Undefeated God of War - Chapter 929 - Pressure, Idea, Hole

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Chapter 929 - Pressure, Idea, Hole

Translated by:Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The composition of the Holy Flames was extremely stable, the Emulated Laws and Hollowfied Energy had reached a miraculous equilibrium. This equilibrium was extremely stable, and both factors influenced each other greatly. It could be said that it was almost impossible to draw out the Emulated Laws directly from the Holy Flame.

Even Tang Tian could not do it. As he had the God Armor, he could control Law Threads, but yet he was helpless against the Emulated Law Threads. Before seeing the Holy Flames, Tang Tian had never seen the Emulated Laws or the Hollowfied Energy before.

Tang Tian thought of another way.

Since he could not separate the two, he would destroy their equilibrium. He would use laws to break into the Hollowfied Energy and use the Laws to collide with the Emulated Laws. The collision of both factors would lead to their destruction, and Tang Tian would be able to obtain the pure Hollowfied Energy.

The most valuable thing of the Holy Flame was its thought process and creativity, and not its technique with laws and energy.

Breaking it was far easier than constructing it.

Of course, maybe it was not that easy, but ultimately it was a possible method, and the only method that Tang Tian was able to think of in the short span of time. As for the risks, Tang Tian did not have the time to care about it.

Holy Flames was being pulled in from all directions, the Spirit General auras from the gold grade spirit cards had attracted them. The aura of the gold grade spirit cards were extremely alluring to them.

Tang Tian focused on controlling the tempo, when the number of Holy Flames that entered reach a hundred, the wind screen would isolate the aura. The surging Holy Flames would lose its targets, and their speed would plummet drastically, and resemble jellyfishes floating outside of the wind screen.

Inside the windscreen, the hundred Holy Flames were spread out, where each Holy Flame floated above one gold grade Spirit Card. The gold light from the spirit cards enveloped the Holy Flames, as the unique aura of the spirit generals caused the Holy Flames to remain stationary, their pulses became much slower while being attracted to the aura of the Spirit cards.

Tang Tian watched them, everything that had happened was still in his control.

But the true test had yet to begun.

With his opened arms, Tang Tian carefully experienced the Law Threads swimming away in the air. Suddenly, a cold gleam flashed in his eyes, his ten fingers bent and grabbed onto an empty space, and a flickering rainbow light suddenly appeared in his hand.

From this, one could see Tang Tian\'s improvements. In the past, he could only use his Godfist to gather Law Threads. But at that moment, he was able to use various hand techniques to grab onto Law Threads in the air, which was a comprehensive improvement.

Under the state of the God Armor, Tang Tian\'s degree of sensitivity towards Laws had reached an unimaginable level, and from this point, Tang Tian\'s self created Awakened God Armor was in no way inferior to the Holy Flames.

Tang Tian\'s God Armor was not only used for battle, to him, the high sensitivity towards Laws and delicate control capabilities\' use was amplified in training and not in battle.

With his high sensitivity towards Laws and his strong control capabilities, he was able to utilize various methods to do things, and that was the most powerful point of the Awakened God Armor. The various different methods were related to the various different laws, which greatly aided in his understanding to Laws. This advantage was something that Du Ke, with his Law Domain, was incapable of doing. If Du Ke knew of the miraculous use of the Awakened God Armor, he would instantly be salivating.

The traits of the Awakened God Armor was not of much use for Tang Tian to understand some of the Laws, but held superiority in helping him in terms of understanding the relation between the laws, understanding the origins of the laws,

If there was a day that Tang Tian was able to understand the essence of laws, he could create his own laws, and that was a domain that the human race had never achieved.

Alright, Tang Tian was still a few million kilos away from that, and it is a far-fetched goal. But what he could currently use was his ordinary appreciation to understand the laws.

At the boundary between life or death, a human would unleash all of his potential, and it was in such a time where it was the easiest for the person to break through. Although it was extremely dangerous for it to occur in battle, but it was a widely acknowledged theory. But the flash between life and death was built from the continuous perseverance and bitter training. Without this deep accumulation from the ordinary times, it would be a fool\'s dream to wish to gain a flash of understanding in the life or death moment.

Tang Tian grabbed onto the Law Threads, and immediately gained the attention of the Holy Flames, which initially were floating above the Gold grade Spirit Cards, all of them jumped up eagerly.

