Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 111

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TL: Lynic

TLC: Hedonist

"Kiddo, don\'t think that I don\'t know you\'re a superhuman. The security camera didn\'t even manage to record anything extraordinary. Tell me honestly about what really happened on that day. Otherwise, you\'ll be in big trouble," Xiahou Shanhe said gravely.

"Why do you look for me when someone in your Xiahou clan dies? I\'m not afraid of getting into trouble. Since you know that I\'m a superhuman, let\'s fight. Only talk to me if you can defeat me," Nangong Lingmo said loudly. After that, the rocks and sand floated in mid-air.

"I knew that you\'re related to my nephew\'s death!" Xiahou Shanhe shouted as he exploded his aura before walking towards Nangong Lingmo step by step.

"Innate middle-stage, I\'ll see just how strong you are. You dare to cause the magnificent me trouble, do you think the magnificent me is made of mud?!" Nangong Lingmo said. The floating rocks then rushed towards Xiahou Shanhe.

"Stupid Kid, you never know when to surrender, don\'t you? I\'ve never met such a puny telekinesis who dared to talk to me like that!" Xiahou Shanhe rushed towards Nangong Lingmo as he prepared to land a strike, ignoring all the gravel in the air.

Bang! When Nangong Lingmo saw that Xiahou Shanhe was rushing towards her direction, two black steel balls suddenly appeared in her hands. She threw them towards Xiahou Shanhe and an explosion could be heard. The steel ball exploded, releasing lots of stuff that seemed like steel needles. No matter what they were, they penetrated his aura. Xiahou Shanhe didn\'t dare to be so careless again, and so he took out a long blade.

"Damn! Even this can\'t kill him. I won\'t be able to defeat him," Nangong Lingmo said softly as she looked at the blood-drenched Xiahou Shanhe who exerted an aggressive aura.

"Kiddo, you dare to hurt me?! I don\'t care if you got to do with his death, you must die!" The huge blade flew towards Nangong Lingmo.

"Brother Huai, save me! Kill this fellow!" Nangong Lingmo shouted out of the blue. Xiahou Shanhe seemed like he was fighting a great enemy. Astonished, he looked behind and found no one. When he turned his head back, Nangong Lingmo had unknowingly vanished. He was the only person on the rooftop.

"Stupid Brat from Nangong family, you better not let me find you! Otherwise I\'ll make sure you die! Ah!!!" Xiahou Shanhe shouted in rage. After so many years of cultivating, he had never suffered such losses.

After looking around in the school compound for half an hour, Xiahou Shanhe didn\'t manage to locate Nangong Lingmo and eventually left Wucheng Subhigh.

"That scared the shit out of me!" Nangong Lingmo who had been hiding herself by hanging at the edge of the balcony, leaped onto the rooftop once again as she took a deep breath. "I need to ask for a few more Black Thunder Balls from Sister Jade. Innate middle-stage, meh, it\'s not that impressive after all!"

"Brother Huai, if you really want to earn some karma, healing ten people each day wouldn\'t earn you much," Jade said to Guo Huai as they arrived at the clinic.

"I\'ll only heal ten people each day. But I\'ll also make some medicinal pills to sell at the clinic. The karma will belong to me as well. If we meet the wealthy, we\'ll charge a sky-high price. If we meet the poor, we will treat them even if we don\'t get paid. Not only that I want to treat and save people, I want to promote Chinese medicine as well. When this gets done, the karma I earned wouldn\'t be little," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"K. Go and slowly earn your karma then. With such thin spiritual energy on Earth, it\'s impossible that you reach the Soul Splitting stage in a hundred years, let alone reaching ascension," Jade said with a smile. "Didn\'t you say that you want to recruit employees? Let\'s go."

"Clinic of No Treatment, is anybody in there?" Just as Guo Huai and Jade were chatting, they suddenly heard a loud voice coming from the entrance.

"We have trouble," Guo Huai said. He could tell that the visitor didn\'t come with friendly intentions.

"May I know why you guys came to my Clinic of No Treatment? We\'ll be having our opening ceremony next Saturday. If you want to get treatment or get medicines, please come again at that time," Guo Huai said smilingly. There were around ten people who dressed like doctors standing at the entrance.

"Kid, do you know what this street is called?" the fatty who seemed like the leader asked loudly. This person was called Hu Bubai, he was the owner of the clinic beside Clinic of No Treatment.

Before Guo Huai could speak, Jade said, "Fat Uncle, can\'t you read? You\'re dressed like a doctor so I didn\'t expect you to be illiterate. Sigh, please don\'t wear this uniform anymore, you\'ll cause misunderstandings. Let me tell you, this street is called Xinglin Street."

"Where is this kid from? Since you know that this is Xinglin Street we\'re standing on, do you know what the word \'Xinglin\' means?!" Hu Bubai shouted loudly. He had already been in a bad mood but he got further irritated after listening to what Jade said as his face darkened.

"Xinglin Scripture originated from the times of Three Kingdoms, written by Doctor Dong Feng. According to the legend of Qin Feng, we humans use the word \'Xinglin\' as the title for doctors while the country calls themselves \'People of Xinglin\' to live. As a result, \'Xinglin\' became the nickname for the world of Chinese medicine. May I know what Black Faced Uncle doesn\'t understand? I can give you the answers accordingly," Guo Huai said smilingly before stepping forward.

"Two little brats with sharp teeth, ask your owner to come out here. Xinglin Street isn\'t a place where you want to set up a clinic whenever you want. If your owner really has the capabilities, show us what your owner\'s got," Hu Bubai said loudly.

"Brother Huai, they\'re looking for the owner. Aren\'t you the owner? Is this Black Faced Uncle sick? Do you want to prescribe medicines for him?" Jade said with a smile. Some of the people behind Hu Bubai already started laughing while Hu Bubai himself almost fainted due to anger.

"Stupid Brat, ask your owner out here. If your owner doesn\'t dare to come out, this clinic doesn\'t need to hold an opening ceremony anymore, it can be closed down immediately," Hu Bubai said loudly. "Being a doctor is a sacred occupation, not something that somebody could just play pretend!"

"Yeah, the western medicine is indeed shining brightly now. Most people prefer western medicine when they get sick, since its effects is faster and more evident," Guo Huai said to the people in front of him. "However, even under such competitive conditions, there are still people in this field who act like they know Chinese medicine, and especially people who prescribe medicines wrongly."

"This friend here, may I know what you\'re trying to say?" a middle-aged man dressed elegantly said as he stepped forward. "I\'m Bai Musheng from the Chinese Medicine Association, the owner of Xinglin Clinic right there. I want to know who you were referring to."

"The person I\'m talking about should know best. There was an old man who came to Xingling Street for medicines. Although the doctor has correctly diagnosed the disease the old man had, he still forced the old man to buy ten sets of pricy tonics. The person referred to should know clearly what I\'m talking about," Guo Huai said loudly as he stared at Hu Bubai. He read Hu Bubai\'s mind just now. This morning, this Hu Black Face prescribed ten sets of medicines forcefully to an old man.

"There hasn\'t been an old man visiting our clinics today. How about you guys?" The ten or so people were discussing as they looked at each other.

"How is it me? A wrongly prescribed medicine might as well be called a poison. One of the first lesson I was taught, is that I have to prescribe medicines at the appropriate volume. Otherwise, where would my medical ethics be?" a middle-aged doctor said softly.