Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 108

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TL: Lynic

TLC: Hedonist

"This is Guo, we\'ll help him unload the truck today. Everything on-board is a furniture. I only have one request, that is to avoid any bump or scratches. If it happens, I wouldn\'t be able to pay for the compensations, let alone you guys," Zhang Xiyun said loudly.

"Brother Zhang, it isn\'t as serious at what Teacher Zhang just said. Just unload the truck with some extra care. They aren\'t anything valuable," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Hey bro, don\'t worry. My men are all retired from the military. I can ensure the success of the mission," Zhang Mo said with a smile. "Brothers, carry the furniture from the truck into the shop. Please be careful."

"We will ensure the success of the mission!" the thirty men shouted at the same time. They then split into two groups, one would stay in the truck and one would stay outside.

"Seventh Brother, look at this table. Having lived for so many years, this carving is the best I\'ve seen. It\'s even better than the one at our commander\'s place," a youngster said. "The materials are for sure top-notch as well."

"Fifth Brother, we have to be extra careful. We mustn\'t let anything go wrong to these furniture," Seventh Brother replied softly. "Fifth Brother, look at the dining table. The carving is so exceptional! We have to ask Mr. Guo where he got these from. So beautiful."

Guo Huai, Jia Yuan, Zhang Xiyun and Zhang Mo didn\'t stay idle either. They placed the furnitures unloaded from the truck at the appropriate places. Every time an item was placed down, it would always blend with the surroundings perfectly, shocking Zhang Xiyun without fail.

After around two hours, everything from the truck was unloaded, except for a super long signboard.

The leader of the thirty men walked towards Zhang Mo and asked softly, "Brother Zhang, can you come over? It\'s not easy for us to move this signboard."

"What is it? Isn\'t it just a piece of signboard? What\'s so difficult about it?" Zhang Mo asked softly.

"Brother Zhang, all of us tried to carry it down but it didn\'t even move for a millimeter. We don\'t know what the signboard is made of, but it\'s a little bit too heavy," the youngster said softly.

Zhang Mo lightly nodded and jumped on the truck. He tried his best to push the 10-meter-long signboard but it didn\'t move for the slightest bit.

"It doesn\'t look like metal. How is it so heavy?" Zhang Mo asked, astonished. "You guys stay here. Don\'t let the signboard hit anyone. I\'ll ask Guo Huai how he managed to get the signboard here in the first place."

"Oh, the signboard you meant? You guys don\'t have to move it. I\'ll think of a way myself later," Guo Huai said with a smile. He had totally forgotten about it. In Laojun Gourd, he saw a thousand-year-old cold ironwood that was around 20 meters long. It wasn\'t something that belonged to the human world. He got too excited at that time and started to cut it with his flying sword, making it the signboard for his Clinic of No Treatment. Weighing almost 5 metric tonnes, it will be very difficult to be moved with just manpower, let alone hanging it on the door. If it wasn\'t for the formation Guo Huai set up, it would had been impossible for the truck to withstand the weight.

"Oh, we\'ll stop trying then," Zhang Mo said with a smile. "Dad, we\'re done now. Do you want to follow me home for dinner?" Zhang Mo asked Zhang Xiyun.

"You may send your people away. I need stay here for a while more," Zhang Xiyun said with a smile. "I\'ll go to your house after I\'m done here. Little Zhu should be there right?"

"Yep. Alright, I\'ll ask my wife to prepare a big meal. We\'ll wait for you at dinner tonight," Zhang Mo said before leaving with his men.

"Six No Treatments: no treatment for the unfilial, no treatment for the dishonest, no treatment for the disrespectful, no treatment for the unethical, no treatment for the violent, and no treatment for whoever we don\'t feel like helping. Hahah, Little Friend, who\'s the one who wrote these words? Please tell me, I need to pay the writer a visit," Zhang Xiyun said smilingly. "No treatment for whoever we don\'t feel like helping. Hahah! Clinic of No Treatment is indeed interesting. Can I ask who the main doctor of this place is?"

