Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 101

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Chapter 3/3 of the week.

March is coming! In what way have you wasted the first two months of your year?

Zoom! The Jeep that raped the Porsche 911 a while ago stopped outside old the Guo house. Li Yao came back, more accurately, he came back alive.

"Second Brother, this place is not bad! When did Fourth Brother buy this house?" Li Yao asked outside the house.

"His father left this place for him. He just moved in recently," Jia Yuan answered. "Let\'s go, Fourth Brother has shone very brightly when you weren\'t here for the past month. Wucheng Vile Tetrad is now Wucheng Vile Triad. Fourth Brother is now the Pride of Wucheng."

"Damn! Are you for real? Back then, everyone called us Wucheng Vile Tetrad only because of that fellow," Li Yao said loudly. "Did Fourth Brother really meet a master? He changed so drastically."

"Big Brother, let\'s go. Since you\'re here already, you\'ll see for yourself inside the house. Also, tell us what happened to you in America. Hearing what you said, I think you meant you nearly died," Jia Yuan said loudly before kicking the door. "Fourth Brother, open the door! Why the heck would you lock the door in the afternoon? Big Brother and I are here to visit you."

"Damn it, no wonder my right eyelid has been twitching since I woke up. It seems like my wine will become lesser already," Guo Huai said with a smile. Upon waving his hand, the door of the villa immediately opened, revealing the two-meter-tall Li Yao and the fatty Jia Yuan. No matter which angle they were looked from, they didn\'t seem like good guys.

"Oh shit! Fourth Brother, where did you get this girl from? Let me have some fun with her for a few days. You may ask for anything you want," Li Yao said loudly. The moment the door opened, Li Yao instantly noticed Jade and got rather shocked.

"You\'re Brother Yao, right? I\'m Guo Huai\'s wife. Teasing your own sister-in-law will result in 3 slashes and 6 holes in the rules of the martial world. I have a rather delicate dagger here. Do you want to do it yourself, or do you need my help?" Jade said as she looked at Li Yao while smiling. She then slashed the dagger in the air, instantly penetrating a piece of sandalwood nearby with a diameter of one meter, making Li Yao\'s forehead to start sweating.

"Ahem, ahem. Sister-In-Law, it\'s a misunderstanding. You must\'ve misunderstood the situation," Li Yao said with a bitter smile. Although he didn\'t know what legendary dagger Jade was using, what he knew was the strike earlier landed by Jade wasn\'t what he was capable of, even as a King of Soldiers. If he could defeat the opponents, he\'d be called King of Soldiers Li Yao. If he couldn\'t, nobody would care if he was a King of Soldiers or a King of Bandits.

"Brother Yuan, haven\'t you talked about me in front of Brother Yao? Are you looking to lose weight nowadays? My dagger should be sharp enough, I\'m sure it can remove some of your fat," Jade said before throwing her dagger which directly slotted into the wall near the door fully, frightening Jia Yuan to tremble in fear. He almost peed himself.

"Sister-In-Law, please calm down. It\'s my mistake, calm down. I got too busy getting Fourth Brother\'s clinic renovated. Sister-In-Law, knives don\'t have eyes, calm down, calm down," Jia Yuan muttered anxiously.

"Alright, stop scaring them Jade. Get inside and have some rest," Guo Huai said before pulling Jade to the living room.

"Second Brother, why is Fourth Brother\'s wife this strong? Where is she from?" Li Yao asked softly as he wiped his sweat.

"I don\'t know. I think she\'s also a student at Wucheng Subhigh. She\'s the inheritor of some major clan in America, and Fourth Brother\'s junior sister. Nobody knows if it\'s real or not. But you shouldn\'t offend her in any way. You saw it for yourself earlier, her strike earlier made me terrified. She and Fourth Brother are very likely disciples of some expert," Jia Yuan answered softly.

Jade could listen to everything they said clearly. She couldn\'t stop herself from laughing.

"Brother Yao, look at this thing. A high-grade golden purple sandalwood. I don\'t think there\'s such a huge chunk even in the entire Wucheng County. Why does Fourth Brother have this many of them?" Jia Yuan asked softly as he looked at the sandalwood cut down by Jade earlier.

"There are some yellow rosewood chunks over there. They all look like they\'ve aged for a long time. These things can\'t even be bought with money. Did Fourth Brother really become the disciple of a master?" Li Yao asked softly.

Inside the house, Guo Huai shouted, "Big Brother, Second Brother, don\'t you want to come in for a drink?" Li Yao and Jia Yuan then sprinted into the house like they were in the Olympics.

"Fourth Brother, although we don\'t have to act polite between us brothers, I still have to thank you for your medicinal pill. I wouldn\'t have come back alive if it wasn\'t for that," Li Yao said seriously.

"Don\'t be this courteous in front of your own brothers. Did you manage to find the person behind this severe matter?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

"It\'s Gu clan. I didn\'t expect a hidden clan would yield this much interest on me," Li Yao said. "There\'s a kid from Gu clan who stays in the military base. I swept him up in a fighting competition earlier. And Gu clan revealed my orders in America to some parties who shouldn\'t know about my presence, making me to almost get beheaded."

"Gu clan? Hahah, is it the one from Beijing?" Guo Huai asked with a smile.

"Which other Gu clan would it be? No one else dares to do something this ridiculous. They managed to convince the military to send my information to outside parties," Li Yao said angrily. "The big shot in the military asked me to not look into this matter. Fuck it, I don\'t want to look into it even if I want to. I can\'t afford to offend a hidden clan."

"Why can\'t you offend them? Since they offended the few of us brothers, I don\'t care if it\'s from Beijing or Wucheng County, we have to pay them back what they gave us," Jia Yuan said loudly while Guo Huai kept quiet. "It\'s Gu clan, right? I will end every partnership between my company and the outside disciples of Gu clan. I want to see what a hidden clan can do without money."

"Hahah! Brother Yao, Brother Yuan hasn\'t done anything meaningful these days. But I like what he just said," Guo Huai said with a smile. "After settling Clinic of No Treatment, we\'ll go pay Gu clan a visit. I want to see just who dares to kill my brother."

"Fourth Brother, to be honest, are you also someone from a hidden clan? Or are you the disciple of some hidden sect? What you\'ve done recently is all different from the Guo Huai of five vices that we knew," Li Yao said with a smile.

"Yeah, since there\'s no one else except the three of us and Sister-In-Law, it\'s time that you be honest with us. We have been wondering for so long. I want to know which expert can change you this drastically, it\'s very impressive," Jia Yuan said as he held onto his giant belly.

"Brother Huai, it\'s your fault this time. Didn\'t you tell Brother Yuan about our sect? It\'s not like we\'re from a sect that operates in the dark. It\'s fine to tell them the truth," Jade said. "The sect we\'re from is considered a hidden sect, but we don\'t have any interaction with other sects. However, when people try to bully us, we hold only one principle. We don\'t offend unless people touch us. In the short hundred years of the human world, we don\'t care what people do. If people aren\'t convinced, damn their mothers!"

"Ahem, ahem. Sister-In-Law is indeed passionate." After listening to what Jade said, Li Yao got completely speechless. This ridiculously pretty lady is rather valiant, eh? he thought.