Undefeated God of War - Chapter 930 - Too Foolish

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Chapter 930 - Too Foolish

Translated by:Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Tang Tian had experienced countless of bitter and painful training, from the earliest million times of fundamental martial techniques to the grinding of Fire Scythe Ghost Claw etc, regardless of what training it was, none of them were easy. But the one that had left the largest impact and shadow in his heart, the one that he never wished to go through a second time, was the Sword Tempest Cyclone.

He had to admit that the Sword Tempest Cyclone\'s training was extremely effective, but even so, he definitely never wanted to experience it again. He did not even have the courage to reminisce about the experience, and he himself did not even understand how he endured through the phase. He was not sure if he could endure it a second time. This mental state was rarely seen from him, and one had to know he was definitely not a coward.

But what he had never expected was that he actually had to go through the Sword Tempest Cyclone once again. Furthermore, it was far stronger than before, and was not something that one could simply endure through. He needed to maintain an extremely high focus on controlling the Law Threads while attacking the naked Emulated Laws that were inside the cores.

Because of it, even in his Awakened God Armor state, his indifferent state of mind could not even suppress the bitter laugh.

~I have no other choice..~

Time slowed to a crawl, Tang Tian was clearly able to feel the increase in pressure, and knew that he could no longer delay it.

Tang Tian took a deep breath, his eyes regained its calmness, with an additional smear of determination. ~Since I can\'t avoid it, then bring it on.~ Tang Tian swung his arms wide open again, causing the wind screen all around to erupt, and countless of sword auras exploded out like rain.


Intense pain shot from various parts of his body, Tang Tian felt as though he was being pounced on by a pack of wolves, causing him to even have difficulty breathing, his mind went numb, and he was momentarily blank.

But he knew that he could not afford to make any mistakes, and at that moment, he bit his own tongue. The sweet and thick taste of blood pervaded his senses, he was jolted awake. He knew that it was not the time for him to be in a daze.

It was just a moment, but a great number of Holy Flames were instantly shattered, and the Emulated Laws inside their cores were revealed.

Enduring the intense pain and numbness, Tang Tian controlled the laws from both of his hands, and shot them out like spears, striking the Emulated Laws inside the cores that was floating within the sword auras.

Countless of Laws and Emulated Laws and their cores were destroyed simultaneously.

Tang Tian did not know how many sword auras he had used, or how many Holy Flames he had destroyed. He simply used all of his strength to destroy all the Emulated Laws that appeared in his vision like a maniac.

The pain he felt throughout his entire body was extremely clear, and was different from the pain he experienced the first time. This pain was laced with an extremely cold intent. This cold intent was not dense, but extremely penetrative. Tang Tian felt as though his entire body was freezing, but he knew that the cold had directly penetrated into his soul, his flesh and veins were all perfectly fine without any signs of freezing.

He did not know if he had experienced it before, although the pain was intense, but it was not as terrifying as he had expected. After immersing in it for a while, he felt as if he had gradually got used to the intensity of the pain, with the only exception that his soul felt as though it was freezing, causing him slight pain.

And he even had strength to consider the reason.

~Could it be due to the Hollowfied Energy? The Sword Auras were formed from the Hollowfied Energy, and naturally will take on the characteristics of the energy, thus this cold sensation is because of the Hollowfied Energy?~

Tang Tian\'s mind moved, in the last Sword Tempest Cyclone, it tempered his martial spirit, ~What will this Sword Tempest Cyclone temper with this time?~

In truth, Tang Tian himself could not understand the chaos in his body. He was suddenly curious and eager to find out, his body was already refined to its maximum, but his spirit was something he always had a problem with. Because of Little Fool\'s existence, there was a large difference between him and ordinary people.

~That old man better hope I don\'t find anyone else in me!~

~I have never heard of a father who would do something to his son\'s soul!~, What made him unable to accept it was the fact that his father actually elected Little Fool as the main soul!

~That asshole!~

~We will settle that debt sooner or later!~

~I will find an opportunity to beat Little Fool up. Who cares, I can beat him up anytime. As long as I am unhappy, I can beat him up.~

Tang Tian completely forgot how biased he was, but very quickly, wails erupted from his own mouth. He felt that he had a crow\'s mouth, ~Why did I think that it was not painful at all? Am I retarded?~

Sssssi, he suddenly inhaled in cold air, his expression froze as his face turned white.

~That sword almost stabbed my..oh my god.sssssiiii...asshole, I almost allowed one through..oh my god, ahhhhhh!~

He screamed miserably, he screamed without control, the pain on his body, no, it was pain directly from his soul. His mind suddenly recalled the scene of Clan Elder Seuss struggling in the Holy Flame, and the part where his soul was struggling, although it was silent, but anyone who witnessed the scene all felt the terrifying pain.

And now, he was personally experiencing it!

He felt as though his soul was being pulled apart, and was trembling incessantly.

But at that moment, he could no longer stop it, despite the pain in his soul, he could not stop it. If he did not handle the Holy Flames and allow them to pass through and transform into sword auras, it would destroy Ah Xin and the rest.

