Undefeated God of War - Chapter 941 – Report for Duty

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Chapter 941 – Report for Duty

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The Great Clan Elder’s appearance brought for a stifling oppression that caused everyone to be in a daze.

In that moment, the world became silent.

Du Ke widened his eyes, the power leaking out of the Great Clan Elder was even stronger than the day that he had met him. He had initially thought that the other party had completed his metamorphosis and his strength was already stabilizing, but he never thought that the enemy would have another breakthrough.

In his eyes, the Great Clan Elder’s body was an endless vast body of power compressed into a vortex, containing an endless amount of power. Even though the enemy was standing far from him, but the air within 300m around him seemed to have been “Cleansed”, and there were no Law Threads present.

When Du Ke realized that his mental state was wrested out of control, he knew that he had conceded in the formless confrontation. Regardless of how cruel and bloody the enemy’s methods were, no matter how fanatical the enemy was, their determination and willpower was truly firm.

The enemy’s metamorphosis was too simply, it was through absorbing Holy Flames. But, this seemingly easy method that did not have any techniques was extremely difficult in terms of attaining a said quantity of Holy Flames. For example, how to absorb the vast amount of Holy Flames into the body to allow the Holy Flames to revolve inside the body. Also, the difficulty in controlling the amount of Holy Flames.

The Great Clan Elder was like a powerful and large bomb, if he was by any way inattentive, or if he was not careful and relaxed himself, any slight mistake would incite a terrifying consequence, and the Great Clan Elder would be blasted into ashes by the vast and violent energy.

But the Great Clan Elder remained calm and cool, he was unhurried and steady, his cold and frenzied heart was not only towards the enemies, but even more so to himself.

Filled with shock, Du Ke involuntarily turned his face and looked at Tang Tian. In terms of that, Tang Tian and the Great Clan Elder were extremely similar.

When he realized that he was at the disadvantage, Du Ke immediately thought of Tang Tian.

Tang Tian’s expression weas calm, he was not shaken by the Great Clan Elder’s might, but Du Ke could not see the imposing and powerful aura that Tang Tian used to have, he looked like an ordinary man that had never trained in martial techniques before, he quietly stood there without any aura.

The Great Clan Elder swept his gaze across the entire battlefield, he wanted to see who dared to become his enemy.

When the Great Clan Elder’s intense gaze swept past, everyone felt a burning sensation in their bodies, and they were all overwhelmed with shock.

~Spirit Generals?~

The Great Clan Elder’s eyes flickered, he had never expected the enemies to have so many Spirit Generals. Furthermore, they were of extremely high qualities, causing him to be taken aback. The Spirit Generals by the lady’s side, although his gaze was oppressive, they never revealed any hint of submitting, but instead they stared back at him.

~What powerful Spirit Generals!~

His eyes lit up, he had always felt that his Spirit Generals were lacking in something, and now he understood. His own Spirit Generals lacked the ferocious auras. If he somehow obtained these Spirit Generals, he firmly believed that he could create the true invincible Spirit Generals.

These thoughts peaked when he saw Xiao Ran. He was inwardly shocked, ~This world actually has such a perfect Spirit General!~ He did not know how Xiao Ran’s potential in commanding was, but purely speaking on the body of the Spirit General, Xiao Ran was far more outstanding than Sophie. Sophie’s talent was excellent, but ultimately, she had not experienced true battles. Xiao Ran could not compare with Sophie in terms of talent, but she had experienced through the Three Great Armies era, and experienced bitter battles and struggles, after becoming a Spirit General, her consciousness did not fade, and she continued to wage battles in the ancient battlefield. Adding that she enjoyed being the vanguard, she had gone through the baptism of battles, and had become perfect.

On this, all the 120 Spirit Generals by Qian Hui’s side were the same, they had all gone through the baptism of countless battles, they were extremely tenacious and strong, although they could feel the Great Clan Elder’s overwhelming power, but the willpower that had been tempered through battles allowed them to maintain their ferocious fighting intent.

The Great Clan Elder had spent so much effort to produce his Spirit Generals, but very few satisfied him. When he saw how outstanding the other party’s Spirit Generals were, in that instant, his calm state of mind had an undulation.

If the Great Clan Elder was a wolf, his eyes would definitely be lustrous green.

The Great Clan Elder looked at Ah Xin but did not stop at him, the dazed Spirit General did not attract his attention. The pitiful Ah Xin was directly deemed as cannon fodder by the Great Clan Elder.

The Great Clan Elder long knew of Du Ke’s existence, thus he was not that surprised, he even smiled towards Du Ke, as though he had met with an old friend. Du Ke was inwardly surprised, ~This Great Clan Elder is truly not any ordinary man, even as his enemy, I can’t help but recognize his bearing.~

The Great Clan Elder looked past Ji Ze and the rest, none of them interested him, in his eyes, they were nothing more than ants.

When his eyes swept to Tang Tian, his body froze, and his pupils suddenly constricted.

Tang Tian noticed the Great Clan Elder’s gaze, and suddenly raised his right hand, and lightly waved at the Great Clan Elder, as though he was greeting a familiar person.

Although Tang Tian did not reveal any dangerous aura, the Great Clan Elder was able to recognize that Tang Tian was the one that secretly spied on them. But what surprised him was Tang Tian’s current state.

