Undefeated God of War - Chapter 938 – Full Scale Attack

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Chapter 938 – Full Scale Attack

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

“Qiu Xu Hua! Qiu Xu Hua! That traitor! That traitor!”

Gou Cheng WenDao screamed so loud that anyone from afar could hear him, but at that point of time, no one dared to stand up. Cliff and the other two were shocked, they had never thought that at such a time, Qiu Xu Hua would actually backstab them.

It was so fatal that they did not have any power to retaliate.

Upon thinking about their rejection to Qiu Xu Hua, all of them were filled with bitterness and regret.

When Gou Cheng WenDao received Qiu Xu Hua’s request to stay, he became very hesitant, and got the three of them over for a discussion. They made a decision after a long discussion, over the internal struggle in the Honorable Martial Continent, that all of them could not avoid. The loss of the Qiu Family did not affect them too much, as long as they maintained silence, they could just come up with an excuse after.

But regardless of all the strategies and possibilities that they had thought of, they had never expected Qiu Xu Hua to want to surrender to the Southern Alliance. The Qiu Family was an Prestigious Family in the Honorable Martial Continent, and even if they had failed, it was not something that could push Qiu Xu Hua to surrender.

In the history of the Honorable Martial Continent, there had never been an instance where the Great General had surrendered, Qiu Xu Hua being the first one. If such news were to be leaked out, it would most like incite a huge wave. It was the lowest that had occurred to Honorable Martial Continent, far more severe than any of the losses they had sustained previously.

Alright, it was no longer the right time for them to consider about the severity of the action, they had to worry about their own predicament, as they were in the most terrible place.

As they had rejected Qiu Xu Hua’s army from entering the Shang Continent, Qiu Xu Hua was forced to station in one of the small continents on the supply route. Qiu Xu Hua’s surrendering meant that Gou Cheng WenDao’s supply route and path of retreat was completely cut off. And as the Shang Continent was not a good place to defend, and they were not proficient in defense, to them, they were completely trapped.

Their loss of their warships meant that they could not launch a full speed pass by through Qiu Xu Hua. Although the integrity of their armies were more intact than Qiu Xu Hua, But Qiu Xu Hua held the advantage of stopping their path of retreat. Under the lack of warships, trying to launch a full speed pass by Qiu Xu Hua’s lock was illogical.

Everyone had worried expressions on their faces and the atmosphere was gloomy.

After a moment, Gou Cheng WenDao calmed down, and shouted for everyone. When they saw Gou Cheng WenDao’s appearance, they were all shocked. The master was covered with visible veins and his expression was so gloomy that it looked as though he could produce water (exaggeration).

“Now, tell me, what other ideas do you all have?”

Everyone remained silence.

Gou Cheng WenDao waited for a little while longer, and when no one spoke up, he stood up impatiently and raised his volume: “You guys don’t even have one idea?”

Cliff could only stand out: “We can only stay in defense and wait for reinforcements. Our integrity of strength is rather perfect, if we persist, Temple’s reinforcements should come.”

“Should come?” When Gou Cheng WenDao heard those words, he sneered: “Come your ass! Those idiots are fighting so hard that it seems as though they are putting their lives on the line. Even if the battle is over, they will be busy clearing up the mess. Support us? Who even remembers us?”

Everyone remained silent, the spirit in their eyes dimmed down. They also knew, that to harbor hope for reinforcements from Temple was simply wishful thinking.

They could not defend, they could not run, that was their current predicament.

The worse thing was resupply. Their entire army’s integrity was rather perfect, which meant they required even more resupplies. With the supply route being cut, they could not receive supplies, and the day when their resources were depleted would be their doomsday.

Cliff and the rest were able to guess that the Southern Alliance would just surround them and not fight, and wait for them to exhaust themselves.

Even so, what could they do?”

Initiate an attack? Everyone knew that their fleet of warships that were ambushed upon had greatly affected everyone.

“The Honorable Martial Continent is truly in danger this time.”

Gou Cheng suddenly said those words, causing everyone else to be startled, and no one reacted for a period of time.

It was only after a long silence did everyone react, and their faces turned.

“Master, you meant that Southern Alliance’s goal was always our backs?” Cliff, the most stable one, asked.

“If not where else?” Gou Cheng WenDao’s eyes flashed with a trace of pain, but he sneered: “You think the Southern Alliance would still place their goal on us? Hehe, wake up, we are all roasted ducks a long time ago. Full force attack, they are going in at full force! Those idiots, this time, everyone is finished.”

Gou Cheng WenDao muttered while in a daze.

Everyone else turned pale with fright.


Qiu Xu Hua looked at Xie Yu An in front of him, who was in a daze. It was his first time meeting the reputable general, but he had never thought that it would be under such circumstances.

“General Qiu, I was ordered to replace your noble position.”

Xie Yu An spoke extremely politely and calmly without the demeanor of a victor.

Qiu Xu Hua was surprised, any generals who received fame would usually be arrogant, but the Xie Yu An in front of him was extremely reserved and calm. Qiu Xu Hua inwardly praised him, and spoke up cordially: “No problem, I will hand this place over to you, General.”

The Southern Alliance had specially handed the defensive position over to Xie Yu An, who was proficient in defense, with plans to completely choke Gou Cheng WenDao to death.

