Undefeated God of War - Chapter 905 – Powerful Ah Xin

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Chapter 905 - Powerful Ah Xin

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR

With one step, his figure turned blurry. Ah Xin landed on the Ocean of Peace.

He had a complicated look, solemn, excitement, emotional, reminiscent, his heart had a thousand of emotions, but all of which flashed past his eyes before he regained his tranquility, and he became as calm as water.

The anger in Qiu Tian Qing\'s heart soared.

He had fought with an unknown man to a stalemate for too long and did not win, and most of the time, he was the one under pressure. This made the arrogant Qiu Tian Qing extremely furious. And the sudden emergence of the Huo Family who stated they were there to help added fuel to the fire.

Qiu Tian Qing did not want the help from the Huo Family at all, he had confidence that he could destroy the enemies. ~If I can\'t even handle these unknown people and request help from the Huo Family, what will it say about me? If they are truly who they say they are, how much face will I be throwing away!~

~To be unable to handle a small prestigious family, what kind of first rate prestigious family are we? What is worse is that this will make the others think that our Qiu Family is weak, for them to lose confidence in us at such a crucial period, it will undoubtedly be a huge hit for our family.~

~One careless move and the whole game will be lost.~

But after thinking about it over and over again, for the sake of the grand plan, Qiu Tian Qing suppressed the rage in his heart, and accepted the Huo Family\'s help. He had to admit that taking care of Temple was the most important matter.

Although he had agreed to the Huo Family, Qiu Tian Qing still held anger in his heart. In that moment when he saw how the opponent\'s main general leave the battlefield and allowed his spirit general subordinate replace him, he could not suppress the anger in his heart.

Who did not know of Qiu Tian Qing, who had gone through hundreds of battle and was famous all around? Which enemy of his would not tremble in fear when going into battle against his powerful army?

Since when, had some random person looked down on him?

Qiu Tian Qing took a deep breath, his facial expression turned sinister: "If I do not cut your corpses into pieces today, I am not Qiu Tian Qing!"

All of his subordinates behind him trembled in fear, they knew that the Master was truly infuriated.

Qiu Tian Qing was not joking,

the atmosphere instantly changed, and the endless Autumn laws inside the Qiu Offense Institute started to revolve. ~Clang clang clang~, chain like sounds suddenly appeared as the thin layer of frost on the ground suddenly broke apart as though something was dragged through it.

The mist in the Institute started to shrink, and the Institute that was initially shrouded by the mist appeared once more. When everyone looked at the Institute, they were surprised.

Every soldier of the Qiu Offense Army was equipped with grey armor with faint gold lines. All of their faces were pale white and expressionless, with a grey mist churning in their eyes. Every single soldier emitted a faint coldness, and within a radius of seven inches of their feet, autumn frost could be seen, their bodies emitting extreme killing intent.

Ji Ze\'s pupils instantly constricted, Law Armor!

In the Sin Domain, Law Armors were common. In truth, armors produced by Laws were the most common occurrence. But, for the most common method to reach into the half step law Domain, that was rarely seen. The gold lines on their armors were casted by Laws.

Ji Ze had never seen so many soldiers being able to produce the same armor before. But his eyes were sharper than the rest, he was able to tell that the grey armors were not ordinary, as though there was an invisible connection between them.

He thought about the chain like sounds.

Ah Xin acted as though he did not see the transformation within Qiu Offense Institute, he gently caressed the sword blade as he observed the ghastly cracks all over the sword. The Ocean of Peace beneath his feet remained calm, revealing an oppressive silence.

~The familiar aura, the familiar emotions, the familiar shouts and roars, that\'s right, even after ten thousand years, it is still so familiar. That\'s right, after ten thousand years, we are still able to meet.~

A heartfelt smile appeared on his face, as the air around him remained still. His eyes lit with light aura, like a full moon revealing its brilliance.

~Since you guys can\'t rest in peace, then let us fight together!~

"Everyone, come out!"

He raised Undying Sword and shouted out.

Following his sword movement, figures gradually surfaced out of the surface of the Ocean of Peace.

The figures that looked to be made out of mist had red crack lines all over their bodies that looked like red blood streaks that made them striking. They were like clay statues that were destroyed and built up repeatedly, as they stood extremely still and extremely quietly.

The palm in which held the Undying Sword trembled, countless of

of information passed from the Undying Sword to Ah Xin\'s heart, causing countless of flashbacks to occur. He finally understood what happened, and finally knew what happened in the Ocean of Peace within the ten thousand years.

He bit his lips tightly as he focused ahead, forcing his tears to not flow.

~So this was what went on in your ten thousand years…..~

His eyes swept across every figure on the Ocean of Peace, all of their faces were blurred like mist, he was unable to call out their names, but he knew who they were. All of the scars and bruises that occupied every corners of their bodies resembled heated wires, not a single one of them was a complete person.

Ah Xin felt as though a knife had stabbed into his heart, but the smile on his face remained, an extremely intense cold aura was emitted from his body, making him look and feel like a demon that had walked out of hell, just that he was smiling.

He raised the sword and roared loudly: "The spirits of our soldiers will never dissipate, the battlefield is eternal, our hearts hold the cross, we will never fall."

All of the illusory figures trembled, they raised their heads and looked at the Undying Sword. Previously, they were like dead creatures without any signs of life, but after hearing Ah Xin\'s words, it felt as though they had found their consciousness.