"Uncle Zhang, thank you for the renovation. Regarding the writer and the main doctor, what I can tell you is, they\'re both the same person. If you really want to find out who the person is, come to the opening ceremony next Saturday. I won\'t give you an invitation letter personally," Guo Huai said before passing Zhang Xiyun a bank cheque. "Uncle Zhang, This is the payment for your services. Here. Please accept it. This renovation isn\'t for yourself, and everyone has a family to feed."

Zhang Xiyun nodded as he received the cheque. It was 10 million, two times more than the promised 5 million. However, he didn\'t bother to reject it after looking at Guo Huai\'s expression.

"Little Friend, I\'ll be here next Saturday. But I\'ll come over these two days. Little Jia has promised me to allow me to take a few pictures," Zhang Xiyun said with a smile.

"No problem, I still need your help for some slight touch-ups. We can talk about it at that time. I won\'t be asking you to join me for dinner tonight, go home and visit your grandson. Hahah!" Guo Huai said and laughed.

"Fourth Brother, you\'re indeed generous. I dare not to sit on this bench. It\'s made using yellow rosewoods older than fifty years, right? I really wonder where you got these materials from," Jia Yuan said.

"Thank you for helping me with setting the clinic up. Uncle Zhang is very capable. We\'ll ask him for help when we branch out the clinic in the future. Heheh," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Ask Brother Yao and Brother Shen here before the opening ceremony. We\'ll sign a few documents together. I\'ll give each of you 10% of the clinic\'s share. At that time, this clinic will belong to all of us brothers."

"Third Brother described your medical skill like it can only be found in heaven. Is he for real? I hope these things won\'t be used to compensate for financial loss in the future," Jia Yuan said with a smile. "But if this business were really losing money, or if you\'re short on money, just ask for it from me. I haven\'t touched a single cent from your multi-billion businesses. By all means, don\'t sell any assets from this clinic."

"Hahah, alright. When Clinic of No Treatment starts operating, I\'ll only treat ten people every day. You\'ll know just how impressive I am when the opening ceremony comes. Hahah!" Guo Huai said and laughed.

"I don\'t ask for much, you have to take care of our meals on that day. Your wine must be used to satisfy me as well," Jia Yuan said happily.

"Have a taste of this thing. Tell me how you think," Guo Huai said as he took out a piece of dried meat like magic before throwing it to Jia Yuan.

"What the heck is this thing? Is a thing this black even edible?" Jia Yuan asked doubtfully. He then put the meat into his mouth. "Damn! Fourth Brother, how many more good stuff do you still have? Take them all out! I have put in so much effort for your clinic. Quickly feed your hungry brother here."

"Sorry, Second Brother. Your sister-in-law only left me the small piece of meat. I gave it all to you," Guo Huai said with a smile. The meat he passed to Jia Yuan was a piece of dragon meat. It was said that under the dragon meat, there was donkey meat. However, nobody knew that dragon meat was a million times tastier than donkey meat.

"You still have some at home, right? I\'ll go to your house for dinner tonight. Ask Sister-In-Law to make me some," Jia Yuan said loudly.

"Your sister-in-law have been in a bad mood these days. If you aren\'t afraid of her dagger, I will happily bring you home," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Second Brother, I\'ll ask Jade to make you guys a table full of delicious dishes, and we\'ll enjoy together at that time. But we\'re a bit too busy now since the opening ceremony is just around the corner."

"Alright, I\'ll wait until the opening ceremony then," Jia Yuan said loudly. "If you have something that tastes this incredible, you can start a restaurant if your clinic fails. You\'ll earn a shit load of money doing that."

"Second Brother, I finally found out today that you\'re nothing but a glutton," Guo Huai said, smiling.

"Being able to eat is a charm. Some people don\'t even have the opportunity to fill their stomachs," Jia Yuan said before leaving the clinic as he held his belly.

"Come here earlier next Saturday!"