Urban Banished Immortal - Chapter 1

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An immortal from heaven who got banished into the mortal world – Chapter 1: Heaven’s peeping incident

“Absurd! This is way too absurd! Someone, go and bring Mind Reading Star Monarch here now!” In the throne room, Jade Emperor bellowed loudly. Just how many tens of thousands of years has it been already? Apart from that time when that monkey wreaked havoc in heaven, causing Jade Emperor’s face to be lost and went into a huge rage, the numerous immortals have truly yet not seen the Jade Emperor been so angry before.

“Your Majesty, quell your anger!” The numerous immortals looked at Taibai Jinxing, and without choice, Taibai Jinxing took a step forward and said lightly.

A short moment later, four heaven general brought a middle age man dressed in white clothes to the throne room. This man was not any other person, and was precisely the lead who caused Jade Emperor to be so enraged, Mind Reading Star Monarch.

“Ever since heaven appeared, such a vile incident have never happened before. Peeping at a fairy showering…Mind Reading Star Monarch, do you know your crime?!” Jade Emperor yelled loudly.

“Taibai Jinxing, go and seal Mind Reading Star Monarch magic power away. At the throne room already and he still actually dare to use mind reading technique on me, truly unrepentant!” At the time Jade Emperor was yelling, Mind Reading Star Monarch untactfully used mind reading technique on Jade Emperor, wanting to see if he was able to escape this calamity or not, immediately causing Jade Emperor to become even more infuriated.

“Monkey brother, monkey brother, have you heard of it? That little boy that you saved at Tongtian River during that time of our journey to the west, which is also the Mind Reading Star Monarch right now, he committed a crime and is currently on trial at the throne room.” At Pantao Garden, Altar Cleaning Emissary found Fight Prevailing Buddha. Saying it more simply, it is that Pantao Garden’s second senior brother meeting big senior brother by coincidence. (Altar Cleaning Emissary and Fight Prevailing Buddha is the title given to Zhu Bajie and Sun Wukong after they finish their journey to west.)

“Mind Reading Star Monarch? What crime did that little child commit? Just now, I heard the movements at heaven is quite big.” Sun Wukong ate a peach and asked. “Is there a need for old Sun me show up and defend him for a bit? Haha.”

“Peeping at a fairy taking shower, if you want to defend him then go on.” Zhu Bajie smiled while saying, “This little brat looked quite proper, but didn’t thought that he would actually do this kind of thing. His moral quality is far too inferior compared to monkey brother already.”

“Old pig, what do you mean by that?” Sun Wukong went into a daze and asked Zhu Bajie while looking at him with his eyes squinted.

“During that time when monkey brother you was in charge of Pantao Garden and the seven fairies came to Pantao Garden to pluck peaches, you shouted just a word ‘set’ and set all the seven fairies in place, yet I don’t see you doing anything to them at all.” Zhu Bajie said with his face full of a vulgar look on it.

“Fool, you are courting death aren’t you?” Sun Wukong howled loudly and tossed the half eaten peach at Zhu Bajie.

“Monkey brother, monkey brother, don’t blame me, your brother I am only just joking.” Zhu Bajie said hastily. “Monkey brother, there is something odd about this incident, do you know who the person that he peeped at is?”

“Something odd? For Jade Emperor to be so infuriated, could it be that the person he peeped at is Queen Mother? Haha, if that is really the case, then it would be too funny, haha.” As Sun Wukong thought about it, he started laughing.

“Not Queen Mother, it’s that person.” While speaking, Zhu Bajie pointed his finger towards the Moon Palace outside heaven.

“Amitabha, Bajie, we are Buddha, heaven’s affairs are not up to us to care about. Time to leave, time to leave, I’m going to find the Eighteen Arhats to play already.” After finish listening, Sun Wukong went into a daze for a while and proceeded to fly out of Pantao Garden.

“Truly such a huge guts, to actually dare to peep at the person who should not be provoked the most in the heaven. If you had peeped at Queen Mother, monkey brother could still possibly show up to help you. But of all people, you peeped at this person, no one can help you at all. Count your blessings, old pig I have done all I could to help you already.” After finish speaking, Bajie plucked a peach and walked out of Pantao Garden leisurely.

“Taibai Jingxing, how do you think that the matter that Mind Reading Star Monarch committed should be handled?” After messing around in the throne room for about 2hours, Jade Emperor finally got back onto the main topic and asked while looking at Taibai Jinxing.

At the same time, Mind Reading Star Monarch’s gaze also fell onto Taibai Jinxing. This old man, ever since I entered into heaven, I have gave him quite a bit of good stuffs, he would help me plead for a bit right.

Taibai Jinxing turned his head around and took a look at Mind Reading Star Monarch who was motionless on the floor. This young fellow treated me quite well, he would always immediately bring me the wine that he fermented to let me taste. Of course I myself am not stingy and would give him a few medicinal pills every time too.

“Elder Taibai, you have drank too much already. It’s getting late, I will go back now and come find you again when I have the time. If not a while more, Southern Heavenly Gates will be closed.” Half a year ago, Mind Reading Star Monarch went to give Taibai Jinxing wine and drunk a bit much more when he accompanied Taibai Jinxing to drink. Everything is good about Taibai Jinxing, except for the amount of alcohol he could take in. If he were to drink a little bit more than what he can withstand, he would start babbling nonsense and cause a few mess.

