Undefeated God of War - Chapter 902 – The Light of the Past, Will Shine for the Present You

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Chapter 902 – The Light of the Past, Will Shine for the Present You

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR


When Tang Tian raised the Undying Sword, the low sword hum seemed las though it was replying him, as it revolved around him in a flow.

Tang Tian was moved!

Ever since he gained enlightenment on the Awakening God Armor, he was used to the absolute coolness in battle. But, when the sword hummed, all of the calmness and steadiness was thrown away as an indescribable emotion flooded his entire body.

Tang Tian had never seen such an army before, he had never seen such spirits before, such conviction.

~How glorious is it to be able to fight alongside such conviction!~

~How can we rest in peace! How can we rest in peace!~

Tang Tian’s roar resonated through the sky, the low sword hums reacted to him and roared along with him, following his emotions and roar, as though they were getting off the million years of accumulated dissatisfaction and rage, as though they wanted to shatter the calm surface of the Ocean of Peace, as though they wanted to shatter their own place of sanctuary.

~How can we rest in peace! How can we rest in peace!~

These were the spirits that had shattered themselves over a hundred times through the thousands of years, just for the almost bleak and dark hope. They had given up on resting in peace, they endured through the century of silence, just for one opportunity that did not even seem to have the optimism for victory. They ignited all of their light to the point of destroying themselves, covered with all sorts of wounds, they slept in the darkness, waiting for the chance to be awakened a hundred years later.

The ten thousand years of darkness, despair, and bitter struggles was the smoke that they could not penetrate through. All of the solemn cries were not because of victory, but because they cared about the Southern Cross Army Flag that had always been in their hearts.

When Tang Tian raised the sword up high and shouted “Without knowing whether our army is dead or alive, how can we rest in peace!”, the Undying Sword resonated through the entire sky, the clouds were dispersed, the energy between the sky and earth were stirred as they surged towards Tang Tian!

Tang Tian was like a huge vortex, as streaks of light shot towards him from all directions, bringing forth heart palpitating shrieks.

The ear piercing sounds of the energy beams cutting through the air increased, the Undying Swords’ resonance became even more low and tragic. All of these mixed together caused Tang Tian’s body to tremble uncontrollably.

He heard the resentment from the millions of officers and soldiers, he heard their brave attacks on the barrier in the sky, like moths attracted to the flame, he heard the emotions of a general who had cracks all over his face, the disappointment and defeat in his heart, the endless silence amongst the shattered porcelain soldiers, the darkness and silence of the Ocean of Peace, the endless defeats and the centuries of slumber, the deep love towards the army in which he did not know whether it still existed, the general roared with all of his might, garnering the morale of the soldiers, telling them to meet after a century, telling them to fight alongside each other after a century.

The flow of time always washed away the passion in the blood.

The old general was no longer staunch and brave, he did not proclaim victory or success, but only said to fight alongside each other after the century. The old general was no longer staunch and brave, they remained silent, they felt a sense of loss, after the century, they could only leap out of the Ocean of Peace and attack the barrier in the sky, only shouting out the same phrase “Without knowing whether our army is alive or dead, how can I rest in peace”, and shatter.

The solitude and grief inside the vast Ocean of Peace flooded Tang Tian’s heart, but, there was also the determination and fiery passion that was as vast, that combusted in Tang Tian’s heart.

The sky seemed to have suddenly dimmed down, desolation pervaded through the air, beneath Tang Tian’s feet, a clear and crystalline gleaming reflection appeared, the black ocean stretched out as far as anyone could see, it was the Ocean of Peace.

Tang Tian stood on the Ocean of Peace, his body seemed to be burning, but his pupils held a complicated look.

The Undying Sword that was raised up high, was placed in front of his chest, the words on the sword reflected into his eyes.

“No need for protection, rest in peace.”

He muttered gently, he then lowered the sword down and waved the sword.

The calm Ocean beneath his feet seemed to be stirred, the waves got larger and larger.

