Undefeated God of War - Chapter 937 – Jia Ya Held Captive

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Chapter 937 – Jia Ya Held Captive

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The cloud of riddles around Saint Continent had yet to dissipate, many people stood by the sidelines to watch, awaiting for the dust to settle.

Like Gou Cheng WenDao in the Shang Continent, and Jia Ya who was garrisoned in Wei Ye Guan Continent. Jia Ya had to thank the large army of Savage Continent for that, without them, he would had never been able to leave the Saint Continent. Standing at the top yielded unlimited views, but if one stood at the wrong side, then he would be consigned to eternal damnation. That was the huge risk that one had to take note of if they were in Jia Ya’s position.

The risk was one of the reason. He did not need to take the risk to increase his own contributions.

What he was more unwilling to do was to fight against his former friends.

Regardless of which side he took, some of his friends would definitely be in the opposing faction.

He could not face against a situation where familiar faces laid beneath his feet…

Everyone had long gotten used to the hooting from the Savage Continent’s large army outside. Even the soldiers who were initially in panic all got used to it and got back to usual. The Savage Continent’s large army tried conducting various sieges a couple of times, and even found a few tribe guides but were still defeated.

Jia Ya had to admit that Mu Zhi Xia had built up Wei Ye Guan Continent extremely well. It was as though Mu Zhi Xia had considered all points, and the hard work he had placed through the decades was truly surprising.

Out of the few generals, Jia Ya respected Mu Zhi Xia the most. The rest had their own outstanding qualities, the relative superiority between their fighting strengths were hard to differentiate, but there were no one as pure as Mu Zhi Xia. Mu Zhi Xia was like an old generation general, and was a pure military man.

He had never participated in any battles, and over the course of the decades, he took the defensive position at the frontiers, his conduct was simple, he treated his soldiers like his sons, and suffered the same sufferings with his soldiers. Regardless of how one looked at it, he was the model example of a military man.

~I wonder how Mu Zhi Xia is now~, Jia Ya became worried.

He also knew of Mu Zhi Xia’s affairs in infiltrating Savage Continent, but as a conservative person, Jia Ya felt that it was too dangerous. But he also trusted Mu Zhi Xia’s judgement, Mu Zhi Xia was a resolute and grounded man, and was the most outstanding out of the five of them. Furthermore, he had stayed in the Wei Ye Guan Continent for a few decades, and was much more familiar with Savage Continent compared to himself. Mu Zhi Xia would definitely have his reasons and certainty for being able to make such a call.

There was no doubt towards Mu Zhi Xia’s care and concern towards his soldiers, and would never do anything that required them to sacrifice themselves.

In the period of time that he had been in Wei Ye Guan Continent, Jia Ya was able to clearly feel the deep marks Mu Zhi Xia had left behind. The guards that stayed behind were constantly talking about Master Mu Zhi Xia, and all of the respect that they had for him came from the bottom of their hearts. Any disrespectful gossip about Mu Zhi Xia would incite an agitated reaction from them. Usually in such a situation, they would beat up the other parties, but never ran away from the punishments or denied the responsibilities when accepting the military punishments. The army discipline had become their instinct, that showed the influence that Mu Zhi Xia had.

Everytime Jia Ya saw those soldiers, he would feel admiration. Mu Zhi Xia had spent 50 years building up his army, which made Jia Ya gap in amazement. The quality of the soldiers was something he could never find in any other armies.

Even when Mu Zhi Xia was not around, they continued to train as per usual. They were able to tolerate the loneliness, and never skived and chit chat. They had tight discipline and intense pride, and were always united.

No Generals or leaders could ever dislike such soldiers. Jia Ya felt ashamed, he had an indifferent character, or in other words, lazy. He could not perform like Mu Zhi Xia, to place all of his focus and attention on the soldiers.

~On that, I can’t compare to Mu Zhi Xia.~

~Eh, now that Honorable Martial Continent is unstable, would it be better if Mu Zhi Xia was around.~

But after that, he laughed at his own naivety, ~Even if Mu Zhi Xia is around, so what? Regardless be it Temple or the Families, they treat us military generals as blades. What can an old General at the frontlines do to chance the situation? Will the Great Clan Elder listen to him? Or will the Families listen to him?~

~After this crisis, there’s no point even if I were to retreat.~

Jia Ya felt somewhat enthusiastic and dry, and took up the wine goblet and drank.

He was not an alcoholic, and only drank before sleep to aid him in rest. Due to his recent dampened mood, he drank more than usual. He was not worried about defense, where even a few important posts were handled by the soldiers who were left behind by Mu Zhi Xia. They stuck to it, because they did not receive any orders from Mu Zhi Xia to change positions.

Jia Ya had advised them a few times, but did not continue to persist. Mu Zhi Xia Army’s soldiers were more familiar with the defense, and they were much more cautious and more responsible. They were the ones to have discovered the sieges from the Savage Continent tribes. They were used to being extremely cautious and careful, furthermore, they were unlike Jia Ya’s own soldiers who harbored anger towards the harsh environments of Wei Ye Guan Continent.

Other general’s soldiers were more trustworthy than his own, causing Jia Ya to be unhappy for a period of time, of course, it was unhappiness towards himself.

