Undefeated God of War - Chapter 896 – Reunion

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Chapter 896 – Reunion

Translated by: Berrrybunz

Edited by: TN and DeAndreR


Under the sun, the familiar and beautiful figure appeared. With one glance, Tang Tian recognized her.

An intense joy flooded every cell in his body, he stared at her blankly as the sunlight reflected off her black and bright long hair. The beautiful features of yesterday remained the same, the young lady that he used to know seemed to have walked out of his dreams and appeared right in front of him.

He forgot to speak, and looked at her blankly, greedily.

It was like a dream, a dream that he wished never stopped. All of the distant memories, Star Wind City, Andrew Academy, the frail young girl that had mucus at her nose, the young genius that rebuked the entire city, the young lady that stood by him on the mountain quietly, the young lady that risked herself for him…..

The figure of the young lady embedded in the light and shadows, had embedded into his heart.

Unknowing of when it started, she was there.

Unknowingly, she was right there.

“Qian Hui.” He spoke as though he was talking in his sleep, there were no tyranny of the lord of a Constellation, no killing intent of the Undefeated God of War, the current Tang Tian, was just an ordinary young adult.

He spoke extremely gently, as though he was afraid of scaring her.

Right from the moment when she saw Tang Tian, it felt as if a lightning bolt had struck Qian Hui, causing her to freeze in place. For some reason, her lips had tightened up, like a little girl that had suffered, tears started to appear in her eyes. All of the difficulties she had gone through, all of the longings, all of the suffering, all of the loneliness, they finally surfaced.

Tears had unknowingly blurred her eyes, the blurred figure in front of her, and the weak figure that protected her by standing in front of her, and the figure that always received ridicule, yet never admitted defeat, the figure that laid in the grass with her and watched the sky, and the figure that sat by the table side and wrote letters to her, all superimposed into one.

The last gentle cry of her name “Qian Hui”, was the trigger that removed the last restraint on her body.

“Big Brother Tian!”

All the countless emotions, the joy, all came out through the form of tears, as she rushed into Tang Tian’s embrace.

Her hair that fluttered behind here were the bowstrings to her longings, resonating with tones under the sunlight.

It was not every place that was enjoying the same joy like Mace Field Tradings, in the other corner of Snow City, the atmosphere of the courtyard was extremely solemn and anxious.

“Could it be that we must let it go?” Qiu Yun Qi stood up, there were no remnants of his usual self, he currently had a sinister look, with the veins on his forehead popping out: “Those ants, they dared to crawl up on us and show off, is our Qiu Family’s face not worth it? In front of so many people, Our Qiu Family became a joke, our Qiu Family can’t even handle Mace Field Tradings, those ants? Temple is deliberately siding with them, they are going against us, so what if it is the Banner of Knights? If they dare to take action….”


A loud slap sound came out, distorting Qiu Yun Qi’s face, the force was so strong that Qiu Yun Qi was directly flung out, and smashed onto a bookshelf. Whoosh, all of the books fell off and dropped onto Qiu Yun Qi.

“Trash.” An emotionless man retracted his right hand, he looked extremely similar to Qiu Yun Qi, but compared to Qiu Yun Qi, he was even more indifferent and cool, killing intent lingered all around his body. He was Qiu Yun Qi’s elder brother, Qiu Bei Feng.

His slap contained so much force that Qiu Yun Qi could not even crawl up for half a day.

“If you weren’t my younger brother, you would have already been dead.” Qiu Beu Feng’s gaze did not contain a trace of warmth, it was as if he was talking about an ordinary matter: “Stop calling other people ants, you can’t even defeat an ant, if you’re not trash, then what are you? This will be the first and your last time. I don’t care what woman you like, I don’t care that you like to show off, but there is one thing I need to make it clear to you, don’t become trash. I hate trash, this is your last chance, if you continue to act like trash, I will personally kill you.”

With that, he left, without even looking at Qiu Yun Qi.

Qiu Bei Feng returned to the barracks, ever since he took control of the army, he had insisted to eating and staying with his soldiers.

“Are we really going to let Mace Field Tradings go?” A swift and fierce looking strong man welcomed him. He was called Qiu Li, and was also a descendant of the Qiu Family, but he was from a side branch of the Qiu Family, and had followed Qiu Bei Feng for many years, becoming an abled and strong general under Qiu Bei Feng.

“Leave it to Yun Qi. If he can’t even handle them, there’s no meaning for him to live.” Qiu Bei Feng snorted.

Qiu Li nodded his head, he was familiar with Qiu Bei Feng’s temper, he knew that if Qiu Yun Qi truly could not handle the Mace Field Tradings Family, Qiu Bei Feng would definitely kill him.

Qiu Li had followed Qiu Bei Feng for so many years, and had also gained the arrogance of Qiu Bei Feng. He was not interested in Mace Field Tradings as well.

“The reason why we are here this time, is to obtain the opportunity to go the Shang Continent.” QIu Bei Feng said indifferently.

The Honorable Martial Continent had numerous prestigious families gathered in the Saint Continent, but with so many families, some were bound to have to stay in the Honorable Martial Continent while the others could go to the Shang Continent. Since the Honorable Martial Continent was not stabilized internally, regardless of whether it was the Gold Continent Bandits or the Sin Domain, they were existences that were troublesome, and required men to capture them.

The benefits in the Honorable Martial Continent had already been divided till there was nothing left, and various families had long taken up a space as their own territory, and what was left in the Honorable Martial Continent was earning through hard work.