It was as though it had telepathic powers, Tang Tian suddenly stepped forward, his clothes rustled despite no wind, the waves beneath his feet instantly erupted, yet he remained indifferent, his gaze was focused as he turned his wrist, stabbing out into the air with the Undying Sword.

The Ocean of Peace was stirred, figures started to appear on the water surface, all of them were blurred, like figures in the mist with only their human outlines visible. He looked up, as though he was looking at the sky, and then leapt up, transforming into a beam of sword light as he soared through the air, the sword whistled deeply and vigorously, it was forceful and fervent as it rushed towards Qiu Offense Institute.

Bang bang bang!

One after another, the figures transformed into sword lights and soared into the sky.

Qiu Tian Qing had already positioned his troops and were in wait, he knew that the opponent was strong, but he did not think that he had no chance at all. He praised the obsession and profoundness of the sword, as it was a true Mythical Army Weapon. Its’ might far surpassed that of any sword techniques, causing Qiu Tian Qing to be shocked.

But, he did not plan to be captured without doing anything. No matter how powerful the sword was, it was still one sword. No matter how powerful the individual was, he was still one man.

The Sacred Saint Galaxy had used countless of ways to prove that the tyranny of Armies were still the strongest.

Qiu Tian Qing watched the sword lights shrieking down, filled with solemn and grief, causing him to be emotionally moved, but so what!

His Qiu Offense Army had already completed preparations, Qiu Tian Qing’s fighting intent blazed in his eyes, his mouth revealing a cold sneer.

Inside the Institute, autumn frost had covered the floor, as though there was a thin layer of snow. A faint mist, that looked to be of another world, pervaded the Institute from the ground. The energy barrier was withdrawn, while the mist lingered along the walls of the Institute, gradually pervading outwards, like gray vines curling all around, as well as a white wall of mist. Very quickly, the surrounding walls of Qiu Offense Institute was completely enveloped by the mist.

[Autumn Frost Cold Field].

The Qiu Offense Army’s strongest Killing technique.

The solemn and gloomy sword light brought forth shrieking and whistling screams, along with dazzling brilliance and struck into the mist outside the walls of Qiu Offense Institute.


The sword lights suddenly exploded, the shattered aura that had dissipated looked like fireworks over the Ocean of Peace.

Qiu Tian Qing did not expect for the sword lights to explode, and jumped in surprise. The sword lights explosions caused a hole to form in the mist, but even more mist floated over, and immediately covered up the hole.

He calmed down, the sword auras might looked imposing, but their might was just slightly stronger than ordinary warship weapons. If they were still using the energy barrier, they would most likely only be able to sustain a few attacks, but if they wished to destroy the [Autumn Frost Cold Field], the attacks were far from sufficient.

The explosions sounded like the start of a banquet feast.

Bang bang bang!

Sword auras fell like rain. Continuously striking on the Qiu Offense Institute’s mist.

The shattered auras from the explosions were not affected by the flow of air, sprinkling around like bright colored snowflakes.

Qiu Offense Institute’s mist raged on, as though a terrifying creature lived within it. Every explosion of the sword aura would form a hole in the mist. But in the blink of the eye, the hole would be occupied by mist again.

It seemed as though the mist from Qiu Offense Institute was endless.

But the number of sword lights from the Ocean of Peace was also endless.

In the distance, the middle aged man’s complexion was as white as paper. The battle in front of him had completely toppled his knowledge. [Autumn Wind Offense] was Qiu Offense Institute’s Army Killing Technique, he naturally recognized it, ~But what is that strange mist? Could it be the true killing technique of their army?~

He understood a thing or two about the Qiu Offense Army’s attacks, but with regards to the masked man’s attacks, he was completely baffled. That’s right, baffled. The bizarre hand that caused people’s heart to tremble that even the [Autumn Wind Offense] could not defeat was something he had never heard of before. ~And that strange black ocean, where did it come from? Is it an illusion?~ The sword lights that shot out from the sea was even more shocking to him.

