Undefeated God of War - Chapter 934 – Du Ke’s Response

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Chapter 934 – Du Ke’s Response

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

When Ji Ze and Fu Zheng Zhi saw Du Ke, they were ecstatic, the shadow casted by the fame of the man, as the Number one man of Sin Domain, the prestige and impact that Du Ke had on everyone in Sin Domain was extremely powerful. Furthermore, seeing how Du Ke alone could fly in the sky, they knew that he was definitely worthy of being called the strongest.

When the Strongest man of Sin Domain saw the cyclone floating above Snow City, his mouth was wide open on hisstunned face.

After a long time, he turned his neck, which resulted in a ‘crack crack crack’ sound, like an extremely rustedmechanism, causing Ji Ze and the rest to worry that his neck would break.

“Is Master inside?” He looked at Ji Ze in shock with an extended finger pointing weakly to the cyclone.

~As expected of the strongest man of Sin Domain, his foresight is so powerful!~ Ji Ze immediately nodded his head: “Yes, Master has been inside for a few days, with Ah Xin, Xiao Ran and the rest.”

~Inside for a few days…..~

Du Ke looked up, and as he saw the stream of Holy Flames being pulled in, the corner of his mouth twitched. Uponthinking about the fiery pillars at Temple previously, in which he thought was already a shocking scene, thecyclone’s speed of devouring the Holy Flames was even more terrifying. The only thing that he could think of sayingat that moment was ~Xiao Du I, am just a country bumpkin, and haven’t seen the world yet.~

The gigantic mouth of the cyclone was the biggest volcanic crater he had ever seen in his life, the golden streamsthat poured in from the sky left him with only one thought in mind, ~A whale’s mouth!~, alright, maybe it was not theright example, but he felt as if it was a flood being reversed.

After witnessing the majestic scene before him, he calmed down. ~That’s right, if Master Tang Tian didn’t doanything surprising, how is he Master Tang Tian?~ Previously, Du Ke still had some restraining fear towards theGreat Clan Elder, but after witnessing the huge cyclone, he forgot those emotions. Whoever saw the cyclone thatcovered half the sky, would instantly feel as though the world had opened up before them.

“Who is Ah Xin and Xiao Ran?” Du Ke casually asked, after he had calmed down, he found those names unfamiliar,~Are they new?~

Towards Du Ke, the God Armor Army were extremely respectful. Fu Zheng Zhi spoke up: “Ah Xin and Xiao Ran areSpirit Generals, they are Young Miss Qian Hui’s generals, Young Miss Qian Hui is Master’s future wife.”

“Spirit Generals? We have Spirit Generals as well? Are the both of them Spirit Generals?” Du Ke immediatelybecame excited, ~Could it be that Master had already guessed Temple’s plan? Cunning! Truly cunning! He wasactually one step ahead, I am truly liking it. Damn, I used to be such an open and candid brat, but now I have beencorrupted by Master.~

~With two more experts like this, it will be good, it will be good.~

Du Ke’s mood became much better, the fourteen terrifying existences had impacted him greatly previously.

Fu Zheng Zhi replied: “yes, they are both Spirit Generals, their soldiers as well, they are all Spirit Generals, with atotal of one hundred and twenty of them.”

“One…..one hundred and twenty? Spirit…. Spirit Generals?” Du Ke felt as though his mind could not process thenumber as he stammered.

One hundred and twenty Spirit Generals…..he suddenly felt as if the powerful auras emitted from the fourteen fierypillars from before were nothing. He finally understood why the scale of the cyclone was so huge, and why its speedof devouring the Holy Flames was so terrifying.

~There are actually one hundred and twenty Spirit Generals here!~

~If that old fogey inside that pillar knows about this, will he cry?~

“Yes.” Fu Zheng Zhi saw Du Ke’s expression, and was inwardly anxious for Du Ke, ~Why is Master Du Ke onlyworried about the Spirit Generals, why can’t he grasp the important point?~ He could not help but reminded Du Ke:“They are Young Miss Qian Hui’s generals, and Young Miss Qian Hui is Master’s future wife.”

He had raised his pitch when saying “Young Miss Qian Hui”, ~You are still young, you still don’t have experience!Young man, do you know what wind (Feng) is the most powerful? Pillow talk (Zhen Bian Feng)! If you offend MasterTang Tian, Master will at most beat you up. But if you offend Lady Boss, hehe, death is just but the beginning, youwon’t even know who will do you in.~ (TN: So this is just a play with chinese characters, wind in chinese is Feng, and pillow talk in chinese is zhen bian feng,everyone should know what pillow talk means, so yea, if anyone offends Qian Hui and she tells it to Tang Tian whilethey are in bed, yea.)

~Master’s Future Wife….~

Du Ke’s pupils immediately turned round, as though he had rolled and dropped from Heaven.

“I say, which family’s young lady is so beautiful and so classy, so she is actually Lady Boss! Boss is truly fortunate,look at her, Master has truly struck it big! We are also extremely fortunate, with Lady Boss’ guidance, we willdefinitely keep to the right track, and be invincible, all those who stand in our way will be struck down easily. Uponseeing Lady Boss, Xiao Du, I, already felt kindred spirits and close….”

Du Ke instantly became passionate, as though he had found a long lost relative.

Fu Zheng Zhi, who was previously mocking Du Ke, was dumbstruck upon hearing Du Ke’s words. It was not only him,even Ji Ze, who had a look of respect towards Du Ke, froze on the spot.

~Xiao Du….~ (TN: Which means Little Du)

Upon seeing the middle aged man call himself “Xiao Du, I”. Ji Ze and Fu Zheng Zhi felt a cold breeze, and gotgoosebumps.

