Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 107

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"Brother Shanhe, the kid came home already." When Guo Huai reached home, he could feel that he was being observed. He sort of knew who the other party was. Observe me all you want. If you guys dare to touch me, I\'ll just have some fun with you all, he thought.

On the other side of the phone call, a youngster around thirty years old, with the height of around 150 centimeters asked, "Wu, can you feel any superpower fluctuation from his body?"

"I can\'t feel any," Xiahou Wu answered softly.

"You can\'t? Continue your observation. Regardless if this kid is the culprit or not, he have something to do with Little Tian\'s death. Remember, don\'t let him discover you guys," Xiahou Shanhe said softly.

"Brother Shanhe, we have entered Wucheng Subsidiary High School already. We checked all the girls who are related to Guo Huai. Except for the little girl Nangong Lingmo, the others all checked out fine," Xiahou Feng said on phone.

"Brother Shanhe, the guy who used to follow Guo Huai around, Qian Duoduo, there\'s nothing suspicious about him, even though that his body is a lot stronger than an ordinary person. But there\'s something wrong with Xue Dazhu. He will have a breakthrough to Innate stage very soon," Xiahou Cheng said on phone.

"Alright. Everyone, do your surveillance properly and don\'t act blindly without thinking," Xiahou Shanhe said on phone. The other three people then nodded their heads together in agreement.

"Wucheng Vile Tetrad, I need to check on the other three fellows. I want to see just who killed my nephew. I will not allow the person who killed my nephew to be alive and well!" Xiahou Shanhe said to himself as he exploded a really strong aura.

On the way to the clinic, Guo Huai phoned Jia Yuan, saying, "Second Brother, I\'ll reach Xinglin Street very soon. If you have not completed the renovation on my place by today, you\'ll be done for as my furnitures are all completed and ready to be placed inside the clinic."

"I was just about to call you but you beat me to it. I\'ve been waiting for you here all morning. Today is the fourth day, come over quickly. The workers are all still here, they can help with moving the stuff inside," Jia Yuan said happily. "My few brothers, can you wait here for a while longer? I need your help. I\'ll pay an extra thousand to each of you."

"Boss Jia, are you sure there are furnitures that could match the beauty of this renovation?" an old man asked with a smile. He was the project lead for the renovation, the director of Chinese Construction Organisation. He only took the project after looking at the blueprint that Guo Huai gave to Jia Yuan. The first time he saw the blueprint, he was deeply captivated by what he saw.

"Teacher Zhang, just call me Little Jia," Jia Yuan said respectfully. The reason he could hire someone like Zhang Xiyun was because Zhang wanted to show his due respect for Jia Yuan\'s grandpa, Jia Guyun. Naturally, Jia Yuan had to pay extra respect to the old man.

"I\'m also not sure if my brother\'s furniture can match the renovation or not, because it\'s impossible that ordinary ones can match the style of this renovation," Jia Yuan said softly. "But my brother called me just now. He\'ll be here very soon."

"Alright, we\'ll wait here for a while more. If your brother can bring a complimenting set of furniture, you don\'t have to pay me for my share anymore. I just want you to convince your brother to allow me to take a few pictures of them, and to give me the blueprint for free," Zhang Xiyun said with a smile.

"Teacher Lin, since you helped us to get the place done, you can take the pictures however you want. The few blueprints will belong to you as well. I can speak on behalf of my brother," Jia Yuan said with a smile. This insignificant decision made the descendants of Zhang Xiyun to earn a fortune. A century later, the seven blueprints that Guo Huai drew got sold for 700 million at an auction. Every time Jia Yuan talked about it, his heart would ache for a bit.

"Second Brother, unload the truck." Upon reaching Clinic of No Treatment, Guo Huai walked into the place. He nodded as he entered walked inside. He didn\'t expect to get this result by workers from the human world. Although there were minute differences from the blueprints, the look and feel of the place was generally what Guo Huai wanted.

"Fourth Brother, come over. I\'ll introduce this guy to you, he\'s Teacher Zhang, the head of this project. Teacher Zhang, this is my brother Guo Huai," Jia Yuan said with a smile. Guo Huai then shook hands with Zhang Xiyun. They seemed to appreciate each other for the ability of both parties.

"Teacher Zhang, you may take a look at the furniture. Please arrange some workers to take them out from the truck," Guo Huai said with a smile. Zhang Xiyun then brought his workers to the 13-meter-long truck.

"Uncle, can you open the rear doors please?" Guo Huai said to the truck driver.

"Everyone, stay here. I\'ll go take a look first," Zhang Xiyun said. As soon as the door opened, the fragrance of wood assaulted the nostrils. Being extremely experienced in the field of construction, he knew that the furniture in the truck were extraordinary.

"Little Guo, wait for a while. You guys may go home now. I\'ll pay your wages into your card in a few days." Zhang Xiyun asked his workers to leave.

"Teacher Zhang, what are you trying to do?" Guo Huai asked, smiling.

"They\'ve all been working since the morning. Asking them to unload these isn\'t the best idea. I\'ll call a new batch of people here," Zhang Xiyun said as he took his phone out. "Little Guo, where did you buy these from? These are all artistic works. Are you really planning to use them as furniture?"

"Teacher Zhang, you\'re exaggerating. It\'s just that these materials are somewhat difficult to find. They\'re not a piece of art in any way," Guo Huai said with a smile. "Since Teacher Zhang has more workers, we\'ll wait for a while more then."

"Hello, Zhang Mo, I\'m Zhang Xiyun. Get thirty reliable young men from your side to come over. I\'m at Unit 338 of Xinglin Street. Get them here quickly and they have to be dependable! Also, bring some pure-cotton gloves and a 100-meter-long pure-cotton cloth," Zhang Xiyun said loudly on phone.

"Dad, can you not be so polite to me in phone calls? What Zhang Mo, I\'m Zhang Xiyun, are you talking about? You make it sound like it\'s our first time talking to each other," Zhang Mo said on the other side of the phone call. "The people will be there immediately. I\'ll lead them myself. Dad, find a place and rest for the moment." Zhang Mo didn\'t ask what the people were needed for and instantly accepted the request.

"Ahem, ahem. Teacher Zhang, it sure is interesting listening to how you talk with your son," Guo Huai said smilingly.

"Sorry for the embarrassment. My son is a very disappointing man. I asked him to follow me to the construction business but he went out to set up a business himself. We have drawn a line between us already. I\'ll pay him for using his people later," Zhang Xiyun said.

"Having children and grandchildren is a charm. Teacher Zhang, you don\'t have to be so let down. Once your grandson is born, you can pass down this business to him any day. Won\'t that solve your problem?" Guo Huai asked with a smile. Looking at Zhang Xiyun\'s facial features, he could tell through divination that Zhang Mo would give birth to two sons.

"Oh ya! Since Zhang Mo the scoundrel refuses to do it, I can pass it to Little Zhu," Zhang Xiyun said. He suddenly saw the light after listening to what Guo Huai said.

"Dad, I brought the people you need here. Order them whatever you need to get done." A 185-centimeter guy appeared behind them. Thirty men dressed in similar uniforms came down from two vans, exerting the vitality and aura of youngsters.