There was a piece of broken sword light aura that did not fall into the mists and landed on the ground. Then he saw with his own eyes how it silently destroyed a large area more than two hundred meters in diameter.

The middle aged man was dumbstruck, it was just a piece of shattered aura, it looked like a snowflake, but he was surprised that it could completely destroy the city in front of him.

~Who is that guy?~

The sword lights that dropped from the sky like rain shone on Ah Xin’s face, revealing his sunken eyes, his bitter and self ridicule laughter.

~Yes, I have been too dumb, all of them in the Ocean of Peace will never live calmly, what’s more, there are so many of you.~


~No need for your protection, rest in peace.”

~You guys… why? Why did you give up? Why did you give up the resting place that we fought so hard to achieve? Have all of you forgotten? For that resting place, how much we had to pay, the difficulty we went through? Have all of you forgotten, the war is for the living, while all of you just have to rest in peace?~

~What else can’t you let go off? What else is there?~

~Without knowing if the army is dead or alive, how can you rest in peace?~

~It is truly compatible with all of your stupid personalities!~

A bitter smile spread from the corner of his mouth, and spread to his face, he could not help but laugh as he laughed out loud, to the point that he had to bend his back and knelt on the ground.

~You old fogeys, hahahaha, you’re still the same! To the point that you guys are so diligent in trampling over the Ocean of Peace? After being dead for so long, you guys can still talk about having nothing to do and worrying about us?~

~Hahahaha, I am equally stupid, I have died for a long time too.~

He laughed while kneeling on the ground, to the point that tears started falling. Ah Xin felt that he had been too dumb, crying over the fact that they gave up on their final resting place. ~Ocean of Peace is such a good place, and we took great effort to be successful in it, all of you don’t know how to cherish it at all.~

~Do you know how much you have all wasted? Do you know how much effort have gone down the drain?~

~All of you are so stupid, and here I was, worrying about all of you, seems like I am even dumber… hahahahahaha….sob sob sob…..~

He laughed and laughed, until he started crying. His crying got louder, as he knelt on the ground and wailed to the point that mucus and tears started to fall.

~How can you rest in peace? Just rest in peace! All of you idiots don’t know how to rest in peace, isn’t it because you just want to gamble daily? Those that have lost to me before on the gambling table, come out and show yourselves, don’t think I have forgotten all of you. It is because there isn’t an expert like me to monopolize the table that all of you are able to hold onto your dignity and completely neglect on food and rest, that’s why all of you are unable to rest in peace, am I right?~

~Do you know how lonely and unbearable is it for one person to spend thousands of years by himself? Do you know how boring it is to bring skeletons along to go about fighting? I was bored to the point of talking to myself, to the point that I recalled every single stale gossip that all of us talked about? Do you know that I can even remember which hands you guys use to wipe your butts with tissue paper?~

~Don’t let me meet you guys, otherwise, I will make sure every single one of you recall all the gossip in the past, hahahaha…..sob sob sob…..~

~Do you know how terrified I have been for the past thousands of years? Afraid that I would forget who I am, forget about the army, forget about all of you, afraid that if I met all of you, I wouldn’t remember who all of you are?~

~Hahahaha, but I still remember all of you, I still do! …..It is not that I don’t miss you guys, it is not that I don’t want to join you….it is just….that I was afraid of being ashamed, being awkward…. That’s true.~

~In any case, all of you can’t beat me in card games. All of you should remember how good my memory is.~

~Sob sob sob, I miss all of you.~

From his kneeling position, he laid on the ground, crying and laughing like a maniac.

Xiao Man wanted to move to him, but Qian Hui stopped her, and shook her head. Xiao Man bit her lips, the usual ferocity in her eyes had disappeared.

The sword lights that resembled rain outside the winder, were like the lights of memories of the past that shone on Ah Xin, who had survived till ten thousand years later.