Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 11

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"I\'m not seducing you! This is a meal card, go and order some food for yourself," You Youyou got mad and said before tossing a card on the table.

"Chat later, I\'ll order some food first, filling the stomach is priority," Guo Huai said before leaving with the card.

"Damn, is this really the canteen of the best high school in Wucheng County? The beef is not fresh, the pork is not fresh, generally all kinds of meat are not fresh here. The vegetable looks even more unappetizing. How do they even fill their stomachs?" Guo Huai said, disappointed.

"Oh, you\'re really a student of Wucheng Subhigh," a sweet voice resounded behind Guo Huai. As Guo Huai was looking for food in the canteen, he heard a voice before turning around.

"Tang Xi?" Guo Huai said. He immediately recognized the girl in front of him, she was the one who paid for his bus fare. "Of course I\'m a student here. I wouldn\'t be able to enter the school compound otherwise. I still can\'t repay the bus fare now, but I can treat you for a meal."

"Sure, I\'ll eat with you today then," Tang Xi smiled and said. For whatever reason, Guo Huai left a good impression for her.

"Xi, what are you doing?" Su Ye said. Naturally, she must be the equally beautiful girl who was beside Tang Xi in the bus, Tang Xi\'s younger cousin. "Hey, you jerk. You\'re very well informed, aren\'t you? I didn\'t expect you to follow Xi all the way here."

"Ye, stop the nonsense. We met coincidentally, and I promised to let him buy me lunch," Tang Xi smiled and said. Su Ye was shocked. Is this really the Ice Beauty from year 10 of Wucheng Subhigh, Tang Xi? Su Ye thought.

"Xi, to be honest, it\'s my first time here and I don\'t know what to eat. Do you have anything to recommend? I would prefer meat cooked with herbs," Guo Huai smiled and said.

"Is it that your injury hasn\'t fully recovered yet? If you need nourishments, I know a place nearby. Let\'s go there together," Tang Xi said before pulling Guo Huai\'s arm once again.

Please tell me this isn\'t real. Did this bad guy just call her Xi? Without her surname Tang? Humph! I\'m so pissed right now, Su Ye thought as she followed them go.

*TL reminder: 坏(Huai) in Mandarin means bad or naughty. Guo Huai will often be called naughty/ bad guy.*

Why is this kid treating me so well? Is she planning something? No way, I have to know what she\'s thinking about. I am the mighty Telepath Starlord. If I get wrecked by a little kid, the immortals on heaven would laugh their teeth off, Guo Huai thought before using his telepathy ability on Tang Xi.

Brother Huai, you don\'t recognize me now, do you? Back then, I used to follow you around everywhere. I wouldn\'t think that you\'d get this naughty, naughtier than when you were young. However, since you once were my Brother Huai, you\'ll always be my Brother Huai. It\'s all because you saw me completely naked when I was five, humph! what Tang Xi was thinking clearly emerged in Guo Huai\'s mind.

What a kid. He has always been so disobedient since young, hasn\'t he? I think I have to find time to view Guo Huai\'s life from the start. He is not wronged for being called one of Wucheng Vile Tetrad, Telepath Starlord thought. He was shocked with Guo Huai\'s past records.

"Hundred-flavor snake soup, ginseng seven wonders, nutritious deer soup…" Guo Huai ordered around seven items from the menu. "Xi, order whatever you want to eat, don\'t hold back. The stuff that I ordered may not suit your taste," Guo Huai said.

Such a glutton, a good-for-nothing glutton, Su Ye thought, after witnessing how Guo Huai ordered his food.

"You Youyou? Naughty boy, did you pick this meal card from the ground or something? She\'s the beauty from Ninth High School in the picture, do you know her?" Su Ye saw the picture on the meal card and asked.

"You may start eating and mind your own business. The girl in the picture is my ex-girlfriend from Ninth High School. I forgot to get the picture changed. I\'d even place your picture on it if you gave me one," Guo Huai stared at Su Ye and said loudly.

