Undefeated God of War - Chapter 899 – Qiu Offense Institute

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Chapter 899 – Qiu Offense Institute

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR


“Yun Qi was killed? Bei Feng was injured and his personal unit was destroyed? His whereabouts are currently unknown?”

An angered roar exploded inside a courtyard in Intermittent Cloud City within the Saint Continent.

Qiu Tian Qing roared at the top of his lungs, his anger had reached the threshold, causing transparent ripples to surface layer after layer around him, the air in the hall became unstable as his killing intent pervaded outwards.

Everyone beneath him had faces of rage, their eyes bloodshot. The Qiu Family had never suffered such a humiliation before, without any reason, important figures of the Qiu Family were killed instantly, even if the other party was Temple, or the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights, the Qiu Family would never accept it.

Qiu Yun Qi and Qiu Bei Feng were the first sons of the Qiu Family, although Qiu Bei Feng’s personally led guard unit consisted of only a 100 men, they had formidable fighting strength, and had the famous name of [Ivories of the Qiu Family], and placed amongst the Qiu Family armies, they could be at the top five.

The huge loss had caused the Qiu Family to suffer tremendously.

Qiu Tian Qing had a mediocre appearance, but when he was angered, he looked like a lion. His gaze swept across the various generals, his eyes were so cold that there was not a shred of warmth in them. He suddenly laughed, as though he was a wild beast about to choose someone to devour, his imposing bearing devastated everyone present.

"Since when has our Qiu Family become docile sheeps that could be killed by others if they wanted to?”

The generals all sat in their seats, not daring to make a sound.

Qiu Tian Qing was clear on why Sophie took action, and also knew of the movements and actions that the Qiu Family had done in the shadows, but so what? Even Temple did not dare to publicly announce any relation between the Qiu Family with the assassination of the Sacred Son. The Honorable Martial Banner of Knights’ move on the Qiu Family was a sign of overstepping over the lines.

Sophie wanted to kill to establish power, but a pity, she had chosen the wrong person, the Qiu Family were not a group of people that would take a beating that easily.

Qiu Tian Qing’s mouth surfaced a cold sneer.

Right at that moment, an alarm erupted suddenly, with unknown personnel rushing over.

Qiu Tian Qing’s eyes gleamed, the smile on his face became even colder: "Look at that, this is a world where the strong feasts on the weak, if you are weak, then you will be swallowed up to the point that not even your bones remains.”

With that, he walked out.

The generals stood up and followed behind Qiu Tian Qing.

Intermittent Cloud City, inside an extravagant study, a middle aged man heard the sharp alarm, and stopped what he was doing and raised his head: "Where is the alarm from?”

Upon hearing that, a bodyguard immediately rushed out. After a moment, he returned and reported: "It is from the Qiu Offense Institute!”

~Qiu Offense Institute!~ The middle aged man’s eyes contracted, that was the Qiu Family’s [ had Qiu Offnse Army]’s encampment, upon thinking about the latest report that he had read, the middle aged man’s heart felt uneasy.

~Could it be that they have estimated Temple’s reaction wrongly?~

In the night before, the Qiu Family’s base in Snow City was cleansed, Qiu Yun Qi was dead, the [ his Ivories of the Qiu Family]tion"> the was destroyed, and Qiu Bei Feng was severely injured and escaped, with his current whereabouts unknown.

The people responsible were the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights! There was no reason, no notification, a sudden ambush through the night, directly killing the Qiu Family off. If not for the confirmation that the culprit were the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights, the middle aged man’s first reaction would be suspecting that someone was intentionally causing trouble, because it was definitely not the style of Temple.

They had cleansed the Qiu Family’s base in Snow City the previous night, and in the next day, they went for the Qiu Offense Institute.

~Temple’s means are becoming more vicious~, he had some worries in his heart, that it was completely different from what he had anticipated. The dissatisfaction of the various Prestigious Families towards Temple stemmed from a long time, while Temple was like a monster that constantly grew, and constantly devoured the place where everyone could live.