Suddenly, the gold grade spirit cards erupted with a gold light that froze the jumping Holy Flames.

The Law Thread in Tang Tian\'s hand dimmed down, as a layer of energy formed around the Law Thread. Tang Tian\'s hands trembled, the Law Thread that was enveloped by energy had become extremely straight like a sharp arrow, and he pierced it into the Holy Flame.

Chi chi chi.

The energy around the Law Thread quickly melted, as the hollowfied energy and energy were also mortal enemies. Right before the energy was completely melted, the Law Thread touched onto the dotted figure inside the Holy Flame.

The Holy Flame turned sluggish, the Emulated Law Thread appeared and stabbed into the core of the Law Thread.

There were no sounds, the instant the Emulated Law pierced onto the Law Thread, they instantly disappeared, and the Holy Flame looked like a worm being distorted, or a candle being burnt, as it gradually flowed apart. In the blink of the eye, the Holy Flame that flowed apart transformed into a transparent light speck. This was the hollowfied Energy\'s true form, without any Emulated Radiant Law, the pure hollowfied energy was transparent and colorless.

Every speck of light was a perfect sphere, like transparent balls.

They penetrated through the golden layer of light released by the Spirit Generals like rain pouring down from the sky. The specks of light landed on the Spirit Generals, and immediately permeated into their bodies, causing their consciousness to be roused. Ah Xin and Xiao Ran were in joy, they were able to feel their bodies being strengthened. Not needing his orders, all the Spirit Generals got busy as they took in the hollowfied energy. But there were too many Hollowfied Energy, and although they managed to take in a substantial amount, but even more dropped onto the ground.

Ah Xin was puzzled, ~There\'s nothing pain about this, there\'s nothing to tolerate. Why did he say that.~

Following the success, Tang Tian\'s confidence grew. His movements became more familiarized as the amount of Holy Flames increased. This also affected the amount of Hollowfied Energy, as the amount of Hollowfied Energy became more and more, and Ah Xin and the other Spirit Generals felt as though they were in a pouring rain.

Ah Xin opened his mouth, his face revealing an expression of enjoyment, ~It\'s too awesome~, he felt as though his entire past ten thousand years were worth it. But he still maintained some clarity, he did not forget Tang Tian\'s reminder. ~Could our In-Law be reminding us to tolerate from overeating? Oh my, it is truly hard to tolerate this, hahah!~

At the other side, Xiao Ran also felt extremely comfortable, but when she caught sight of Ah Xin\'s wretched expression, she felt the urge to raise her leg and kick him far away. But after considering that they were still in danger, she suppressed the urge and focused on absorbing the Hollowfied Energy.

Ah Xin did not notice it, but the familiar engravings on the ground that resembled the vein lines of the Energy rooms were releasing faint light. The raindrops of Hollowfied energy touched the ground, it would instantly assimilate into the pattern. The Hollowfied Energy that dropped into the ground would surge into the wind screen.

The hollowfied energy that had been sucked into the ground was slowly transferred into the wind screen, causing it to have subtle changes, and the originally thin wind screen had formed to what seemed like a water screen.

But due to the downpour inside the windscreen, no one noticed the changes of it. With the addition of the Hollowfied Energy, the wind screen started to attract more Holy Flame, and even more Holy Flames started to surge towards them. Ah Xin and the rest intuitively felt that if what they were experiencing before was a storm, then they were now under the attack of a waterfall.

~This feeling is too great!~

~Oh my oh my, it is truly too painful, I\'m so full to the point that it is so painful, this feels too good to the point that it is painful! Hahahaha!~

Ah Xin felt that he was about to fly sky high, he was in a state of trance, something that he had never experienced before.

Chi, a faint sound of air being cut through came out, but due to the falling rain, it was undetected.

Ah Xin\'s body suddenly froze, a sensation of pain had appeared on his thighs, and spread throughout his entire body, he was startled for a few seconds, before finally reacting and releasing a heart wrenching pain.

Xiao Ran\'s reaction was faster than Ah Xin, almost at the same time, she used the large Zanbato to protect her front. But the following scene shocked her, the sword auras actually cut through her blade and struck onto her body, instantly numbing her.

Countless sword auras formed by the Hollowfied Energy shot out from the wind screen.

Chi Chi Chi!

Almost all of the spirit generals were struck, all of the sword auras formed by the Hollowfied Energy had become extremely cold and sharp, and every Spirit General felt as if they were being sliced apart.