In fact, it was not only the Great Clan Elder that was surprised, even Du Ke was surprised, ultimately, the world would always have a few extraordinary people. The Great Clan Elder was like a dazzling sun, able to engulf everything around him, and in a span of 300m around him, it was an area with no laws. As for Tang Tian, he was the complete opposite, the aura from his body had completely assimilated into the space around him. His existence did not affect the Law Threads around him at all, as though he was air.

The Great Clan Elder’s body was like a big ocean compressed into a small body, attaining the apex of “form”, while Tan Tian was extremely etherealistic, he did not have any power undulations, and had reached the apex of “hollowfication”.

The two were of completely different classification, but they were both strong.

Even Du Ke, a powerful martial artist that had already attained the realm of legends, was moved by their strength, one could only imagine how powerful the two were.

“I never thought that I would meet with the Godlike Young Lad under such circumstances.” The Great Clan Elder suddenly revealed a smile, and he started reminiscing: “I remember that year when Temple saw the various information from Heaven’s Road, I already felt that young man Tang is not any ordinary man, but I never expected for you to grow to such a state, and become the biggest enemy of my Temple.”

“That’s right, I knew that you wouldn’t know! If I were to be so easily found out by you, how can I defeat you?” Tang Tian said teasingly, and if he had a tail at his butt, his tail would be wagging incessantly.

Du Ke who had a look of admiration and respect had his expression frozen as he stared blankly at Tang Tian. ~The Great Clan Elder has the bearing of an expert, but Tang Tian? Why are you acting like a fool, you actually destroyed the image of an expert completely.~

~Why is the difference so big…~

The Great Clan Elder’s eyes flashed, and spoke earnestly: “Young man Tang, you are truly a hero, if you are willing to join my Temple, I am willing to give up the position of Great Clan Elder to you, and you will hold the power.”

Tang Tian sneered: “Then you want to turn me into a Spirit General?”

The Great Clan Elder sighed: “Young man, your hatred for me is too deep, that is a pity. Seems like, between the both of us, one of us will have to die.”

Tang Tian stared at the Great Clan Elder, then all of a sudden, he revealed a smile as bright as the sun, but his tone of speech was firm as steel: “If I don’t kill you, how can I face the millions of souls that died unjustly in Saint Continent?”

The Great Clan Elder sighed once more: “It is the world most cruelest thing, nothing can surpass it, but there was a conflict in beliefs, and it was a need to kill them. Rest easy, when you die, I will turn you into a Spirit General to protect Temple, and let you witness my eternal Temple!”

Tang Tian’s expression looked as foolish: “Eternal? Who gave you that confidence? Today, I will destroy your dogsheet of a Temple!”

“Haha!” The Great Clan Elder laughed: “Just by relying on the few of you? Then let me ask you, who gave you your confidence?”

“That’s true.” Tang Tian nodded unexpectedly: “Just by relying on us, getting rid of you isn’t that realistic.”

He suddenly shouted: “Ah Xin!”

Ah Xin turned his blank face over, as though he was still unclear of the situation, his expression was extremely sluggish.

The Great Clan Elder spectated by the side, he glanced at Ah Xin and immediately calmed down. ~This man is too ordinary, there isn’t anything unique about him.~

Everyone’s eyes turned to Ah Xin, they were all confused, ~Why did Master call for Ah Xin so suddenly? This Ah Xin is truly a strange one, everyone who came out from the cyclone looked to have changed and their individual strengths were all improved, Ah Xin also seemed to have changed, his intellect have disappeared, and become a blockhead…~

Ah Xin stared at Tang Tian blankly.

Only Xiao Ran was able to catch a slight difference, she seemed to have seen Ah Xin’s glistening eyes, as though there was something bright within them. For some reason, Xiao Ran’s heart tightened.

“Call everyone out.” Tang TIan shouted, his expression faintly revealing a bit of excitement.

~Call everyone out…~

Ah Xin suddenly felt his nose and eyes tearing up, he saluted and puffed up his chest and replied: “Yes sir!”

~Time to appear, my comrades!~

He stabbed his Undying Sword heavily into the ground, and as though something within him was resonating, he roared out: “Come! My Southern Cross Army!”

Black seawater gushed out from Undying Sword and covered the surface of the ground. The Undying Sword shattered, and transformed into mist, that pervaded above the seawater.

Whoosh, whoosh.

Like chains being dragged on the ground, the sound of orderly footsteps and metal platings colliding with each other converged with the tide.

A uniform formation of Black Armored soldiers stepped on the calm water, as though they had walked out from Hell. Every single soldier had extremely cold expressions with disdain in their eyes, the formation made no other noises. The soldiers walked out from within the midst, as though they were endless. All of them remained calm and collected, but the killing intent around them became tangible black mist that lingered around their bodies. All of their bodies flashed with black luster.

The Great General in the lead had an extremely lofty and huge build, he wielded an extremely large war flag, the pole even thicker than his body, the black war flag as dark as the night sky, with the Southern Cross Army insignia printed on it like dazzling stars.

He plunged the heavy war flag into the soil, causing the ground to tremble and sand to fly. The Black Southern Cross Army Flag fluttered in the wind.

Behind him, the black formation was dead silent.

With his rough and coarse voice that sounded as though it came from ten thousand years ago, it resonated throughout the world.

“Southern Cross Army from the Ocean of Peace, our Spirit Soldiers that have not died, here to report for duty!”