“Take my warrant plate to go through Southern Heavenly Gates later, I want to see who would dare to obstruct you. Drink, young fellow. To speak the truth, this wine of yours is truly not bad, it’s even better than the wine at Pantao Feast. Let’s continue drinking together.” Taibai Jinxing mumbled with his mouth.

“Elder Taibai, I really cannot drink anymore. You also know it, if I were to leave a bit later and meet Erlang True Monarch by chance, I will not be able to go back already.” Mind Reading Star Monarch said softly.

“Erlangshen, what are you afraid of him for? Others don’t know about what’s up with him but I know. He is the child who Jade Emperor’s sister gave birth to with a mortal whose surname is Yang. If not for me pleading for him during that time, Jade Emperor would not even let him come up to heaven, according to reason, he should call me grandpa! That’s right, he should call me grandpa!” Taibai Jinxing said loudly.

“Elder, my dear elder, please be softer a bit, even if you’re not afraid, I’m afraid. Don’t talk about Erlangshen, let’s talk about the heaven roaring dog at his side, I am also not able to fight against it at all.” Mind Reading Star Monarch immediately covered Taibai Jinxing’s mouth.

“Boring, really boring, I’m not drinking anymore, you can go back. If you meet till Erlangshen and he dares to obstruct you, just mention my name and it will do.” After finish speaking, Taibai Jinxing immediately fell asleep.

On that day, Mind Reading Star Monarch had went back safely to his own mansion. But on the second day, when Taibai Jinxing sobered up, he used time returning mirror and saw the drunk state he was in on the previous day and suddenly felt somewhat afraid in his heart, and went to Mind Reading Star Monarch’s place by himself to tell Mind Reading Star Monarch that he must not let anyone know about the drunk words that he said yesterday.

“The matter of Mind Reading Star Monarch peeping case could be either big or small. In heaven’s laws, there is not any specific punishment method.” Taibai Jinxing said softly. “Not sure if who the person that he peeped at is?” Taibai Jinxing thought to himself, if it was some ordinary fairy, just let things pass and lock Mind Reading Star Monarch for ten thousand years would do. If it was some big shot, then he would have to seriously think of a way already.

“The person that he peeped at is fairy Chang’e!” Jade Emperor shouted loudly. In the throne room, some people who did not know the actual situation immediately understood everything. Just who is fairy Chang’e, during that time when she first came to Moon Palace, there was rumors that Jade Emperor…cough cough, this matter cannot be anyhow said if not will get behead.

“Your Majesty, quell your anger! For Mind Reading Star Monarch to commit such a crime, he should be beheaded on the spot!” Taibai Jinxing said loudly. Only now then did he knew why Jade Emperor was so angry. Chang’e…during that time because Marshal TianPeng took liberty of Chang’e was he then banished to the beast path and got reborn as a pig.

“My numerous beloved subjects, is there anyone with other different ideas, feel free to speak out.” After Jade Emperor listened to what Taibai Jinxing said, he was fairly pleased and asked everyone in the throne room as he smiled and lightly nodded his head.

“Your Majesty, it is only Mind Reading Star Monarch’s first offense. Just only how many days have he been in heaven. What’s more, in the heaven’s laws, there is also no rule saying that the offense for peeping a fairy is to be beheaded, this kind of punishment would be hard to convince the masses. Your servant thinks that he should be the same as Marshal Tianpeng at that time, just let him reincarnate to the mortal world will do.” Everyone did not raise an objection and just when Jade Emperor was prepared to sentence Mind Reading Star Monarch to death, Queen Mother who was at Jade Emperor’s side smiled and said.

“What Queen Mother said is extremely right. Let’s banish him into the mortal world then.” After Jade Emperor finished speaking, he turned and left the throne room.

Mind Reading Star Monarch looked at Queen Mother who was not far away with a face full of gratitude. Back at that time, he cultivated ten thousand years to ascend to become immortal. If he was to be straightforwardly beheaded at Southern Heavenly Gates, he would probably not even have the chance to force dissolve at all. Banished into the mortal world then banished into the mortal it should be, at the least my little life is protected. (Force Dissolve – 兵解: To enable one to separate their body and die while weakening their soul, allowing them to reincarnate.)

“Third brother, His Majesty let us brothers to throw Mind Reading Star Monarch to the mortal world, so which path of the six reincarnation path should we let him go?” One of the four heaven general who is escorting Mind Reading Star Monarch asked.

“It seems like Queen Mother just now said that is it the same as Marshal TianPeng that time, so it should be the beast path I guess.” The heaven general who is taking the lead said.

“Few of you, please hold your steps, I have some things that I want to speak to Mind Reading Star Monarch of.” Four of the heaven general got blocked by a person. Taking a closer look, the person who arrived is Gold Dragon Kang, one of the 28 constellation.

“Respected Gold Dragon Kang, the crime that Mind Reading Star Monarch committed this time is not small, please don’t make things difficult for the few of us brothers.” The heaven general who is taking the lead said lightly.

“On that day, I drank a pot of monarch’s wine, today I will return the favor to monarch.” Gold Dragon Kang smiled and said. “I heard the conversation you all had just now. His Majesty only said to banish Mind Reading Star Monarch to the mortal world, I think out of the six reincarnation path, the human path would be more suitable for Mind Reading Star Monarch. Although Queen Mother had mentioned Marshal TianPeng, but she did not said to let Mind Reading Star Monarch take the beast path right. My few little brothers, it is best to think things through, working in the heaven is not easy, don’t throw away your life just because of this matter.”

“This…” After they finished listening to what Gold Dragon Kang said, the four heaven general began to think back of everything that happened in the throne room just now.