Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 109

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TL: Lynic

TLC: Hedonist

Guo Huai sat on a chair, thinking, The first step of the clinic is finally done. When the sky gets darker, I\'ll hang the signboard up. A formation is undoubtedly needed. Otherwise, the wall wouldn\'t be able to hold this 5-tonne signboard on the wall.

Li Yao, an early-stage Innate expert, is a soldier and Guo Huai\'s sworn big brother. Jia Yuan, one with incredibly high EQ, the third richest man under thirty years old in China, is Guo Huai\'s second brother. Wang Shen, deputy director of Wucheng Discipline Inspection Commission, is Guo Huai\'s third brother, Xiahou Shanhe thought as he looked at the data in his hands.

Even though the King of Soldier Li Yao has some capabilities, it\'s still impossible for them to be able to harm Little Tian. Also, Little Tian fainted in the hall on that day, he must\'ve got attacked right there. Who could it be? Xiahou Shanhe thought.

Nangong Lingmo, a registered member in Chinese Superhuman Organisation, telekinesis superhuman with the ability equivalent to an Innate middle-stage cultivator, Xiahou Shanhe thought as he looked at Nangong Lingmo once again. This kid was there when the tragedy took place. Could it be that she was the culprit? Based on her ability, it\'s impossible for her to defeat Tian alone.

"Nangong Lingmo, we will find out the truth once we capture her. Telekinesis superhuman, let me see just how capable a member of the Chinese Superhuman Organisation is," Xiahou Shanhe said softly as he slowly closed his eyes.

"Sister Weiwei, let me see your jade necklace." When Sun Lingling gave the jade necklaces to the few girls, some of them weren\'t too happy though they got a present, because they were delivered by Sun Lingling instead of Guo Huai himself.

"They\'re all the same," Murong Weiwei said as she passed her jade necklace to Nangong Lingmo.

"Elder Sister, I want to tell you something," Nangong Lingmo said before leaning towards Murong Weiwei. She whispered," The guy from Ninth High School during Knowledge Championship, Xiahou Tian died. My grandpa asked me to be careful, I may run into troubles these days. He even asked me to deal with the problem myself."

"How could he do that? You\'re barely ten years old, what can you deal with?" Murong Weiwei asked loudly.

"Elder Sister, calm down. This jade necklace isn\'t something ordinary. When any one of us is in danger, Brother Huai will be notified immediately. Brother Huai might have learned about Xiahou Tian\'s death as well," Nangong Lingmo said softly. "I can even guarantee that Xiahou Tian\'s death has something to do with Brother Huai."

"Then Brother Huai will be in danger as well?" Murong Weiwei asked, concerned. She was very clear about who Nangong Lingmo was. If someone this capable enough to join the Chinese Superhuman Organisation said there could be trouble, of course she would get worried for Guo Huai.

"If Brother Huai really is Sister Jade\'s senior brother, then you don\'t have to worry about anything. I reckon, in the entire superhuman organisation, the numbers those who can defeat Brother Huai can be counted with just one hand," Nangong Lingmo said. "I have a bad feeling that they will come for me first."

"Do you want to give Brother Huai or Jade a call? They can at least take care of you if you guys are together," Murong Weiwei said softly. "Or I can give my dad a call. He can send people to protect you."

"Xiahou Tian\'s death is not at all related to me. They can come for me if they want. If we can\'t solve the problem by talking, I\'ll just fight them. If I can\'t defeat them, I\'ll escape. I don\'t believe that I can\'t deal with this problem myself," Nangong Lingmo said proudly.

"It\'s best to give Brother Huai a call. We\'ll listen to his plans," Murong Weiwei said before calling Guo Huai. She then told him everything about Nangong Lingmo.

"Pass Little Lingmo the phone," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Kiddo, no matter who came to find your trouble, push the responsibilities to my head. Let them come for me. If they dare to fight you, whack their asses if you feel confident. If you don\'t, run to the my house and ask for Jade\'s help. She\'ll deal with them for you."

"I understand, Brother Huai. You must be careful as well. Grandpa said that the people sent by Xiahou family are all Innate experts," Nangong Lingmo said softly.

"Don\'t worry about me. Don\'t tell this to the few other elder sisters, they don\'t have to get worried for nothing. Innate experts won\'t do anything to them. I\'ll explain in details to you guys next Saturday during the clinic\'s open ceremony," Guo Huai said. He then talked a few sentences with Murong Weiwei before ending the call.

"The crowd is finally gone. I\'ll put the signboard in place first," Guo Huai said as he stood at the entrance of Clinic of No Treatment.

The driver of the truck was asked to leave earlier. Guo Huai walked into the truck and touched the signboard. He then took out seven jade plaques before placing them on the signboard, deploying a Floating Formation on it. He slowly hovered the signboard out from the truck, rose it up, and hung it above the door.

"Clinic of No Treatment! Hahah, I\'ll save a heck lot of people in my clinic. The karma I\'ll earn will be enormous. This way, even the nine divine lightning can\'t do anything to me if I have a chance to reach ascension in the future," Guo Huai said happily. "But I need more people for the opening ceremony, Jade and I can\'t get it done ourselves. I\'ll think about it later, it\'s time to go home! Go home!"

"Four characters." Before entering the house, Guo Huai could hear Jade\'s voice.

"Loot! Jade, luck isn\'t on your side today, is it?" the woman sitting to the right of Jade said happily.

"Elder Sister, I think it\'s because I\'ve been lacking sleep for the renovation of the clinic. Let\'s stop today, we\'ll continue playing next time," Jade replied with a smile.

"Just pass everything related to the business to Guo Huai. We as women should enjoy our time at home," the woman sitting at the opposite said as she was happily counting money. "My husband told me that he\'ll be attending the open ceremony of your clinic. I\'ll follow along to have a look."

"My fellow elder sisters, you\'re all here!" Guo Huai said energetically as he entered the house. "I\'ve been busy all day. Sorry for not serving you all properly."

"Huai, you need to spend time with your wife no matter how busy you are. We\'ll be leaving now. Oh, we\'ll all attend your clinic\'s open ceremony. Jade said that you\'ll be selling medicines with beautifying effects. You need to charge us a lower price!" the woman sitting on the left said.

"What price are you talking about? Coincidentally, I have three pills with me right now. You ladies may have one each and see what it does. Just consume it now so that I can handle it directly if there\'s any problem," Guo Huai said with a smile as he took out four emerald-green medicinal pills before putting them in front of the three ladies.

"Little Huai, do I eat it directly?" one of them asked doubtfully.

"Rest assured, nothing bad will happen. I can ensure your safety. Look, this is my medical certificate!" Guo Huai said before pulling out his medical certificate.

"If you guys don\'t want to eat, I\'ll do it. I trust Jade and Huai," the woman called Chu Hong said and immediately put one pill into her mouth.