. "Hi, is President Liu here?" he asked smilingly.

"Hi, I\'m Liu Chengang. May I know what you came here for?" the seated old man in the room asked as he raised his head to look at Guo Huai and Jade. "You two are not the students of the Chinese medicine school, right?"

"President Liu indeed have sharp eyes. We\'re not students here. We came to find you for some personal matter," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Have a seat, you may tell me anything you want. If you like Chinese medicine and want to enter the school after graduating from high school, I welcome you with open arms," Liu Chengang said with a smile.

"President Liu, I\'ll be straightforward with you then. My wife and I came to find you today to ask for a few people," Guo Huai said.

"Ask for a few people? Tell me, how do you want to do that?" Liu Chengang asked, smiling.

"I just set up a clinic at Xinglin Street. I want to hire ten employees. They must be people with a solid foundation in the medical world, that\'s why I came to find you. I don\'t mind if they graduated or not, I just hope President Liu to introduce a few people to me. Regarding the requirements, I don\'t ask for much. I just want them to look as good as my wife," Guo Huai said with a naughty smile.

"If there\'s such a requirement, you may go back now. I can\'t find anyone who looks as pretty as this girl. Even when it comes to my granddaughter, I don\'t dare to say that she looks better than this girl here. If I am sixty years younger, I will fall for this girl for sure. Hahah!" Liu Chengang said and laughed.

"President Liu is indeed humorous. We\'re not lying, we really want to look for a few students. I\'ll have to trouble President Liu for this," Guo Huai said politely. He had a rather good impression of the old man.

"If you really can open a clinic at Xinglin Street, you may pick any student you want here. It\'s not a trouble at all, you\'re instead helping me de-stress. Hahah!" Liu Chengang said and laughed.