Undefeated God of War - Chapter 921 - Revenge!

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Chapter 921 - Revenge!

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

All of the soldiers and military generals were completely overwhelmed by the heaven shocking secret, and were dumbstruck with their mouths wide open. Yes, such content had completely surpassed all that they can ever imagine, even if they had been stunned by many other things.

Even the Old Commander and Old Tang were stunned. Even by hearing Mu Zhi Xia\'s narration, they could hear the Great Clan Elder\'s mania and his passion for Temple. The Old Commander became a spirit general after he died, but he never thought that, for the sake of rebuilding Temple, the Great Clan Elder initiated to become a Spirit General himself.

He gave up his own life and took the risk for Temple.

He retracted his disdain, and the ridicule he had towards Great Clan Elder\'s desire for eternal life, because he had asked himself honestly, ~What about me?~

There was no need for him to lead the Southern Cross Army forever, as long as he was willing to win that war, he would not hesitate for anything. It was not only him, anyone in the army would have done the same.

Life is precious, being able to enjoy the warmth of the sun, feeling the heart beat faster in captivation of the other half, being bound to another. Time is emotionless, cold and fearful. But there are always a few things, a few dreams, that will make a person overcome the longing to live eternally, that will make a person overcome the fear of time, and the person will give everything to keep it close.

The Old Commander kept quiet.

The Great Clan Elder was cold blooded and saw human lives as grass, he was fanatical and unreasonable, but he was him. You could spurn him, but you\'re unable to look at him in disdain, you can dislike him, but you cannot despise him.

He was a terrifying opponent.

A maniac so crazy to the point that he did not care about his own life, a cold blooded man who saw human lives as mere numbers, had no fear in the battlefield, and could do anything to win.

"He succeeded." Mu Zhi Xia\'s voice sounded like it had been overlaid with Holy Flames, it was somewhat imposing, the voice that all the soldiers were familiar with, but at the same time, even Mu Zhi Xia himself hated it and loathed it. The Holy Flames that flowed beneath his skin became even more lively. Everyone was so absorbed into Mu Zhi Xia\'s words that they

did not notice his fingerbones had already been enveloped by the Holy Flame and was melting silently.

Mu Zhi Xia looked as though he did not sense it: "It was only a 10% success rate, but he succeeded. He became the most powerful Clan Elder of Temple, and everyone before him were at his beck and call, his commands became the Temple\'s. For the sake of not letting anyone know that he became a Spirit General, he became reclusive and used the Holy Flames to shroud himself. Everyone merely thought that the Great Clan Elder was using a unique method to train the Holy Flame, and no one had guessed that it was a Spirit General inside the Holy Flames."

Everybody around had a mix of shock and enlightenment on their faces. Everyone knew that the Great Clan Elder\'s entire body was shrouded with the Holy Flame, but no one had thought that it would be part of the secret.

Old Tang looked at Mu Zhi Xia, the light aura of the Holy Flames were already spewing out from Mu Zhi Xia. He asked: "Then what is going on with you?"

"Me? This is a different problem." Mu Zhi Xia revealed a bitter smile, the light that criss-crossed across his entire face made him look strange: "The Great Clan Elder knew that even if he had an endless lifespan, he alone cannot realize his dreams. He needed even more people who saw the same goal as him. I am not born from a Prestigious Family, and was naturally sought out by him, but I rejected it. I did not want to become a Spirit General, this life of mine was destined to be given to Temple, but I hope that I can rest after death. For the longest time, I felt fear, the Great Clan Elder did not punish me, but to prevent the secret from being leaked, he left something inside of me. This thing is acting up now."

"Is there a cure?" The old Commander asked, Mu Zhi Xia was a respectable opponent, he did not wish for such a man to die in such a tragic way.

The Old Commander was one of the old generation, in his beliefs, a heroic man like Mu Zhi Xia, should die on the battlefield, and not to some secret and underhand plot.

"There is no cure." Mu Zhi Xia replied: "He will not make such a mistake."

The Old Commander knew that Mu Zhi Xia was talking about the Great Clan Elder.

"The Saint Continent, what happened to Saint Continent?

Continent? Master, you said something about the Saint Continent just now?"

Suddenly, a soldier asked urgently. By his side, the other soldiers all had anxious looks. Their families were in the Saint Continent, and they could not help but have a bad premonition.

Mu Zhi Xia kept quiet, he opened his mouth, but he felt the pain stabbing in his heart, and could not say anything.

"Master! Please!" The soldier knelt on the ground, kowtowed, and started begging: "Master, this subordinate has followed you for so many years, please tell us."

"Master!" All the soldiers of the Mu Zhi Xia Army all knelt down, they implored.

Mu Zhi Xia laughed: "The Saint Continent, is no more. I know they have a plan, but I do not know the minute details. I only know about it roughly. Once Temple is forced to a corner, they will disregard everything and transform into Spirit Generals, after that…."

The air around seemed to congeal around them, and time seemed to have stopped. The Soldiers dared not breath, as they looked at Mu Zhi Xia with their pale white expressions.

"After that, they will use all of the Holy Flames in the Saint Continent, to evolve."

Mu Zhi Xia spoke out with a trembling voice, it was filled with sorrow, and he did not know how he still had the strength to say those words.