No matter what Ah Xin was thinking at that point of time, he would had never expected that it was only the beginning.

The number of sword auras grew, they became even more than the rain, and being spurred by the wind screen, they flew around at high velocity revolutions, their sharp shrieks had become low pitched, the sounds of these sword auras was heart palpitating, causing people who heard it to feel their scalps go numb. The fast revolving sword auras were like clusters of capstans with their handles replaced with swords. The sharp sword concepts shot from all directions, and Xiao Ran felt as though she was being grinded up. She felt that her body was being sliced into pieces, the pain bore into her heart, but before she could faint, the endless Hollowfied Energy would replenish and restore her body.

This repetition had no end.

Ah Xin\'s numb mind only had one thought, ~That asshole, what he said was real..~

If either Crane or Ling Xu were present, they would had instantly recognized what was happening, it was the Sword Tempest Cyclone! It was the Sword Tempest Cyclone that Tang Tian had used in the past to scare everyone to death! In Ursa Major Constellation, Tang Tian had completed the Sword Tempest Cyclone and won the praises from everyone. Of course, what everyone enjoyed most from it was Tang Tian\'s wails and screams that lasted for several months. Those intense screams were even able to make listeners shed tears.

~Children, see how for the sake of success, His Majesty was willing to pay such a huge price, so what qualifications do you all have to complain of pain and fatigue? Did all of you suffer as much as His Majesty? Did all of you undergo pain as painful as His Majesty? Do you know why our Ursa Major Constellation armies are invincible? Because in that year, all of His Majesty\'s subordinates had specially stood outside the storm listening to His Majesty screaming in pain to the point that they all shed tears, and from then on, they all worked energetically for prosperity, and became His Majesty\'s invincible elites.~

This was the most used speech that the Ursa Major Constellation citizens used to encourage their children. If Tang Tian knew about it, he would be the one crying, since when did his troops work energetically for prosperity by listening to him scream? They were all clearly rejoicing in his pain, every day, they would run over to hear him scream, that was definitely for the sake of their own happiness!

But if Ah Xin knew about these, he would had crawled out of the wind screen, by hook or by crook.

Sadly, he did not know.

The Sword Tempest Cyclone was an idea that suddenly came to Tang Tian, because when he felt that there were too many Holy Flames, he thought about how to better use them? At that time, he instantly thought of the Sword Tempest Cyclone, the original name of the Sword Tempest Cyclone was Whirlpool Sword Spirit Tempering Technique, and it was most suited for Ah Xin, Xiao Ran, and the rest.

Boom boom boom!

Compared to Tang Tian\'s old Sword Tempest Cyclone, the Sword Tempest Cyclone formed by the Hollowfied Energy was even more powerful. At that time, what Tang Tian used was the energy of the constellation, which was simply incomparable to the Saint Galaxy\'s energy concentration. Furthermore, the Hollowfied Energy was much stronger than ordinary energy.

The stronger the Sword Tempest Cyclone, the more intense the pain, the more painful the screams.

The gloomy and sharp shrieks were unable to conceal the heart wrenching screams and wails inside, causing Ji Ze and the rest to be so afraid that their faces turned pale white. Back when Tang Tian had reminded Ah Xin and the rest, Ji Ze and the God Armor Army were rejoicing in their calamity. They knew the standard of the Master\'s so called pain, and how scary it was.

~Tolerate it~, those words from the Masters were extremely terrifying words.

When they heard the screams from the inside, they all revealed expressions as though they had expected it. But as the screams and wails got more intense and brutal, their hearts started beating faster and the colors on their faces receded, ~What\'s going on inside? What is Master actually doing to them? Why are they in so much pain?~

Qian Hui had a look as though she could not tolerate the screams, her eyes fixed on the windscreen and vortex within.

She knew that Tang Tian definitely had some unique method, but hearing them scream inside, she could not help but pray for them, ~All of you must hold on.~

What shocked everyone even more was that the wind screen and vortex was constantly swelling, the endless stream of Holy Flames continued to surge in from all directions. As the wind screen and vortex grew bigger, the sound of the sword auras became more distinct.


Everyone were skeptical and were confused, only Sima Xiao knew what was going on, his eyes suddenly lit up and he blurted out: "That\'s the Sword Tempest Cyclone!"