Ah Xin was releasing pressure from his body, causing the air around him to distort, his usual passive face released an extremely sharp aura that prevented people from looking straight at him.

His eyes were red, his expression solemn, the sword tip was aimed to the sky, with a sincere and disdainful attitude, he was honest and arrogant as each word sounded out like hammers striking down from the sky.

"The Ninth Ordinance of War, Army General Xin, holds full authority of controlling the army, all units, heed my call!"

His powerful voice resonated across the entire Ocean of Peace.

All the silent and blank illusory figures suddenly did the same action, all of them stepped onto the surface of the ocean, bang, they were in sync that only one sound was heard, producing shockwaves into the sea that reached over 10m.

The illusory figures stood as straight as spears as they raised their arms and bowed to Ah Xin. They replied: "Salute!"

Their voices were as one, like thunder exploding, causing the sky and earth to tremble.

Observing from the distance, General Huo revealed a look of shock, ~What kind of army actually wields such a might?~

All of the illusory figures seemed to

seemed to have congealed slightly, and even the red streaks seemed to become brighter.

General Huo\'s face changed, all of the dead illusory figures that stood before him suddenly released a terrifying aura, as though they had suddenly come alive.

Tang Tian was dumbstruck, ~Ge….general!~

~Southern Cross Army\'s General….Ah Xin is actually a General!~

Tang Tian was extremely familiar with the ranks of the Southern Cross Army, but, General…..

Tang Tian was frightened, General was only second to the position Marshall in the army ranks, and what was even more frightening was the command a General wielded, a commanding power of 2 million soldiers, a General could incite a campaign.

~Ah Xin\'s rank is actually higher than Uncle Bing, that is truly terrifying.~

On the trading ship, Qian Hui and Xiao Man had shocked looks, ~General….placed anywhere, in any army, they were the pinnacle of existence.~

Xiao Man stared blankly at the imposing Ah Xin, she was unable to place the man who looked like a God of War in front of her with the usual sloppy person that she always kicked around.

General Rank, Xiao Man had a deeper understanding of such a thing, as the Ophiuchus Army was Southern Cross Army\'s mortal enemy in the past. Xiao Man had good talent, but only reached the rank of Captain in the Ophiuchus Army, with a commanding power of a thousand men, so how could she not know the concept of a General?

It could be said that aside from being the Commander\'s second hand man, he held even more authority than the deputy regimental command, because the Deputy Commander was usually responsible for logistics.

~So this guy is actually such a powerful figure….~

Unknowingly, Xiao Man felt disappointed. She did not know why the past Ah Xin made her feel more relaxed and at ease.

Qian Hui and Xiao Man were like sisters. Qian Hui immediately sensed Xiao Man\'s downcast emotions, and being intellectual, she immediately guessed the reason, and spoke intentionally: " I never thought that Ah Xin used to be quite powerful, I truly couldn\'t tell. I made him your assistant, and he actually had the capabilities to do things but hid them so well, humph, you better use your Zanbato and smack him hard."

Xiao Man instantly woke up, ~That\'s right, no matter how powerful he was in the past, so what if he was a General? If he doesn\'t listen to me, I can smack him! No matter how big he was, he is still smaller than our Master! Come to think of it, no wonder he is usually so efficient, a General is truly different, he has a different touch to

different touch to things.~

Xiao Man smiled happily as she hugged the Zanbato, a sinister look flashed past her face.

Qiu Tian Qing had a completely different shock from the rest, as he felt the instant danger. In Honorable Martial Continent, only the Five Great Generals could be considered Generals, and no one else had the qualifications.

~But, so what?~

The killing intent in Qiu Tian Qing\'s eyes soared, the Five Great Generals were powerful, but he had never felt that he was inferior to them. He felt that they had the title of Great General was the benefit of being under Temple.

The Qiu Family also had a general, the genius Qiu Xu Hua.

From young, Qiu Xu Hua had always been his most direct competitor. Furthermore, it was because Qiu Xu Hua had defeated him and earned the opportunity to join Temple, therefore he was able to become one of the Five Great Generals.

Right from the start, he had always been living in Qiu Xu Hua\'s shadows. But he had never given up, from [Autumn Wind Offense] to [Autumn Frost Cold Field], he took one step at a time to reach where he was.

No one knew that the Five Great Generals were his imaginary enemies. It was a pity, the majority of them were placed away from him, thus he never had the chance to prove himself.

But, he was finally faced off against a General.

Although he did not know which army the enemy hailed from, but anyone with the rank of General were not insignificant, and did not earn it by a fluke. Duties cannot determine strength, but an army rank was enough to say everything.

The fighting intent in him soared to an unprecedented level, having the opportunity to fight against a General was hard to come by.

~This is the true test.~

Qiu Tian Qing had a calm expression, he knew that it was his own thoughts gnawing away, as the matter had always revolved around him like a ghost. If he did not destroy it, he could never improve in the future. As long as he defeated this tangle in his heart, his future would be limitless.

~Come, let us fight.~

He soared into the air. By his side, 5000 grey armored figures flew, the sound of chains sounded out in the air, but no one could see the chains.

This was the Qiu Offense Army\'s first time initiating the attack since the battle started. The intense desire to battle caused Qiu Tian Qing to be unwilling to adopt the defensive position.

They were like a pack of grey clouds, as they floated towards Ah Xin.