Being able to head to the Southern Alliance to replenish the numbers to protect the supply route was considered a better choice, as the Southern Alliance was considered a land for expansion.

But the best choice for the biggest benefits would be going to the Shang Continent to search for the path to Heaven’s Road. It was a new world, which meant endless opportunities and wealth. If they could enter Heaven’s Road earlier, the Qiu Family’s foundation could last for a thousand years with assurance of not falling.

The Qiu Family and other families understood that point. That was the reason for the competition and friction between the families.

Suddenly, Qiu Bei Feng spoke out: “Go, send some people to follow Yun Qi.”

Ever since Qiu Bei Feng led his personal guards to enter Snow City, the Snow City’s atmosphere instantly tensed up. Qiu Bei Feng’s strength and fame was many times larger and stronger than Qiu Yun Qi’s. But he was the most famous for being an ice cold murderer, he was called Cold Blooded Slaughterer, and no one knew how many had died in his eyes.

Everyone knew that the Qiu Family would definitely not let it go, Qiu Yun Qi would never let it go, Qiu Bei Feng would never let it go. They would definitely retaliate.

Even the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights patrol unit garrisoned in Snow City was worried that Qiu Bei Feng would go crazy. This was Sophie’s personal team, that showed how much Temple viewed the situation.

But Qiu Bei Feng did not make any movements, as though he had forgotten about the matter. But Sophie stayed calm, she knew that Qiu Bei Feng was crafty, and would usually make a move when the other party was unaware. Sophie knew that her deterrence was mainly aimed at the Qiu Family, and if the Qiu Family truly made a move to trample on Mace Field Tradings, Temple would be helpless as they could not afford to punish the Qiu Family.

If they were to punish the Qiu Family, one could only think about the consequences. Temple would be unable to withstand the counterattacks that the Qiu Family would initiate.

What Temple could do was to stop the slaughter before it began.

“What’s the situation?” Sophie asked.

“Qiu Bei Feng hasn’t made a move” One of the Knights reported: “Qiu Yun Qi is establishing contact everywhere, it seems as though he had thought through his plan. It is said that he was punished by Qiu Bei Feng, Qiu Bei Feng said that if Qiu Yun Qi is unable to exact revenge, Qiu Bei Feng would personally kill him. But we found that he actually dispatched some people to protect Qiu Yun Qi.”

Sophie frowned, Qiu Bei Feng basically did not place Sacred Son Charles’ orders in his eyes.

He was a ferocious man that would kill without a thought, and could even kill his blood brother without blinking. Truly apt for the name of Cold Blooded Slaughterer.

“Qiu Bei Feng got Qiu Yun Qi to deal with his own revenge, which means he will not mobilize his personal guards.” Sophie’s eyes flashed: “Qiu Yun Qi will find other people. Fix your attention to the families close to Qiu Yun Qi, especially the Elizabeth Family. Warn them, whoever dares to go against His Highness’ orders will be destroyed. We might not be able to handle the Qiu Family, but the Elizabeth Family can’t escape. Watch those guards covertly, Qiu Bei Feng is a cunning man.”

“Yes!” The Knight complied and left.

~Seems like it was right for me to come~, Sophiew knew that Qiu Bei Feng still had some fear towards the Honorable Martial Banner of Knights, otherwise, he would had taken action a long time ago.

The situation was getting more and more complicated, and Sophie did not like complications at all, she preferred enjoying a good fight.

~Luckily, I don’t have to think too much, I just have to ensure the Qiu Family doesn’t make a move, and my task is complete. For the remaining things, I will leave it to Great Clan Elder and His highness.~


Mace Field Tradings Family Branch.

“Are they coming or not?” Ji Ze’s face had a look of impatient: “You say, this Qiu Family is after all a first grade prestigious family, why are they so terrified? Until now, they haven’t come to retrieve their men, what are they doing!”

He was about to cry, ~Is it so difficult just to ask for a good fight?~

~You guys said you were a first grade prestigious family, where is the arrogance and face that reach the sky, where is it? Where is it!~

~Sob sob, in the end, you were just lying!~

Melissa looked at Ji Ze quietly, she had never seen someone that would want to find faults with others that badly, ~Can’t you be more normal~.

“That’s right, that’s right.” By the side, Ah Xin was equally bored, he used his hand as a pillow as he laid on the ground, and said weakly: “Why can’t there be more meaning in life? Tang Tian and young miss are enjoying themselves, can’t they consider our emotions? Xiao Man, we can’t just watch blankly as our ego degenerates, come and save me, even a kiss is enough…..”


The zanpato that was the size of a wood frame smacked Ah Xin into the air.

Fu Zheng Zhi’s eyes twitched, ~Seems like even lady boss’ subordinates are not anywhere better.~

As for Ji Ze, his eyes gleamed with light as he looked at Xiao Man, ~That blade, that energy, that temper, she’s truly…...perfect to fight!~

“Come, let us wager on our boss and lady boss honor, and have an enjoyable fight!”

All around them, everybody’s faces suddenly turned strange.


A leg stepped onto Ji Ze’s back, Ji Ze’s eyes opened wide, before he could even react, he was flung out like a ball, rolling over 20m.

Tang Tian calmly retracted his feet, holding onto Qian Hui’s hands, he spoke tyrannically.

“Seems like all of you have rested enough, it is time for us to stretch some muscles!”