In the past, he had viewed Tang Tian as a worthy adversary, and he knew everything that had occurred in Ursa Major Constellation. He had even specially investigated on the Sword Tempest Cyclone. When he first saw the Wind Screen, he did not link them together, but when he heard the sword shrieks clearer, he started to wonder where he had seen such a thing before.

"Sword Tempest Cyclone?" Qian Hui turned her head and asked.

"Yes, that is the Sword Tempest Cyclone." Sima Xiao explained: "It comes from the Whirlpool Sword Spirit Tempering Technique, it is a technique that uses sword concepts to temper the martial spirit. It showed off its might in Tang Tian\'s hands, the Whirlpool Sword became the Sword Tempest Cyclone, and when Tang Tian was in Ursa Major Constellation, he frequently used it to train, and at the end, he even used it to kill Saints."

When Qian Hui heard that Tang Tian had used the same method to train, her heart trembled.

"Very few people would use the Whirlpool Sword Spirit Tempering Technique to temper themselves, because the one using it must be able to bear the immense pain, and thus it was hailed as the most cruel way of tempering the spirit. No one knew that Tang Tian would actually produce an even more terrifying Sword Tempest Cyclone, and the pain from it is simply unimaginable, and it is hailed as pain that surpass the human\'s limit. Tang Tian\'s achievement in this is something everyone respects."

Sima Xiao\'s tone of speech was filled with emotions and respect, the longer one interacted with Tang Tian, the harder it was to have a hostile view towards him.

The Godlike Young Lad, behind this name was an unimaginable amount of blood, sweat and tears, and the pain and loneliness that he had tolerated. Such a person was someone no one could feel envious of.

Although Qian Hui knew of the bitterness Tang Tian had suffered in the past, but to hear Sima Xiao speak about him, she still felt the pain in her heart.

~Alright, Big Brother Tian had suffered through it before, all of you have to enjoy it well...oh, I mean, to do your best!"

Qian Hui immediately overlooked them screaming, her gaze was beyond them, the faint gold figure above the storm had captured her attention.

Tang Tian did not know the situation outside, and as for the screams beneath him, he remained emotionless to them. ~In the past, when I was inside dying and screaming, all of those assholes actually sat outside and enjoyed listening to me. Hehe, now it is your turn..~

Alright, in truth, Tang Tian was too busy that he did not have the time to even care about them.

Even with the assistance of the Awakened God armor, it was not an easy thing to manage. The number of Holy Flames were too much, to the point that it scared the rest. He was extremely curious on how many Spirit Generals the Great Clan Elder had prepared. ~How many Spirit Generals does he have to be able to absorb so many Holy Flames?~

This question flashed past his mind for a second before disappearing. The pressure he had to bear far surpassed his expectations.

He had overlooked an important detail, once the Sword Tempest Cyclone had formed, it itself had a self strengthening ability, and did not need his control. But the situation was as such, as the Sword Tempest Cyclone continued to grow and strengthen, its attractiveness also grew even more.

The speed of the Holy Flames surging towards them grew faster and faster, Tang Tian needed to handle the Holy Flames to be able to obtain the Hollowfied Energy. But if he was unable to convert them, and the Holy Flame were to mix into the Sword Tempest Cyclone and transform into Sword Auras, they would become fatal to Ah Xin, Xiao Ran, and the rest.

Tang Tian placed all of his attention on handling the Holy Flames.

His frequency was much stronger than when he just started, as the number of Holy Flames also gave him ample experience. He was already about to handle 500 wicks of Holy Flames at one time without any leakage. But as the speed of the Holy Flames continued to increase, it did not make him happy, but instead increased the pressure on him.

He felt more and more taxed, and knew that his rate of improvement could not keep up with the rate of the Sword Tempest Cyclone\'s growth.

~This can\'t go on!~

In the state of the Awakened God Armor, Tang Tian had an astonishing sharp mind for calculation. He remained calm as he counted, ~According to the growth rate of the two, It only requires ten minutes before I will be drowned out by the surging Holy Flames, at that point, the first leak will appear.~

~I need to do something~, Tang Tian was extremely clear that he needed to make a change.

The immense pressure caused Tang Tian to feel choked, as though he was under the pressure of Mt. Tai, even in the state of the Awakened God Armor. His hands did not slow down at all while his brain worked quickly, ~What do I do?~

~Decrease the speed of the Sword Tempest Cyclone?~

This idea was the first to be rejected by Tang Tian, the current size of the Sword Tempest Cyclone was already extremely huge. It\'s height was already rising to a 120m, while its diameter was at 50m, which was the size of a hill. Such a humongous object contained an extremely terrifying power, and it was not something that he alone could withstand.