The Temple that was built in Honorable Martial Continent in the past and the current Temple was completely different. In the past, Temple had once formed an agreement with the Prestigious Families to share and govern Honorable Martial Continent, but Temple grew stronger, causing the Prestigious Families to retreat throughout the years. Especially when Temple threw out the supposed trump cards that were required to be recognized as Prestigious Families, a new batch of small families started to pose threats to the first rate Prestigious Families.

One after another, all the once famed first rate families started to decline, causing all of them to harbor an intense sense of predicament.

They wanted to change everything, but Temple governed extremely well and stably, and did not reveal any weaknesses. Only when the Holy Bell was activated, the first rate Prestigious Families immediately realized that the opportunity that they had always been waiting for had appeared.

He came back to his senses, he did not believe that Temple had the courage to destroy indiscriminately. The Honorable Martial Continent belonged to Temple, even if they were able to seize some benefits from Temple, it would not change this fact.

~Furthermore, Temple, you only have your Banner of Knights left, do you still think you were like before?~

The Qiu Offense Institute held the Qiu Offense Army, which was the Qiu Family’s strongest army, which was a unit far stronger than what Qiu Bei Feng’s personal unit could compare to. Temple wanted to use the Qiu Family as an example to scare everyone else, but Qiu Tian Qing was a man with an unyielding character, he would definitely not surrender without a fight.

~There’ll be a good show to watch!~

The middle aged man thought in his mind, ~Temple only has the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights. If the Qiu Offense Army fights without a regard for anything, both parties will be severely injured, no, even if they are able to harm the Banner of Knights in the slightest, Temple’s situation would become even more difficult.~

~Qiu Tian Qing, don’t disappoint me.~

The Qiu Offense Institute was the Qiu Offense Army’s base, but inside the Saint Continent, aside from Temple, no one was allowed to build any strongholds. The Qiu Offense Institute was just an ordinary courtyard, which the Qiu Family had done some slight renovations, increasing its defense and sentry posts.

Qiu Tian Qing stood on the highest post and glanced outwards.

A Trading Ship that had no Insignia was stopped 3 kilometers away from the Qiu Offense Institute, it was not huge, and looked extremely ordinary. Qiu Tian Qing frowned slightly, he was baffled, he did not know what was strange about it, but felt as if there was something wrong.

The trading ship opened its doors, which revealed darkness where no one else could peep in. The entire Qiu Offense Army all held onto their breaths as they opened their eyes wide.

“I’m off.” Tang Tian puffed up his chest and spoke valiantly to Qian Hui.

“Be careful, don’t try to be brave.” Qian Hui replied gently.

~Sweet, it’s too sweet, she’s sweeter than honey! Tang Tian had a look of infatuation, no, his mind was intoxicated, his heart sighed in sorrow, ~The books were right, heroes have a weakness for the charms of beautiful women, heroes truly have a weakness for the charms of beautiful women!~

~Oh man, I can’t get over it, I can’t get over it….~

Sima Xiao could no longer tolerate it, then coughed once: “You guys can be intimate after the battle.”

Seeing Qian Hui’s flushed red face, Tang Tian acted as though it was nothing, and waved his hand while yelling: “Move out! Time to trample Qiu Offense Institute!”

With that, he jumped out from the door.

The group of men jumped out while yelling and screaming like a pack of ravenous wolves.

After separating from the trading ship, when Tang Tian felt that Qian Hui could not hear him, he coughed, and spoke out: “Do you guys know why I didn’t want to sneak attack today?”

“Because the enemy’s defenses are tight….” Fu Zheng Zhi suddenly felt as though his thoughts sounded dumb, and changed his words: “Boss, what do you mean?”

“What’s so cool about a sneak attack? How can it display our strength?” Tang Tian waved his hand: “For the battle today, not only must we obtain victory, we must obtain it beautifully, we must showcase ourselves, and show off our imposing manner. I will spill out all the ugly words, if I find out that one of you is lazing around and isn’t displaying yourselves well, causing me to lose face in front of Qian Hui, we will have a good talk after everything ends, for example, more training, hehehehe!”

The evil laughter, along with his demonic way of saying “more training”, caused everyone’s heart to tremble.

