Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 104

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TLC: Hedonist

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After talking with Su Ye, Guo Huai made a phone call to You Youyou. She was rather pissed. Since Guo Huai had left school for a few days and You Youyou didn\'t even received a phone call, who was it to blame that You Youyou got angry? Guo Huai spent quite some more effort to placate her. What he said to her was about the same as what he said to the other girls, to meet them on Saturday.

"Not answering? How dare you not answer my phone call?!" Guo Huai called Lin Shuang for a few times continuously, but no one picked up the phone. Guo Huai got a little upset and was a bit worried as well. However, nothing bad should\'ve happened given that he had checked the future through divination recently.

"Jerk! You left school for so many days and you didn\'t think of contacting me until now. And you even called the other girls before calling me. Jerk!" Lin Shuang scolded. Her phone had rung for three times, but still, she was not picking up the phone.

"Weiwei, is Teacher Lin fine?" Guo Huai asked. He called Murong Weiwei once again.

"Yeah, she\'s fine. I just received a call from Teacher Lin after ending yours. Shen even asked about you," Murong Weiwei said with a smile. "Do you need to discuss things with her?"

"Nah, nothing. I understand now. See you on Saturday," Guo Huai said before ending the call. He then phoned Lin Shuang once again.

Once the call got connected, Guo Huai didn\'t wait for Lin Shuang to say a word. He said, "Little Shuangshuang, you refused to pick up your husband\'s call earlier. Are you planning a revolt?"

"Call me Teacher Lin," Lin Shuang said coldly. "What did you call me for?"

"Little Shuangshuang, you weren\'t this cold the last time. My clinic will hold an opening ceremony on this Saturday. Please join us, and dress beautifully to the ceremony," Guo Huai said happily and didn\'t get angry. "Also, I\'ll pay a visit to the Gu clan soon. You don\'t have to worry about them."

"Guo Huai, please don\'t go there. I beg you, please don\'t go meet them. You cannot go there," Lin Shuang said anxiously.

"If I want you to be my women, I must first take care of the Gu clan. You said that, remember? Therefore I shall go and take care of them," Guo Huai said with a smile "Have you been feeling unwell these days? If you do, don\'t go to the hospital, come to my clinic instead. Your illness can\'t be treated at the hospital."

After chatting for a while longer, Guo Huai ended the call as he learned that Lin Shuang wasn\'t in any trouble. Having multiple women wasn\'t necessarily a good thing. Guo Huai spent half the afternoon just to give each and everyone of them a call.

"Naughty Boy, if you\'re done lingering with your little girlfriends, come over and give me a hand," Jade yelled. Guo Huai quickly flew towards Jade and landed in front of her.

"Jade, you\'re really a good wife. Your craftsmanship is absolutely first class even when compared to those in heaven," Guo Huai praised as he looked at all kinds of furnitures in the courtyard.

"Naughty Boy, I completed everything that\'s made of golden purple sandalwood. You\'ll have to deal with the rest. This fairy is going to rest now," Jade said before turning away and leaving.

Guo Huai reached out to pull her hand, saying, "My dear Jade, please be helpful until the end. I\'ll draw you the blueprints for the remaining yellow rosewood and red sandalwood. Please help me, would you?"

"You finally know how good the magnificent Jade is. You were chatting so happily with the few girls earlier. Aren\'t you going out tonight?" Jade asked as she looked at Guo Huai. "If you agree to keep me company tonight, I\'ll finish everything for you. You know, within the heavenly palace, other than Wu Gang, no one is better than me when it comes to woodwork."

"Jade, you\'ve heard my conversation earlier. I made a promise to meet her. I can\'t just go back on my words, right?" Guo Huai said with a thick face. "I\'ll make you good food. Fairy Jade is the best!" After flattering Jade, Guo Huai immediately ran into the house without waiting for a response.

"Humph! Naughty Boy, Stupid Scallion, you\'ll get into trouble because of women sooner or later," Jade said as she pouted. Her hands didn\'t stop for a moment. The dagger on her lily-white hand was sliding around the wooden chunks rapidly. People would get astonished if they witnessed this scene. Just imagine how impressive it was to craft such delicate furnitures solely with a dagger.

"That exhausted the heck out of me. Naughty Boy, everything you need is here. I hope to eat something nice after bath. Otherwise don\'t even think about stepping out of the house today," Jade said loudly.

After around an hour, Guo Huai served eight hot and four cold dishes. Using exceptional cooking materials, the entire house was filled with the fragrance of food. "Jade, come over and have a look. See if they suit your taste or not," Guo Huai said loudly.

"You\'re such a scallion. You spent so much effort just to earn an opportunity to date your little girlfriend. Is it that I couldn\'t satisfy you enough?" Jade said with a naughty smile before lightly removing her clothes, revealing a snow-field in front of her chest. Her hair wasn\'t fully dry yet.

"My dear Jade, since you have worked so hard today, I shall make you most comfortable," Guo Huai said before carrying Jade to the bedroom.

"Jerk! Put me down. I\'m not going to entertain you tonight. Put me down!" Jade shouted loudly.

"Are you possibly shy? Sorry for tiring you. I\'ll massage you for a bit." After a short while, sounds of panting could be heard coming from the room.

"Being a man isn\'t easy, being a great man is even more difficult, but being an excellent man like me is more challenging than scaling the heaven," Guo Huai murmured. He then leaped out of Guo residence before stepping on his flying sword. Following numerous partnered cultivation, he gained enough divine power to sufficiently support his flying sword. He could now directly ride a flying sword.

However, there was something that Guo Huai wasn\'t aware of. Riding a flying sword wasn\'t a big deal for him. But every superhuman and cultivator from Wucheng County, or even throughout China could feel an overwhelming energy wave. Even the thoroughly shriveled old man underneath the Heavenly Lake of Changbai Mountain opened his eyes again.

[TL note: from now on, 异能者 will be translated as "superhuman" instead of "poweruser"]

"So the person who killed Xiahou Tian is here. Brilliant, brilliant! Just wait for it. When I get out of here, I\'ll make you pay the debt of blood with your own blood!" the shriveled old man shouted before shutting his eyes again.

"Such a strong sword aura. Did the few old fellow from Wudang Sect have a breakthrough recently?" a middle-aged man at a country villa in Beijing said softly as he furrowed his brows. This man was none other than the head of Chinese Superhuman Organisation, also known as the master of Gu clan, Gu Zhenlei.

[TL note: 异能 will be translated as "superhuman" instead of "poweruser"]

Just as Gu Zhenlei was lamenting, the cultivators from Wudang, Emei, Maoshan, Kongtong, North Sea, East Sea, South Sea sects, and basically every cultivator in the human world began to startle. When Guo Huai flew with his sword, he was as though the butterfly in the butterfly effect, causing many throughout China to be unable to fall asleep that night.

[Read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Butterfly_effect]

Sun Lingling was waiting in a room at the hotel of Wucheng University. It was the place where she conducted her first passionate activity with Guo Huai. After waiting for ages, Sun Lingling started to complain nervously as Guo Huai still wasn\'t there yet. She said to herself, "Naughty Boy, we haven\'t seen each other for so long already. You\'re still letting me wait for so long."

"Wifey Lingling, I\'m here. You must\'ve gotten anxious ay?" Guo Huai said as he suddenly appeared in the room, causing a great shock to Sun Lingling.