Undefeated God of War - Chapter 909 - To Come Fast

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Chapter 909 - To Come Fast

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

Huo Li Ruo, the Huo Family\'s most outstanding genius. In the current generation of the Huo Family, no one stood out as a Great General, and beneath them, Huo Li Ruo was the current generation\'s strongest Military General.

To the Five Aristocratic Families, to have a Great General in the current generation would mean a period of prosper. But even if they did not have one, it was not as if they were without power. In the long period of accumulation, every single one of these five aristocratic families were secretly building their power, and no one knew the depth of their powers.

The inheritance of a family could not be accumulated in a generation. It required many generations to be able to be impactful. In the past, there were many families that had disciples who became Great Generals and erupted with popularity, but after that, they vanished without a trace and became nobodies.

Only the few families whose inheritances that stood powerful throughout generous had the chance of prospering. For families that had such rich histories, they researched extensively towards the nurturing of their disciples, they knew that the young disciples were the nucleus to determining the rise or fall of the family\'s future. They encouraged internal competition between the disciples, and thus the internal competition between such large families were usually very intense.

The Huo Family\'s competition was especially intense, and to many others, they called them as ruthless.

Huo Li Ruo was the current generation\'s most outstanding military general, he had talent and strength which were extremely astonishing. The only thing that was a hurdle for him was his explosive temper. To others, it was a norm for the disciples of aristocratic families to have a bit of a temper, but Huo Li Ruo\'s temper was something that no one could swallow.

He had made a round through everyone else\'s houses, to other Prestigious Families and beat the other disciples of the same generation to a pulp. Of course, these were not the reasons for why he became famous, what made him truly known to have an explosive temper was that he had quarreled with a Clan Elder of Temple before, and sneaked into Temple to beat the other party up to the point that his face became swollen under everyone\'s eyes.

When this matter was leaked, all the continents in Honorable Martial Continent flew into an uproar, everyone were in dumbstruck. There had never been a person who would dare to execute such a plan against Temple. Temple was infuriated, in which the Patriarch of the Huo Family had to personally seek punishment from the Great Clan Elder, which then put an end to the matter.

After that, news of

Huo Li Ruo disappeared for a long time, he became much more mature and became much stronger, adding his strong backer, he walked a fortunate route and became the youngest Lieutenant General. But in the Great Generals selection, he was not chosen.

The actions he took afterwards landed him as the subject of discussion in the entire Honorable Martial Continent once again. When he was not chosen, he resigned from his position as Lieutenant General without hesitation and returned to the Huo Family.

Huo Li Ruo returned to the family, but did not stop there. He created his own army with his own hands, and for two years, there was no news about him. After two years, he suddenly reappeared with his army, and started to look for people to fight, and called it "Sparring sessions", causing havoc in the entire Honorable Martial Continent. Fighting and burning houses became a norm. Local armies, guards, and armies of various families were not spared.

At that time, Huo Li Ruo became infamous in the entire Honorable Martial Continent.

Since young, Melissa had heard about the infamy and tyrannical ways of Huo Li Ruo, so when she found out that the man standing in front of her was Huo Li Ruo, she almost fainted.

Melissa could feel her brain buzzing, as though she had received a heavy punch. But, she would rather receive a heavy punch than face Huo Li Ruo.

But her long time of refining and improvement were not to waste, she took a deep breath and revealed a smile that was uglier than a cry: "I never thought that General Huo would come, General Huo is famous and known throughout, to be able to meet you is my blessing."

Huo Li Ruo was obviously comfortable with her compliments, and she continued to speak.

She continued to talk while being on edge, but the anxiousness in her heart calmed down. She could not grasp Huo Li Ruo\'s intent, and thus she cautiously laughed and chit chatted. She would talk about the weather or about the new tea that she had obtained.

After conversing for half a day, Huo Li Ruo finally became impatient, he placed the teacup down and spoke: "My visit today is to greet Senior Xin of the Iron Mask Army."