~Then I can only increase the rate at which I handle the Holy Flames, but, How can I increase it?~

~I need more Law Threads, only with more Law Threads can my rate increase.~ It was not difficult to increase the number of Law Threads, as long as Tang Tian lessened his pressure on the God Armor, he could control even more Law Threads. But the more the number of Law Threads, the higher the requirement for control, and he was unable to control so many Law Threads.

~Seems like it is not only the number of Law Threads, I also have to control the stream of Holy Flames that reaches me.~

Tang Tian did not give up, he continued to ponder, he carefully recalled back when he was controlling the Holy Flames. ~What was the most difficult part of handling them? Which procedure is delaying me?~

Very quickly, his eyes lit up.

Holy Flames viewed Laws as an enemy, he was required to envelop every Law Thread with a layer of energy, and the thickness of the energy had to be constant, to protect the Law Thread to pierce through the outer layer of the Holy Flame, and not obstruction the Emulated Law in the core of the Holy Flame from touching the Law Thread to allow the destruction of both.

It was the most effort consuming part, and yet it was absolutely needed.

~How can I lessen the effort for this?~

Tang Tian immediately realized that he had grasped the crux of the problem.

Suddenly, Tang Tian\'s heart moved, ~If the sword aura formed by the hollowfied energy attacks the Holy Flame, what will happen?~

Without hesitation, he immediately led a Hollowfied Energy Sword Aura from the wind screen onto a wick of Holy Flames. The instant the sword aura touched the Holy Flame, a \'bang\' sound was produced, the explosion caused the energy to burst into countless beads, just like the raindrops formed after the destruction of both Law threads.

Tang Tian was surprised, but he quickly thought about it.

When the sword aura interacted with the Holy flame\'s hollowfied energy, both shattered at the same time, but the Emulated Law in the core of the Holy Flame remained intact. But without any protection from the Hollowfied Energy, it floated in the air completely naked. It was a strand of gray mist that was even finer than hair, and emitted a cryptic aura.

The shattered Hollowfied energy gradually floated towards the Emulated Law inside the core.

Tang Tian did not stop it, but carefully observed the entire process.

The hollowfied energy that floated in the air gradually converged back to the Emulated Law inside the core, in the next moment a wick of Holy Flames appeared before Tang Tian once again. The new Holy Flame was much dimmer than it used to be, and the flames had become smaller.

Tang Tian gained some understanding from it, by leading the sword aura to strike on the Holy Flame, the entire process played out once again in front of him. Tang Tian repeated the procedure multiple times, and watched extremely carefully through every process, and finally understood the situation.

The Sword Aura was formed from Hollowfied Energy, and as both the sword aura and the Holy Flame contained the same energy attributes, they did not induce a mutual destruction upon collision. Instead, the Sword Aura power led to the destruction of the composition of the Holy Flame, and thus the Hollowfied Energy and the Emulated Law in the core were separated.

If there were no external force, the Emulated Law in the core would instantly be attracted to the Hollowfied Energy, and once again form together to become a Holy Flame.

But what if there was an external force?

Tang Tian tried it once again, and like before, the Emulated Law inside the Core floated naked in the air again, but this time, Tang Tian used a Law Thread and struck the core.

Silently, both of the Law Threads were destroyed.

~As expected~, Tang Tian\'s eyes lit up, he had found the solution.

He only needed to lead the sword auras from the wind screen, by relying on these sword auras to destroy the Holy Flames\' composition, he could control the Law Threads much more easily to destroy the Emulated Laws. The Hollowfied Energy inside the windscreen was endless, that meant the number of Sword Auras were endless as well. Since that was the case, the amount of Holy Flames he could handle at once had increased by a huge amount.


If that was truly the case, it meant that he too, needed to face the sword auras, the astonishingly large amounts of sword auras.

~Am I supposed to experience the Sword Tempest Cyclone again?~

After the last experience, even though it was a long time ago, even though he was in the Awakened God Armor, Tang TIan\'s body trembled. He was just enjoying in Ah Xin and the others\' pain, but in the blink of the eye, he had fallen into the pit as well.

Tang Tian instantly had the impulse of crying.

There was nothing more cruel than this to Tang Tian.