There was a reason why Jia Ya did not persist, because he did not believe that he would stay in Wei Ye Guan Continent for long. ~Mu Zhi Xia will most probably come back soon, I am only here to stabilize the situation, and have no need to be forceful towards Mu Zhi Xia’s army.~

Gradually, Jia Ya became tipsy, he thought about his youth, and how heroic they were. The Honorable Martial Continent of the past was extremely united, and all of them were focused on expanding, to unify Sacred Saint Galaxy.

~Those times, how wonderful they are.~

Faint sounds of battles could be heard outside, along with his subordinates shouting.

~Ambush from the Savage Continent people?~

He immediately became sober and stood up, but before he could even move, a stranger rushed in. Jia Ya’s face changed, ~How could the enemy even know where I sleep?~ His first thought was that there was a mole, but when he saw the man in the lead of the group, his pupils instantly constricted.

The group of men surrounded him with weapons on hand.

Jia Ya calmed down, he looked at the man in the lead, and spoke indifferently: “Ming Hai, I never thought that it would be you guys, Mu Zhi Xia surrendered to the Savage Continent?”

He recognized the few in the lead, they were capable generals under Mu Zhi Xia, and when so many of them had appeared at the same time, his first reaction was that Mu Zhi Xia had surrendered to the enemy. THis thought made panick slightly, ~Mu Zhi Xia surrendered to the enemy? How is that possible?~

If not for MIng Hai and the rest surrounding him, just this thought alone made him feel that it was blasphemy against Mu Zhi Xia.

“Surrender? How can Master surrender?” Ming Hai laughed tragically: “Master died.”

Seeing Ming Hai’s tragic smile, Jia Ya felt a bone chilling sense. He knew that Mu Zhi Xia’s soldiers were all extremely tenacious and strong willed, he had never expected that he would ever see such an expression on their faces, and subconsciously blurted out: “How did he die?”

“Temple killed him!” Ming Hai spoke through gritted teeth, his expression was sinister, as tears just fell. All of the old subordinates under Mu Zhi Xia all were tearing up while clenching their teeth.

“Temple killed him?” Jia Ya was dumbstruck, he had thought of all possible answers, but never thought it would be this. He forced a smile: “How can Temple ever kill Mu Zhi Xia? That’s really unreasonable. You guys better not cheat me with such words.”

When he said that, he noticed a group of unfamiliar people around Ming Hai.

Old Tang looked at Jia Ya and laughed, but did not say anything.

Ming Hai shook his head: “No one can cheat us. Master died in front of us, and it was Master who told us that.”

~Mu Zhi Xia said it himself?~ Jia Ya frowned, the answer was once again out of his expectation, ~What is going on?~

Ming Hai suddenly asked: “What’s the situation at the Saint Continent now?”

Jia Ya who was trying to think casually spoke out: “The Saint Continent was sealed by the Holy Flames recently, I too am unaware of what is going on inside.”

Before he could even react, Ming Hai and the rest screamed and cried, tears flowed down their faces. Previously, they still harbored a thread of hope in their hearts, as what their Master had said was truly too shocking. But when they heard from Jia Ya that Saint Continent was sealed with Holy Flames, like lightning, it struck down onto the remaining bit of hope left in them.

“What’s wrong with all of you?” Jia Ya stood up, he looked at Ming Hai and the rest who were crying, and for some reason, the sense of unease in his heart grew even more.

“Dead, they are all dead, our families are all dead.” Ming Hai cried and spoke: “Master was burnt by the Holy Flames, anyone who had trained in the Holy Flames in Saint Continent will all die. Temple needs their Holy Flame…”

Jia Ya’s face was first of disbelief, but suddenly, he recalled the cryptic words that Mu Zhi Xia had said to him before, and a few rumors of Temple, and his face turned pale white.

He spoke with a trembling voice: “You said everyone in the Saint Continent? As long as they trained in the Holy Flames?”

Ming Hai wiped the tears in his eyes and spoke up: “That’s right! Master said that Temple wants to create Spirit Generals, thus they need a lot of Holy Flames. Thus, they have always been promoting the Holy Flames technique, and if they were to encounter a unique situation, Temple would…”

Jia Ya’s face turned whiter and whiter, and his body trembled uncontrollably.

He had stayed in Saint Continent for a long time, all of his family members were all in Saint Continent, thus if what Ming Hai said was true…Jia Ya’s eyes turned black, and he almost fainted.

He muttered to himself: “No way, Great Clan Elder is not that crazy, he will not dare to do that, isn’t that basically suicide? Great Clan Elder is intelligent, how can he do such a foolish thing? It isn’t like this, there should be some other reason for the Holy Flames…”

He wanted to convince himself, but his voice trembled more and more, at the end, he was already gasping, and then, he lost control of his emotions, and started to cry along with Ming Hai and the rest.

Old Tang and the Old Commander looked at Jia Ya, Ming Hai and the rest in sympathy, they sighed, they did not know how to console them.

Unknowingly, even though they had succeeded in infiltrating and occupying Wei Ye Guan Continent, as they watched the powerful and hard willed men crying, the two of them did not find joy in the victory. Such a calamity in the world was truly sorrowful.

But regardless of anything, their last obstruction to Saint Continent was gone.