~Hey, You are the strongest man of Sin Domain…..~

Even Qian Hui flushed red upon hearing Du Ke shout out “Lady Boss”.

Sadra and the other Patriarchs had coincidentally witnessed the scene while arriving in gasps for breaths. Sadra,Huo Liu Shang and the rest looked at each other, and instantly read the situation clearly. They had witnessed DuKe’s powerful bearing, who was not inferior to the Great Clan Elder. But the absolutely powerful man remained sorespectful in front of Young Miss Qian Hui, ~he seems to be flattering her, how unfathomable are Boss and LadyBoss!~

~Could it be that Boss and Lady Boss came from Sin Domain? If not why are the powerful Sin Domain martial artistsserving them?~

“Don’t think about it, we are not qualified to think about such matters.” Mo Yi Gu suddenly spoke out.

The others were silent, but agreed, such matters were not up to them to consider. They had no other choiceregardless of the Master’s history. Temple, which had performed such a savage act was already the public enemy ofHonorable Martial Continent, and the thought of Temple holding authority again, was something that caused eventhe bravest man to tremble.

In Sadra and the other Patriarch’s eyes, anyone could become the master of Honorable Martial Continent, as long asit was not Temple. Furthermore, it was closely related to their lives.

Now that they knew that the Master’s subordinates were so powerful, their morale were boosted, and hope existedin their hearts once more.


Inside the central fiery pillar at Temple, the Great Clan Elder opened his eyes.

He looked at his fist, the translucent fist had completely congealed, and aside from the faint gold color, it had nodifference from a live person’s hand, where even the warmth and sensation was exactly the same. It was the samefor his body, it had been completely congealed.

Holy Flames and Spirit Generals were ethereal beings. But when the two were formed together and developed to their maximum, they congealed. His body was no longer translucent, but had become solid. His body, that was faintly gold increased the imposing and divine aura that he emitted, and when he raised his head, he could feel the churning power in him.

At that moment, he felt like a god.

But very quickly, his expression became gloomy again, he thought about the Sin Domain survivor that he saw previously, whose strength had surprised him. If not for his complete metamorphosis, his individual strength could not be compared to Du Ke. The Great Clan Elder could tell that Du Ke used Laws. But as for how profound Du Ke was in Laws, he was unsure.

The Great Clan Leader had the reason to be surprised, a powerful martial artist who had stepped into the highestrealm of Laws, which was the Law Domain, had always been a legend.

Any form of strength, when trained to its pinnacle, would be extremely powerful, and furthermore, what Du Ketrained was Laws.

The Great Clan Elder knew that Sin Domain could only be enemies, as there were no margin of forgiveness betweenSin Domain and Temple.

He had initially planned to launch an attack on Snow City, but he could not take the risk before his other SpiritGenerals had completed their metamorphosis. He could feel that there was something being born in Snow City, withthe large quantity of Holy Flames surging towards Snow City. He had never expected that his enemies would be ableto absorb the Holy Flames, and knew that no ordinary men could understand the secrets of the Holy Flame, but theSin Domain survivor had actually understood it and even mimicked the Flames.

~But so what if you can figure it out? Sin Domain doesn’t have Spirit Generals.~

Upon thinking about that, the Great Clan Elder revealed a smile, ~How can my plan that was formulated throughcountless of years be so easily broken?~

The Great Clan Elder was a cautious man, and Du Ke’s sudden appearance had caused him to feel a bit uneasy.Although the uneasiness was a fleeting emotion, but he decided to increase his bargaining chips.

Although the enemy had stepped into the Law Domains, but the current Saint Continent was his territory. The fivehundred odd Pillars of Punishment were like needles that firmly nailed down into every corner of Saint Continent,allowing him to control the entire place.

Since he needed more bargaining chips, he had to make use of the people. The Great Clan Elder looked at the HolyFlames in the sky, and a cold sneer appeared on his face.

If the Aristocrat Alliance had suffered severe casualties, then the newly built Prestigious Families were in disaster.The armies that they had were not as experienced as those of the Aristocrat Alliance, and their strength werelacking.

Against the Holy Flames, they died instantly.

What remained were less than 40% of the total population. The Aristocrat Alliance lost 30% of their population, andthe various families were able to maintain the numbers. As for the new Prestigious Families, as their death toll hadreached over 60%, all of them were in chaos.

The remaining people looked at the sky blankly, all of them were numb as defeat filled their hearts.

The Great Clan Elder suddenly appeared, he floated high above the sky, his body emitted a golden light thatprevented anyone from looking straight at him. His terrifying presence enveloped the space beneath him, he waslike a God, that made everyone feel the desire to worship to.

The people beneath had long crumbled, all of them knelt down and begged for forgiveness, they cried and begged tothe Great Clan Elder in the sky.

Inside the sun dazzling light, the Great Clan Elder’s sovereign voice came out and resonated across the land.

“All of you have sinned! Your loyalty had never been tested by Temple, and without the existence of radiance in allof you, I will never know. This is a minor reprimand for all of you. Since all of you are citizens of Temple, Temple hasdecided to give all of you an opportunity to change yourselves.”

The people beneath were crying with joy.

“Remember this, everyone only have one chance!”

The Great Clan Elder chided, causing shock into everybody’s eardrums, but they did not care about it.

The Great Clan Elder waved his hand, and the Pillars of Punishments nearby all shot out flows of golden light, whichflowed to the Great Clan Elder, and landed on the ground to form many golden light doors.

“This is your final chance, as long as you step through these Gates of Repentance, all of you will be redeemed.”

The moment the Great Clan Elder spoke those words, the lucky survivors beneath all scrambled towards the doors.

Inside the dazzling light, the Great Clan Elder’s smile was ice cold.