Not bad, these things are at least edible. If the snake is wild, it would\'ve tasted better. The same goes to the ginseng used, if it was left to grow for a few more years, it would\'ve contained more spiritual energy, Guo Huai thought as he ate.

"Xi, don\'t just look at me like that. Start eating, you should eat more since you\'re this skinny," Guo Huai grabbed some goose meat and put it in Xi\'s bowl with his chopsticks. "What are you looking at? Just take anything you want for yourself. Are you expecting me to help you as well?" Guo Huai saw that Su Ye was staring at him and Tang Xi, so similarly, he stared at Su Ye while saying.

"Xi, you\'ve changed…" Su Ye said. She then shook her head and started eating.

"Guo Huai! You jerk! I have been waiting for you to bring me food and you started eating here already?!" a girl shouted. When the three of them were having their feast, the door of the private room suddenly opened. A beautiful girl then rushed in and shouted at Guo Huai angrily.

"You Youyou, please take care of your naughty boy. The meal card is indeed yours, isn\'t it? Guo Huai, I find you very impressive to depend on girls for your meals! Hahah," Su Ye said joyfully.

"Why are you making so much noise? Sit down, I hate it when people speak when I\'m eating. Go and order what you want, or just eat whatever\'s on the table, it should be enough anyway," Guo Huai looked at You Youyou as he said.

"Sister, please sit down. I\'ll order two more dishes," Tang Xi said and took a seat for You Youyou before walking out of the room.

"Look, look. Did you see that? My dear beauty Youyou. In ancient times, this is what they call the difference between the first wife and the second wife," Guo Huai said loudly before leaving the room as well.

You Youyou got so mad that she could not say a word.

"Beauty You, nice to meet you, I\'m Su Ye," Su Ye said before offering her hand, smiling. "I heard that one of the most beautiful girls from Ninth High School transferred here, I finally get to see you in person."

You Youyou got shocked before offering her precious, jade hand and shook hands with Su Ye. You Youyou got a good impression of the girl in front of her, who looked almost as good as her.

"Xi, did we know each other back then?" Guo Huai looked at Tang Xi and asked.

"Would the mighty Fourth Brother of Wucheng Vile Tetrad know a kid like me?" Tang Xi stared at Guo Huai and asked.

"I still remember when I was young, a girl from Wucheng\'s old street couldn\'t stop following me. I called her Taffy, because she\'d stick to me all day like a candy. However when I left the old street, I wasn\'t even able to say goodbye to her," Guo Huai said softly. "I have to find her, I promised to take her as my first wife, hahah."

*TL note: Taffy (the candy) and Tang Xi have the exact same pronunciation in Mandarin.*

"Do you really still remember the promise you made to that girl?" Tang Xi asked. It has been ten years already. Deep down the heart of one of the four that people refer to as Wucheng Vile Tetrad, there\'s still a place that belongs to both of us, Tang Xi thought.

"Little Taffy, I have finally found you. Aren\'t you supposed to give me a kiss?" Guo Huai said before grabbing Tang Xi into his hug. Ignoring her reaction, he directly kissed her.

"Look! It\'s the Ice Beauty of our school. Who\'s that guy? Did he just kiss our Goddess? Whack him!" a guy shouted. The moment Guo Huai\'s lips landed on Tang Xi\'s lips, more than ten guys put their bowls and plates down, before immediately surrounding Guo Huai. You Youyou and Su Ye heard the loud movement from outside and ran out of the room.

"Ah! An illusion… It must be an illusion," Su Ye rapidly shook her head and said.

"You jerk, I thought you went out to order two more dishes for me? Why are you making out with another beauty now? Damn it!" You Youyou stepped forward and shouted at Guo Huai.

"Don\'t be jealous, don\'t be mad. You\'ll get it as well," Guo Huai said before kissing You Youyou on the lips. After a while, Guo Huai looked at Su Ye and asked, "Kid, what are you looking at? Do you want one too?"