Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 10

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"Brother, this is the dormitory department, let\'s go in. I\'ll get you the best room available, one that faces the sunrise," Li Wei said before pulling Guo Huai into the dormitory department.

"Li Long, get out, there\'s work for you to do," Li Wei shouted. A fatty that looked like he just woke up walked out.

"Brother Wei, why are you shouting early in the morning?" the fatty asked. "Is the security department using child labor now?"

"No, he\'s a student here. Get him a place facing the sunrise, it needs to have two rooms. Get it done as soon as possible," Li Wei said loudly.

"Please wait for a while, I\'ll get changed first," Li Long said before walking in again.

"Brother, I can\'t leave my post for too long. Just wait here for a while and if he doesn\'t serve you properly, tell me. I\'ll deal with him. I\'ll have to go now. I\'ll treat you for lunch one day when I\'m free," Li Yao said before leaving.

"Oh shit, are you blind or something? What are your eyes for?!" Li Wei shouted after crashing into a shadow.

"Seco-second Grandpa, are you okay?" Li Yao stepped forward and pulled the shadow up, it was Li Xunyu.

"Are you saying I\'m blind?!" Li Xunyu shouted.

"Seco-second Grandpa… why are you here? I still have things to do, I\'ll have to go now," Li Wei said before running away.

"Kid, come back," Li Xunyu grabbed Li Wei before saying. "Guo Huai, I\'m the headmaster of the school Li Xunyu. I need to make something clear about you and Li Wei."

"You\'re the headmaster? You don\'t look like you\'re that unpleasant like my grandma described, hahah," Guo Huai said before laughing. "What do you have to say about Li Wei and I? Please make it clear."

"Since you\'re so straightforward, I\'ll just say it now. Guo Huai, what Li Wei did this morning is his fault. Being his Second Grandfather, I apologize on his behalf, please forgive him. If you face any trouble in school, you may find me in my office," Li Xunyu said softly.

"Li Wei? We talked it out already. You can ask him if you want," GUo Huai said before smiling. The smile only made Li Xunyu more terrified.

"Yeah, Second Grandpa, there\'s no beef between us anymore. If you don\'t have anything else to say, I\'ll leave now," Li Wei said and left, without even waiting for Li Xunyu\'s reply.

"Li Long, quickly get a room for Huai," Li Xunyu stared at Li Long and shouted. "All you do is sleep, if that\'s the case, don\'t work here anymore. Huai, look for me at my office later, I\'ll wait for you there."

"Brother, there\'s only one room left that faces sunrise. It\'s on the eighteenth floor and has two bedrooms, one of which is already occupied. He\'s a rather honest guy from year eleven. What do you think?" Li Long asked softly.

"Alright, I\'ll go with this one then," Guo Huai said.

"You may go up now, I\'ll bring your bedsheet up in a moment. Tell me if you need anything," Li Long said, smiling.

"Thanks brother, let\'s have a meal one day, together with Brother Wei," Guo Huai said before proceeding to the lift.

"1818, this should be it," Guo Huai said. The door was already opened. The dorm had two bedrooms, two living rooms and two washrooms. The sofa was even made from real leather. The home appliances were all brand new. Furthermore, Guo Huai\'s roommate kept the place really clean.

"The mortal world is great!" Guo Huai shouted, frightening Li Long who just entered the room to almost piss himself.

"Brother, what are you talking about?" Li Long asked and carried a big box into the room. "There are eight blankets and bedsheets, all brand new. If you need more, I\'ll get them for you. Or if you want anything else changed, just inform me, I\'ll go down now. Oh ya, Second Grandpa asked you to look for him right? I advise you to go earlier, he doesn\'t like to wait."

"Thanks, Brother Long, I\'ll go to his office in a while," Guo Huai smiled and said.

"Huai, take a seat. You must be tired after running here and there for the whole morning," Li Xunyu said with a huge smile. "I discussed with Madam Xue already. In year ten, there are eighteen classes, with six different combinations of lecturers. To be honest, there\'s no good or bad classes in Wucheng Subhigh, but I feel like you\'d suit better in Class One. The lecturer has just graduated from Wucheng University and is the nearest to your age. What do you think?"

