Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 103

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2/2 chapter of this week.

"Fourth Brother, Sister-In-Law, you don\'t have to put on a show like this. You don\'t expect me to believe the legend, do you? I\'ll leave now. Thank you for what you did for me in America. Do you have more medicinal pills like that?" Li Yao asked with a smile.

"I\'ll contact you again when my clinic starts operating. In the journey of cultivation, depending on yourself is most important," Guo Huai replied.

After Li Yao left, Jade looked at the ornament, saying, "Hubby, I honestly quite miss Elder Sister already after coming down for so long."

"There\'s only a hundred years in the human world. That\'ll pass in the blink of an eye. Since you crafted an ornament of Fairy Chang\'er, where do you think we should put it at? I\'ll go set up a Feng Shui Formation later and put the ornament on it," Guo Huai said with a smile. Facing the woman on the ornament, he had nothing but utmost respect in his heart, regardless if it was the lady herself or only the ornament.

"Wifey Lingling, I haven\'t talked to you in a while. Do you miss me? I\'ll go visit you all in Wucheng Subhigh after this busy period," Guo Huai said on phone.

"Naughty Boy, I have to tell you something," Sun Lingling said softly. Guo Huai could feel that Sun Lingling felt troubled by something.

"Xiahou clan sent someone to Wucheng County. My grandpa asked me to tell you that you may be in trouble. The guy from Knowledge Championship Xiahou Tian is dead," Sun Lingling said softly.

"Xiahou clan? Alright, got it. They can come all they want. Don\'t worry about me, you know how capable your husband is," Guo Huai said with a smile. It\'s fine if the Xiahou clan doesn\'t come to cause trouble. Otherwise, I don\'t mind visiting you guys after paying the Gu clan a visit, he thought.

"Hubby, you have to be careful. Xiahou clan is a lot more terrifying than you think. If you run out of ideas, go and stay at my house. I talked with my grandpa for this," Sun Lingling said as she bit her lip.

"Don\'t worry, I\'ll be fine. My clinic will have an open ceremony next Saturday. I\'ll send a car to pick you guys up on that day. Since it\'s our family business, I have to invite every wife," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Naughty Boy, you\'re proud to have many wives, aren\'t you? You haven\'t called me in a while. It does seem like you\'ve been living a great life," Sun Lingling said with a hint of jealousy.

"Oh, are you jealous? Get a room at the hotel next to Wucheng University. I\'ll find you tonight," Guo Huai said with a naughty smile.

"Naughty Boy! All you know is taking advantage of others," Sun Lingling said, blushing. "I\'ll text you tonight," she said quickly before ending the call.

"Girl, going through puberty, eh?" Shen Birou asked as she slapped Sun Lingling\'s butt.

"Yeah, I\'m going through puberty. At least I don\'t act like you, Miss Rourou. Brother Zhu, what are you eating tonight? Brother Zhu, let\'s go shopping later. Brother Zhu, do I look pretty in this dress?" Sun Lingling said as she imitated Shen Birou\'s voice.

"Stupid Kid, you\'re getting more and more daring! It must be that Guo Huai\'s negative teaching. Let me check your body. I think you really aren\'t the previously naive Little Lingling anymore," Shen Birou said as she reached out to Sun Lingling\'s chest and started removing her clothes.

"You still dare to say that I got a bad teaching. It certainly seems like the giant guy hasn\'t taught you well either. You even dare to pull my clothes now. Do you and your Brother Zhu often play this game?" Sun Lingling said with a smile.

"Stupid Kid, are you still talking?!" In just a short moment, the room was filled with enthusiasm.

"Naughty Boy, why haven\'t you called Sister Weiwei for so long? All you know is picking up girls outside. Do you admit to your mistake?" Guo Huai called Murong Weiwei\'s phone, but could only hear Nangong Lingmo\'s voice.

"Little Lingmo, where\'s Weiwei? Pass the phone to Weiwei," Guo Huai said.

"Where\'re my medicinal pills? Sister Jade said that you have pills that can raise my strength. When are you giving them to me? I even agreed to be your wife, what more do you want?!" Nangong Lingmo said loudly.

Murong Weiwei came out of the bathroom and snatched her phone. "Kid, stop embarrassing yourself," she said.

"Brother Huai, how have you been? Nothing major happened, right?" Murong Weiwei asked with a smile.

"Yeah, nothing much has been happening. I just got a bit busy recently and couldn\'t contact you all. Do you miss me?" Guo Huai asked, smiling. "Tell Little Lingmo to wait for a few more days. During the open ceremony of my Clinic of No Treatment, I\'ll give her what she wants."

"Clinic of No Treatment? I heard from Brother Long that you were going to open a clinic. So it\'s real then," Murong Weiwei said with a smile.

"I\'ll send someone to pick you guys up on Saturday.. This is our Guo family\'s first official business," Guo Huai said.

"Alright, we\'ll meet on Saturday then. You should call Xi and the others. A few days have passed already, you didn\'t even give us a call. When we were eating earlier, Ye asked if you were getting more women outside and forgetting about us," Murong Weiwei said as she blushed.

"Okay, I\'ll give them a call later. Also, ask my little wife to get dressed nicely on that day. Hahah!" Guo Huai said before ending the call.

"Xi, do you understand now? Naughty Boy isn\'t dependable. He has left the school for a few days already and he didn\'t even give you a call," Su Ye said to Tang Xi as she ate.

"I\'m not even worried about it. Why are you, a bed warmer, more concerned than me?" Tang Xi asked with a smile while solving a Rubik\'s cube.

"He must be hugging Jade every night and living a great life," Su Ye said angrily. "This isn\'t even the worst-case scenario. I bet he even went to Wucheng Paradise or the other famous nightclubs to pick up girls. He\'s known for doing stuff like that."

"Ye, just call him if you miss him already. I won\'t get jealous or anything. Look at yourself, you haven\'t stopped talking about Brother Huai since he left school," Tang Xi said as she put down the completed Rubik\'s cube.

"I\'ll call him then. I want to ask what he has been doing. He should\'ve at least called us," Su Ye said before taking her phone and dialing a number.

"You don\'t have to call him anymore. Brother Huai called over. Heheh," Tang Xi said happily when her phone started ringing.

"Humph! Being his first wife indeed gets more priority than me as a bed warmer," Su Ye said as she pouted.

"Brother Huai, I understand now. You need to take care of your body and call us more often. Our Little Ye even got angry already," Tang Xi said with a smile. "Do you want to talk to Ye for a while?"

"Ask her to pick up the phone. She must be missing the magnificent me already," Guo Huai said with a smile.

Su Ye received the phone from Tang Xi and immediately shouted, "Naughty Boy, you have been living a great life outside the school, haven\'t you? You can\'t even give us a call, right?"

"Tell me, did any guy write you love letters when I\'m absent? If someone dares to offend me, I\'ll daringly approach them and make them miserable," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Naughty Boy, Naughty Boy, Xi and I have discussed about this already. After we graduate, we won\'t be going to universities anymore. You should earn more money starting now. Otherwise, how are you going to feed your women?" Su Ye asked very softly.

"Hahah! Little Ye, you\'re very straightforward. After you graduate from high school, I\'ll keep you. Hahah!"