Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 105

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When Sun Lingling heard the familiar voice, she got really happy but turned mad soon afterwards. "Naughty Boy, you came a bit too late. I want to sleep now. Go back to where you came from!" she said.

"We\'ll sleep together then," Guo Huai said as he carried Sun Lingling into his hug and hushed Sun Lingling\'s mouth with his lips. After a while, Sun Lingling slowly stopped resisting and succumbed to him. The atmosphere in the room then got filled with the most ancient enthusiasm. Of course, Guo Huai did a great job this time. He set up a sound-proof formation in the room beforehand.

"Lingling, earlier you said that the people from Xiahou clan came to Wucheng County. Is the information reliable? I\'m not worried about anything else. I just want my clinic\'s open ceremony to go on undisturbed," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"I heard it from Grandpa. He had learned about the two of us," Sun Lingling said as her face suddenly reddened.

"It seems like I have to find some time to visit your grandpa then. I\'ll also prepare some betrothal gifts, and take you into my family. Otherwise, I don\'t feel good coming to a place like this. It feels wrong somehow," Guo Huai said out of honesty.

"It\'s lucky that Grandpa only found out about you after the Knowledge Championship. Otherwise, if he were to learn about you earlier when you were still known as the Wucheng Vile Tetrad, I bet your corpse would had be torn into pieces and sunk into the moat by now," Sun Lingling said with a smile.

"If I sank into the moat, who\'s going to sleep with you?" Guo Huai asked before pulling Sun Lingling to his arms, and started to kiss her wildly.

"Naughty Boy!" Sun Lingling said, blushing. "Xiahou clan is very influential in Beijing. They have sent four people here. According to Grandpa, two of them are cultivators who have reached the Innate stage. That was what he said to me."

"Innate experts? Interesting, they may come at me all they want," Guo Huai said. "Lingling, every moment of making love is as precious as gold. Let\'s not talk about such dispiriting issue." The two of them started yet another round of passion.

"Wear this jade necklace with you. Pass these to Xi and the others. If anyone from the Xiahou family found any of you, give them my address and let them come to me," Guo Huai said as he passed six jade necklaces to Sun Lingling. There were words on each necklace, the one Sun Lingling held had the word \'Sun\', her surname.

"Aren\'t you going to give them yourself? They\'d get jealous if I send these to them," Sun Lingling said softly.

"I wanted to pass them to you all on Saturday. I don\'t care anymore, give them as soon as possible. I hope the Innate cultivators won\'t disappoint me," Guo Huai said as he squinted.

At six in the morning, Guo Huai lightly kissed Sun Lingling who was deep asleep on the forehead before once again riding his flying sword back to the old Guo residence, making the cultivators in China have another round of commotion.

"Naughty Boy, you\'re finally back. You\'re quite high-profile eh? Riding your flying sword in public is for sure a good move to pick up girls," Jade said to Guo Huai who just reached home.

"Ahem, ahem. First Wife, you\'re awake already. Do you want to go back to bed again?" Guo Huai asked with a smile as he sat beside Jade.

"Scallion!" Jade scolded. "Come shopping with me today, otherwise I\'ll teach a lesson!"

"I have some serious business to do today. You have to let me go home for a while. I need to meet Grandpa and also inform him about the clinic\'s opening ceremony," Guo Huai said smilingly.

"Think of a way to send these things to Jia Yuan, but don\'t use your storage ring anymore. Suddenly taking so many things out like magic will frighten lots of people," Jade said as she pointed at the furnitures in the courtyard.

"My dear wife Jade is indeed thoughtful. Come, I\'ll give you a kiss as a reward," Guo Huai said before going forward with his lips.

"Piss off! Get yourself changed. I\'ll visit a Mahjong parlor to play a few rounds in the afternoon. Don\'t delay my serious business," Jade said after pushing Guo Huai away.

Guo Huai got completely speechless for a while. He asked, "Play Mahjong in a Mahjong parlor? If your elder sister learned about this, how do you think she\'d react?"

"You said that time in the human world will pass in the blink of an eye. We should enjoy ourselves while we\'re here," Jade said with a smile. "Maybe Elder Sister will want me to go back very soon. I wouldn\'t have the chance to play like this if that happens."

After around half an hour, Guo Huai had a simple breakfast with Jade after changing his clothing. He then drove an SUV to the villa of Guo family.

"You brat, you should have told us before coming here. Rest here with her for a while, I\'ll go make you two some tasty food now," Grandma Guo said. When Guo Huai and Jade reached the house, the happiest person was naturally Grandma Guo. She didn\'t listen to what Guo Huai persuasion and rushed to the kitchen.

"Oh, Jade is back." When Guo Zhengyang returned, he only looked at Jade and did not make eye contact with Guo Huai. "Stupid Brat, why didn\'t you tell me that you quit school already? Why did you keep me in the dark of such important matter?"

"Old Man, why do you react like this when this kid finally came to visit us again? Isn\'t it just quitting school? Actually, going to school is rather meaningless. Look at those students, none of them are better than our grandson," Grandma Guo said.

"It\'s all because you letting him do whatever he wants," Guo Zhengyang replied. When Grandma Guo sprung to Guo Huai\'s defense, Grandpa Guo quickly sheathed his sword. "Kid, come with me to the study room. There\'s something I need to discuss with you. Jade, you may walk around in the house. Tell the old lady if you need anything."

"Kid, I\'m thinking of sending you to the south to stay for a while. I contacted your Grandpa Wenxuan to let you stay at his place for a year," Guo Zhengyang said as soon as he entered the study room, going straight to the point.

"Oh, so Grandpa have learned about the matter of Xiahou clan," Guo Huai said with a smile. "What the heck does Xiahou Tian\'s death got to do with me?"

"Follow me," Guo Zhengyang said as he shook his head. Upon pressing a button on the desk, a door was revealed itself in the study room. Guo Huai immediately got shocked. In the memory of the previous Guo Huai, there was no information regarding this secret room. His grandpa had indeed been hiding it very well.

"Xiahou Yuan, I had long told you to let Little Tian sign up at the superhuman organisation, and let him stay there to learn from the experts. But you did not take my advice. And now, this kind of stuff happened. So what do you expect us, the superhuman organisation, to do about that?" a middle-aged man asked the master of Xiahou clan Xiahou Yuan.

"Zhang Zhongcheng, this indeed was a mistake of my Xiahou clan indeed. But still, Little Tian couldn\'t had just lose his life like that. You should have some idea of his capabilities. It was impossible for an ordinary person to hurt him. The culprit must be a superhuman as well. Your organisation should do as it sees fit!" Xiahou Yuan said loudly.

Three days ago, Xiahou Tian got sent from Wucheng County to Beijing. Xiahou Yuan had never expected his grandson, who he were very proud of, to suddenly transform into that look after a trip to Wucheng County. He hired the most famous doctors in Beijing that the Xiahou clan could call for, but in the end, Xiahou Tian still died. For lack of better option, Xiahou Yuan contacted people from the Chinese Superhuman Organisation.

"Do as we see fit? What is there to do? The person who have the ability to break Little Tian\'s brain should be a superhuman as well, one that is extremely proficient in controlling minds. I\'ve looked through the documents of everyone in the superhuman organisation. There\'s no such superhuman in the entire China. So, the organization got no business to do with this," Zhang Zhongcheng said before shaking his head.