Undefeated God of War - Chapter 916 - Saint Continent Prison

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Chapter 916 - Saint Continent Prison

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

The Golden flaming pillars spewed out flaming tongues, the bright flames burst and crackle endlessly. They were like were like monsters living in the flaming pillars, silently watching with their mouths wide opened, the divine aura exploded with waves that spread in all directions.

No one could judge how high the flaming pillars were, they shot through the clouds, as though they had instead descended from heaven.

Behind the mask, Tang Tian was overwhelmed by shock. He did not know what the pillar of punishment was, but he could roughly guess what it was for, as the Honorable Martial Group also had a similar thing. But the scene before him was truly too shocking.

In Tang Tian\'s view, he could see more than ten of the fiery pillars, and in the horizon, there were even more golden fiery pillars that shot into the sky.

~What is Temple trying to do?~

~Hidden behind this majestic scene is an extreme danger and killing intent, how ruthless are they?~

No one doubted the Great Clan Elder\'s words of "getting everybody", the majestic scene before them depicted the Great Clan Elder\'s great ambition.

~What a grand style of doing things!~

Tang Tian was moved, it had been long since he found someone so admirable. He had witnessed the formation of the Pillar of Punishments, which was by burning Clan Elder Seuss\' body and soul. ~How many Clan Elders do they need to burn to produce so many Pillars of Punishment? To produce such a magnificent scene?~

~That Great Clan Elder views human lives like grass, he is truly vicious.~

Tang Tian suppressed the shock in his heart and calmed down. Tang Tian in his battle state was extremely cold and astute. He carefully observed the location of the Pillars of Punishment and the distances between them. ~Since the Great Clan Elder has sacrificed all the Clan Elders to produce the Pillars of Punishment, then these Pillars of Punishments must have some unique usefulness.~

~But in what way?~ Tang Tian racked his brains, if he had to find out the use of the Pillars of Punishment, he could act accordingly.

"You want to destroy all the Prestigious Families!"

"You finally understand? Sadra, you\'ve slowed."

Sadra and Great Clan Elder\'s conversation flashed past Tang Tian\'s mind, as he recalled and thought back to it. ~The Great Clan Elder wants to defeat the families, and wants to take care of the new

families as well, it definitely isn\'t some conventional method, conventional methods can\'t allow the Great Clan Elder to reach his goal.~

~There must be a set of rules for this, but what is it.~

Tang Tian took a deep breath, and suppressed the impatience in his heart. He knew that being impatient was useless, but the intense danger looming over his heart felt as strong as Mt Tai. pressurizing on his body.

He had never felt so anxious in battle before, it was his first time.

The Great Clan Elder\'s strength far exceeded all the enemies he had met before, his experience, craftiness, viciousness, determination and patience. All of it were at the peak compared to all the enemies he had faced. He could tell that the situation before him was something that the Great Clan Elder had prepared for decades. When the Great Clan Elder and Sadra were still friends, the Great Clan Elder had already foreseen the end, and had started to prepare right from the start, how powerful was his foresight, how unfathomable was he!

Back to the main topic. Tang Tian forced himself to calm down, and focused on the situation before him.

~Since the Great Clan Elder wants to destroy all the Families, he will definitely seal the Saint Continent.~

~Normally, to close a continent, the best way is to seal all the estuaries. But the number of estuaries the Saint Continent has, there is quite a few of them. And Temple currently doesn\'t have sufficient armies, they are unable to seal all of the estuaries. Temple has to utilize some unique way to seal Saint Continent.~

~Hmmmm? A unique way…...could it be that these Pillars of Punishment are to seal the Saint Continent?~

Tang Tian became excited, he felt that he had found some sort of clue. ~The positions of the Pillars are not at the estuaries, so Temple\'s way is not to seal the estuaries. If not the Estuaries, how else can they seal Saint Continent….~

Tang Tian looked up and looked at the Pillars of Punishment that shot into the sky and extended to the Heavens.

~The sky…. Could it be the sky?~

Tang Tian\'s heart trembled, he suddenly unleashed strength beneath his feet.

The moment Tang Tian left the ground, he immediately felt a powerful aura descend from the sky, as though Mt. Tai had dropped down on his entire body. The gigantic power pressed down on him, preventing him from being able to dodge. This aura was

was extremely imposing and cold, shooting straight to the heart, causing people to subconsciously want to kneel down and worship to it.

A stern look flashed past Tang Tian\'s eyes, he groaned, and his entire body erupted with light aura. He stepped onto an invisible flight of steps, and as though he was ascending up to heaven, he rose in elevation one step at a time.

Every 3m that he ascended, the pressure would increase, and this power seemed to be inexhaustible.

After ascending a couple of meters, Tang Tian noticed that the sky above his head had suddenly lit up with a gold screen. Surging golden Holy Flames spewed out from the Pillars of Punishment, transforming into the golden screen and trapping Tang Tian from above.

Tang Tian\'s momentum in ascending stopped abruptly. He tried to ascend again, but in the second time, his speed of ascending became much slower.

He felt as though he was plunged into the deep ocean, every step he took was extremely arduous and long, the terrifying pressure came from all directions, and he could hear his own bones cracking. His heart trembled. His body could be hailed as being refined from molten metal and steel, and could be said to be a tyrannical body under the Heavens, but even so, he still felt the discomfort. If it were any other person, they would had been pulverized into mincemeat.