It was as if he could see his own family members transforming into sad white holy flames, being devoured by a Spirit General.

Blood continued to stream down his face and flowed to the ground.

"No….." The soldier was in shock, his mind had gone blank. He muttered: "No way. We fought for Temple, we are Temple\'s people, how can Temple do such a thing to our families…."

The other soldiers hugged their heads, their eyes were all in a daze, while a few revealed fear and despair.

"The seed they planted in me has activated. I can feel that Saint Continent is no longer what it is, our families…." Mu Zhi Xia laughed. He felt that he had been too stupid, he had given his life to such an organization, and even his family members\' lives were placed on the table.

His heart was filled with hatred, hatred for himself for joining Temple, for fighting for Temple, for implicating his family.

He had occasionally heard of a few pieces of news, but never placed them in mind. Because he felt that, as long as the Great Clan Elder was rational, he would never implement

never implement the plan. The Saint Continent was Temple\'s foundation, where their citizens lived in, even all their devout followers and Temple\'s families and kin. If Temple implemented the plan, weren\'t they digging up their own foundation? Who would dare to follow after Temple, who was even willing to harm their own flesh and blood. Who would still follow them?

~Although the Great Clan Elder is crazy, but he is an intellectual man, and would not do such a foolish thing.~

~I am the foolish one!~

~It was I who had harmed everyone!~

~But a pity, I can\'t take revenge….~

The surging Holy Flames spewed out from his body. In the blink of the eye, he had transformed into a burning person, the white Holy Flames blazed on intensely. Mu Zhi Xia could feel his own body becoming lighter and lighter, the pain from the burning of his soul caused his consciousness to fade out, and he gathered his last ounce of strength, and shouted out while trembling.

"Revenge! Revenge! Revenge!"


The Holy Flame erupted and completely devoured Mu Zhi Xia, who became silent within the flames.

All of the soldiers were stunned, they pounced fanatically towards the Holy Flame, wanting to drag Mu Zhi Xia out.

Old Tang and Old Commander reacted quickly, they immediately blocked the soldiers who had lost control of their emotions. The berserk Mu Zhi Xia Army disregarded everything, they begged, bit on the mechanical puppets, kicked and punched, with tears streaming all over their faces.

"Don\'t harm them." Old Tang was not able to do it, and reminded his soldiers.

The Southern Cross Army were all quiet, no matter how many of the enemy soldiers crawled up their mechanical puppets and bit onto their armors, they simply held onto them, they too, were feeling extremely terrible in their hearts.

The Holy Flame surged, in the blink of the eye, Mu Zhi Xia\'s corpse was burnt completely, and nothing was left in the flames.

All the soldiers of the Mu Zhi Xia Army stopped, as though they were in a trance, they stared at the empty Holy Flame.

Heart wrenching screams and wails came out.

The soldiers who had climbed up the Mechanical Puppets were ragged and covered in smoke and dirt, got out from their frenzied states. They cried and screamed, they climbed down from the Mechanical Puppets and fell into the dirt.

Their faces were buried in the dirt, their palms grabbed onto the soil tightly, they screamed out their family member\'s names, they screamed for

they screamed for Mu Zhi Xia. They wanted to grab onto something, but did not grab onto anything, they struck their own heads, they curled up together, they felt useless and felt despair.

They could accept dying on the field with their corpses being thrown into the wilderness. That was their responsibility in which they could not hide from. But their families had became fertilizer for Temple, helplessness, grief, and despair overwhelmed their hearts.

All of their beliefs and thoughts were shattered, they knew that their families had died, and they watched as their highly respected master burned to ashes in front of them. These strong men who survived through countless of ordeals and were never defeated in battles before, completely crumbled at that moment.

Old Tang and the Old Commander revealed their sad emotions, it was a brutal reality, and the tragic scene was something that even their hardened hearts could not accept. Especially when they heard the soldiers screaming out the names of the females of their families, the heart wrenching screams and wails, it became so unbearable that they had to turn their heads.

~This is the most cruel affair in the world.~

~It is the most insane thing ever!~

All of the soldiers had went to the frontlines to fight, to fight for Temple, but Temple actually harmed their families!

An unprecedented rage surged in the hearts of every single generals and soldiers of the Southern Cross Army. Even if they were their enemies, at that moment, they all shared the same hatred towards one man, and all of them so badly wanted to cut the Great Clan Elder piece by piece.

They sympathized with them, they were all soldiers who had gone out to war, thus the feelings were especially deep.

The Old Commander watched the most elite soldiers with empty eyes, who cried endlessly, and felt terrible. ~It should not be like this, all of these strong men, should not be like this.~

He took a deep breath, then thunder boomed from his mouth: "All of you shut the hell up for me!"

All of the soldiers instantly raised their heads.

"Have all of you forgotten Mu Zhi Xia\'s wish before dying? Have all of you forgotten the ocean deep hatred on your backs? Have all of you forgotten who the main culprit is?"

Old Commander\'s voice thundered through the battlefield, and in the hollow eyes of the soldiers of Mu Zhi Xia army, light auras started to converge.

"Revenge! Revenge! Revenge!"

The Old Commander looked around, his killing intent soared to the sky.