Qiu Xu Hua knew that Gou Cheng WenDao was finished.

The Honorable Martial Continent’s complete defeat at the frontlines happened so quickly. Even though he had joined the Southern Alliance, Qiu Xu Hua still had a bit of sadness in his heart. They used to think that they were undefeatable, but reality had hit them hard.

This time, even the Honorable Martial Continent’s land was in danger, Qiu Xu Hua sharply sensed that from Southern Alliance’s mobilization of armies, their intent was not just the Shang Continent.

The Southern Alliance had the intention on a full scale attack!

Qiu Xu Hua thought about Tang Tian, who was still inside Honorable Martial Continent, and when he thought about Tang Tian and Bing’s matchless tacit understanding and rapport, his heart trembled.

Suddenly, his mind had a thought, that the deciding final battle between Southern Alliance and Honorable Martial Continent had already begun!

The final and decisive battle’s main characters were not the Southern Alliance Armies being mobilized, but Tang Tian, who had covertly entered the Honorable Martial Continent.

The hands in the shadows that had concealed itself for so long, had finally found the opportunity to deal a fatal strike, and did not plan to continue waiting.

The decisive battle, was about to begin.


The Great Clan Elder looked at Sophie, and revealed a satisfied look.

Sophie was completely different, as though she was reborn, the armor on her entire body was enveloped with a layer of gold Holy Flames, the Holy Flames blazed silently, emitting an imposing aura. From head to toe, only her face was not covered by Holy Flames, but a dark gold mask had covered majority of her face, revealing only her dark red eyes.

The dark red eyes revealed indifference, she silently stood in front of Great Clan Elder, the Holy Flames dancing violently. On her forehead, there was a sun pattern which made her look gorgeous and noble.

Sophie’s aura was completely different from before, the metamorphosis had completely changed her. The Sophie now was like a cold blooded killing machine, with one order, she would destroy her enemies.

The completely metamorphosed Sophie was the Great Clan Elder’s most perfect creation, and was what he was most satisfied about.

Not only did Sophie’s individual strength take a qualitative leap, even her previous life’s traits in commanding and strategizing for war was completely preserved. Sophie was the true product that Temple had spent countless of efforts grooming, and very few people knew about it, but the current Five Great Generals had all taught Sophie before. This was why the Great Clan Elder wanted Sophie to hold the post of the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights Commander, because only the Commander had the qualifications of receiving the guidance from the Five Great Generals.

Sophie did not let the Great Clan Elder down, she displayed outstanding talent, and received the recognition of the Five Great Generals. That was also why Sophie was able to sit stably on the position as the Commander of the Banner of Knights with no one doubting her.

The Great Clan Elder had gave everything in grooming Sophie, just for such a situation. He required a military general with extremely high standards, and was also unconditionally loyal to him.

The loyalty of Mu Zhi Xia and the rest could never be compared to Spirit Generals.

Although Twelve Honorable Martial Banner of Knights that had successfully become Spirit Generals, they were inferior to Sophie, but they could hold on posts as the backbone of any Spirit General Armies, and could still do other things.

As for the ordinary Spirit Generals that the Great Clan Elder were grooming, after absorbing a great amount of Holy Flames, their strength was far stronger compared to the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights when they were still alive. More importantly, there were far more of them as compared to the old Banner of Knights.

With Sophie as the outstanding military general, Twelve Honorable Martial Saint Knights as the backbone, and a large number of Spirit General soldiers that obeyed commands and were extremely powerful, it was enough to build an extremely powerful Spirit General Army.

And with the endless Holy Flames, Saint Continent would become the most important land for Temple to groom and restore soldiers.

In the Great Clan Elder’s plans, he had never prepared to build up a Spirit General Army so early, but with Du Ke’s appearance, it made him push his plans up earlier. Only with that could the Great Clan Elder feel at ease. If we were to say that he previously still had a bit of worries, now, with the Spirit General Army, he was no longer worried. He firmly believed that there were no other armies in the world that could contend against his Spirit General Army.

Even Mu Zhi Xia and the rest were unable to contend with them.

Furthermore, he knew that the seed of Holy Flames inside Mu Zhi Xia’s body had been activated, and Mu Zhi Xia was dead.

He felt some regret, Mu Zhi Xia was the Military General that he had always admired, but Mu Zhi Xia had rejected to participate in his plans.

People who could not catch up to him, no matter how outstanding they were, would have to die.

To him, this battle was the most important battle. Success or failure would be on this battle. Once he won Saint Continent, he would win Honorable Martial Continent, and he would win Sacred Saint Galaxy.

With that, no one would be able to stop him, or his Spirit General Army.

The generation that belonged to him, would start from this battle.

He was excited and looked forward to it. ~After planning for so long, after giving up so much, isn’t it to win?~

In the sea of Holy Flames, a clear ‘pa’ sound suddenly came out, like a chicken egg being smashed. This shell crack sound was like a fuse, as countless more cracks came out, and turned into a flood.

The Great Clan Elder’s gaze, which was blazing like flames, looked onto the red cocoons that were cracking inside the sea of Holy Flames, and his heart stirred.

~My own invincible Spirit General Army is being born.~