~It\'s finally here, Melissa\'s heart tightened. Upon thinking about the dejected looks on Tang Tian and the rest, and Huo Li Ruo\'s appearance, she knew that they were in deep trouble!

Melissa\'s scalp turned numb, she did not know what to do, but her face maintained her steadiness: "Oh, General Huo knows of the Iron Mask Army?"

Huo LI Ruo was about to explain that he followed behind them, when a subordinate rushed in for a report: "Young Miss,

Miss, an ambassador of Temple requests to be seen."

~Temple Ambassador?~ Melissa was startled, but she spoke up: "Invite him in."

Upon hearing that an ambassador of Temple had arrived, Huo Li Ruo\'s face darkened. Temple\'s quick reaction surprised him. He felt that he was already quick enough, but to think that when he had merely stepped into Mace Field Tradings, Temple would have arrived.

~Seems like Temple had their eyes on the Qiu Family for a long time~, Huo Li Ruo thought, he felt that it was the most probable reason. ~the Qiu Family came to provoke the Mace Fields Family, and ended up provoking a huge killing machine.~

~A General Rank Spirit General, hehe….~

With Qiu Tian Qing\'s death, the Qiu Family\'s strength had taken a large hit. Although they still had Qiu Xu Hua but Qiu Xu Hua was having a difficult time in the Southern Region, having suffered tenacious obstruction from the Southern Alliance. They had not converged with Gou Cheng WenDao, and it was unknown when they could return.

~With Qiu Tian Qing\'s death, if Qiu Xu Hua doesn\'t return, the Qiu Family will be in danger.~

Huo Li Ruo did not care about what would happen to the Qiu Family, as that was something the higher ups would be worried about.

Upon hearing that Temple had sent an ambassador, he quickly became worried, if the Mace Field Tradings Family was roped in by Temple, they would undoubtedly pose a huge threat to the Huo Family.

Huo Li Ruo started to feel anxious, He had a secret goal completely unknown by everyone else, he did not even obtain the authority from the higher ups, but Temple\'s reaction was much faster than he had thought.

Seuss walked in, and upon seeing Melissa, his eyes lit up. He walked forward and greeting cordially: "Young Miss Melissa, I am Temple\'s Clan Elder Seuss, I am truly sorry to make a sudden visit up your door."

A sudden visit by the Clan Elder of Temple had already made Melissa feel confused, but the cordial greetings made Melissa even more confused.

~We have interacted with Temple before, but a visit by the Clan Elder? What are they trying to do? They always sent men to come over, but now, an important person has come!~

If it was any ordinary day, Melissa would feel uncomfortable, but she would definitely feel overwhelmed by favor from them. But the current her was helping Master Tang Tian dig a hole into Temple\'s walls, ~Did they sense something, that\'s why they came to look for us?~

Melissa became even more anxious, but she maintained a smile: "We are in honor of Clan Elder Seuss\' presence, your presence brings light to my humble dwelling,

humble dwelling, why say that you are disturbing. We are always looking forward for Temple to bring light to our small business family."

Seuss laughed: "Then I will have to come more often."

Upon entering the door, he was constantly sizing Melissa up. No matter how he looked, he could not see any abnormalities. But upon thinking about what had happened earlier in the day, he quickly changed his attitude, and his mind started to work quickly.

He was present at the right time.

Sophie had led the Honorable Martial of Knights to sweep the Qiu Family\'s camp, both parties had become hostile towards each other like fire and water, and there were no longer any possibilities of them reconciling. As for the Five Aristocratic Prestigious Families that had plotted for power, it had completely infuriated Temple.

Temple wanted to take action on the Qiu Family, thus Seuss was dispatched to take action.

Of course, Temple\'s counterattack was not only to destroy the Qiu Family, thus Seuss had many more responsibility on his back.

