Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 102

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"Fourth Brother, are the wood chunks outside all yours?" Jia Yuan asked as he rubbed his hands.

"Yeap, since you aren\'t capable of getting it done, I have to deal with it myself," Guo Huai replied with a smile. Jia Yuan\'s eyes shone when he looked at the rare materials outside. Anyone with half a brain would know that this fatty was trying to get some benefits from these woods.

"Ahem, ahem. Fourth Brother, I really can\'t get it done just like what you said. I don\'t think there\'s this much golden purple sandalwoods in even half the China. Where did you get them from?" Jia Yuan asked softly.

"They\'re merely a few garbage woods. I believe my two brothers are satisfied eating and drinking here. If there\'s nothing else, you may leave now. Second Brother, get the renovation done in time. I\'ll send the furnitures over in two days\' time," Guo Huai said smilingly.

"Heheh, Fourth Brother, I now have confidence on the project, since the materials are all here. I\'ll find the best carpenter in the country to craft the furniture drawn on the blueprint," Jia Yuan said with a smile.

"I won\'t have to disturb Second Brother for that. I will get it done myself. You should go look at how then renovation is going," Guo Huai replied.

"Fourth Brother, I will be straightforward with you now. Give me one stick of golden purple sandalwood. Since you don\'t need this much, give me a decently sized one. I\'ll exchange anything you want for it," Jia Yuan said loudly.

"Second Brother, you aren\'t acting reasonably this time. I didn\'t blame you for not helping me with the furnitures, but you\'re trying to take away some materials from me now. Is there an elder brother out there who acts like you?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

"I helped you find a place, get the renovation done, and run all over the place. I even lost a solid few kilograms recently. I only ask for this one piece of garbage wood in return. Am I being unreasonable now? I don\'t care, I need a new chopping board at home. I\'ll take this abandoned piece away," Jia Yuan said as he picked up the piece of wood that Jade chopped down earlier before running towards the exit.

"Second Brother, that thing belongs to me. Aren\'t you supposed to ask for my approval first?" Jade asked out of the blue.

"Sister-In-Law, this thing is already in my hands now, please just give it to me. I promise you to keep an eye on Fourth Brother. If he does anything inappropriate at the Wucheng Paradise, I\'ll contact you immediately," Jia Yuan said politely.

"I\'ll thank Second Brother in advance then. You may have that piece of wood. But if you want a carving, I can help you with that since I\'m rather free," Jade said with a smile.

The dagger in her hands isn\'t an ordinary item. She\'s also from a hidden sect like Fourth Brother. Her craftsmanship should be exceptional. I don\'t care anymore, it\'s only a piece of wood anyway. So what if it\'s damaged, Jia Yuan thought before walking towards Jade while hugging the wood.

"Sister-In-Law, I\'m embarrassed by asking you to carve something I took from you. But since Fourth Brother said that you don\'t usually show off your skills, I\'ll pass this wood to you," Jia Yuan said before giving the golden purple sandalwood to Jade.

"Hubby, talk to the two brothers a while more. I\'ll go carve something out for Second Brother," Jade said before walking into the house while carrying the wood with one hand that Jia Yuan could barely move with his entire body.

Li Yao who had been silent looked at Jade, saying softly, "Fourth Brother, Sister-In-Law is incredible."

"Hahah, don\'t talk about it. Tell me about Gu clan, I\'ll go meet them when I have time," Guo Huai said with a smile.

"Fourth Brother, I\'ll take care of this myself. Although you\'re the disciple of a hidden sect, Gu clan isn\'t something you can afford to offend. Even I can\'t do anything but to shut my mouth up. Don\'t offend them if you don\'t have to," Li Yao said softly as he lit a cigarette up.

"What Second Brother knows about them is only the few families who hang the name Gu clan on their mouths all day. The real Gu clan doesn\'t even care about money. They can easily get all the money they want. The stuff passed down by their ancestors would last them forever. I had some beef with the fellow Gu Ao before. I\'ll find a way to deal with him," Li Yao said.

"Brother Yao, no matter what the situation is, I\'ll end the businesses with every family related to Gu clan. I don\'t care if they\'re significant or not," Jia Yuan said with a smile. "However, Fourth Brother, what beef do you have with them? I heard it from Murong Fei last time but didn\'t bother to ask."

"Oh, nothing much. I slept with the lady of the young master of Gu family," Guo Huai said, smiling. "Brother Yuan, you should know that Lin Shuang is the fiancée of the young master of Gu family."

"Fourth Brother, let\'s not talk about other things. I have the utmost respect for you and endless loyalty. I\'ll follow you from now on," Jia Yuan said. He got completely astonished this time. Lin Shuang was the eldest daughter of Lin family. He briefly knew about Lin family and heard of the engagement between Lin Shuang and the young master of Gu family. However, he didn\'t expect his fourth brother to take her down directly, so damn neat.

"Damn! I thought you\'ve changed your ways. The nature of your personality is still the same. Since the situation is this awkward, we\'ll just go with the flow. I don\'t care if it\'s Gu clan or not anymore," Li Yao said loudly. He could only say it this way. After Guo Huai took down the other party\'s fiancée, it was only a matter of time that Gu family found out. Since it was impossible to make peace, they could only prepare for the war.

After around an hour, Jade walked out. "What are you guys talking about? What\'s so exciting? Second Brother, although I don\'t know what you like, I\'m sure you love beauties. Are you satisfied with this carving?" Jade said before taking out an ornament.

"Sister-In-Law, erm no, Master Jade, d-did you really carve this yourself? You didn\'t take something pre-made to trick me, right?" Jia Yuan asked, dumbfounded. He knew a lot of carving experts from across the world, and had quite a few ornaments at home. However, nothing looked like the one in front of him, the ornament looked like it was alive.

"Never disrespect this ornament. Otherwise, you\'ll face a huge trouble," Jade said strictly.

"Wifey, is this model you carved based on the one from above?" Jia Yuan wasn\'t the only one who was shocked, Guo Huai also got astonished looking at the ornament. If Jade was said to single-handedly defeat every girl in the world, there was only one word to describe the ornament—perfection. There was no aspect of her that should be changed.

"Disrespect? Although I\'m perverted, I can give appreciation looking at this ornament. Sister-In-Law, now that you carved such a beauty out, how do you expect the fat me to admire other women in the world? Don\'t talk about it anymore, I can\'t take this thing home. It\'s best to leave it here," Jia Yuan said before shaking his head. He really didn\'t carry the ornament away as he walked out the house.

"Fourth Brother, hold onto your furniture. I\'ll manage the renovation myself. I can slowly see the base of my wine container already. After completing your project, I want to drink some wine. I want to drink some wine!" Jia Yuan shouted loudly before leaving.

"Sister-In-Law\'s craftsmanship is admirable…" Li Yao said as he slowly regained consciousness. "There doesn\'t exist such a stunning lady in the human world. Sigh, with a look like this, only Chang\'er from the heaven would appear this stunning," he said, sighing.

"H-how do you know that?!" Jade and Guo Huai exclaimed as they got shocked at the same time.