Tang Tian fervently used the Law Threads to attack the Emulated Laws that were inside their cores, and only by doing it fervently could he maintain his focus. He felt that his mind was going numb, the spirit in his eyes was dimming slowly, but his movements never slowed down.

He was like a killing machine that continued to slice without knowing fatigue.

The Sword Tempest Cyclone was like an overwhelming balloon, and was continuously getting larger at an alarming rate. The number of sword auras were also increasing exponentially, and the pain also increased in direct proportion to the number of sword auras. The number of Holy Flames that surged towards them increased as well, and the number of Emulated Laws that Tang Tian had to destroy was also increasing, thus the amount of Hollowfied Energy also increased.

Previously, they felt as though they were under a waterfall of Hollowfied Energy, but now, Ah Xin and the rest already felt as though they were swimming in an ocean, no, not swimming, drowning.

Ah Xin felt like a balloon, the Hollowfied Energy was forcing its way into his body from various positions. That\'s right, they were forcing their way into his body. At the start, they were required to absorb them independently, but now, they no longer wished to absorb them, but the vast amount of Hollowfied Energy were forcing their way into their bodies.

He felt extremely foolish, previously, he was still cracking a joke about feeling pain! He wanted to cry, he wanted to cry for being too foolish.

He was truly feeling the pain from the sword auras that seemed to be bent on cutting him apart, the pain made him feel as though he could explode at any moment, the pain was so unbearable that he was on the verge of fainting. He wished so badly that he could faint, but he did not have the chance.

The Hollowfied Energy was like saltwater intrusion, doing their best to barge into his body. They were fine like needles, poking and piercing his entire body, causing him to feel the pain from the Hollowfied Energy as well as the sword auras. His entire body was swollen in pain, and the only thing that consoled him was that the pain was well distributed..

According to logic, the intense pain should had caused Ah Xin to lose consciousness long ago. But with the endless stream of Hollowfied Energy, they restored his body endlessly, causing the cuts to heal the moment they appeared. The endless repetition of being cut and healed looped over and over again with no end.

The only thing Ah Xin could do was to scream in pain, he could not even control his own screams..~How did I ever fall to such a pitiful state.~

Thus, he screamed with even more sorrow.

The intense pain caused him to grab whatever he could grab, and unknowingly, he had grabbed onto Undying Sword, both of his hands were holding onto the sword hilt tightly.

He did not even notice that Undying Sword was like a dry sand dune greedily devouring the Hollowfied Energy.


Old Tang and the Old Commander buried Mu Zhi Xia solemnly, of course, there were no religious ceremony held on the battlefield. The most they could do was place a wooden plank, which had the words "Here lies Mu Zhi Xia" written on it.

Old Tang suddenly trembled in surprise: "Eh, why does it feel cold?"

The Old commander glanced at him: "If you didn\'t do anything wrong, you don\'t have to be afraid."

Old Tang immediately blurted out: "I forgot you\'re a ghost."

The Old Commander remained unmoved: "You\'re not even worthy to be a ghost."



The two men snorted in unison, the two of them were used to the pointless struggles.

"It was a pity for Mu Zhi Xia." The Old Commander suddenly spoke out: "The entire army was a pity, they were all good soldiers."

His gaze landed on the soldiers that were kneeling in front of Mu Zhi Xia\'s tombstone, and could not resist but sigh. He was an old generation General, and had special feelings towards soldiers, and hated such a sight. All of the soldiers no longer had the vigor and aura of an army that was hailed as Number One Beneath the Heavens. All of them looked lifeless with sunken eyes, as though they were walking corpses.

Old Tang sighed: "Just watch, Temple is too evil and did too many unkind actions, they are digging their own grave, and no one can save them. The Gods will destroy those they deem crazy. With Temple\'s lunacy, it is about time for them to be destroyed."

"We can\'t get through Wei Ye Guan Continent." The Old Commander spoke honestly.

Old Tang turned his head and asked unhappily: "Is there no other way?"

"What we can do now is to force a siege, but the casualties will be extremely high." The Old Commander said somewhat helplessly: "At such a crucial juncture, the one defending the place is the defense expert Jia Ya, we don\'t have a chance. I can bring them to take some risks, but I can\'t bring them to send them to their deaths.:

Old Tang kept quiet, he knew what the Old Commander was talking about, otherwise, the Large Savage Continent Army would not had been stuck and unable to move for such a long time. But when he heard the answer, he was still filled with disappointment. He initially harbored some hope in his heart, thinking that with the Old Commander\'s high standard, he might have a solution.

The Old Commander did not know what to say, consoling people had never been his forte. They were in a situation where they were helpless and no strategy could reverse the situation. All of the Military Generals were most afraid of such a situation.

Right at that moment, one of the soldiers that had finished paying his respect to Mu Zhi Xia walked over.

All of the bodyguards around Old Tang and the Old Commander stopped him, but the Old Commander waved for him to pass through.

"Master, we have a way to enter Wei Ye Guan Continent." The soldier who was shabby, had a wasted appearance with sunken eye sockets spoke out, the only striking thing was that his pair of eyes revealed a deep rooted hatred.

The two men were startled, as they subconsciously looked at each other and noticed the ecstasy in each other\'s eyes.