Once the Great Clan Elder made a decision, the entire Temple would follow through with full force. The entire Temple had joined in opposition to the same enemy, as the authority of Temple had never been challenged before.

When Seuss personally witnessed the annihilation of the Qiu Offense Army, he received a huge impact, and had not managed to calm down even when he had reached Mace Field Tradings Family. He was overwhelmed with shock, that the Qiu Family had concealed Qiu Tian Qing\'s strength. If he had gone according to plan and took action against the Qiu Family, they would had suffered tremendously.

Thinking back about the descending chains, Seuss heart trembled. ~Seems like the only person who can withstand those chains in the entire Temple is Sophie.~

~Luckily, Mace Field Tradings fought with them, and saved Temple from a huge problem!~

~No wonder Mace Field Tradings did not even give the Qiu Family face, they themselves obtained such a powerful card to play, and were not afraid of the Qiu Family at all.~ The Qiu Family could be considered to be extremely unlucky, allowing Seuss to celebrate in their calamity.

Seuss had decided to rope in Mace Field Tradings. With such a powerful fighting strength, it was enough to level the field. A General Rank Spirit General that could cause a tear in the space was extremely powerful. Ignoring the fact that they were in a predicament, even if it was any ordinary day, Temple was willing to fork out any price to obtain the strength.

Thinking about that, Seuss became energetic, he immediately asked: "I wonder if I can meet Senior Xin?"

Melissa who was secretly experiencing shock calmed down, the other

down, the other party\'s manner of speech and attitude was not one to find trouble. ~Right, why are they all here to find Senior Xin?~ Melissa thought about it, ~Huo Li Ruo seemed to have said something about Senior Xin as well, but my focus was on the Iron Mask Army.~

"Senior Xin?" Melissa revealed a look of doubt, ~Seems like I am a nobody here.~ She guessed Seuss\' age, ~For him to call someone a senior, that person must definitely be an old man with white hair.~

~But there isn\'t any powerful old man by Master\'s side.~

"That\'s right, Seuss witnessed Senior Xin\'s supreme bearing, and truly admires Senior Xin. I have thus thickened my skin to come here, I hope Young Miss Melissa won\'t take offense." Seuss laughed.

He did not notice Huo Li Ruo by the side, whose face had become extremely gloomy.

"But, there isn\'t a senior called Xin in my establishment." Melissa had a look of doubt: "I am not sure where did you hear of this senior called Xin? I think that someone had made a mistake."


Two voices came out simultaneously.

Seuss\' heart instantly tensed, when he entered, he did not notice that there was someone else!

He turned his face, and when he saw who it was, the smile on his face instantly disappeared: "I Never thought that General Huo would be here."

Seuss suddenly stiffened his face, and continued: "Mace Field Tradings is an indispensable family of my Honorable Martial Continent, whoever goes against Mace Field Tradings is going against Temple."

Huo Li Ruo was unafraid as he sneered: "Mace Field Tradings is my Huo Family\'s eternal friends, as for Temple, you can only represent Temple alone!"

"Friends?" Seuss retorted: "I think not. Who helped the Qiu Family to fight against Senior Xin?"

Huo Li Ruo scoffed: "What a joke! Since when did my Huo Family take any actions? Clan Elder Seuss must be old and cannot hear well, it is normal for you to have made a mistake.\'

Seuss laughed: "If I didn\'t recall wrongly, the Qiu Family is an ally to the Huo Family. How can the Huo Family treat their own ally like that? It is truly cold blooded of you."

Huo Li Ruo\'s face darkened, just when everyone thought that he was about to blow, he suddenly laughed: "Cold blooded? Who can compare to Temple when it comes to being cold blooded? Where are all the allies of yesteryear? The taste of people rebelling and friends isolation must not be nice."

Melissa was in dumbstruck as she watched two major figures glaring at each other like cocks fighting in a cage, her face completely blank.

~This….what exactly is going on?~