Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 110

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Guo Huai wasn\'t urging but was looking smilingly at the three ladies. When Chu Hong put the pill into her mouth, cool air flowed into her mind. What happened later shocked the other two ladies. The age of near forty acted like an expiration date to women. Crow\'s feet would start to become evident while dark spots would start to appear. But the crow\'s feet on Chu Hong\'s face immediately disappeared, even the dark spots which powder couldn\'t cover were all gone.

The other two ladies looked at each other before similarly throwing a pill into their mouths.

"Sister Hong, the bathroom is over there. You may want to go there quickly," Guo Huai said with a smile. Chu Hong then rushed to the toilet, followed by Wang Bing and Zhang Yun. It was lucky that Guo Huai\'s huge house had a lot of washrooms. Otherwise, the process wouldn\'t go this smoothly.

"Brother Huai, you\'re being so generous," Jade said as she looked at the ladies who ran away, smiling.

"They\'re made using decoction dregs. But the effects were surprisingly good," Guo Huai said as he passed Jade an emerald-green medicinal pill. Jade didn\'t hesitate but immediately swallowed before sitting down cross-legged as she started to absorb its medicinal effect.

Jade didn\'t have to rush to the washroom. Her body didn\'t have the slightest waste products, let alone toxins. She didn\'t have to wash out the toxins in her body if they didn\'t exist in the first place. The pill Guo Huai gave her was used to expand the meridians in her body to allow easier activation of divine power.

After around ten minutes, the ladies appeared in front of Guo Huai again. The facial features of these ladies were rather decent. After using the medicinal pill and washing out toxins, they all looked a few years younger. They went from looking like forty-year-olds to twenty.

"Jade, Little Huai, we can\'t accept such medicine for free. We\'ll pay you two for these. If you happen to have more good stuff in the future, you mustn\'t forget about us," Chu Hong said joyfully. "I\'ll bring my good friends to the opening ceremony of Clinic of No Treatment."

"Sister Hong, we\'re all friends. If I collect money from you after saying I was giving them for free, I\'d be breaking my own promise, wouldn\'t I?" Guo Huai asked, smiling. "The medicinal pills you all consumed earlier will last for around half a year. At that time, come and look for me again. I\'ll give another one to each of you. Since we\'re neighbors, I must give you sisters first before anyone else."

"Huai, you\'d be looking down on us if you think that way. Judging from the effect of the medicinal pill, a million bucks each would be considered cheap. We can\'t take advantage of you two. We won\'t be paying for the first pill, but we\'ll pay however much you charge us for in the future. But please remember to reserve some for us. I bet you don\'t have too many of these, right?" Chu Hong asked with a smile.

"Yeah, Hong is totally right. Thank you for the pill today. I have to rush home today to meet my husband. I want to prove that I\'m much prettier than the woman he\'s hiding. Humph!" Wang Bing said a few more sentences before quickly running out of the house.

"Hong, we\'ll go back now as well. Huai and Jade have been busy all day. We need to let them rest," Zhang Yun said before leaving the house with Chu Hong.

"Brother Huai, how\'s the clinic doing? The things that I made are good, aren\'t they?" Jade asked, smiling.

"Jade, you should\'ve gone there with me today. The things you made shocked the people from Chinese Construction Organisation. Go there with me tomorrow. The renovation and the furnitures blended in perfectly. I bet they would be adored even when placed in heaven," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Although the life in the human world is trivial, I feel surprisingly satisfied here. I finally know why so many people give up living as immortals in heaven to secretly come down here," Jade said and sighed.

"The mortals look up to immortals for being able to live forever. But little do they know that the journey in becoming an immortal is dull and uninteresting," Guo Huai said. "Jade, let\'s enjoy our time here. You\'ve been contributing so much these two days. I bet you\'re tired already, I\'ll make you relaxed for a bit." He then carried Jade into the bathroom. After a short while, the most ancient passion started once again.

"Naughty Boy! Scallion! I really don\'t know how you managed to reach ascension and become an immortal back then." After around two hours, Jade was lying on Guo Huai\'s body in bed.

"If I knew that the life as an immortal was this boring, I wouldn\'t have picked the road of cultivation," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Jade, didn\'t you notice that what we did is also a type of cultivation?"

"Naughty Boy, although Yinyang Dual Cultivation is viable, it\'s easy to go crazy while practicing if we get careless. At that time, we\'d never be able to come back. It\'s best to do this less often in the future," Jade said.

"Come to the worst, we can just ignore cultivation when we do this next time," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Do you want to try it again?"

"Jerk! Try it yourself if you want. If you aren\'t tired, go and make something for me to eat. I\'m very hungry," Jade said before kicking Guo Huai down the bed.

"Women really change their mood faster than slipping a book," Guo Huai said smilingly and didn\'t get angry. "You may rest for a while more. I\'ll call you after I make something delicious." He then put on his pajamas and walked to the kitchen.

"Brother Huai, your culinary skills have increased by quite a bit. After the clinic settles down, let\'s open a restaurant. I have a plan in mind already. We\'ll only serve one table every day and charge 100 million for that. Hahah!" Jade said and laughed.

"Good idea. I can consider making that happen," Guo Huai said with a smile. "But we really have to make sure the clinic operates well. I have been thinking that the two of us wouldn\'t cut it just for the opening ceremony. We need to start hiring."

"You\'ll take care of that. It\'s not like I can help even if I want to," Jade said. "But you need to be careful and not just take in anyone you find. I heard that there are unspoken rules between the employer and the employee in the human world. If you dare to do something like that, you\'d have to be extra careful with your little brother."

"Ahem, ahem. Jade, what have you been learning here?" Guo Huai asked with a bitter smile. "Don\'t worry, a man of five excellence like me wouldn\'t do something like that. If I see anyone pretty, I wouldn\'t pull her into my imperial harem instead of employing her."

"Naughty Boy, you\'re never changing your shitty attitude," Jade said as she ate.

"Go to the clinic with me tomorrow. Then we\'ll visit the medical school of Wucheng University to recruit people who are graduating this year. It\'d be easier to manage people who have some knowledge in the field," Guo Huai said.

"Don\'t make it seem like a serious matter. You\'re just looking to recruit some female students," Jade said smilingly.

"Hahah, you\'re the one who understands me the most after all," Guo Huai said and laughed. "Let\'s eat, let\'s eat. Follow me to pick up some girls after we finish eating."

At Wucheng Subsidiary High School, there came an uninvited visitor, Xiahou Shanhe. The high-tech security devices that Li Wei bragged about had no effect towards a middle-stage Innate expert like him. At the roof of the girls dorm, XIahou Shanhe stared at Nangong Lingmo who was standing in front of him, showing an innocent look.

"Kiddo, don\'t give me that innocent face. You should know about Xiahou Tian\'s tragedy. Tell me, how did he faint on that day?" Xiahou Shanhe said loudly.

"I explained it to you just now. Xiahou Tian suddenly fainted during the finals of Knowledge Championship. None of us knew what happened," Nangong Lingmo said loudly and fearlessly. "You watched the video recording of that day. No one did anything to him. He must had gotten too upset when we he knew that Wucheng Subhigh will be the champion."