“Boss, don’t worry! We will never let Boss loss face in front of Lady Boss.” Ji Ze immediately patted his chest and promised.

Tang Tian was pleased: “Little Ze Ze, you’re good! Come, does anyone have a plan? We need to make it big!”

Upon hearing that, Fu Zheng Zhi was not pleased, ~I can’t let this go on, how will I compare to Ji Ze like that?~ He immediately roared: “Everyone, bring out your enthusiasm, all of you shall raise your heads and puff your chests out, be tyrannical, be extremely tyrannical, Xiao Wu, your expression must be more ferocious.”

Tang Tian nodded his head: “Right right right!”

Ji Ze immediately retorted: “True experts, strolls around leisurely. It will be too deliberate if we try to showcase tyrannical auras, it will not showcase the bearing of experts.”

Tang Tian agreed: “True, true!”

The soldiers were confused: “......”

Qiu Tian Qing looked at the hundred men that came out from the trading ship, ~Their numbers seem to tally with the Banner of Knights, but…..~

Qiu Tian Qing, who was soaring with killing intent just previously, frowned, his emotions being pulled on. ~Why are all these men dressed in masks in such weird stances? And they are even revealing their temperament…..~

The more Qiu Tian Qing looked at them, the more he felt that they were a group of hoodlums who were on the streets asking for protection money.

~Are they acting as weak enemies?~ Qiu Tian Qing quickly shook his head, the enemy’s formation was extremely messy, and did not even have the standard of an amateur. ~No matter how the Banner of Knights try to disguise themselves, they can’t be that bad.~

The doubt in Qiu Tian Qing’s mind grew heavier and heavier, ~Who are they?~

On the trading ship, Xiao Man and Ah Xin starred dumbstruck at the God Armor Army that had no formation.

“Do they really….have any fighting capabilities?” Xiao Man asked softly, the tone of her speech was extremely queer.

Ah Xin was unsure: “Maybe they are intentionally making that formation?”

The two of them were military generals, and were proficient in guiding and fighting with strategies and formations. With one look, they could tell that Tang Tian and his group did not have any formation, and were moving as though they were unable to cooperate.

~This is the biggest mistake for an army.~

“We should prepare to save them.” Xiao Man pouted, in her memory, Fu Zheng Zhi and Ji Ze were two bootlickers, not only bootlicking Tang Tian not enough for them, they had to bootlick Qian Hui.

She glanced at AH Xin, ~No wonder they are able to mix with him, they are all jackals from the same tribe!~

Ah Xin nodded his head, completely unaware that he was unjustly ridiculed.

Walking valiantly with vigor towards Qiu Offense Institute’s simple doors, Tang Tian felt excited.

~This is my first time revealing my strength in front of Qian Hui~, upon thinking about such an important fight it was, the Godlike Young Man felt his entire body brimming with energy.

Tang Tian raised his right hand tyrannically: “Hold the lines well for me!”

“Boss is the strongest!”

Everyone exclaimed out loudly, they scattered like a skirt being pulled, they raised their blades, held onto their swords as their saliva came out from their mouths. The only thing lacking were tiger or dragon tattoos on their bodies, otherwise they would look remarkable alike to a gang challenging their enemies to a fight.

Qiu Tian Qing was completely dumbstruck, he had gone through all sorts of battles, but it was his first time witnessing such a scene.

The middle aged man who had rushed over was dumbstruck as well, with only one sentence in his mind, ~What the hell is this?~

On the Trading Ship, Xiao Man was equally stunned, she who had fought her way out through mountains and seas of corpses, extinguished millions of spirits, was completely stunned as she stared straight at Tang Tian.

Ah Xin’s eyes was bright, he could not resist but compliment: “Too cool!”

“I guess you guys won’t surrender.”

Tang Tian’s words resonated across, but everyone had not recovered from their shock, inside the silence, his voice was extremely clear.

“Then here I come!”

Tang Tian shouted out, he immediately formed a horse stance, under the scrutiny of countless of startled and sluggish eyes, his right arm was raised slowly, and pulled to his side.

His eyes gleamed with a cold light, and his five fingers that were stretched open formed into a fist.

The change was too sudden.