After confirming his guess and ascending by over 30m, Tang Tian no longer forced it, and relied on the pressure to descend down to the ground.

Upon falling, Tang Tian felt the pressure instantly disappear, the Holy Flame that had converged in the sky like a school of fish had returned back to the Pillars of Punishment.

He shook his head towards Qian Hui and Ah Xin, hinting to them that it was futile to resist.

Many people witnessed Tang Tian\'s test in the sky, and the expressions on their faces changed. One of the bodyguards who bragged about his own strength also flew up into the sky like Tang Tian, but upon ascending 10m, his body suddenly exploded like a watermelon, and the flowing Holy Flame in the sky were like vultures that had caught sight of prey as they instantly flocked to the corpse.

In the blink of the eye, the bodyguard\'s flesh were disintegrated by the Holy Flame, and being satiated, the Holy Flame scattered back and returned to the Pillars of Punishment.

Everyone who witnessed the bloody scene was

scene was beyond shocked.

"We were indeed all caught in one net!" Huo Liu Shang\'s face was ash green.

Everyone finally understood the use of the Pillars of Punishment. The Saint Continent had transformed into a large trap, and everyone was caught within in it. The divine and imposing Golden Holy Flames were like the devil\'s flames in everybody\'s eyes.

Howl\'s face revealed shock and fear: "The Great Clan Elder is crazy! He used this to seal the entire Saint Continent, how many Clan Elders have to die for it?"

"How many?" Mo Yi Gu snorted: "I think all of them are dead! But what\'s the use of trapping us? Aside from the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights, what other armies do they have? Ha, they want to starve us to death?"

When the others heard him, they relaxed. That\'s right, although they were temporarily stuck in Saint Continent, but to want to kill them, it required real weapons for slaughter. But Temple\'s hands was extremely pitiful. As for being starved to death, that was complete nonsense.

Sadra did not speak, and observed the Pillars of Punishment that shot into the clouds. He had his doubts, ~Where does Great Clan Elder\'s confidence come from? Why is so sure of himself?~

~Could it be that the Pillars of Punishment have some other unique features?~

It was a pity he did not conduct on any research on the Pillars of Punishment, it was not only him, no one had ever done much study on them. Even in Temple, not many people had tried studying the pillars, the Pillars of Punishment were a method for punishment and rarely used.

Sadra never thought that the Great Clan Elder would actually study and research in such an unorthodox method, furthermore, it looked as though he found complete breakthroughs in it. In the past, there were no information on the Pillars of Punishment requiring human lives to be activated.

Upon thinking about that, Sadra\'s mood dampened.

The Great Clan Elder was a secretive man and rarely came out of seclusion, and the outside world barely knew him. But Sadra had fought alongside the Great Clan Elder for many years in the past, and he knew that the Great Clan Elder had great passion whenever he found something of interest. When the Great Clan Elder was young, he had spent a great deal of his time deeply immersed in his interest for spirit research. But Sadra had advised him, instead of spending his time on the profound mysteries

the profound mysteries of spirits, he could place his sights on some topics that at least had the hopes of succeeding.

~He must have found a complete breakthrough in the Pillars of Punishment!~

"Be careful, and pay close attention." Sadra warned: "Stay as far away from the Pillars as possible, they might possess offensive capabilities, especially for those Holy Flames. Send out more people to investigate the surroundings, Temple definitely has something else planned."

He glanced at Tang Tian, his own bodyguard had exploded upon jumping up 10m, but the masked man from the Iron Mask Army had jumped over 30m, but had safely landed. ~How strong is that man\'s body?~

Sadra was surprised by Tang Tian\'s performance, and vice versa.

Tang Tian was surprised at the fact that Sadra was able to maintain his cool and send out orders coherently. ~Sadra is not simple.~

To them, it was a good thing, both parties could be said to be temporarily allies, but Tang Tian did not want his allies to be lousy teammates.

Sadra\'s coolness affected the Aristocrats Alliance, all the other family heads all quickly calmed down and sent out their respective orders.

The armies in their control were all elites, and knew what had to be done, and many sentries were dispatched all around. Although they could not fly at high altitudes, but they could move unimpeded in the low altitude.

What was the most striking was that one of the military general had organized a few soldiers, and were preparing to conduct a test attack on the Pillars of Punishment.

Even Tang Tian and his group were fixated on them, they were curious, ~Can the Pillars of Punishment be destroyed?~

Light auras that filled the sky like rain, brought forth a terrifying shriek as they struck on one Pillar.

But a shocking scene occurred. All the attacks were nullified, and did not even cause a stir.

The military general was unconvinced, he pulled out his entire army and launched a full force attack on the Pillar of Punishment, but to no avail. Regardless of how powerful the energy was, they were all absorbed into the Pillar of Punishment, devoured by the flames.

The golden Holy Flame devoured in silence, the gigantic pillar looked as though it could devour an entire beast. After absorbing the attacks, the Holy Flames of the Pillar of Punishment grew stronger, and the golden light emitted from the flames grew even more intense.

Everyone, including Tang Tian, all had a change of expressions.