Let me find out what this old, cunning fox is thinking about, Guo Huai thought, before using Mind Reading Skill on Li Xunyu.

Teacher Lin Shuang, you\'ll have to sacrifice for a bit… I can only put a student like this in your class. Firstly, you\'re a female lecturer, this bad guy wouldn\'t treat a lady like you too badly. Secondly, if anything really does happen, Lin family can at least go against Guo family… Guo Huai immediately knew what Li Xunyu was talking about.

"Since this is what Madam Xue and Headmaster Li came up with, I don\'t have anything against it. I may need Madam Xue to tell me where the classroom is, and maybe I\'ll talk to my class lecturer before my first class. Hahah, I\'ll be officially a part of Wucheng Subhigh starting tomorrow!" Guo Huai laughed as he said.

Xue Ruhe and Li Xunyu looked at each other and nodded. It was a surprise that this kid did not stir up trouble. Xue Ruhe brought Guo Huai to familiarize him with the class. He managed to see his lecturer for a slight second. So stunning... though I didn\'t look at her from the front. However, judging solely her body, she could definitely rival You Youyou. Guo Huai thought.

"A hundred and eighty eight school rules, I\'m finally done reading them. The school is even stricter than heaven," Guo Huai said in his dorm. After going up and down for the whole morning, he got a bit hungry. Though the food in this world was a bit worse, he had to eat something to fill himself up. He then walked to the school canteen.

"I should\'ve brought some cash with me, I don\'t know if their canteen accepts my credit card," Guo Huai said. After reaching the canteen, he immediately realized he did not have a single cent with him, but a card that had more than nine million yuan in it.

"Youyou, Tu Ba didn\'t give you any trouble after that day right? You should\'ve transferred here earlier so that we can be together," a few ladies were talking.

"Yeah, Tu Ba isn\'t that daring to come to Wucheng Subhigh. Oh ya, you got away from the Fourth Brother of Wucheng Vile Tetrad as well right? Let\'s go to the fourth floor of the canteen, your treat! Hahah," a rather decent-looking girl said, smiling.

"Actually, on that day at Wucheng Paradise, Guo Huai saved me from Tu Ba. If it wasn\'t for him, I don\'t know what would happen." You Youyou the beauty said. "I still owe him a favor. I\'ll have to think of a way to return it so that I can have nothing related to him."

"Oh, that\'s easy, treat me for lunch today. Then we\'ll have nothing to do with each other. What do you think? My beauty You Youyou," Guo Huai suddenly said, walking towards the girls from behind.

"Gu-Guo Huai, why are you in Wucheng Subhigh? How did you get in here? Have you been stalking me?" You Youyou got shocked and said. Her eyes were wide open, staring at Guo Huai. She did not believe that Guo Huai transferred to this school as well.

"Hahah, buy me lunch. We\'ll talk while eating," Guo Huai said. His arrival made the girls around You Youyou step backwards. It was only natural for them to do so, Guo Huai was the Fourth Brother of Wucheng Vile Tetrad. Although the girls were not familiar with Wucheng County, they had heard of the famous four.

"Youyou… do you want me to call your dad?" a girl beside You Youyou asked softly.

"You don\'t need to, it\'s only a meal after all. Xiaomei, go ahead and eat with them, I\'ll talk to Guo Huai," You Youyou said softly. Xiaomei peeked at Guo Huai before gathering up with the other girls.

"Mr Guo, just tell me what you want. Keep in mind that you\'re in the school compound, you better pay some respect," You Youyou said quickly as she noticed that Guo Huai was staring at her, particularly her bosom and backside.

"Didn\'t you hear what I said just now? Treat me for a meal, and we\'ll be done for the better. Is this that difficult?" Guo Huai smiled and said as he stared at You Youyou.

"Is it really so simple? Don\'t you have any other intentions on me?" You Youyou said. She did not believe Guo Huai only demanded for a meal.

"Oh please, it\'s a violation to the school rules to make out here. I don\'t want my twelve points to be deducted just like this. I just came here today, can you not seduce me?" Guo Huai said. His voice was very loud. The canteen was not that crowded, around a hundred people were there, all of which got shocked and stared at Guo Huai and You Youyou.